2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball Review

December 26, 2021

The basketball card collecting season is not over until Panini Immaculate is released. For nine years, Immaculate has become one of Panini’s most well-respected brands. Immaculate is particularly notable for the number of hits each box contains. But do they deliver this year? To find out, we present the 2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball review.

The release marks one of the last chances to pick up a LaMelo Ball or Anthony Edwards rookie card. Immaculate arrives just in time for the holidays, with a release date scheduled for December 31.

2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball Review Of Product History

The product made its’ debut during the 2012-13 NBA season. Since then, Panini Immaculate has become one of the premier basketball products. One of the reasons collectors love Immaculate is its unique swatches and variety of autographs featuring rookies, superstars, and legends. In particular, collectors enjoy the loaded collection of autographs and memorabilia cards that consume this entire set, like the Logoman cards.

The Panini Immaculate product is so high-end that even the base cards are numbered. But it has to be high-end when their boxes usually only come with five or six cards in one pack. So Panini’s challenge was convincing collectors to invest because you are guaranteed hits.

Immaculate Basketball is not as elite as Flawless or National Treasures. However, it is still one of the top five most expensive sets on the open market. The set is also known for adapting to the market and giving collectors what they want in a high-end product, so they are constantly debuting new cards like last year’s Sneaker RPA’s or this year’s Team Slogan memorabilia cards.

2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball Review Of Release Formats

The release comes in two hobby box formats. As always, there is no retail release. The 2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball review will help you decide which to get.

Immaculate Collection FOTL (1st Off the Line) Premium Edition

  • 1 Pack
  • 6 Cards per Pack
  • 1 Rookie Sneaker Swatch Signature Premium Edition or Rookie Sneaker Swatch Signature Premium Edition Platinum
  • A single Autograph Premium Edition or Autograph Tag Premium Edition Patch
  • 1 Autograph
  • 2 Memorabilia Cards

Panini sold this in a Dutch Auction on December 21, with a listing price starting at $4,000. Every five minutes after it is released, the product drops in price until sold out. It sold out at $3,125 per box.

Note: The only way to purchase this is from a reseller, but it does not even plan to ship out until June 2022.

Hobby Box

  • 1 Pack
  • 6 Cards per Pack
  • 3 Autographs
  • 2 Memorabilia Cards
  • Availability
    • Panini America: $850
Get Immaculate Basketball boxes on eBay.

2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball Review Of The Checklist

Panini Immaculate has included a base set of cards for its ninth season, each numbered 99. This year’s base set will consist of 140 cards: 100 Veterans and 40 Rookies. The 2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball review will give you the essential overview of the checklist.

But what might make collectors excited about the product is the fact that this is one of the last chances they will get to own first-year ink from the NBA rookies from the 2020-21 season. No other product for the 2020-21 NBA season is launching anytime soon.

The 2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball Review Of Parallels 

Most basketball sets that have come out in recent years have focused more on the parallels than memorabilia cards. However, Immaculate stays true to its core and does not carry a ton of parallels.

2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball Parallels:

  • Jersey Number (Print Count Varies by Jersey Number)
  • Red (#/49)
  • Red (#/25)
  • Blue (#/25)
  • Gold (#/10)
  • Green (#/5)
  • Tags (#/5)
  • Tags (1/1)
  • Logoman (1/1)
  • Platinum (1/1)

The 2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball Review Of Autographs 

Several basketball sets from the 2020-21 NBA season feature tons of autographs. However, Panini Immaculate remains one of the best simply because of its variety of autographs. Most notably, all of the autos are on-card. There are even dual, triple, and quad autographs. The2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball review is here to make sense of it all.

Rookie Patch Autographs: 40 Cards

  • Parallels:
    • Jersey No. (Print Run Varies)
    • Red (#/49)
    • Gold (#/10)
    • Tags (#/5)
    • Logoman (1/1)
  • The Rookie Patch Autographs are all numbered to 99 unless they are parallels.
The RPAs are one of the main attractions (look for Ja Morant RPA’s on eBay).

Card No.


101Jae’Sean Tate
102Nico Mannion
103Jaden McDaniels
104Robert Woodard II
105Deni Avdija
106Kenyon Martin Jr.
107Jordan Nwora
108Aaron Nesmith
109Onyeka Okongwu
110Saddiq Bey
111Malachi Flynn
112LaMelo Ball
113Kira Lewis Jr.
114Devin Vassell
115Obi Toppin
116RJ Hampton
117Cole Anthony
118Josh Green
119Isaiah Joe
120Precious Achiuwa
121Desmond Bane
122Isaiah Stewart
123James Wiseman
124Patrick Williams
125Payton Pritchard
126CJ Elleby
127Paul Reed
128Zeke Nnaji
129Aleksej Pokusevski
130Daniel Oturu
131Immanuel Quickley
132Tyrese Haliburton
133Jahmi’us Ramsey
134Mason Jones
135Tyrese Maxey
136Killian Hayes
137Anthony Edwards
138Theo Maledon
139Vernon Carey Jr.
140Facundo Campazzo

Rookie Patch Autographs Jersey Number Print Run

  • Jersey Number Print Run Listed For Each Rookie
101Jae’Sean Tate/8
102Nico Mannion/2
103Jaden McDaniels/3
104Robert Woodard II/13
105Deni Avdija/9
106Kenyon Martin Jr./6
107Jordan Nwora/13
108Aaron Nesmith/26
109Onyeka Okongwu/17
110Saddiq Bey/41
111Malachi Flynn/8
112LaMelo Ball/2
113Kira Lewis Jr./13
114Devin Vassell/24
115Obi Toppin1/1
116RJ Hampton/13
117Cole Anthony/50
118Josh Green/8
119Isaiah Joe/7
120Precious Achiuwa/5
121Desmond Bane/22
122Isaiah Stewart/28
123James Wiseman/33
124Patrick Williams/44
125Payton Pritchard/11
126CJ Elleby/16
127Paul Reed/44
128Zeke Nnaji/22
129Aleksej Pokusevski/17
130Daniel Oturu/10
131Immanuel Quickley/5
132Tyrese Haliburton1/1
133Jahmi’us Ramsey/3
134Mason Jones/5
135Tyrese Maxey1/1
136Killian Hayes/7
137Anthony Edwards1/1
138Theo Maledon/11
139Vernon Carey Jr./22
140Facundo Campazzo/7
LaMelo Ball RPAs are a major draw in this product (look for them on eBay).

Dual Autographs

  • 44 Cards
  • Print Run Varies by Card
1Jason Richardson / Stephen Jackson/49
2LaMelo Ball / Lonzo Ball/25
3Kevin Garnett / Paul Pierce/10
4Anfernee Hardaway / Shaquille O’Neal/10
5Tyrese Haliburton / Tyrese Maxey/49
6Anthony Edwards / Jaden McDaniels/49
7Immanuel Quickley / Obi Toppin/49
8Deni Avdija / Rui Hachimura/49
9Buddy Hield / Trae Young/25
10Arvydas Sabonis / Domantas Sabonis/49
11Dirk Nowitzki / Luka Doncic/10
12James Wiseman / Precious Achiuwa/49
13Luka Doncic / Trae Young/10
14Lauri Markkanen / Nikola Vucevic/25
15Aaron Nesmith / Payton Pritchard/49
16Julius Randle / RJ Barrett/25
17David Robinson / Tony Parker/25
18Jrue Holiday / Justin Holiday/25
19Aleksej Pokusevski / Theo Maledon/49
20Anthony Davis / Shaquille O’Neal/10
21Grant Hill / Jason Kidd/25
22Coby White / Lauri Markkanen/49
23Charles Barkley / Hakeem Olajuwon/10
24Ja Morant / Zion Williamson/10
25Stephen Curry / Trae Young/10
26Anthony Edwards / Tyrese Haliburton/25


Anthony Davis / Karl-Anthony Towns


28Jrue Holiday / Khris Middleton/25
29Jason Kidd / John Stockton/25
30Isiah Thomas / Joe Dumars/25
31Larry Bird / Robert Parish/25
32Jamal Murray / Nikola Jokic/25
33Allan Houston / Latrell Sprewell/49
34Stephen Curry / Steve Kerr/10
35David Robinson / Hakeem Olajuwon/25
36Bill Russell / Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/10
37Ja Morant / Jaren Jackson Jr./25
38Domantas Sabonis / Myles Turner/49
40Allen Iverson / Ja Morant/10
41Jason Kidd / Vince Carter/10
42Collin Sexton / Kira Lewis Jr./25
43Cole Anthony / RJ Hampton/49
44Devin Vassell / Tre Jones/49
45Kristaps Porzingis / Luka Doncic/10

Dual Logoman Autographs

  • 7 Cards
  • All Dual Logoman Cards Numbered 1/1
1Jamal Murray / Nikola Jokic1/1
2RJ Barrett / Zion Williamson1/1
3De’Aaron Fox / Shai Gilgeous-Alexander1/1
4Karl-Anthony Towns / Nikola Jokic1/1
5Larry Bird / Luka Doncic1/1
7Isiah Thomas / Joe Dumars1/1
9Luc Longley / Toni Kukoc1/1
Dual Logoman autos are one of the coolest features of immaculate (look for more on eBay).

Dual Rookie Logoman Autographs

  • 20 Cards
  • All Dual Rookie Logoman Cards Numbered 1/1
1Jae’Sean Tate / Kenyon Martin Jr.1/1
2Anthony Edwards / Jaden McDaniels1/1
3James Wiseman / Nico Mannion1/1
4Anthony Edwards / Tyrese Haliburton1/1
5Tyrese Haliburton / Tyrese Maxey1/1
6Josh Green / Tyrell Terry1/1
7Cole Anthony / RJ Hampton1/1
8Facundo Campazzo / Zeke Nnaji1/1
9Deni Avdija / Facundo Campazzo1/1
10Devin Vassell / Tre Jones1/1
11Isaiah Stewart / Saddiq Bey1/1
12Devin Vassell / Patrick Williams1/1
13Desmond Bane / Payton Pritchard1/1
14LaMelo Ball / Tyrese Haliburton1/1
15Immanuel Quickley / Tyrese Maxey1/1
16Anthony Edwards / LaMelo Ball1/1
17Desmond Bane / Xavier Tillman1/1
18Killian Hayes / Saddiq Bey1/1
19Isaiah Stewart / Jaden McDaniels1/1
20James Wiseman / Precious Achiuwa1/1

Heralded Signatures: 40 Cards

  • Parallels:
    • Red (#/25)
    • Gold (#/10)
    • Platinum (1/1)
1Artis Gilmore/75
2Charles Oakley/75
3Dick Barnett/75
4Dan Issel/75
5Brent Barry/75
6Garfield Heard/75
7Harold Miner/75
8Lamar Odom/75
9Mark Jackson/75
10Rasheed Wallace/49
11Gheorghe Muresan/75
12Wang Zhi-zhi/75
13Avery Johnson/75
14Jason Terry/75
15George McGinnis/75
16Christian Laettner/75
17Anderson Varejao/75
18Spencer Haywood/75
19Rick Mahorn/75


John Salley


21Horace Grant/75
22Desmond Mason/75
23Oscar Robertson/75
24Caron Butler/75
25Sam Perkins/75
26Baron Davis/75
27Danny Manning/75
28Detlef Schrempf/75
29Fat Lever/75
30Carlos Boozer/75
31Arvydas Sabonis/49
32Anfernee Hardaway/49
33Tony Delk/75
34Greg Ostertag/75
35Shawn Kemp/49
36James Silas/75
37Juwan Howard/75
38Dee Brown/75
39Chris Mullin/75
40Brian Scalabrine/75
How do you like the Heralded signature series? (look for more on eBay).

Immaculate Award Winners

  • 20 Cards
  • Print Run Varies By Card
1Ben Wallace/49
2Grant Hill/49
3Jason Kidd/49
4Anthony Davis/25
5Shaquille O’Neal/25
6Spud Webb/49
7Dwyane Wade/25
8Allen Iverson/25
9Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/25
10Hakeem Olajuwon/25
11Magic Johnson/25
12Ja Morant/25
13Kevin Garnett/25
14Karl-Anthony Towns/49
15Stephen Curry/10
16John Stockton/25
17Luka Doncic/25
18Charles Barkley/25
19Paul Pierce/25
20Vince Carter/25

Immaculate Hall of Fame Inductions

  • 20 Cards
  • Print Run Varies by Card
1Jason Kidd/49
2Magic Johnson/25
3Grant Hill/49
4James Worthy/49
5Allen Iverson/25
6Chris Mullin/49
7Maurice Cheeks/49
8Bernard King/49
9Robert Parish/49
10Clyde Drexler/25
11Isiah Thomas/25
12Dikembe Mutombo/49
13Dino Radja/49
14Shaquille O’Neal/25
15David Robinson/25
16John Stockton/25
17Adrian Dantley/49
18Ray Allen/25
19Hakeem Olajuwon/25
20Pat Riley/49

Immaculate Ink: 18 Cards

  • Parallels:
    • Red (#/25)
    • Gold (#/10)
    • Platinum (1/1)

Note: Cam Reddish does not have a base version in this set.

1Luguentz Dort/99
2Gheorghe Muresan/99
3Jarrett Culver/99
4Aron Baynes/99
5Alex Caruso/99
6Rasheed Wallace/49
7Joakim Noah/99
8Eric Bledsoe/99
9J.J. Barea/99
10Mikal Bridges/99
12Boban Marjanovic/99
13Lamar Odom/99
14Spencer Dinwiddie/99
15Thanasis Antetokounmpo/99
16Glen Rice/99
18Duncan Robinson/99
19Kenny Smith/99
20Cam Reddish
Ink has a long history of producing excellent autos (get one on eBay).

Immaculate Milestones

  • 10 Cards
  • Print Run Varies by Card
1Vince Carter/25
2T.J. McConnell/49
3Nikola Jokic/25
4Kevin Garnett/25
5Stephen Curry/10
6Stephen Curry/10
7Stephen Curry/10
8Trae Young/25
9LaMelo Ball/49
10Luka Doncic/25

Immaculate Rookie Introductions

  • 30 Cards
  • Print Run Varies by Card
1Markus Howard/99
2Tyrese Haliburton/49
3Paul Reed/99
4Saben Lee/99
5Mason Jones/99
6Deni Avdija/49
7Reggie Perry/99
8Devon Dotson/99
9Robert Woodard II/99
10Xavier Tillman/99
11Josh Hall/99
12Anthony Edwards/49
13Facundo Campazzo/49
14Ty-Shon Alexander/99
15Nathan Knight/99
16Killian Hayes/99
17Theo Maledon/99
18James Wiseman/49
19Isaac Okoro/99
20Cassius Winston/49
21Aaron Nesmith/99
22LaMelo Ball/49
23Onyeka Okongwu/99
24Jordan Nwora/99
25Jaden McDaniels/99
26Mamadi Diakite/99
27Caleb Martin/99
28Naji Marshall/99
29Nico Mannion/99
30Sam Merrill/99

Immaculate Signature Moves

  • 20 Cards
  • Print Run Varies by Card
1Shaquille O’Neal/25
2Stephen Jackson/99
3Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/25
4Magic Johnson/25
5Hakeem Olajuwon/25
6De’Aaron Fox/25
7Luka Doncic/25
8Ray Allen/49
9Latrell Sprewell/99
10Stephen Curry/25
11Carlos Boozer/99
12Glen Rice/99
13Tony Parker/49
14Ja Morant/25
15George Gervin/99
16Buddy Hield/99
17Trae Young/25
18Grant Hill/49
19Anthony Edwards/49
20Chauncey Billups/99

Initiation Ink: 38 Cards

  • Parallels:
    • Gold (#/10)
    • Platinum (1/1)

Nathan Knight does not have a gold parallel version in this set.

1Moses Brown/99
2Mychal Mulder/99
3Caleb Martin/99
4Jay Scrubb/99
5Nathan Knight/99
6Sam Merrill/99
7Anthony Edwards/99
8Markus Howard/99
9Ashton Hagans/99
10Trent Forrest/99
11Naji Marshall/99
12Reggie Perry/99
13Mason Jones/99
14Nico Mannion/99
15Killian Tillie/99
16Devon Dotson/99
17Saben Lee/99
18Jae’Sean Tate/49
19Lamar Stevens/99
20Mamadi Diakite/99
21Paul Reed/99
22Tyler Bey/99
23Facundo Campazzo/49
24Onyeka Okongwu/99
25James Wiseman/99
26Patrick Williams/49
27Deni Avdija/49
28Isaac Okoro/49
29Isaiah Joe/99
30Tyrese Maxey/49
31Cassius Winston/49
32Theo Maledon/99
33Freddie Gillespie/99
35Sean McDermott/99
36Josh Hall/99
37Vernon Carey Jr./99
38Xavier Tillman/99
40Ty-Shon Alexander/99

Logoman Autographs

  • 59 Cards
  • All Cards Numbered to One
1Gordon Hayward1/1
2Brandon Clarke1/1
3Steven Adams1/1
4PJ Washington Jr.1/1
5Hedo Turkoglu1/1
6Domantas Sabonis1/1
7Ricky Rubio1/1
8CJ McCollum1/1
9Michael Porter Jr.1/1
10T.J. McConnell1/1
11Jarrett Culver1/1
12Ja Morant1/1
13David Lee1/1
15Jayson Tatum1/1
16De’Aaron Fox1/1
17Rudy Gay1/1
18Jason Williams1/1
19Detlef Schrempf1/1
20Andre Drummond1/1
21Shai Gilgeous-Alexander1/1
22Tony Parker1/1
23Vince Carter1/1
24Joe Harris1/1
25Ron Harper1/1
26Lonzo Ball1/1
27Collin Sexton1/1
28Eric Gordon1/1
29Khris Middleton1/1
30RJ Barrett1/1
31Robert Covington1/1
32Jamal Murray1/1
33Mike Bibby1/1
34Julius Randle1/1
35T.J. Warren1/1
36Myles Turner1/1


Elton Brand


38Anthony Davis1/1
39Clint Capela1/1
40Mark Price1/1
41Lonnie Walker IV1/1
42Andrea Bargnani1/1
43Buddy Hield1/1
44JJ Redick1/1
45Paul Pierce1/1
46Coby White1/1
47Nikola Vucevic1/1
48Stephen Jackson1/1
49Mark Aguirre1/1
50Luka Doncic1/1
51Jrue Holiday1/1
52Andrew Wiggins1/1
53Jaren Jackson Jr.1/1
54John Collins1/1
55Derek Fisher1/1
56Kevin Durant1/1
57Chris Kaman1/1
58Wendell Carter Jr.1/1
59Cameron Johnson1/1
60Trae Young1/1

Marks of Greatness: 25 Cards

  • Parallels:
    • Gold (#/10)
    • Platinum (1/1)
1Charles Barkley/49
2Shaquille O’Neal/25
3Hakeem Olajuwon/75
4David Robinson/75
5Tony Parker/49
6James Worthy/75
7Rick Barry/99
8Vince Carter/25
9Magic Johnson/49
10Bill Russell/49
11Dwyane Wade/25
12Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/99
13Jason Kidd/99
14Anfernee Hardaway/49
15LaMarcus Aldridge/75
16Isiah Thomas/25
17Pat Riley/49
18Grant Hill/99
19Clyde Drexler/49
20Walt Frazier/99
21Bernard King/99
22Jerry Lucas/49
23Paul Pierce/49
24Larry Bird/49
25Oscar Robertson/25
Marks of Greatness cards tend to hold strong value (see what is available on eBay).

Modern Marks: 37 Cards

  • Parallels:
    • Red (#/25)
    • Gold (#/10)
    • Platinum (1/1)

Notes: Kelly Oubre Jr is not included in the base version of this set and does not have a gold parallel either. Malik Beasley does not have a red parallel version. Delon Wright does not have a base version in this set.

1Danilo Gallinari/99
2Khris Middleton/49
3Joe Harris/49
4JJ Redick/99
6Myles Turner/49
7Nicolo Melli/99
8Kevin Porter Jr./49
9Julius Randle/49
10T.J. Warren/99
11Rudy Gay/99
12Eric Gordon/99
13Jamal Murray/49
14Jrue Holiday/49
15Isaiah Hartenstein/99
16Stephen Curry/49


Danny Green


18Brook Lopez/99
19Malik Beasley/99
20Yuta Watanabe/99
21Royce O’Neale/99
22Kevin Huerter/99
23Mason Plumlee/99
24Bam Adebayo/49
25Lonzo Ball/49
26Grant Williams/99
27Kelly Oubre Jr.
28Jakob Poeltl/99
29Al Horford/99
31Dwight Howard/99
32Cody Zeller/99
33Delon Wright
34Andrew Wiggins/49
35Terance Mann/99
36Darius Bazley/99
38Wendell Carter Jr./99
39De’Aaron Fox/49
40Jarrett Allen/99

Past and Present Signatures: 55 Cards

  • Parallels:
    • Gold (#/10)
    • Platinum (1/1)
1Josh Richardson/99
2Danny Granger/99
3Grayson Allen/49
4Dwight Howard/99
5Will Barton/99
7Jaren Jackson Jr./99
9Jerami Grant/99
10Bam Adebayo/49
11Bill Walton/99
12Thanasis Antetokounmpo/99
13Kenny “Sky” Walker/99
14Mike Conley/99
15Robert Williams III/99
16Josh Howard/99
17B.J. Armstrong/99
18Shake Milton/99
19LaPhonso Ellis/99
21Rick Fox/99
23Rod Strickland/99
24Boban Marjanovic/99
25Ty Jerome/99
26Luke Kennard/99
27Patty Mills/99
28Spud Webb/49
29Josh Hart/99
30Jerry West/99
31Gary Trent Jr./99
32Kawhi Leonard/49
33Monte Morris/99
34Jarred Vanderbilt/99


Vince Carter


37Furkan Korkmaz/99
38Chuma Okeke/99
39Duncan Robinson/99
40Mark Price/49
41Daniel Gibson/99
42Jarrett Culver/99
43Daniel Gafford/99
44Stephen Jackson/99
45J.J. Barea/99
46Glen Rice/99
47Mason Plumlee/99
48Terance Mann/99
49Garrison Mathews/99
50Kyle Kuzma/99
51Luka Doncic/99
52Eric Bledsoe/99
53Kevin Huerter/99
54Oshae Brissett/99
55Cedi Osman/99
56Darius Bazley/99
57Myles Turner/99
58Devonte’ Graham/99
59Otto Porter Jr./99
60Harrison Barnes/99

Patch Autographs: 60 Cards

  • Parallels:
    • Jersey Number (Print Runs Vary)
    • Red (#/25)
    • Gold (#/10)
    • Tags (1/1)
1Carlos Boozer/50
2Steven Adams/50
3Vince Carter/25
4Julius Randle/25
5Isiah Thomas/25
6Al Horford/50
7Nikola Vucevic/50
8Kevin Garnett/25
9Brandon Clarke/50
10Jamal Murray/25
11Kirk Hinrich/50
12Karl-Anthony Towns/25
13Jarrett Culver/25
14Andre Drummond/25
15Robert Covington/50
16Thaddeus Young/50
17Coby White/25
18Toni Kukoc/50
19Shai Gilgeous-Alexander/25
20Anfernee Hardaway/25
21Jonas Valanciunas/25
22Richard Hamilton/50
23Adrian Dantley/35
24Andrew Wiggins/25
25Jarrett Allen/50
26Joakim Noah/50
27David Robinson/25
28Lonzo Ball/25
29Anthony Davis/25
30Kendrick Nunn/50
31Danilo Gallinari/25
32Myles Turner/25
33Tony Parker/50
34Lonnie Walker IV/25
35Buddy Hield/35
36Luka Doncic/15


Rui Hachimura

38Larry Bird/25
39CJ McCollum/25
40Ricky Rubio/50
41PJ Washington Jr./25
42Trae Young/15
43Wendell Carter Jr./50
44Joe Harris/35
45Hedo Turkoglu/50
46Andrea Bargnani/50
47Luc Longley/25
48Richard Jefferson/25
49Devin Harris/50
50Tobias Harris/50
51Maxi Kleber/50
52RJ Barrett/25
53John Stockton/25
54Rick Fox/50
55Ivica Zubac/11
56Jrue Holiday/25
57Ja Morant/25
58LaMarcus Aldridge/50
59Paul Pierce/25
60David Lee/50

Patch Autographs Jersey Numbers

  • 54 Cards
  • Print Run Varies by Card
1Carlos Boozer/5
2Steven Adams/12
3Vince Carter/25
4Julius Randle/30
5Isiah Thomas/11
6Al Horford/42
7Nikola Vucevic/9
8Kevin Garnett/2
9Brandon Clarke/15
10Jamal Murray/27
11Kirk Hinrich/12
12Karl-Anthony Towns/32
13Jarrett Culver/23
14Andre Drummond/2
15Robert Covington/23
16Thaddeus Young/21
17Coby White1/1
18Toni Kukoc/7
19Shai Gilgeous-Alexander/2
20Anfernee Hardaway1/1
21Jonas Valanciunas/17


Richard Hamilton


23Adrian Dantley/45
24Andrew Wiggins/22
26Joakim Noah/13
28Lonzo Ball/2
29Anthony Davis/3
30Kendrick Nunn/25
31Danilo Gallinari/8
32Myles Turner/33
33Tony Parker/9
34Lonnie Walker IV1/1
35Buddy Hield/24
39CJ McCollum1/1
40Ricky Rubio/9
41PJ Washington Jr./25
42Trae Young/11
43Wendell Carter Jr./34
44Joe Harris/12
45Hedo Turkoglu/15
46Andrea Bargnani/9
47Luc Longley/13
48Richard Jefferson/24
49Devin Harris/34
50Tobias Harris/12
51Maxi Kleber/42
52RJ Barrett/9
53John Stockton/12
54Rick Fox/12
56Jrue Holiday/21
57Ja Morant/12
58LaMarcus Aldridge/12
59Paul Pierce/34
60David Lee/42
The Patch Autographs Jersey Numbers is cool series (search for them on eBay).

Patch Autographs Red

  • 58 Cards
  • Print Run Varies by Card
1Carlos Boozer/25
2Steven Adams/25
3Vince Carter/15
4Julius Randle/15
5Isiah Thomas/15
6Al Horford/15
7Nikola Vucevic/15
8Kevin Garnett/15
9Brandon Clarke/25
10Jamal Murray/15
11Kirk Hinrich/25
12Karl-Anthony Towns/15
13Jarrett Culver/15
14Andre Drummond/15
15Robert Covington/25
16Thaddeus Young/25
17Coby White/15
18Toni Kukoc/25
19Shai Gilgeous-Alexander/15
20Anfernee Hardaway/15
21Jonas Valanciunas/15
22Richard Hamilton/25
23Adrian Dantley/25


Andrew Wiggins


25Jarrett Allen/15
26Joakim Noah/25
27David Robinson/15
28Lonzo Ball/15
29Anthony Davis/15
30Kendrick Nunn/25
31Danilo Gallinari/15
32Myles Turner/15
33Tony Parker/25
34Lonnie Walker IV/15
35Buddy Hield/25
37Rui Hachimura/10
38Larry Bird/15
39CJ McCollum/15
40Ricky Rubio/25
41PJ Washington Jr./15
43Wendell Carter Jr./15
44Joe Harris/25
45Hedo Turkoglu/25
46Andrea Bargnani/25
47Luc Longley/15
48Richard Jefferson/15
49Devin Harris/25
50Tobias Harris/25
51Maxi Kleber/15
52RJ Barrett/15
53John Stockton/15
54Rick Fox/25
55Ivica Zubac/5
56Jrue Holiday/15
57Ja Morant/15
58LaMarcus Aldridge/15
59Paul Pierce/10
60David Lee/25

Premium Patch Autographs

  • 94 Cards
  • Print Run Varies By Card
1Julius Randle/10
2Chris Kaman/25
3Richard Jefferson/25
4Jarrett Culver/10
5Robert Covington/25
6Brandon Clarke/25
7Rick Fox/15
8Thaddeus Young/25
9RJ Barrett/10
11Jonas Valanciunas/15
12Coby White/10
13Jrue Holiday/15
14Al Horford/25
15Carlos Boozer/25
16Anthony Davis/10
17PJ Washington Jr./10
18Kendrick Nunn/10
20Cameron Johnson/10
21De’Andre Hunter/10
22Trae Young/10
23Kirk Hinrich/25
25T.J. McConnell/10
26Allen Iverson/5
27Vince Carter/10
28De’Aaron Fox/10
29Luka Doncic/10
30Andrew Wiggins/15
31Rudy Gay/10
32Cam Reddish/10
33CJ McCollum/10
34Stephen Curry/10
35Lauri Markkanen/15
36Joe Harris/15
37Lonzo Ball/9
38Hedo Turkoglu/25
39Ja Morant/10
40Karl-Anthony Towns/15
41Devin Harris/25
43Khris Middleton/10
45Rui Hachimura/9
46Wendell Carter Jr./25
47Jarrett Allen/15
48Andrea Bargnani/25
49Jamal Murray/15
50David Lee/25
52Jayson Tatum/10
53Zeke Nnaji/50
54Xavier Tillman/50
55Vernon Carey Jr./50
56Udoka Azubuike/50
57Tyrese Maxey/50


Tyrese Haliburton


59Tyrell Terry/50
60Tre Jones/50
61Theo Maledon/50
62Skylar Mays/50
63Saddiq Bey/50
64Saben Lee/50
65Robert Woodard II/50
66Precious Achiuwa/50
67Onyeka Okongwu/50
68Nico Mannion/50
69RJ Hampton/50
70Paul Reed/50
71Mason Jones/50
72Kira Lewis Jr./50
73Caleb Martin/25
74Josh Green/50
75Jordan Nwora/50
76Jahmi’us Ramsey/50
77Jae’Sean Tate/15
78Jaden McDaniels/50
79Isaiah Stewart/50
80Isaiah Joe/50
81Isaac Okoro/50
82Immanuel Quickley/50
83Facundo Campazzo/25
84Devon Dotson/50
85Daniel Oturu/50
86Cole Anthony/50
87Cassius Winston/50
88Aleksej Pokusevski/50
89Aaron Nesmith/50
90Desmond Bane/50
91Obi Toppin/50
92Malachi Flynn/50
93Payton Pritchard/50
94Devin Vassell/50
95Killian Hayes/50
96Patrick Williams/50
97Deni Avdija/50
98James Wiseman/50
99Anthony Edwards/50
100LaMelo Ball/50
You can look for more beautiful Premium Patch Autographs on eBay.

Premium Patch Autographs Gold

  • 97 Cards
  • Print Run Varies By Card
1Julius Randle/3
2Chris Kaman/5
3Richard Jefferson/5
4Jarrett Culver/5
5Robert Covington/5
6Brandon Clarke/5
7Rick Fox/5
8Thaddeus Young/5
9RJ Barrett/3
10Maxi Kleber/5
11Jonas Valanciunas/5
12Coby White/3
13Jrue Holiday/5
14Al Horford/5
15Carlos Boozer/5
16Anthony Davis/3
17PJ Washington Jr./3
18Kendrick Nunn/3
19Myles Turner/3
20Cameron Johnson/3
21De’Andre Hunter/3
22Trae Young/3
23Kirk Hinrich/5
24Eric Gordon/3
25T.J. McConnell/5
27Vince Carter/3
28De’Aaron Fox/3
29Luka Doncic/3
30Andrew Wiggins/5
31Rudy Gay/3
32Cam Reddish/3
33CJ McCollum/3
34Stephen Curry/3
35Lauri Markkanen/5
36Joe Harris/5


Lonzo Ball


38Hedo Turkoglu/5
39Ja Morant/3
40Karl-Anthony Towns/5
41Devin Harris/5
42Andre Drummond/3
43Khris Middleton/3
45Rui Hachimura/3
46Wendell Carter Jr./5
48Andrea Bargnani/5
49Jamal Murray/5
50David Lee/5
51Ricky Rubio/5
52Jayson Tatum/3
53Zeke Nnaji/10
54Xavier Tillman/10
55Vernon Carey Jr./10
56Udoka Azubuike/10
57Tyrese Maxey/10
58Tyrese Haliburton/10
59Tyrell Terry/10
60Tre Jones/10
61Theo Maledon/10
62Skylar Mays/10
63Saddiq Bey/10
64Saben Lee/10
65Robert Woodard II/10
66Precious Achiuwa/10
67Onyeka Okongwu/10
68Nico Mannion/10
69RJ Hampton/10
70Paul Reed/10
71Mason Jones/10
72Kira Lewis Jr./10
73Caleb Martin/5
74Josh Green/10
75Jordan Nwora/10
76Jahmi’us Ramsey/10
77Jae’Sean Tate/5
78Jaden McDaniels/10
79Isaiah Stewart/10
80Isaiah Joe/5
81Isaac Okoro/10
82Immanuel Quickley/10
83Facundo Campazzo/10
84Devon Dotson/10
85Daniel Oturu/10
86Cole Anthony/10
87Cassius Winston/10
88Aleksej Pokusevski/10
89Aaron Nesmith/10
90Desmond Bane/10
91Obi Toppin/10
92Malachi Flynn/10
93Payton Pritchard/10
94Devin Vassell/10
95Killian Hayes/10
96Patrick Williams/10
97Deni Avdija/10
98James Wiseman/10
99Anthony Edwards/10
100LaMelo Ball/10

Premium Patch Autographs Platinum

  • 99 Cards
  • All Cards in this set numbered to One
1Julius Randle1/1
2Chris Kaman1/1
3Richard Jefferson1/1
4Jarrett Culver1/1
5Robert Covington1/1
6Brandon Clarke1/1
7Rick Fox1/1
8Thaddeus Young1/1
9RJ Barrett1/1
10Maxi Kleber1/1
11Jonas Valanciunas1/1
12Coby White1/1
13Jrue Holiday1/1
14Al Horford1/1
15Carlos Boozer1/1
16Anthony Davis1/1
17PJ Washington Jr.1/1
18Kendrick Nunn1/1
19Myles Turner1/1


Cameron Johnson


21De’Andre Hunter1/1
22Trae Young1/1
23Kirk Hinrich1/1
24Eric Gordon1/1
25T.J. McConnell1/1
26Allen Iverson1/1
27Vince Carter1/1
28De’Aaron Fox1/1
29Luka Doncic1/1
30Andrew Wiggins1/1
31Rudy Gay1/1
32Cam Reddish1/1
33CJ McCollum1/1
34Stephen Curry1/1
35Lauri Markkanen1/1
36Joe Harris1/1
37Lonzo Ball1/1
38Hedo Turkoglu1/1
39Ja Morant1/1
40Karl-Anthony Towns1/1
41Devin Harris1/1
42Andre Drummond1/1
43Khris Middleton1/1
45Rui Hachimura1/1
46Wendell Carter Jr.1/1
47Jarrett Allen1/1
48Andrea Bargnani1/1
49Jamal Murray1/1


David Lee


51Ricky Rubio1/1
52Jayson Tatum1/1
53Zeke Nnaji1/1
54Xavier Tillman1/1
55Vernon Carey Jr.1/1
56Udoka Azubuike1/1
57Tyrese Maxey1/1
58Tyrese Haliburton1/1
59Tyrell Terry1/1
60Tre Jones1/1
61Theo Maledon1/1
62Skylar Mays1/1
63Saddiq Bey1/1
64Saben Lee1/1
65Robert Woodard II1/1
66Precious Achiuwa1/1
67Onyeka Okongwu1/1
68Nico Mannion1/1
69RJ Hampton1/1
70Paul Reed1/1
71Mason Jones1/1
72Kira Lewis Jr.1/1
73Caleb Martin1/1
74Josh Green1/1
75Jordan Nwora1/1
76Jahmi’us Ramsey1/1
77Jae’Sean Tate1/1
78Jaden McDaniels1/1
79Isaiah Stewart1/1
80Isaiah Joe1/1
81Isaac Okoro1/1


Immanuel Quickley


83Facundo Campazzo1/1
84Devon Dotson1/1
85Daniel Oturu1/1
86Cole Anthony1/1
87Cassius Winston1/1
88Aleksej Pokusevski1/1
89Aaron Nesmith1/1
90Desmond Bane1/1
91Obi Toppin1/1
92Malachi Flynn1/1
93Payton Pritchard1/1
94Devin Vassell1/1
95Killian Hayes1/1
96Patrick Williams1/1
97Deni Avdija1/1
98James Wiseman1/1
99Anthony Edwards1/1
100LaMelo Ball1/1

Premium Patch Autographs Red

  • 93 Cards
  • Print Run Varies By Card
1Julius Randle/5
2Chris Kaman/10
3Richard Jefferson/10
5Robert Covington/10
6Brandon Clarke/10
7Rick Fox/10
8Thaddeus Young/10
9RJ Barrett/5
10Maxi Kleber/10
11Jonas Valanciunas/10
12Coby White/5
13Jrue Holiday/10
14Al Horford/10
15Carlos Boozer/10
16Anthony Davis/5
17PJ Washington Jr./5
18Kendrick Nunn/5
19Myles Turner/5
20Cameron Johnson/5
21De’Andre Hunter/5
22Trae Young/5
23Kirk Hinrich/10
27Vince Carter/5
28De’Aaron Fox/5
29Luka Doncic/5
30Andrew Wiggins/10
31Rudy Gay/5


Cam Reddish


33CJ McCollum/5
34Stephen Curry/5
35Lauri Markkanen/10
36Joe Harris/10
38Hedo Turkoglu/10
39Ja Morant/5
40Karl-Anthony Towns/10
41Devin Harris/10
42Andre Drummond/10
43Khris Middleton/5
45Rui Hachimura/5
46Wendell Carter Jr./10
47Jarrett Allen/10
48Andrea Bargnani/10
49Jamal Murray/10
50David Lee/10
52Jayson Tatum/5
53Zeke Nnaji/25
54Xavier Tillman/25
55Vernon Carey Jr./25
56Udoka Azubuike/25
57Tyrese Maxey/25
58Tyrese Haliburton/25
59Tyrell Terry/25
60Tre Jones/25
61Theo Maledon/25


Skylar Mays


63Saddiq Bey/25
64Saben Lee/25
65Robert Woodard II/25
66Precious Achiuwa/25
67Onyeka Okongwu/25
68Nico Mannion/25
69RJ Hampton/25
70Paul Reed/25
71Mason Jones/25
72Kira Lewis Jr./25
73Caleb Martin/10
74Josh Green/25
75Jordan Nwora/25
76Jahmi’us Ramsey/25
77Jae’Sean Tate/10
78Jaden McDaniels/25
79Isaiah Stewart/25
80Isaiah Joe/10
81Isaac Okoro/25
82Immanuel Quickley/25
83Facundo Campazzo/15
84Devon Dotson/25
85Daniel Oturu/25
86Cole Anthony/25
87Cassius Winston/15
88Aleksej Pokusevski/25
89Aaron Nesmith/25
90Desmond Bane/25
91Obi Toppin/25
92Malachi Flynn/25
93Payton Pritchard/25
94Devin Vassell/25
95Killian Hayes/25
96Patrick Williams/25
97Deni Avdija/25
98James Wiseman/25
99Anthony Edwards/25
100LaMelo Ball/25

Quad Autographs

  • 10 Cards
  • All Quad Autographs Numbered to 10
1Clint Capela / De’Andre Hunter / John Collins / Trae Young/10
2Anthony Davis / De’Aaron Fox / Karl-Anthony Towns / Shai Gilgeous-Alexander/10
3Adrian Dantley / Isiah Thomas / Joe Dumars / Mark Aguirre/10
4Coby White / Lauri Markkanen / Nikola Vucevic / Patrick Williams/10
5Anthony Davis / Jayson Tatum / Kevin Durant / Zion Williamson/10
6 Allen Iverson / Grant Hill / Jason Kidd / Vince Carter/10
7Larry Bird / Ray Allen / Stephen Curry / Trae Young/10
8Grant Hil / lJayson Tatum / JJ Redick / Zion Williamson/10
9Anthony Edwards / Deni Avdija / James Wiseman / Tyrese Haliburton/10
10B.J. Armstrong / Luc Longley / Steve Kerr / Toni Kukoc/10
Sometimes a dual auto just isn’t enough (look for Quad Autographs on eBay).

Rookie Brand Logo Autographs

  • 20 Cards
  • All Cards numbered to 5
1James Wiseman/5
2Jaden McDaniels/5
3Jae’Sean Tate/5
4Patrick Williams/5
5Desmond Bane/5
6Cole Anthony/5
7Tyrese Haliburton/5
8Anthony Edwards/5
9Immanuel Quickley/5
10Deni Avdija/5
11Malachi Flynn/5
12Theo Maledon/5
13Isaiah Stewart/5
14Aleksej Pokusevski/5
15Isaac Okoro/5
16Facundo Campazzo/5
17Devin Vassell/5
18Obi Toppin/5
19Payton Pritchard/5
20Saddiq Bey/5

Rookie Championship Tags Autographs

  • 20 Cards
  • All Cards Numbered to 5
1Saddiq Bey/5
2Josh Green/5
3Jae’Sean Tate/5
4Tyrese Haliburton/5
5Payton Pritchard/5
6Devin Vassell/5
7Obi Toppin/5
8Patrick Williams/5
9Onyeka Okongwu/5
10Killian Hayes/5
11Nico Mannion/5
12Deni Avdija/5
13Precious Achiuwa/5
14Malachi Flynn/5
15Aaron Nesmith/5
16Tyrese Maxey/5
17Immanuel Quickley/5
18James Wiseman/5
19Isaac Okoro/5
20Isaiah Stewart/5

Rookie Private Signings Icon Version: 2 Cards

  • Parallels:
    • Gold (#/10)
    • Platinum (1/1)
43Nick Richards
46Skylar Mays

Rookie Sneaker Swatch Signatures Premium Edition: 40 Cards

  • Parallels:
    • Platinum (1/1)
1Anthony Edwards/25
2Isaiah Stewart/25
3Mason Jones/25
4Payton Pritchard/25
5Immanuel Quickley/25
6Desmond Bane/25
7Josh Green/25
8Patrick Williams/25
9Tyler Bey/25
10CJ Elleby/25
11Devin Vassell/25
12Malachi Flynn/25
13Tyrese Haliburton/25
14Saben Lee/25


Jahmi’us Ramsey


16Kenyon Martin Jr./25
17Cole Anthony/25
18Kira Lewis Jr./25
19Zeke Nnaji/25
20Tyrese Maxey/25
21Jae’Sean Tate/25
22Obi Toppin/25
23Saddiq Bey/25
24Udoka Azubuike/25
25Killian Hayes/25
26Theo Maledon/25
27Vernon Carey Jr./25
28Isaiah Joe/25
29Deni Avdija/25
30Onyeka Okongwu/25
31Aaron Nesmith/25
32Facundo Campazzo/25
33Isaac Okoro/25
34Jordan Nwora/25
35Xavier Tillman/25
36Robert Woodard II/25
37James Wiseman/25
38Jaden McDaniels/25
39LaMelo Ball/25
40Nico Mannion/25
The Rookie Sneaker Swatch Signatures Premium Edition may appeal to sneaker collectors (look for these cards on eBay).

Scorers Club Signatures: 25 Cards

  • Parallels:
    • Gold (#/10)
    • Platinum (1/1)
1Oscar Robertson/25
2Paul Pierce/49
3Vince Carter/49
4Alex English/99
5Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/49
6Dominique Wilkins/49
7Charles Barkley/49
8Kevin Durant/25
9Jerry West/49
10Shaquille O’Neal/49
11Dwyane Wade/49
12George Gervin/99
13Gary Payton/49
14Adrian Dantley/99
15Hakeem Olajuwon/49
16David Robinson/49
17John Stockton/49
18LaMarcus Aldridge/99
19Larry Bird/49
20Clyde Drexler/49
21Robert Parish/49
22Allen Iverson/25
23Ray Allen/49
24Kevin Garnett/25
25Elvin Hayes/75

Shadowbox Signatures: 49 Cards

  • Parallels:
    • Gold (#/10)
    • Platinum (1/1)

Note: There are no Kendrick Nunn Gold or Platinum parallels for this set.

1Domantas Sabonis/49
2PJ Washington Jr./99
3Josh Hart/99
5Justin Holiday/99
6Anthony Davis/25
7Michael Porter Jr./49
8Steve Kerr/49
9Vince Carter/49
10Kendrick Nunn/99
11Stephen Jackson/99
12Dwyane Wade/25
13T.J. Warren/99
14JJ Redick/99
15Ivica Zubac/49
16Luka Doncic/25
17Avery Bradley/99
18Ben Wallace/49
19Andre Drummond/49
20Hedo Turkoglu/99
21Jarrett Culver/99
22Spud Webb/99
23Magic Johnson/25
24James Worthy/49


Joakim Noah


26Ricky Rubio/99
27Talen Horton-Tucker/99
28Andrea Bargnani/99
29Trae Young/25
30Christian Laettner/99
31De’Andre Hunter/99
32Jason Kidd/49
33Coby White/49
34Drew Gooden/99
35Thaddeus Young/99
36Mark Aguirre/99
37Jaylen Nowell/99
38Jarrett Allen/99
39Montrezl Harrell/99
40Mark Jackson/99
41Steven Adams/99
42Nikola Jokic/49
43Clint Capela/49
44CJ McCollum/49
45Chauncey Billups/99
46Ja Morant/25
47Arvydas Sabonis/49
48Rick Fox/99
49David Lee/99
50Lonnie Walker IV/99
Shadowbox Signatures is a long time staple of the Immaculate line (look for some on eBay).

Sneaker Swatches Signatures

  • 27 Cards
  • Print Run Varies by Card
1Allan Houston/49
2Gary Payton/10
3Gordon Hayward/35
4Karl Malone/15
5Robert Parish/10
7Joakim Noah/25
8Grant Hill/35
9Karl-Anthony Towns/49
10Bill Laimbeer/25
11Charles Barkley/35
12LaMarcus Aldridge/15
13Anthony Davis/15
14Isiah Thomas/15
15Dennis Rodman/10
16Kevin Garnett/25
18Jason Richardson/15
19Dominique Wilkins/10
20Andrew Wiggins/15
21Shaquille O’Neal/15
22Nikola Vucevic/25
23Julius Randle/49
24Anfernee Hardaway/25
26Tobias Harris/15
27Kevin Durant/25
28Hakeem Olajuwon/25
29Dwyane Wade/25
30Andre Drummond/25

Sneaker Swatches Signatures Gold

  • 30 Cards
  • Print Run Varies By Card
1Allan Houston/10
2Gary Payton/3
3Gordon Hayward/10
4Karl Malone/5
5Robert Parish/3
6Mark Jackson/5
7Joakim Noah/10
8Grant Hill/10
9Karl-Anthony Towns/10
10Bill Laimbeer/5
11Charles Barkley/10
12LaMarcus Aldridge/3
13Anthony Davis/5
14Isiah Thomas/5


Dennis Rodman


16Kevin Garnett/10
17Dikembe Mutombo/3
18Jason Richardson/5
19Dominique Wilkins/3
20Andrew Wiggins/5
21Shaquille O’Neal/5
22Nikola Vucevic/10
23Julius Randle/10
24Anfernee Hardaway/10
25Tony Parker/9
26Tobias Harris/5
27Kevin Durant/5
28Hakeem Olajuwon/10
29Dwyane Wade/5
30Andre Drummond/5

Sneaker Swatches Signatures Platinum

  • 28 Cards
  • All Cards Numbered to One
1Allan Houston1/1
3Gordon Hayward1/1
4Karl Malone1/1
5Robert Parish1/1
6Mark Jackson1/1
7Joakim Noah1/1
9Karl-Anthony Towns1/1
10Bill Laimbeer1/1
11Charles Barkley1/1
12LaMarcus Aldridge1/1
13Anthony Davis1/1
14Isiah Thomas1/1
15Dennis Rodman1/1
16Kevin Garnett1/1
17Dikembe Mutombo1/1
18Jason Richardson1/1
19Dominique Wilkins1/1
20Andrew Wiggins1/1
21Shaquille O’Neal1/1
22Nikola Vucevic1/1
23Julius Randle1/1
24Anfernee Hardaway1/1
25Tony Parker1/1
26Tobias Harris1/1
27Kevin Durant1/1
28Hakeem Olajuwon1/1
29Dwyane Wade1/1
30Andre Drummond1/1

Sneaker Swatches Signatures Red

  • 23 Cards
  • Print Run Varies By Card
3Gordon Hayward/25
4Karl Malone/10
5Robert Parish/5
6Mark Jackson/10
7Joakim Noah/15
8Grant Hill/25
9Karl-Anthony Towns/25
10Bill Laimbeer/10
11Charles Barkley/25
13Anthony Davis/10
15Dennis Rodman/5
18Jason Richardson/10
19Dominique Wilkins/5
20Andrew Wiggins/10
21Shaquille O’Neal/9
22Nikola Vucevic/15
23Julius Randle/25
24Anfernee Hardaway/17
26Tobias Harris/10
27Kevin Durant/10
28Hakeem Olajuwon/15
29Dwyane Wade/10
30Andre Drummond/10

Triple Autographs

  • 12 Cards
  • Print Run Varies By Card
1Anthony Edwards / Karl-Anthony Towns / Ricky Rubio/25
2Clyde Drexler / Hakeem Olajuwon / Sam Cassell/10
3Adrian Dantley / Clyde Drexler / George Gervin/25
4Jamal Murray / Michael Porter Jr. / Nikola Jokic/10
6Dwyane Wade / Gary Payton / Shaquille O’Neal/10
7Ben Wallace / Chauncey Billups / Richard Hamilton/25
8Collin Sexton / De’Aaron Fox / Shai Gilgeous-Alexander/10
9Cole Anthony / RJ Hampton / Wendell Carter Jr./25
10Anthony Davis / Magic Johnson / Shaquille O’Neal/10
11Bob McAdoo / Elvin Hayes / Robert Parish/25
13Anthony Edwards / James Wiseman / LaMelo Ball/25
14Dave Cowens / Nate Archibald / Robert Parish/25

The 2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball Review Of Memorabilia Cards

The star of the Panini Immaculate collection is still their assortment of large and unique memorabilia cards. Every year, they add a new type of swatch that becomes the hot ticket, and this year seems to be the Laces set featuring shoelaces from rookies to legends. The 2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball review examines these sought-out cards.

The Memorabilia sets included in the 2020-21 Panini Immaculate collection are:

  • Brand Logos (25)
  • Brand Logo Sneak Peek (51)
  • Dual Patches Jersey Number (25)
  • Jumbo Patches Jersey Number (100); Nameplate Nobility (90); Team Logo (91)
  • Logoman (50)
  • Massive Memorabilia (25)
  • Materials (40)
  • Patches Jersey Number (50)
  • Remarkable Jerseys (25); Gold (18);  Red (14)
  • Remarkable Rookie Jerseys (40); Dual (15); Quad (10); Triple (10)
  • Heel Logo Sneak Peek (65)
  • Laces Sneak Peek (75)
  • Tongue Logo Sneak Peek (65)
  • Sole of the Game (25)
  • Standout Memorabilia (20); Gold (13); Platinum (20); Red (6)
  • Swatches (40); Gold (32); Platinum (40); Red (30)
  • Team Slogans (25)
  • The Standard (100)

The 2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball Review Of Value

Immaculate is a high-end release. Therefore, to justify the expensive purchase, the product would have to maintain strong value. But does it? The 2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball review is on the case.

Singles Value

National Treasures, Flawless, and UD Exquisite were the premium basketball card sets heading into the 2012-13 NBA season. However, Immaculate made its’ debut and quickly joined them. As a result, the value has generally increased over the years. However, the quality of the rookie class is always an essential factor.

Klay Thompson RPAs were very hot in 2012-2013 (look for more on eBay).

Here is a quick look at each season’s top rookies and their value.

2019-20LogomanLuka Doncic1/1PSA 9$78,000
2013-14RPAGiannis Antetokounmpo25/34BGS 9$35,735
2016-17Logoman AutoJoel Embiid1/1$20,000
2017-18LogomanJimmy Butler1/1$19,999
2016-17SneakerStephen Curry6/6$15,000
2012-13Jumbo RPAKlay Thompson25/75BGS 9.5$15,000
2019-20Triple AutoZion, Ja, R.J. Barrett3/10$14,999
2018-19LogomanAnfernee Hardaway1/1BGS 8.5$14,668
2018-19Dual Gold AutoKobe/Kevin Durant10/10$12,922
2014-15LogomanAlonzo Mourning1/1$11,989

Bottomline Of The 2020-2021 Panini Immaculate Basketball Review 

Panini Immaculate is only sold through the Panini website, making it much easier to control the price gauging. And yes, it is worth every single penny you shell out for the 2020-21 Panini Immaculate box, and you will have to shell out a lot of them. Not only are they the kings of swatches, but they have also added to their long list of autographs by adding even more autograph sets. This list might be the largest selection of autographs Immaculate has ever featured, and many of them are likely to go up in value.

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