Everything You Need To Know About CardLines Sports Card Breaks

Welcome to the page for exclusive CardLines breaks and information. Check this page for how breaks work, dates and info on the latest CardLines breaks.

About CardLines breaks

CardLines is now doing breaks! Just as we have been your trusted source for sports card news and information, we hope to earn your trust as your go-to sports card breaker. CardLines.com aims to provide fairly-priced breaks that are not only entertaining and fun but also done in a professional manner.

Our exclusive breaks are hosted and run by CardLines’ own Jesse Haynes, a best-selling Amazon author, lifelong collector and trusted expert of sports card collecting.

But don’t take it from us, find out for yourself by checking out one of our latest breaks.

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CardLines.com breaks will be hosted by CardLines professional card expert Jesse Haynes on the CardLines YouTube channel.

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What is card breaking?

Over the last several years, sports card breaking has become an important part of the hobby for its emphasis on socializing the hobby, being a cost-effective way to enjoy more expensive products, and just being a lot of fun.

So what exactly is card breaking?

In its most simple definition, card breaking is opening up a case, box or pack of cards. But in its most popular and most commonly used form, including probably why you are here, “Card breaking” or “card breaks” refers to when a company or individual purchases a product (such as a sealed box or case of cards), sells parts of the break to collectors and then ships the cards that each collector hit during the break.

Oftentimes, breaks are sold to collectors according to teams, meaning that for a price, you will receive a specific team during the break, which you can either buy specifically or at random (terms and conditions will vary based on the break and the breaker).

During the break, the breaker will stream the opening of the product live, so that all participants and viewers can watch, sweat, and discuss the action in real-time. And of course, fawn over the cards being pulled and opine about how lucky a particular break participant is.

After the break, all cards that you pulled will be shipped to you. For instance, if you had the Minnesota Twins during a break, would you receive all cards from Minnesota Twins players pulled during the break.

CardLines.com Breaks frequently asked questions

Although sports card breaks can take on a similar pattern, you will want to be sure you understand how the card break is being run. Always familiarize yourself with the terms of the break before purchasing. In addition, here are some common questions about CardLines breaks.

How do I find when CardLines.com breaks are being held?

Check this page for the latest information on CardLines.com breaks. In addition, subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notifications when new videos and breaks go live.

How much do CardLines.com breaks cost?

CardLines will fairly price our breaks depending on the cost of the products and our expenses.

How can I trust CardLines that I will receive my cards?

CardLines is a trusted leader in sports card information. In addition, our expert and professional staff has decades of combined experience in the sports card industry as reputable collectors, buyers and sellers.

Where can I watch CardLines.com breaks?

You can watch CardLines breaks from our YouTube channel.

How can I buy in to a CardLines break?

Breaks can be purchased directly from CardLines by going to the page of the break (links at the top of the page). Note that all break sales are final — no refunds or returns.

How will breaks be divided?

Unless specified otherwise by the break terms and conditions, breaks will be divided by specific teams and randomized before the start of the break during the live stream.

Names and slots will be randomized through Random.org.

What is a PYT or Pick Your Team Break?

A “PYT” or Pick Your Team break is one of the more popular types of card breaks. With this type of break, participants will get the opportunity to select a specific team before the break.

Unlike the set flat prices for random breaks, PYT breaks typically have variable costs based on the desirability of the team. For example, purchasing a PYT of the New York Yankees is going to typically be more expensive than say, the Baltimore Orioles.

What is a Random break?

With a random break, participants in the break will purchase a random slot in the break. Then at the beginning of the break, all slots will be randomized, often by team.

What happens if a card includes players from multiple teams?

If a card is pulled consisting of two or more players from multiple teams, we will use Random.org to determine the owner of the card.

What happens if a break is not filled?

Should a CardLines sports card break not sell out, we will delay the start of a break until a time that the break can be filled.

How long will it take to receive my cards?

CardLines.com will aim to ship cards out the next business day after a break.