What Sports Card Auctions Should Be On Your Radar For March 2023

March 1, 2023

March is upon us. Spring Training is underway, March Madness is imminent, and we can enjoy the after-glow of the Super Bowl while we gear up for the basketball and hockey playoffs.

The sports card auction action this month skews heavily towards baseball and vintage, but there’s a lot to like no matter what you collect. Let’s explore!

Clean Sweep Auctions $5 reserve auction

In Clean Sweeps Auctions’ $5 Auction, you’ll find lots of vintage baseball, especially the 1900-1960 years. There is a spattering of baseball from before and after, but only a handful, and not really any other sports, as well.

While this auction has some items that should reach impressive sales figures, there are a lot of mid-grade cards that should be on the more affordable side.

Auction basics

Auction:Clean Sweep Auctions $5 Reserve Auction
Website URL:Website
Auction Dates:End: March 1
Bid Open:Open
Number of Lots:948
Bidding Guide:FAQ
Buyer’s Premium20% (higher in some cases – see rules)

Auctions Items of Note

The mid-grade vintage examples of iconic players and cards here is impressive. Willie Mays fan? There’s a SGC 1 1951 Bowman, or a 1953 Topps PSA 3.  There’s a PSA 1.5 Hank Aaron RC, a 1955 Topps Roberto Clemente PSA 3, and rookie cards of Tom Seaver and Brooks Robinson.

There are some really old cards worth checking out, as in 19th century old. Lots of really interesting pre-war cards too, covering the years 1900-1945.

The auction has a nice mix of graded and raw cards, plus lots, pins, and lots more. There are lots to like here, it’s well worth flipping through.

1954 Topps Hank Aaron PSA 1.5 in Clean Sweep Auctions

The Collectors Connection Post War Sports Cards & Memorabilia XXII

Collectors Connection brings us a nice mix of sports, eras, price points, and raw/graded in this auction. It’s very much worth a flip through. Maybe you don’t see something like you, but more likely you’ll come across something you didn’t realize you needed!

One thing that the Collector’s Connection auctions have going for them is that they often have some lower-cost items or at least items that should go for fairly low prices. That is nice for those of us who maybe aren’t high rollers like some of the other auctions cater to.

Auction basics

Auction:The Collectors Connection Post War Sports Cards & Memorabilia XXII
Website URL:
Auction Dates:End: 3/5/2023 10:00 PM EST
Bid Open:Open
Number of Lots:1,013
Bidding Guide:Terms

Items of note

Basketball fans will find PSA 7 rookie cards of Bob Cousy and Michael Jordan. There are complete sets like 1957 Topps and 1972 Topps

Baseball fans will find high-grade 1958 Topps cards of Bob Gibson and Willie Mays.  If you’re a fan of Jackie Robinson, you won’t want to miss the Exhibit Card.

Mickey Mantle fan? Check out the graded 1953, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1960, and 1961 Topps.

And don’t miss the PSA-graded rookie cards of Jim Brown and Wayne Gretzky.  There are also a lot of old sports publications in this one, which are worth checking out, and lots of fun sports odds and ends.

Jackie Robinson Exhibit card in Collector’s Connection Auction

Goldin Auctions 2023 February Vintage Elite Auction

Golden Auctions February auction actually ends in mid-March.  The rest of the words in the title, like “vintage” and “elite,” on the other hand, ring true. Vintage rules here, for sure. Baseball is also the most represented sport, although all sports are represented.

Auction basics

Auction:Goldin Auctions 2023 February Vintage Elite Auction
Website URL:Goldin Auctions
Auction Dates:Extended Bidding Starts: Wed March 15 9:00 PM
Bid Open:Open
Number of Lots:862
Bidding Guide:FAQ
Buyer’s Premium20% (an additional 3% for credit card payments)

Items of note

There are some really beautiful high-grade vintage cards. Check out the 1958 Topps Frank Robinson in PSA 10. That’s a pop 1 in that grade. Like graded rookie cards? There are high grade examples for stars such as Willie Mays, Walter Payton, Hank Aaron, Bill Russell, Eddie Murray, Joe Montana, and Ted Williams.

Fans of unopened vintage boxes? Check out the 1975 Topps Baseball Rack Box, 1971 Topps Football Cello Box, 1978 Topps Baseball, and many more.

Non-sport autographs include Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. There are great examples from vintage sets like 1909-1911 T206, 1887-1888 Allen & Ginter, 1933 Goudey, and more. Oh and there are lots of pins.

1951 Bowman Willie Mays PSA 8 in Goldin Auction

Heritage Auctions 2023 March 25 Sports Showcase Auction

Heritage Auctions March auction kicks off on the 3rd and wraps up on the 25th. We’ve already got a glimpse of some or the featured items on their website, though, so we can see some of the highlights of what’s to be offered.

This auction tilts vintage, with a high percentage of baseball, as is the norm for Heritage. That being said, there are some nice items across sports and eras here worth checking out.

Auction basics

Auction:Heritage Auctions 2023 March 25 Sports Showcase Auction
Website URL:
Auction Dates:Ends on March 25
Bid Open:Opens on or around March 3rd
Number of Lots:TBD
Bidding Guide:Heritage Auction Bidding Guide
Buyer’s Premium20% (min $29)

Items of note

There are lots of great vintage here, with many iconic cards. A lot of the cards are mid-grade, but still beautiful. There’s not one, but two 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth cards. There’s a 1948-49 Leaf Jackie Robinson PSA 3, 1984 Star Michael Jordan PSA 4, and a 1951 Bowman Willie Mays PSA 4. On the gemmier side (if that’s a word) is the 1985 Topps Mario Lemieux PSA 10 RC.

Unopened materials your thing? Check out the 2003 Topps Chrome Basketball Unopened Hobby Box (with a possible LeBron James RC). Or the 1996 Topps Chrome Basketball Hobby Factory Sealed Box (with a possible Kobe Bryant RC). Or the 2001 SP Authentic Golf 12-Box Unopened Case (with a possible Tiger Woods RC).

Looking for something truly unique? Check out the 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket Filled Out & Signed by President Barack Obama or the 1983 Diego Maradona Signed Argentinian Certificate of Registration.

Barack Obama NCAA Basketball Bracket in Heritage Auctions

Other auctions of note

Collect Auctions have its Spring Auction opening on March 13th and closing on March 30th. Details are not yet available at the time of publishing. Heritage Auctions are running their weekly Sunday Auctions ending March 5, March 12, and March 19.

Final thoughts on March Auctions

There is a lot to like this month on the auction block, whether you’re a high roller who is looking at high dollar museum pieces to your collection. Or maybe you are someone on more of a budget looking for some amazing mid-grade vintage cards or someone who loves the oddball and eclectic. There is something for everyone this month.

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