2021-22 Topps Chrome UCL Review

April 20, 2022

Soccer (called football in most of the world) is the most popular sport. It flaunts an estimated global fandom of almost 4 billion and about 250 million associated football players. These players ply their trade in various countries, leagues, and divisions. However, at the top of these leagues stands the UEFA Champions League.

In accordance with the competition’s prestige, Champions League cards are some of the most sought-after in the hobby.

History of The Product

But a box of 2021-22 Topps Chrome UCL on eBay. 

The Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League series is relatively new. Its first release was in 2017, two years after Topps began producing trading cards for the UEFA Champions League. The designs faithfully follow their baseball equivalents and provide a similar array of parallels and autos. It gives collectors exciting cards highlighting the elite clubs and star players participating in the UEFA Champions League.

These factors have made the Topps UEFA series a truly valuable one with ever-growing value. In addition, the fact that it features soccer’s most elite competition has made this the top product for soccer lovers.

The best autos in Chrome UCL do better than most soccer cards. Look for Cristiano Ronaldo autos on eBay. 

The Release Date

2021/22 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Soccer will be released on May 25th, 2022. It has been delayed previously, so do not consider that date to be final.

2021-22 Topps Chrome UCL Review Of The Pros

The 2020 trading card boom brought in even more collectors to the hobby, positively affecting the soccer card markets. Its cards have begun to catch up with cards from other sports value-wise. In April 2019, the Ronaldo Mega Craques trading card sold for $2,400 on eBay. It was bought for $312,000 at a Goldin Auction less than a year later. This 9,500% growth isn’t an isolated incident; it reflects a widespread trend.

The UEFA Champions League is, without a doubt, the most elite soccer club competition. The Topps UEFA Champions League card allows fans and collectors to own a piece of this super valuable market. As collectors know, the value of any trading card depends on its demand, and the first component that births demand is a large fan base.

This year, Topps doubled the number of cards in the base set and offered collectors the most exciting cards and inserts from the premium soccer competition. Its checklist highlights veterans, present stars, and many generational talents set to make their debut. With over 20 refractor parallel per card, this is the biggest rainbow the product has ever offered.

2021-22 Topps Chrome UCL Review Of The Cons

Soccer fans are complaining, and rightfully so that all Topps UCL products are basically the same. The company releases a paper, Chrome, Sapphire, and Aoki Chrome version of these releases. They all have pretty much the same design and theme. In addition, it is all very similar to the baseball releases. It is hard to get excited for all of these releases, no matter how big a soccer collector you may be.

2021-22 Topps Chrome UCL Review Of Release Formats

The 2021/22 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Soccer is available in two formats – Hobby and Hobby LITE.

Hobby Box Configuration

  • 4 cards per pack
  • 18 packs per box
  • 12 boxes per case
  • 1 autograph
  • 6 refractors
  • 2 speckle refractors
  • Price – $299.95

Hobby LITE Configuration

  • 4 cards per pack
  • 16 packs per box
  • 16 boxes per case
  • 4 Black and White RayWave Parallels
  • Price – $139.95

2021-22 Topps Chrome UCL Review Of The Parallels

  • Refractors – (1:3 packs)
  • Black and White Ray Wave – (1:4 Hobby LITE packs)
  • Speckle Refractors – (1:9 hobby packs)
  • Silver Mini Diamond Refractors – /275
  • Purple Refractors – /250
  • Purple Mini Diamond Refractors – /250 (hobby only)
  • Night Vision Refractors – /225 (hobby only)
  • Aqua Refractors – /199
  • Aqua Wave Refractors – /199 (hobby only)
  • Pink Refractors – /175
  • Pink Mini Diamond Refractors – /175 (hobby only)
  • Blue Refractors – /150
  • Rose Gold Refractors – /150
  • Rose Gold Mini Diamond Refractors – /125 (hobby only)
  • Neon Green Refractors – /99
  • Neon Green Wave Refractors – /99 (hobby only)
  • Blue and Gold Starball – /75
  • Blue Wave Refractors – /75 (hobby only)
  • Gold Refractors – /50
  • Gold Mini Diamond Refractors – /50 (hobby only)
  • Black and Gold Starball – /30
  • Orange Refractors – /25
  • Red Refractors – /10
  • Red Wave Refractors – /5
  • Superfractors – 1/1

2021-22 Topps Chrome UCL Review Of The Checklist

The base set includes 200 players. Of course, we already profiled the top rookies in this release. But certainly, the most highly-rated rookie in this release is Gavi: the latest in a long line of Barcelona FC midfield prodigies.

2021-22 Topps Chrome UCL Review Of Value

As expected from a product that highlights some of the best soccer players in the world, the Topps UEFA Champion League cards are an especially valuable soccer series. Notably, an Erling Haaland’s 2019 Topps UEFA Champions League card was bought for $181,200. As its popularity increases, we expect these cards to rival stars from other sports such as baseball or basketball.


While the value of soccer cards is on the rise, how well have other Topps UEFA Champions League Chrome Soccer series fared? Let’s consider it.

2020/21 Topps UEFA Champions League Chrome Soccer $449
2019/20 Topps UEFA Champions League Chrome Soccer $1,249.95
2018/19 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Soccer $850
2017/18 Topps UEFA Champions League Chrome Soccer $2,500
2016/17 Topps UEFA Champions League Showcase Soccer $2,639

All of the older releases have substantial value. Especially those with strong rookies like Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland. However, recent releases have not kept up with those high prices. They are far more prevalent and possibly even overprinted. So expect boxes to be in the $300-500 range depending on the quality of rookies.

The 2019-20 Hobby Box has held value incredibly well. See what’s available on eBay. 


2017-18 Topps Chrome UEFA Kylian Mbappe RC (Raw) $1,199
2020-21 Topps Chrome Jamal Musiala UEFA Gold Refractor Rookie (Raw) $941
2017-18 Topps Chrome Champions League Edison Cavani (Raw) $1,899
2019-20 Topps Chrome UCL Footballer Flash Red Refractor #FFEH Erling Haaland Rookie Card (PSA 10) $4,500
2017-18 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Orange Refractors #41 Kylian Mbappe Rookie Card (BGS 10) $50,400

Bottomline Of The 2021-22 Topps Chrome UCL Review 

There is growing interest in the soccer sports cards market and at the top of the soccer game sits the UEFA Champions League. 2021/22 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Soccer provides collectors with the best from this elite competition. It highlights the very best of the competition with a generous amount of autographs and an overabundance of remarkable parallels.

Don’t expect the sort of returns on boxes that those who saved older wax have enjoyed. Collectors are on to these cards, and they are widely printed and saved often. However, we believe the crop of rookies here is good enough for a box to age well.