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Best Ja Morant Cards

The main image is from a poster you can buy from eBay right now. 

Wow, what a year it’s been for Ja Morant. Everyone is looking to invest in the guy. So, Cardlines brings you an overview of the Best Ja Morant Cards.

And, it’s time to fall on my sword – Cardlines readers who have been here since the beginning will know that I called Ja Morant overrated at the beginning of the year. I thought he had the physical skills to impress but not the well-rounded game to win. But, boy, was I wrong.

The Emergence Of Ja Morant

Look for Ja Morant autos on eBay. 

Morant led his Grizzles to the #2 seed in the West while putting up eye-popping stats and winning Most Improved Player (to be fair, I’m still out on that. Give it to Jordan Poole).

Morant went from Rookie of the Year to MVP contender in just a couple of years, so the stratospheric growth has us asking: what are the best rookie cards to invest in for Ja Morant?

Best Ja Morant Cards: The Top 10

Look for Ja Morant Flawless cards. 

Here are the Cardlines Top 10 Ja Morant Rookie cards without further ado. If you can invest in these cards – particularly PSA 10 versions – they will all serve as great additions to your sports card portfolio.

Please note: I didn’t include short-printed cards to make for a more “collectible” list. For example, a 1-of-1 Flawless Morant rookie would be better than a Chronicles rookie. However, I would instead write about cards that most of us can afford.

10) Panini Chronicles #116 (Young Dolph)

We’ll kick off this list with a celebrity sighting. This Panini Chronicles rookie card includes Young Dolph in the background (in the crowds) and saw an astronomic increase in value after Young Dolph’s unfortunate passing. Not sure who Young Dolph is? No worries, me either – and I’m reasonably rap-savvy. But he has a following that helped inflate the value of this card, either way. Chronicles cards are drastically overprinted, and the Young Dolph inflation bubble won’t last forever.

Look for these Young Dolph cards on eBay. 

9) Hoops Premium Stock

Hoops Premium Stock made a flashy debut and offered the opti-chrome version of Hoops that collectors never knew they needed. This is a really excellent set and looks great, and as the inaugural year for Premium Stock, it could have extra collectability. The downside, however, is that this release didn’t have a hobby version. Therefore, they will always be considered lesser-valued than other opti-chrome offerings.

8) Panini Chronicles Luminance

“The Dunk.” This card is iconic because of the imagery. It features Ja Morant (almost) putting Kevin Love on a poster during a miss-dunk that was so mind-blowing that it went viral despite the ultimate result. While this card looks amazing, it is a Chronicles one and overprinted. I remember when these cards were selling for $150+ on eBay during release week. Now, they sell for about $20. Supply and demand always win out.

7) Mosaic Silver

The Mosaic Silver rookie card is one of the rarest non-numbered rookie cards from Mosaic (not, this is different than the “mosaic” version of this same card). It’s not only great-looking, but it’s from the release year of a product that seems poised to stick around for a while.

The Ja Mosaic rookie is an obvious choice. What are they going for on eBay?

6) Prizm Base

Prizm, in terms of collectability, is as good as it gets. If you’re talking graded rookie cards, Prizm has become such an iconic Panini brand that it’s almost synonymous with sports card investing. The problem is there are 15,000 of these cards graded a PSA 10. Because they’re base, there are way too many in circulation to feel remotely “exclusive.”

5) Panini Select Premier Level

The Ja Morant Select Premier level is a rare tier of Select card –  a product with three tiers of scarcity. Get a parallel of this card if you’re looking to go big or go home. But given the scarcity of a premier level rookie, I have to put this above the base Prizm rookie. Not everybody has one of these fantastic cards.

The Premier Level rookie is an attractive card. What is available on eBay?

4) Ja Morant Prizm Variation

The Prizm rookie variation is one of the most underrated Prizm cards. Unfortunately, as hype as collectors get for the Prizm rookies, they forget about the varied rookies, typically from hanger boxes or the Fast Break boxes. This card, in particular, has a picture of Ja Morant doing a scoop layup and is significantly more rare than the base prizm. There’s also an even rarer disco version of this card.

3) Contenders Optic Rookie Auto

This is the rarest, most-valuable card on the list. I still kept it since it isn’t numbered. Contenders Optic takes the charm of Contenders and adds chromium technology. The result is a dazzling autograph that is hard to pull but a great investment if you do. In addition, there are colored variations of this card, all of which are numbered.

We want this card. Do you? Check out the eBay listings. 

2) Optic Holo

Optic is such a fantastic brand that the base version of this card nearly ended up in my Top 10 list. The Rated Rookies feel classic and timeless, and the Holo is the silver prizm version that adds an extra layer of rarity. Perhaps even more importantly, these Holos look amazing in person. Taking the Optic Rated Rookie design and adding refractive technology makes for a phenomenal card. As a bonus, the population reports always reveal significantly less Optic Holos than Silver Prizms.

1)  Prizm Silver

This is the big one, but was there ever any doubt this was the top among the best Ja Morant cards? Silver Prizm rookie cards are the mass-market card for long-term investing. They’re an exciting card because they can come from hobby boxes or Walmart blasters, but they’re also becoming the standard currency of all collectibles. The chase for Silver Prizms is infectious and fun, which is what the hobby is all about. Also, note that these cards were often miscut, so the centering is often wonky. So, if you can find a PSA 10, consider it even rarer than you typically would.

The Silver Prizm is iconic. Check them out on eBay. 

Bottomline On The Best Ja Morant Cards

Ja Morant will be around for a long time, and investing in him now could pay off down the road. He’s playing on one of the hungriest and complete teams in the NBA, and they’re also dangerously young. So, look for Memphis to be a contender for years to come. That will be great for his card values.

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes is the co-founder of Solaro Shades, an Amazon #1 Bestselling novelist, and a lifelong sports card collector. His nonfiction work has been featured in Forbes, Inc., MarketWatch and more. At CardLines, Jesse’s specialties are basketball and football cards, not to mention making informative video and Instagram content.
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