What You Should Know About Panini Flux Parallels

September 2, 2022

Flux was released as a standalone product in 2020-21, debuting as a basketball product. While the cards have also appeared as football cards in 2022 Chronicles Draft Picks, the product is thought of as a basketball product… at least for now.

In this guide, we’re going to look at Flux Parallels and go over everything you need to know about the rainbow of the young brand. 

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What is Panini Flux Basketball?

Flux is a popular new basketball release that debuted in 2020-21 as both a hobby and blaster release. 

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2020-21 panini flux parallels

Hobby boxes

Each hobby box, on average, contained the following:

  • 1 Autograph
  • 1 Uncirculated Topper Card
  • 4 Inserts (1 Atmosphere and 3 additional)
  • 1 Insert Prizm
  • 3 Silver Parallels

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Blaster boxes

In the blaster box, you’d find:

  • 3 packs
  • 6 cards
  • 3 Mojo parallels

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As you can tell from these numbers, parallels are hard to come by in Flux, but that also means they’re very valuable. But before diving in, let’s look at a couple of questions we often receive from our readers.

What are parallels in sports cards?

As we’ve written before, “parallels are versions of base cards that have some distinguishing feature (such as a color change) but in every other way have the same numbering and subjects as the regular cards in the set. These cards are produced in smaller quantities than base cards.”

Basically, they are colored base card variations. In opti-chrome, parallels look like the standard base version of the card, except they have colored borders. There are various colors of parallels, and some are rarer than others. Often they are numbered as well.

Opti-chrome card parallels can be traced back to the Topps Chrome Refractor. And here’s a bit of history: The Topps Company, Inc. registered a trademark for their brainchild to prevent other companies from copycatting it. 

Of course, other companies still mimicked the rainbow foil, but they couldn’t legally call them “refractors.” So, therefore, Panini started calling them “Prizm” cards. So, when we talk about Mosaic parallels, we’re talking about Mosaic “prizms,” technically.

How do you tell 2020-21 Panini Flux parallels from other cards?

Parallel cards are not hard to tell from base cards. While the image on the cards is the exact same, the border color will be different. 

Here’s a bit of trivia for you: while parallels change the border of the card and are easy to distinguish, variations change the image on the card and can be much more difficult to identify. You have to know what you’re looking for.  We looked at the differences between different types of cards in this article. 

lebron james 2020-21 Flux parallel 1 of 1
This Lebron James 1/1 Black 2020-21 Flux Prizm card sold for $15,000 in August 2022

What kind of parallels are in Flux?

For most brands, the parallel offerings diversify over time. Prizm, for example, started with silver, red, and green parallels. Now there are over 40 different colors in 2020-21 Panini Flux parallels. 

With that in mind, Flux is still a new product and so the parallel offerings will certainly expand, but it’s already off to a great start. 

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Here’s the current landscape of Flux parallels, with the expectation that they will add even more soon. 

Base parallels

  • Light Blue
  • Moonlight
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Sunrise
  • Blue #/99
  • Supernova #/75
  • Solar Eclipse #/49
  • Lunar Eclipse #/25
  • Purple Scope FOTL #/18
  • Gold #/10, Gold Scope FOTL #/8
  • Green #/5, Black 1/1.

Cracked Ice parallels

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Gold #/10
  • Black 1/1

Laser parallels

  • Base Laser
  • Gold #/10

Mojo parallels

  • Silver
  • Blue #/99
  • Red #/49
  • Gold #/10
  • Black 1/1
anthony edwards 2020-21 flux blue scope prizm auto
This 2020-21 Anthony Edwards Equinox Blue Scope Prizm rookie auto sold for $3,500 in mid August 2022.

What are Flux atmosphere cards? Are those parallels?

One prominent set in Flux contains layers of the atmosphere as different sets: the cards are Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Exosphere sets are used to provide a ranking, of sorts, for the NBA’s hierarchy.

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Collectors can easily mistake those as parallels, but that is not the case. With these Flux Atmosphere set, it’s a “ranking” of the NBA players so each player only has one card. Think of it as the NBA 100 broken down into tiers. 

For example, there are only five players with Exosphere cards: LeBron, Luka, Steph, Giannis and LeMelo Ball. Those five players only have exosphere cards. 

2022 panini flux anthony edwards atmosphere
2020 Panini Flux Atmosphere (Thermosphere) card of Anthony Edwards, which sold for $295 in June 2022.

How do Panini Flux parallels compare in value to each other?

Panini Flux parallels compare with each other in price about the same way as all parallels – all the unnumbered ones selling for similar prices with a bit of a premium on silver, while the numbered versions get increasingly more valuable as the numbering descends

The unnumbered parallels still sell for quite a bit more than the base rookies, however, so it’s always worth investing in parallels instead of paper base rookies when it comes to Flux. Far too many base rookies are printed for them to ever hold long-term value, even if they’re PSA 10s

As an example, a Lamelo Base base rookie recently sold for $6, including shipping, while the silver version sold for $25 on the same day.

Since the silver is worth almost 5x as much in most cases, it should always be the focus of your investment opportunity (or, even-numbered parallels, which will be even rarer.)

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Bottomline on Panini Flux Parallels

While we don’t know what the future looks like for Flux, if the product maintains steam it could be a great investment alternative to the bigger-named brands.  If you can scoop up some raw rookies of your favorite players and get them graded mint, then the scarcity will bold well for their value over time.

What do you think of Flux parallels? We’d love to hear your grading experience, thoughts, and points. Just share with us on Twitter @card_lines

Full 2020-21 Panini Flux checklist

wdt_ID Card Set Player Team Card Number Numbered cards
1 D Lux Black Zion Williamson New Orleans Pelicans 1 /1
2 D Lux Black Giannis Antetokounmpo Milwaukee Bucks 2 /1
3 D Lux Black LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers 3 /1
4 D Lux Black Ja Morant Memphis Grizzlies 4 /1
5 D Lux Black Anthony Edwards Minnesota Timberwolves 5 /1
6 D Lux Black Kawhi Leonard Los Angeles Clippers 6 /1
7 Deja Vu Black Zion Williamson/Charles Barkley New Orleans Pelicans/Philadelphia 76ers 1 /1
8 Deja Vu Black LaMelo Ball/Carmelo Anthony Charlotte Hornets/Portland Trail Blazers 2 /1
9 Deja Vu Black Deni Avdija/Hedo Turkoglu Washington Wizards/Sacramento Kings 3 /1
10 Deja Vu Black Anthony Davis/Tim Duncan Los Angeles Lakers/San Antonio Spurs 4 /1
11 Deja Vu Black Russell Westbrook/Magic Johnson Washington Wizards/Los Angeles Lakers 5 /1
12 Deja Vu Black Ja Morant/Isiah Thomas Memphis Grizzlies/Detroit Pistons 6 /1
13 Deja Vu Black Tyrese Haliburton/Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Sacramento Kings/Oklahoma City Thunder 7 /1
14 Deja Vu Black Anthony Edwards/Dwyane Wade Minnesota Timberwolves/Miami Heat 8 /1
15 Deja Vu Black Onyeka Okongwu/Bam Adebayo Atlanta Hawks/Miami Heat 9 /1
16 Deja Vu Black Obi Toppin/Christian Wood New York Knicks/Houston Rockets 10 /1
17 Deja Vu Black Devin Vassell/Brandon Ingram San Antonio Spurs/New Orleans Pelicans 11 /1
18 Deja Vu Black Saddiq Bey/Khris Middleton Detroit Pistons/Milwaukee Bucks 12 /1
19 Deja Vu Black Aaron Nesmith/Klay Thompson Boston Celtics/Golden State Warriors 13 /1
20 Deja Vu Black Cole Anthony/Steve Francis Orlando Magic/Orlando Magic 14 /1
21 Deja Vu Black Darius Garland/Damian Lillard Cleveland Cavaliers/Portland Trail Blazers 15 /1
22 Deja Vu Black Trae Young/Stephen Curry Atlanta Hawks/Golden State Warriors 16 /1
23 Deja Vu Black Luka Doncic/LeBron James Dallas Mavericks/Los Angeles Lakers 17 /1
24 Deja Vu Black James Wiseman/Deandre Ayton Golden State Warriors/Phoenix Suns 18 /1
25 Deja Vu Black Killian Hayes/D'Angelo Russell Detroit Pistons/Minnesota Timberwolves 19 /1
26 Deja Vu Black Isaiah Stewart/Ben Wallace Detroit Pistons/Detroit Pistons 20 /1
27 Deja Vu Black RJ Barrett/Anfernee Hardaway New York Knicks/Orlando Magic 21 /1
28 Deja Vu Black Tyler Herro/Devin Booker Miami Heat/Phoenix Suns 22 /1
29 Deja Vu Black Keldon Johnson/Jimmy Butler San Antonio Spurs/Miami Heat 23 /1
30 Deja Vu Black De'Andre Hunter/Pascal Siakam Atlanta Hawks/Toronto Raptors 24 /1
31 Deja Vu Black Nico Mannion/Goran Dragic Golden State Warriors/Miami Heat 25 /1
32 Deja Vu Black Tyrese Maxey/Collin Sexton Philadelphia 76ers/Cleveland Cavaliers 26 /1
33 Deja Vu Black Immanuel Quickley/Tony Parker New York Knicks/San Antonio Spurs 27 /1
34 Deja Vu Black Michael Porter Jr./Paul George Denver Nuggets/Los Angeles Clippers 28 /1
35 Deja Vu Black Kawhi Leonard/Kevin Durant Los Angeles Clippers/Brooklyn Nets 29 /1
36 Deja Vu Black Kyrie Irving/Allen Iverson Brooklyn Nets/Philadelphia 76ers 30 /1
37 Deja Vu Black De'Aaron Fox/John Wall Sacramento Kings/Houston Rockets 31 /1
38 Deja Vu Black James Harden/Paul Pierce Brooklyn Nets/Boston Celtics 32 /1
39 Deja Vu Black Giannis Antetokounmpo/Kevin Garnett Milwaukee Bucks/Minnesota Timberwolves 33 /1
40 Deja Vu Black Karl-Anthony Towns/LaMarcus Aldridge Minnesota Timberwolves/Brooklyn Nets 34 /1
41 Deja Vu Black Josh Green/Patty Mills Dallas Mavericks/San Antonio Spurs 35 /1
42 Deja Vu Black Patrick Williams/OG Anunoby Chicago Bulls/Toronto Raptors 36 /1
43 Deja Vu Black Aleksej Pokusevski/Detlef Schrempf Oklahoma City Thunder/Seattle Supersonics 37 /1
44 Deja Vu Black Jalen Smith/James Worthy Phoenix Suns/Los Angeles Lakers 38 /1
45 Deja Vu Black Desmond Bane/Malcolm Brogdon Memphis Grizzlies/Indiana Pacers 39 /1
46 Deja Vu Black Malachi Flynn/Fred VanVleet Toronto Raptors/Toronto Raptors 40 /1
47 Equinox Autographs Black Richard Hamilton Detroit Pistons 1 /1
48 Equinox Autographs Black Lamar Odom Los Angeles Lakers 2 /1
49 Equinox Autographs Black Charles Oakley Chicago Bulls 3 /1
50 Equinox Autographs Black Cam Reddish Atlanta Hawks 4 /1
51 Equinox Autographs Black Anfernee Hardaway Orlando Magic 5 /1
52 Equinox Autographs Black Mike Bibby Sacramento Kings 6 /1
53 Equinox Autographs Black De'Andre Hunter Atlanta Hawks 7 /1
54 Equinox Autographs Black Donte DiVincenzo Milwaukee Bucks 8 /1
55 Equinox Autographs Black Oscar Robertson Milwaukee Bucks 9 /1
56 Equinox Autographs Black Collin Sexton Cleveland Cavaliers 10 /1
57 Equinox Autographs Black Al Horford Oklahoma City Thunder 11 /1
58 Equinox Autographs Black Magic Johnson Los Angeles Lakers 12 /1
59 Equinox Autographs Black Brandon Clarke Memphis Grizzlies 13 /1
60 Equinox Autographs Black Duncan Robinson Miami Heat 14 /1
61 Equinox Autographs Black Quentin Richardson Los Angeles Clippers 15 /1
62 Equinox Autographs Black Rex Chapman Phoenix Suns 16 /1
63 Equinox Autographs Black Isiah Thomas Detroit Pistons 17 /1
64 Equinox Autographs Black Christian Laettner Minnesota Timberwolves 18 /1
65 Equinox Autographs Black Jordan Poole Golden State Warriors 19 /1
66 Equinox Autographs Black Lenny Wilkens Portland Trail Blazers 20 /1
67 Equinox Autographs Black Lauri Markkanen Chicago Bulls 21 /1
68 Equinox Autographs Black Kelly Oubre Jr. Golden State Warriors 22 /1
69 Equinox Autographs Black De'Aaron Fox Sacramento Kings 23 /1
70 Equinox Autographs Black Jalen Brunson Dallas Mavericks 24 /1
71 Equinox Autographs Black Domantas Sabonis Indiana Pacers 25 /1
72 Equinox Autographs Black Talen Horton-Tucker Los Angeles Lakers 26 /1
73 Equinox Autographs Black Jason Kidd New Jersey Nets 27 /1
74 Equinox Autographs Black Anthony Davis Los Angeles Lakers 28 /1
75 Equinox Autographs Black LaMarcus Aldridge San Antonio Spurs 29 /1
76 Equinox Autographs Black Coby White Chicago Bulls 30 /1
77 Equinox Autographs Black Jarrett Allen Cleveland Cavaliers 31 /1
78 Equinox Autographs Black Sekou Doumbouya Detroit Pistons 32 /1
79 Equinox Autographs Black Robert Covington Portland Trail Blazers 33 /1
80 Equinox Autographs Black Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets 34 /1
81 Equinox Autographs Black Rudy Gay San Antonio Spurs 35 /1
82 Equinox Autographs Black Clint Capela Atlanta Hawks 36 /1
83 Equinox Autographs Black Luka Doncic Dallas Mavericks 37 /1
84 Equinox Autographs Black Kendrick Nunn Miami Heat 38 /1
85 Equinox Autographs Black Matthew Dellavedova Cleveland Cavaliers 39 /1
86 Equinox Autographs Black P.J. Tucker Milwaukee Bucks 40 /1
87 Equinox Autographs Black Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets 41 /1
88 Equinox Autographs Black Montrezl Harrell Los Angeles Lakers 42 /1
89 Equinox Autographs Black Cameron Johnson Phoenix Suns 43 /1
90 Equinox Autographs Black Michael Porter Jr. Denver Nuggets 44 /1
91 Equinox Autographs Black Shawn Kemp Seattle Supersonics 45 /1
92 Equinox Autographs Black PJ Washington Jr. Charlotte Hornets 46 /1
93 Equinox Autographs Black Rasheed Wallace Portland Trail Blazers 47 /1
94 Equinox Autographs Black Gordon Hayward Charlotte Hornets 48 /1
95 Equinox Autographs Black Karl Malone Utah Jazz 49 /1
96 Equinox Autographs Black Stephen Jackson Indiana Pacers 50 /1
97 Equinox Autographs Black Steven Adams New Orleans Pelicans 51 /1
98 Equinox Autographs Black Maxi Kleber Dallas Mavericks 52 /1
99 Equinox Autographs Black Buddy Hield Sacramento Kings 53 /1
100 Equinox Autographs Black Jarrett Culver Minnesota Timberwolves 54 /1
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