A Guide To The Top 10 Best Sports Card Podcasts

September 22, 2022

Podcasts have been around for almost a decade now. But the number has exploded in the last two or three years. And the increase in podcast availability coincided with the big Covid card boom.

So, since 2020 the selection seems to have increased tenfold. Of course, some are garbage, but the best ones are utterly indispensable. But which is which? As always, we have the answers in our guide to the best sports card podcasts.

Introduction to the guide to the best sports cards podcast

When you enter the hobby, you need so much basic info just to avoid wasting money and getting cheated. But the need to keep up doesn’t end there. Our hobby is incredibly vibrant. There are always new products, scams, and exciting trends to keep abreast of. So no matter how veteran a collector you may be, there is plenty to learn and keep track of.

Unfortunately, there is a ton of misleading information out there. Social media, in particular, is a hub for rumors and disinformation. But I gotta say, hobby Twitter and Facebook are filled with great people and accounts. Still, always beware on those forums.

When it comes to sports card info, Cardlines is the best place to start and finish, of course. But you may also want to fill in the gaps with some of the best podcasts. It is one of the best uses for your commute and workout.

Card Talk Pod

Most lists of the top guns amongst hobby podcasts start with these guys. The show casts a general net and follows all sports and news regarding the major sports. Tyler, Ryan, and Lou have great chemistry and flow seamlessly between topics.

One thing I noticed about this podcast is they spend a lot of time talking about actual sports news, putting the hobby in a broader perspective. They are genuinely fanatic sports fans and often talk about sports in a manner only tangentially related to cards.

 So think of this show as something between sports talk radio and an educational hobby resource. The Card Talk Pod is also known for giving solid investment tips. My only gripe is that I find the voice of one of the three hosts incredibly annoying. I won’t say which one because I am a super nice guy. However, this show is considered the top dog for a reason.

The podcast comes out every Wednesday.

Typical Episodes:

  • Football Week 1 Overreactions + Carlos Alcaraz is HOT!
  • State of The Card Market June 2022
  • Does Preseason Football Matter + Fernando Tatis OUT!

Hosts: Tyler Schmitt, Ryan Johnson, Lou Geneux.

Mojobreak “The Hype”

Mojobreak is one of the top breakers in the business, and they have been at it since 2010. The company motto is “we put customers first,” and they have a strong reputation for doing just that.

Their podcast focuses on the card industry and the latest products, as you would expect from breakers. So unlike some of the other podcasts, there is less moving back and forth between topics. Other podcasts, such as Card Talk Pod, may suit your needs better if you want more freeform entertainment.

But “The Hype” brings you the perspective of breakers on the business. Many special episodes focus on that aspect of the hobby. Therefore, if you are a frequent break customer or a breaker yourself, this is the best podcast to follow in that regard.

This podcast comes out twice a week.

Typical Episodes:

  • Wax Packs & Warning Tracks #18 | 2022’s Top Rising Prospects with Ethan Kagno
  • The Best Select Football Ever? + Altered Brady Card Exposed & TreyMania
  • The Hype Special Edition | Recapping The National 2022 in Atlantic City!

Hosts: Doug Caskey and Dan Anderson

SlabStox Sports Card Trading

SlabsStox is a platform for evaluating, collecting data, and buying cards. The two founders, Aaron Nowak and Nathan Rodebaugh are two long-time prospect investing types. They use their influence to share the tips that have helped them profit nicely off underappreciated rookie cards.

The company’s mission is to “build the most sophisticated data-driven platform for sports card prospectors, helping them make the most intelligent buying and selling decisions to fuel their passion for a lifetime.”

To leverage their presence and increase awareness, they launched a podcast in May 2019. The meteoric rise of the show has been incredible to watch. Now SlabStox Sports Card Trading is universally considered among the top echelon of hobby podcasts.

As you would expect from an investment platform, the guys at SlabsStox are laser-focused on investment tips. So they will discuss the value of particular products, which players to invest in, and so on.

A couple of reservations I have: neither of these guys is a natural host. They are more business types and investor types. Not as articulate or entertaining as I would like. They also do too many tie-ins to their platform for comfort, especially if you don’t use it. Still, their specific investment tips and knowledge make up for these minor shortcomings.

The SlabStox team also has a baseball card podcast named Dinging Corners. It is an excellent option for those who only or mainly collect baseball.

Typical Episodes:

  • Dinging Corners: 2022 Topps Chrome Review
  • Chasing Lamar Jackson GOLD RC AUTO, Next Big Prospect, NFL Kickoff Winners/Losers
  • Road To The World Cup: Where Should You Start Soccer Card Collecting?

Hosts: Aaron Nowak and Nathan Rodebaugh

The Flagship Baseball Cards Podcast

The hobby is somewhere between a fun pastime and an investment opportunity. The Flagship Baseball Cards Podcast veers heavily towards the investment end. However, it provides invaluable content if you are a hardcore baseball prospect investor.

They go over every important prospect in the game, carefully combing their pros and cons. Unlike many other analysts, Rob and Tyson deeply understand advanced stats.

The hosts are Canadian and have that polite and non-obnoxious style we expect from our neighbors in the Great White North. I used to live in Canada and find it charming. Your mileage may vary.

Typical Episodes:

  • How to Spot a Star in the Minors, How Often do the Scouts Get it Right?
  • Macro Market Takes, Short Prints, Superfractors, and a Winner of the Harper giveaway!
  • Miggy hits 3K, Luis Robert gets banned from the show, Mookie Betts is scary, Prospect long shots, Vet sure shots, and so much more!

Hosts: Rob Kent and Tyson Banker

Sports Card Investor podcast

If you are a general investor rather than a baseball specialist, you will prefer the Sports Card Investor podcast. It runs the gamut of football, basketball, baseball, and others. The podcast describes itself as “fast-paced” and tries to balance entertainment with entertainment advice. Overall it succeeds in its aims.

Having said that, this is more aimed at younger listeners and beginners/intermediate collectors rather than the grizzled old veterans. Therefore, the takes are not particularly deep or challenging but are mostly common sense and cover the latest trends rather than hobby deep cuts.

Typical Episodes:

  • PSA Opens Bulk Submissions: Is the Junk slab Era Here??
  • Top 5 Sports Cards GOING UP! 🔥🔥
  • It’s Dicey Out There.. DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE!

Hosts: Geoff Wilson, Hammer, and Teapot

Golden Age of Cardboards

I may be pretty biased about this as a big vintage guy. But it is, without a doubt, the king of vintage podcasts. It starts humorously, with the host’s father introducing Michael Moynihan as coming from the “shallow end of the gene pool.”

Michael has a fantastic voice and a fabulous podcast presence. More so than most of the hosts on this list. My one little quibble is that the sound quality is lower than most of the others here. The Golden Age of Cardboards takes a “warts and all” approach to recording. So, you may hear phones go off and the like. Some will find it authentic, and others off-putting.

Michael also gets great guests like Dr. James Beckett and Chris Sewell.

  • Was 1948 Leaf Really In 1949?? Absolutely!!
  • Buying Vintage – So Many Ways. The Good and the Bad!!
  • Debut of the Vintage 100 Index!! What the Data Tells Us!!

Hosted by: Michael Moynihan

1988 Topps

One of the most original and intriguing hobby podcasts out there. Matt and David take every single card in this junk wax classic set and unpack its story. Before you ask, no, they do not go through them to number. It seems pretty random.

The depth of research that goes into every player is staggering. But, I really loved how much they connected late 1980s baseball to its more profound heritage and glorious present. So, if you have any nostalgia for that period, check this one out.

If you look at the reviews on Apple Podcasts, they are higher than any of its rivals, and it’s easy to see why. They offer a completely different view on the hobby from most podcasts, which appeals to the child and romantic in an entire generation. A true gem.

Typical Episodes:

  • Ron Oester (#17)
  • Ron Karkovice (#86)
  • Tim Wallach (#560/399)

Hosted by: Matt Kuzma and David McEllis

Sports Cards Live

Guests are a crucial part of the podcast format. No one knows this better than Sports Card Live podcast host Jeremy Lee. Every week he brings on a guest from the hobby to discuss a different aspect of sports card collecting. Jeremy is a seasoned interviewer and knows how to build a strong rapport with his guests.

The natural conversation element of the show has pros and cons. It’s nice to hear a flowing conversation, especially in this day and age. But as a result of the niceties, there may be too much in the way of life stories and details on people’s lives. At times, this comes at the expense of valuable facts and data.

Host: Jeremy Lee

Typical Episodes:

  • What Makes a Collectable Iconic and Important? | Larry Richmond, Advanced Collector
  • Recent Sports Collectible Value Trends | Russ Lieberman, Altan Insights
  • Burbank Show Preview & The California Card Scene | Hobby Hangout #3

Host: Jeremy Lee

Dr. James Beckett: Sports Card Insights

James Beckett is nothing short of a hobby legend.

In 1984, founded his seminal publication Beckett Baseball Card Monthly. It became the premier hobby guide for decades, with the most widely accepted card prices until the dawn of the eBay era. Today, they are best known for the BGS grading company, which is considered among the industry’s top three.

Today Dr. James is no longer the head of Beckett Media, though he retains a senior advisor position. However, he remains a highly valued and indispensable voice in the hobby.

One of the significant advantages to having such an experienced host is that he gets first-rate guests on his show that others just can’t book. The other advantage is that he has stories and anecdotes that the kids running most of these podcasts simply can’t match.

For whatever reason, Dr. Beckett speeds up the recording of the podcast. I don’t mind, but some of the reviews find it very aggravating.

Typical Episodes:

  • Interview: Clemente Lisi, Journalism, and Soccer, Part 3
  • Collection Accounting Records, with Brad Bethune and Rich Klein
  • Interview: Mike Phillips, EVP, Upper Deck, Part 2

Host: Dr. James Beckett

Sport Cards Nonsense podcast

Although not remarkable in topics or content, the Sports Card Nonsense podcast guys have a remarkably good and smooth rapport. They all have good voices and know how to vibe with each other. In addition, the sound quality is good.

Finally, they each have a strong and complementary sense of humor. Therefore, this is a more robust listening experience than most sports card podcasts.

Typical Episodes:

  • NFL Price Check, Release Week News, and Mailbag
  • 2021 NFL Playoff Teams: Buy or Sell. Plus, Comparing Investors and Collectors With Lou Geneux, and Mailbag
  • Week in Review and Buying Habits. Plus, Jason Flynn on the World Cup and Chris McGill on NBA Pricing

Hosts: Mike Gioseffi and Jesse Gibson

Guide To Sports Card Podcasts: The Best Specialized Podcasts

We gave you a rundown of the elite standard top four sports in the US hobby podcasts. But as we know, the hobby is far more significant than that. So, here are the top podcasts in some of the other major categories.

Best Pokemon Podcast

Pokemon has recently overtaken basketball and baseball as the most graded card type. The market is massive and complicated. You will not be surprised to hear that there is a wide variety of podcasts for these cards. Here is one that is universally considered top-notch:

It’s Super Effective: a Pokemon Podcast

The It’s Super Effective show has been around for over a decade before the recent explosion. As a result, the depth of knowledge on display is impressive, reflecting the show’s longevity and the hosts’ experience.

But the hosts are young and hip enough (as hip as anyone in this nerdy hobby can be) to have a great rapport. So, this is the best show for most Pokemon collectors.

Typical Episodes:

  • Misinformation in the Pokémon Community
  • Official Pokémon Squishmallow Collab Announced
  • Masuda Leaves Game Freak

Hosts: Steve Black Jr., Travis, and Will

Best soccer cards podcast

Soccer cards have gained a good deal of ground in the hobby. Because most podcasts are American, and the center of gravity for soccer cards is abroad, there are fewer podcasts of this type than you would expect.

Soccer Cards United

The guys from the Soccer Cards United store really stand out. The Irish duo runs an excellent card store and a long-running podcast that has now hit over 100 episodes. Their humor and demeanor are very different from the typical American podcast, and they bring incredible insight to the topic. A first-rate podcast. There is a reason it has an amazing 4.9 rating on Apple Podcasts.

Typical Episodes:

  • Highest Paid Players, Merlin Rip Reaction, Haaland Price Check
  • PSG Chrome Launch, 2022-23 Kicks Off, and Why Bundesliga Finest?
  • Panini National Treasures Road to Qatar, Ansu Fati Returns Again, Khvicha “Kvara” Kvaratskhelia

Hosts: Enzo Patriarca and Jason Flynn

Bottomline on sports cards podcasts

The hobby moves fast, and it’s incredibly challenging to keep up. Luckily, an ever-increasing variety of sources is available to follow the latest news and get the in-depth analysis you need. Podcasts are one of your best tools for keeping abreast of this fast-paced world.

They tend to be more in-depth than YouTube videos and also do not require watching. So, you can enrich yourself while driving or organizing your cards.

But the most important takeaway from our guide to sports card podcasts is the sheer quality of the programs. There is a depth of intelligent, first-rate analysis in the hobby nowadays. And a disproportionate number of the best, both veterans and fresh faces, are plying their trade on a hobby podcast. So, download and listen.