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2023 Topps Golden Mirror SSPs Ditch the Numeric Code For Clearer Way To Identify SSPs

The release of 2023 Topps Series 1 Baseball marks the unofficial start of a new season of baseball card collecting. Much like the excitement of a new class of rookies, there’s always excitement about the new hits the product will include.

But there’s one development that has gone a bit under the radar, and it’s a welcome improvement to a popular part of any Topps release – the SSPs.

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What is an SSP?

Short for Super Short Print, SSPs are typically a variation of the base card with some kind of twist, making it a hard-to-pull but fun-to-chase variation. While being tough to pull, SSPs often do not have serial numbers to help identify them as a hit.

2022 Topps Alek Thomas Base Card (Left) and Image Variation (Right)

Identifying an SSP historically

From around 2018 through 2022, Topps used a system of codes that were in fine print at the bottom of the card back that helped identify what type of SP, SSP, or the like the card may be.

The code was in approximately 4-point font, making it very hard to read with the naked eye, especially for collectors over a certain age. Also, a lot of fans unfamiliar with the archaic codes probably missed out on realizing their hits.

See: A Guide To Identifying Topps Flagship Short Prints From 2018 To 2022

Is this Wander Franco a SSP? Hope you’re ready for an eye exam!

What is a 2023 Topps Golden Mirror SSP?

In 2023 Topps Series 1, Topps offered up the Golden Mirror SSP variations. These cards contain a different photo than the base card, plus a golden-colored back.

There is a Golden Mirror SSP version for every card in the 330-card base set. They are not serial numbered but are a tough pull.

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2023 Topps Judgement Day SSP

2023 Topps Golden Mirror Pack Odds

The odds of pulling a Golden Mirror SSP (Base Variation) varies across the multiple release formats. The list below shows the odds for popular hobby-exclusive and retail formats.

  • Hobby – 1:454 packs – Shop
  • Jumbo – 1:46 packs – Shop
  • Hanger – 1:203 packs – Shop
  • Blaster – 1:1,360 packs – Shop

Identifying a 2023 Topps Golden Mirror SSP

In 2023, Topps cast aside the arcane numbering system for a much easier way to identify the Golden Mirror SSP. The cards have a gold back, which is one giveaway, although the most obvious change is the text “SSP” on the card back in large golden font and the Topps logo on the card front being in gold foil instead of silver.

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2023 Topps SSP’s provide multiple highly visible clues that you are holding a good hit

Is this an improvement?

In a word, YES! Being able to rip packs without a magnifying glass nearby is an amazing development that cannot be overstated.

The clear indication of super short print on both the card front and back is a huge improvement over the tiny font code. An SSP is a great card and a great pull. Making it easy to identify and visually obvious is a clear improvement and something we hope that Topps carries forward in future releases.

Is the new format perfect? Not entirely, as gold foil text on a gold background certainly isn’t the best choice for contrast. This is important, as making our hobby accessible for those with vision impairments and other considerations is something that we should always be striving to improve.

That being said, the new changes are a vast improvement over the status quo, and should be celebrated.

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2023 Topps: Are there other SPs or SSPs?

In most recent years, Topps has had a series of SP and SSP offerings, including Image Variations, legendary variations, and the like. All indications from both pack odds and early reports from collectors breaking product is that this is not the case for 2023.

This could still change (if it does, we’ll update this article), but for now it looks like 2023 Topps Golden Mirror is the only 2023 Topps Series 1 SP or SSP.

The good news is that Topps has already confirmed that the Golden Mirror SSP will persist across Series 2 and Topps Update this year as well, meaning the full 990 cards from Topps flagship offering will all have Golden Mirror SSP versions.

Final thoughts on 2023 Topps SSPs

Making a special pull easily identifiable as such seems obvious, but that has not always been the case, in particular with SP/SSP Image Variations. Topps appears to be making moves to change this, which I think should be applauded.

What do you think of the new 2023 Topps Series 1 SSPs? Let us know on Twitter @card_lines.

Hat Tip to Twitter users @CardPurchaser and @CyberBreaks7 for helping to publicize the much-needed improvement from Topps.

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2023 Topps Series 1 Golden Mirror SSP Checklist

With 2023 Topps Series 1 Golden Mirror “SSPs,” there is an SSP for every card in the checklist! Yes, this means that all 330 cards have a Super Short Print version:

wdt_ID Set Number Player Team Rookie?
1 Golden Mirror SSP 1 Juan Soto San Diego Padres™
2 Golden Mirror SSP 2 Zach Thompson Pittsburgh Pirates®
3 Golden Mirror SSP 3 Bryce Harper Philadelphia Phillies®
4 Golden Mirror SSP 4 Yadier Molina St. Louis Cardinals®
5 Golden Mirror SSP 5 Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals®
6 Golden Mirror SSP 6 Paul Blackburn Oakland Athletics™
7 Golden Mirror SSP 7 Bobby Witt Jr. Kansas City Royals®
8 Golden Mirror SSP 8 Sam Moll Oakland Athletics™
9 Golden Mirror SSP 9 Scott Barlow Kansas City Royals®
10 Golden Mirror SSP 10 Trevor Story Boston Red Sox®
11 Golden Mirror SSP 11 Rafael Devers Boston Red Sox®
12 Golden Mirror SSP 12 Jeffrey Springs Tampa Bay Rays™
13 Golden Mirror SSP 13 Giovanny Gallegos St. Louis Cardinals®
14 Golden Mirror SSP 14 Brandon Drury San Diego Padres™
15 Golden Mirror SSP 15 Michael Grove Los Angeles Dodgers® Rookie
16 Golden Mirror SSP 16 Nolan Gorman St. Louis Cardinals® Rookie
17 Golden Mirror SSP 17 Shohei Ohtani Angels®
18 Golden Mirror SSP 18 Tanner Scott Miami Marlins®
19 Golden Mirror SSP 19 Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds®
20 Golden Mirror SSP 20 Pete Alonso New York Mets®
21 Golden Mirror SSP 21 Max Scherzer New York Mets®
22 Golden Mirror SSP 22 Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers®
23 Golden Mirror SSP 23 Fernando Tatis Jr. San Diego Padres™
24 Golden Mirror SSP 24 Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers®
25 Golden Mirror SSP 25 Byron Buxton Minnesota Twins®
26 Golden Mirror SSP 26 Trent Grisham San Diego Padres™
27 Golden Mirror SSP 27 Mike Trout Angels®
28 Golden Mirror SSP 28 Corey Knebel Philadelphia Phillies®
29 Golden Mirror SSP 29 Trevor Rogers Miami Marlins®
30 Golden Mirror SSP 30 Kenley Jansen Atlanta Braves™
31 Golden Mirror SSP 31 Riley Greene Detroit Tigers® Rookie
32 Golden Mirror SSP 32 Jordan Montgomery St. Louis Cardinals®
33 Golden Mirror SSP 33 Kyle Farmer Cincinnati Reds®
34 Golden Mirror SSP 34 Zack Thompson St. Louis Cardinals® Rookie
35 Golden Mirror SSP 35 CJ Abrams Washington Nationals® Future Stars
36 Golden Mirror SSP 36 Brandon Lowe Tampa Bay Rays™
37 Golden Mirror SSP 37 Josh Smith Texas Rangers® Rookie
38 Golden Mirror SSP 38 Jorge Mateo Baltimore Orioles®
39 Golden Mirror SSP 39 Adam Wainwright St. Louis Cardinals®
40 Golden Mirror SSP 40 Keegan Thompson Chicago Cubs®
41 Golden Mirror SSP 41 Brian Serven Colorado Rockies™ Rookie
42 Golden Mirror SSP 42 Franchy Cordero Boston Red Sox®
43 Golden Mirror SSP 43 Paul Goldschmidt St. Louis Cardinals®
44 Golden Mirror SSP 43 Freddie Freeman Los Angeles Dodgers®
45 Golden Mirror SSP 43 Jeff McNeil New York Mets®
46 Golden Mirror SSP 44 Jesús Sánchez Miami Marlins®
47 Golden Mirror SSP 45 Gerrit Cole New York Yankees®
48 Golden Mirror SSP 46 Jorge Alfaro San Diego Padres™
49 Golden Mirror SSP 47 Ryan Mountcastle Baltimore Orioles®
50 Golden Mirror SSP 48 Jacob deGrom New York Mets®
51 Golden Mirror SSP 49 Mitch Haniger Seattle Mariners™
52 Golden Mirror SSP 50 Mookie Betts Los Angeles Dodgers® Rookie
53 Golden Mirror SSP 51 Chas McCormick Houston Astros®
54 Golden Mirror SSP 52 Matthew Liberatore St. Louis Cardinals®
55 Golden Mirror SSP 53 Dylan Cease Chicago White Sox®
56 Golden Mirror SSP 54 Marcus Stroman Chicago Cubs® Rookie
57 Golden Mirror SSP 55 Cristian Javier Houston Astros®
58 Golden Mirror SSP 56 Jermaine Palacios Minnesota Twins® Rookie
59 Golden Mirror SSP 57 Ha-Seong Kim San Diego Padres™
60 Golden Mirror SSP 58 Iván Herrera St. Louis Cardinals®
61 Golden Mirror SSP 59 Eduardo Rodriguez Detroit Tigers®
62 Golden Mirror SSP 60 Josh Rojas Arizona Diamondbacks®
63 Golden Mirror SSP 61 Tyrone Taylor Milwaukee Brewers™
64 Golden Mirror SSP 62 Aaron Judge New York Yankees®
65 Golden Mirror SSP 63 C.J. Cron Colorado Rockies™
66 Golden Mirror SSP 64 Josh Donaldson New York Yankees®
67 Golden Mirror SSP 65 Triston McKenzie Cleveland Guardians™ Rookie
68 Golden Mirror SSP 66 Brandon Crawford San Francisco Giants®
69 Golden Mirror SSP 67 Travis Swaggerty Pittsburgh Pirates® Rookie
70 Golden Mirror SSP 68 William Contreras Atlanta Braves™
71 Golden Mirror SSP 69 Caleb Kilian Chicago Cubs®
72 Golden Mirror SSP 70 Darin Ruf New York Mets®
73 Golden Mirror SSP 71 Merrill Kelly Arizona Diamondbacks®
74 Golden Mirror SSP 72 Jon Berti Miami Marlins®
75 Golden Mirror SSP 73 Jon Gray Texas Rangers®
76 Golden Mirror SSP 74 Tarik Skubal Detroit Tigers® Rookie
77 Golden Mirror SSP 75 JT Brubaker Pittsburgh Pirates®
78 Golden Mirror SSP 76 Josh Winckowski Boston Red Sox®
79 Golden Mirror SSP 77 Kyle Bradish Baltimore Orioles®
80 Golden Mirror SSP 78 Sonny Gray Minnesota Twins®
81 Golden Mirror SSP 79 Tyler O'Neill St. Louis Cardinals®
82 Golden Mirror SSP 80 Tanner Rainey Washington Nationals®
83 Golden Mirror SSP 81 Ozzie Albies Atlanta Braves™
84 Golden Mirror SSP 82 Framber Valdez Houston Astros®
85 Golden Mirror SSP 82 Justin Verlander Houston Astros®
86 Golden Mirror SSP 82 Alek Manoah Toronto Blue Jays®
87 Golden Mirror SSP 83 Tylor Megill New York Mets® Rookie
88 Golden Mirror SSP 84 Toronto Blue Jays® Toronto Blue Jays®
89 Golden Mirror SSP 85 Max Stassi Angels® Rookie
90 Golden Mirror SSP 86 Gregory Soto Detroit Tigers® Rookie
91 Golden Mirror SSP 87 Ethan Small Milwaukee Brewers™
92 Golden Mirror SSP 88 Luis Robert Chicago White Sox® Rookie
93 Golden Mirror SSP 89 Brett Baty New York Mets®
94 Golden Mirror SSP 90 Korey Lee Houston Astros® Rookie
95 Golden Mirror SSP 91 Josh Naylor Cleveland Guardians™ Rookie
96 Golden Mirror SSP 92 Triston Casas Boston Red Sox®
97 Golden Mirror SSP 93 Angels® Angels® Rookie
98 Golden Mirror SSP 94 Oswald Peraza New York Yankees®
99 Golden Mirror SSP 95 Jonah Bride Oakland Athletics™
100 Golden Mirror SSP 96 Kyle Gibson Philadelphia Phillies®
Set Number Player Team Rookie?
Mike D.

Mike D

Mike D. has collected cards for over 35 years, since he bought his first pack of Topps at the corner store in 1987. His fandom,  collecting interests, and contributions to Cardlines center around baseball in general and the Baseball Hall of Fame specifically.

Mike's collecting focus is centered on graded cards, mostly rookie cards, of Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers. Lately, he's been enjoying dabbling in graded minor league cards. A collector/investor with a "buy and hold" approach, Mike takes the long-term view with his collection.
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