Save Around 3% Off All Your Sports Cards Purchases

There is an entire industry of cashback sites and apps out there, which can save money on your collecting needs. We will give you the best tricks to save around 3% off sports cards purchases.

Most of us collectors spend a ton online buying cards. If we invest in cards, our profit is in the margins. We constantly look for the best deal for our sports cards. But those prices really add up anyway.

The Wild and Wacky World of Online Cashback Services

However, just like in any other type of online shopping, there are many reliable discounts available. None of them will make a massive difference on a specific purchase.

Various coupons and cashback apps can save you 1%-17% percent on purchases and deals. Therefore, it would be silly not to take advantage of every means available to save us a few bucks on different transactions.

To explore your options, I signed up for all the major cashback apps, so you won’t have to. And in return, I will be getting spammed for the rest of my life by every corporation in America. Guess I should have used that old Hotmail account.

So without further ado, let’s get going.

Using the TopCashback App to Get a Money-Back on at

TopCashback is a beneficial money-back program because it partners with You can download it to your phone or computer.

  • Make sure to register and click on the confirmation email, which they will send to your inbox.
  • Check your spam folder if you don’t get one immediately because they arrive quite quickly.
  • Make sure your account is fully activated
  • Write “Topps” into the search bar at the top
  • Click on the link that says Topps 3% off and wait until the site loads.
  • Keep in mind that you cannot enjoy the discount on the app itself. You must make the purchase on the website.
  • It will then take you to the site. At this point, you can complete your Topps purchase as you usually would, but it will automatically take the money off your final tally! We can wholeheartedly recommend this method because the Cardlines staff used it for our recent Bowman purchase spree
Search for Topps in the search bar at the top and click. It will take you straight to the site where you can make your purchase.

There are not a lot of other sports card options on the app. However, we did find that they provide 1% off at That website has a great selection of non-card memorabilia and some good card options as well. It also gives you 1% cashback at the MLB store and

But the best deal we found was 15% off at 757 Sports Collectibles. I may or may not have used it to get 30$ off a signed Eli Manning helmet.

Using the Swagbucks App to Get Money Back at Topps.Com

Swagbucks is a pretty helpful app. Whenever you shop through it, you not only earn money back, but you also earn money (which they call Swag Bucks) which you can use on their site. One of the most valuable redemptions for collectors is eBay.

If you have downtime (while waiting all night for retail, for example), you can take online surveys through the app and redeem them on eBay, Topps, and other useful sites.

However, I am not going to lie; signing up for it is a royal pain. How do you do it?

  • Download the app
  • Register and open the registration confirmation email they send to your account.
  • Open the app
  • You will immediately find that you need to answer their survey to get access to the app.
  • The survey is incredibly long and details, asking about your job, income, and who controls finances in your household! (Don’t tell your spouse what you answered).
  • The search for Topps or eBay or any other account you wish to use. On Topps, they provide 1% cashback, and they provide Swag Bucks if you purchase through them.
Once you get past their annoying questionnaires, SwagBucks offers some good chances to earn money on sites we use all the time.

Using Capital One Shopping to Save on Sports Cards and Supplies

Capital One Shopping: Capital One runs one of the most popular cashback services. Now I know we are all wary of this company because they harass us with their credit cards. But if you just install their extension to your browser, you can save 0.5% on every purchase you make on eBay.

We also like this app because you do not really have to sign up or go through a process. They ask for your zip code and if you have a Capital One card. Whether you do or don’t, you can immediately use it.

An excellent advantage of the Capital One Shopping App is that it allows you to search for specific products. And unlike some apps (I’m looking at you, Swagbucks), their search feature works well. For example, you can look for Optic Prizm products. We had some pretty good luck looking for top loaders and other supplies at reasonable prices.

Capitol One Shopping has a nice selection of basic supplies.


The advantages of Rakuten are immediately apparent. It is easy to sign up, and you get 1% cashback from Target and up to 6% from Walmart.

Most of the other apps have a lot of limitations on the two big retailers. Rakuten does not. They also have a 1% cashback deal on eBay. In addition, you can get a 1% discount at the MLB stores, which has some pretty good prices on recent Topps cards.

However, Rakuten does not have any deals for Topps or other sports card merchants. Therefore, their best use when Target or Walmart does one of those occasional drops on their websites. The app is quick, and you will waste no time getting the discount before getting that annoying out-of-stock alert.

Using MYPoints to Save Around 3% off Sports Cards

MyPoints has a simple signup and a simple concept. They give you points per dollar spent. In addition, some of the sites included in this are eBay, so you can use this to gain points every time you use it.

For some reason, they make it incredibly difficult to find the stores. I had to scroll up and down like an idiot for a while. However, they do include Topps. For every dollar you spend on the site, you earn two points.

Getting Discounts at Beckett Media for Grading and Price Guides

BeFrugal is one of the more user-friendly and quick apps, so I was disappointed to see it did not have discounts for Topps or sports card supplies.

However, they do have a 7% cashback deal for Beckett Media. However, the deal got me thinking, what if there were discounts for grading as well?

After a bit of a search, I found the following options that lead to the grading link. However, keep in mind that we did not actually submit with these, so they may not work:

  • Honey: Honey is a web extension that used to be quite popular, but most people have removed it by now. However, you can use it to gain 1%-5% on grading.
  • Other coupons that work with Beckett include the SlickDeals extension, which is similar to honey.

I found some websites claiming to give PSA grading discounts, but they all seemed pretty shady.

This is the only kind of Panini you will find on the cashback apps.

Summary Of Sports Card Cashback Site Offers


Retailer or Product

BeFrugal Capital One


Honey MyPoints Rakuten SlickDeals TopCashback
Beckett Media 7% 1-5% 2 PT/$ _ _ _
eBay 2.5% 0.5% 1 PT/$ Up to 1% _ 2% 5% 1% 1-5%

30% off on some items

1 PT/$ 1% Deals on Gift cards 1%
757 Sports Collectibles 18% _ _ _ _ _ 15%
MLB Store 1-3% 1 PT/$ 1% 1%
Target 1% 1%
Topps 2 PT/$ Deals on Some Cards 3%
Walmart Up to 9.8% but on specific items which can vary 1% 1-4% 4 PT/$ 6% _ Up to 7% but on specific items which can vary
Search for related products Not much selection but yes. Yes Yes Not much selection but yes. You won’t find much

What Else Do I Need to Know About Using Cashback Apps to Save Around 3% Off Sports Cards?

One thing I noticed is that while Topps cooperates with many of these companies, Panini does not. Any search for them will immediately find appliances to make delicious sandwiches. What can I say, that company is very dedicated to never saving you any money.

In conclusion, remember that making money off investing is a game of margins. That means you are hoping to sell for more than you buy. After all, anything that allows us to shave that margin is in our favor. Therefore, it is worth it even if that involves hoarding coupons. After all, it worked for our grandmas!

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