A Guide To The 2022 Donruss Elite Football Checklist [Updated]

September 7, 2022

For over 20 years, Donruss Elite has given fans their first glance at the year’s newest rookies in their pro uniforms. And as one of the hobby’s longest-running series, Donruss Elite has a little bit of everything.

A new installment of this series would soon hit the market with tons of inserts, parallels, and exclusives.
However, does the value of this series match its rich history?

Let’s find out with the 2022 Donruss Elite Football review.

Check out prices on 2022 Donruss Elite Football hobby boxes.

Donruss Elite Football 2022 review: History of the product

The history of the Donruss Elite Football dates to over 20 years ago, when the first series was released. After a short hiatus, it returned with the 2015 Donruss Elite Football and has undoubtedly waxed stronger.

This seasoned Panini NFL card series highlights icons of the past, present legends, and also future stars. Lastly, like all previous releases, the 2020 Donruss Elite Football would maintain tradition and deliver something for everyone.

2000 Donruss Elite Tom Brady

When is Donruss Elite Football 2022 available?

The 2022 Donruss Elite Football will hit the shelves on September 9, 2022.

Check out prices on 2022 Donruss Elite Football hobby boxes.

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What makes the 2022 Donruss Elite Football series a hit with collectors?

With such a long run, the Donruss Elite Football series has undeniably built a broad collecting base. This impressive longevity has ensured that nostalgia plays a part in its current popularity. However, it would be an injustice to chalk the reason for this product’s massive followership to only its long run.

Donruss Elite promised to have something for every collector, and it has emphatically delivered that over the years. Every new release is loaded with everything from past legends to the biggest stars still plying their trade in the NFL to the hottest new rookies.

Additionally, there is an abundance of very nice-looking inserts to cater to everyone, including the Pen Pals insert with its on-card autographs. These inserts also include some valuable ones and come in various parallels. Although these inserts aren’t chase cards, they offer numerous distinct designs, making a fun ripping experience.

Donruss Elite Football has always been generous with its cards, as can be seen in this release. Each hobby box offers two autographs, one memorabilia /relic, and three rookies. This is way more hit cards than tons of other series, most of which do not guarantee a rookie card in every box.

Asides from offering three rookies per box, most rookies, such as Turn of the Century, are numbered cards. This is particularly important as it ensures they hold their value incredibly well.

Why are some collectors avoiding Panini Donruss Elite Football 2022?

The last three Donruss Elite Football releases have all had a presale price above $300. With a current presale price of $350, the 2022 Donruss Elite Football doesn’t have a low-priced entry. This sub-$100 product offered a low entry for NFL collectors until a few years ago, when the price was increased.

These days, several collectors are being priced out of it as the price continues to rise. Just like Panini Contender and most series, prices for hobby boxes are steadily rising.

Donruss Elite 2022 Football Review: Release formats

In keeping with tradition, the 2022 Donruss Elite Football should have at least three release formats. Collectors can at least expect the regular 1st Off the Line, Hobby, and Blaster formats.

However, Panini has only released the checklist for the Hobby boxes. We’ll update this article with more information as soon as it’s available, likely shortly before the product’s release.

Hobby Box details

  • 5 cards per pack
  • 12 packs per box
  • 12 boxes per case
  • 2 Autographs
  • 1 Relic
  • 11 Inserts
  • 6 Parallels
  • 3 Rookies

Presale prices on hobby boxes are pretty fixed across all major outlets at $349. However, you can order from Diamond cards or eBay if you want to save a few bucks.

2022 Panini Donruss Elite Football review: Checklist information

The 2022 Donruss Elite Football base set is a mix of 100 veterans, and an impressive lineup of NFL stars currently lighting up the NFL. In addition, the base set also shows off several top rookies, giving collectors the first look at these players in their NFL uniforms.

Donruss Elite Football 2022 base parallels

  • Razzle Dazzle – SSP
  • Red – #/399
  • Purple – #/99
  • Aspirations – #/99 or less
  • Status – #/99 or less
  • Yellow – #/75
  • Orange – #/49
  • Teal – #/25
  • Aspirations Die-Cut – #/24
  • Status Die-Cut – #/24
  • Blue – #/10
  • Black – 1/1

The patterned Razzle Dazzle parallels also make their return in this set. Although not numbered, it’s a super short print (SSP) and is a tough pull, according to Panini.

2022 Donruss Elite Football inserts, autographs, and memorabilia/relic

This release certainly delivers numerous inserts, offering 11 inserts per hobby box. Leading the way is the Star Status insert, which also highlights some of the biggest names in the NFL.

For hits, the 2022 Donruss Elite Football features on-card rookie autographs via Pen Pals. Other hits include Whiz Kids, A-List, and Star Watch.


The 2022 draft features several top rookies with excellent prospects. Collect their first officially licensed Rookie cards.

  • Aspirations max #’d/99
  • Status max #’d/99
  • Aspirations Die Cut #’d/24
  • Status Die Cut #’d/24
  • Red #’d/399
  • Purple #’d/99
  • Yellow #’d/75
  • Orange #’d/49
  • Teal #’d/25
  • Blue #’d/10
  • Black One-of-One

Pen Pals

No Donruss Elite Football series is complete without the Pen Pals insert. Hence, this tradition continues in the 2022 Donruss Elite Football. Pen Pals offers the first on-card rookie autographs with their pro uniforms. The super short print Pen Pal variation is also available for fortunate collectors.

2022 donruss pen pals auto
  • Pen Pals
  • Pen Pals Blue Ink
  • Pen Pals Purple Ink
  • Pen Pals Green ink
  • Pen Pals Red Ink

Turn of the Century Autographs

This presents another route to collecting your favorite rookie signatures. Base versions are no more than 199 copies each.

  • Turn of the Century Autographs Max #’d/199
  • Turn of the Century Autographs Red Max #’d/99
  • Turn of the Century Autographs Purple Max #’d/49
  • Turn of the Century Autographs Orange Max #’d/25
  • Turn of the Century Autographs Blue Max #’d/10
  • Turn of the Century Autographs Gold Max #’d/5
  • Turn of the Century Autographs Black One-of-One

2002 Elite

This throwback insert uses the design from two decades ago to showcase present stars and veterans.

  • 2002 Elite
  • 2002 Elite Aspirations Die-Cut Max #’d/99
  • 2002 Elite Status Die-Cut Max #’d/99
  • 2002 Elite Black One-of-One


This bright and colorful memorabilia jersey insert highlights top stars currently lighting up the field. With its amped-up colors, this jersey-centric insert is sure to be one of the most colorful designs of the year. Prime versions are numbered to 49.

  • Moxie
  • Moxie Prime Max #’d/49

Star Status

This vibrant insert showcases only the best NFL superstars in a “unique and creative way!”

  • Star Status #’d/349
  • Star Status Red #’d/99
  • Star Status Purple #’d/75
  • Star Status Orange #’d/25
  • Star Status Blue #’d/10
  • Star Status Gold #’d/5
  • Star Status Black One-of-One


This fan favorite hobby exclusive insert carries on Donruss Elite Football tradition of using bold designs to showcase NFP superstars.

  • Playmakers
  • Playmakers Orange #’d/25
  • Playmakers Blue #’d/10
  • Playmakers Gold #’d/5
  • Playmakers Black One-of-One

Donruss Elite Football value

Few fans can deny the collectability of the Donruss Elite Football. However, with the soaring prices for hobby boxes, is this release worth it for collectors looking for a quick ROI?

Let’s look at how well the last 4 releases have performed in a bid to answer the question. We shall consider both unopened wax and top single cards.

Wax value

2018 Panini Donruss Elite Football Josh Allen Bills RC Rookie$303 (PSA 10)
2018 Panini Donruss Elite Lamar Jackson Pen Pals Rookie Auto $600 (PSA 9)
2019 Panini Donruss Elite Marquise Brown RC Rookie ORANGE AUTO /25$207 (PSA 10)
2019 Panini Donruss Elite Ja Morant Rookie Card /299 PSA 10$202 (PSA 10)
2020 Panini Donruss Elite Series Rookies Justin Herbert RC PSA 10 AUTO$404 (PSA 10)
2020 Panini Donruss Elite Turn Of The Century Joe Burrow RC Rookie Orange /15 $756 (PSA 9)
2021 Panini Donruss Elite Mac Jones RC Rookie /99 AUTO #ESR-MJO$416 (PSA 9)

The last few years of the Donruss Elite Football hobby boxes have been released to a presale price of around $300 – $350. The current value of these boxes is more than the buy-in rates, which should provide any investor with some decent profits.

However, this profit isn’t anything extraordinary and might not be worth it if you’re holding just a few boxes. Undoubtedly, holding wax isn’t the best route to investing in Donruss Elite Football.

Key single value

Let’s see how well key single cards from this series have performed. However, we shall consider only PSA 9 – 10 cards and sales from the last two months.

2018 Panini Donruss Elite Football Josh Allen Bills RC Rookie$303 (PSA 10)
2018 Panini Donruss Elite Lamar Jackson Pen Pals Rookie Auto $600 (PSA 9)
2019 Panini Donruss Elite Marquise Brown RC Rookie ORANGE AUTO /25$207 (PSA 10)
2019 Panini Donruss Elite Ja Morant Rookie Card /299 PSA 10$202 (PSA 10)
2020 Panini Donruss Elite Series Rookies Justin Herbert RC PSA 10 AUTO$404 (PSA 10)
2020 Panini Donruss Elite Turn Of The Century Joe Burrow RC Rookie Orange /15 $756 (PSA 9)
2021 Panini Donruss Elite Mac Jones RC Rookie /99 AUTO #ESR-MJO$416 (PSA 9)

As expected, collectors can find the most value in Autographs and other hit cards. However, while the prices of these cards offer some value, it wouldn’t be worthwhile if you ripped several boxes to pull a hit card.

Therefore, purchasing these autographs and hit cards as singles is the best route to investing in this series.

Final thoughts on 2022 Donruss Elite Football

If you’re a collector that collects for fun, you’ll love this series. It offers many inserts, beautiful designs, good photos, nice-looking parallels, and hard-signed Rookie cards in every box.

However, if you collect strictly for profit, you’d be better off looking at other NFL series such as the Panini Flawless Football. If you must collect cards from this series, avoid opening boxes and purchase singles of hit or autograph cards.

Full 2022 Donruss Elite Football checklist

Below is a full 2022 Donruss Elite Football checklist.

wdt_ID Card Set Player Team Card Number Number of Cards
1 Rookies Kenny Pickett Pittsburgh Steelers 101 /999
2 Rookies Malik Willis Tennessee Titans 102 /999
3 Rookies Matt Corral Carolina Panthers 103 /999
4 Rookies Sam Howell Washington Commanders 104 /999
5 Rookies Desmond Ridder Atlanta Falcons 105 /999
6 Rookies Carson Strong Philadelphia Eagles 106 /999
7 Rookies Bailey Zappe New England Patriots 107 /999
8 Rookies Breece Hall New York Jets 108 /999
9 Rookies Isaiah Spiller Los Angeles Chargers 109 /999
10 Rookies Kenneth Walker III Seattle Seahawks 110 /999
11 Rookies Kyren Williams Los Angeles Rams 111 /999
12 Rookies Brian Robinson Jr. Washington Commanders 112 /999
13 Rookies Tyler Allgeier Atlanta Falcons 113 /999
14 Rookies Rachaad White Tampa Bay Buccaneers 114 /999
15 Rookies Zamir White Las Vegas Raiders 115 /999
16 Rookies James Cook Buffalo Bills 116 /999
17 Rookies Hassan Haskins Tennessee Titans 117 /999
18 Rookies Garrett Wilson New York Jets 118 /999
19 Rookies Treylon Burks Tennessee Titans 119 /999
20 Rookies Drake London Atlanta Falcons 120 /999
21 Rookies Jameson Williams Detroit Lions 121 /999
22 Rookies Chris Olave New Orleans Saints 122 /999
23 Rookies Jahan Dotson Washington Commanders 123 /999
24 Rookies David Bell Cleveland Browns 124 /999
25 Rookies George Pickens Pittsburgh Steelers 125 /999
26 Rookies John Metchie III Houston Texans 126 /999
27 Rookies Justyn Ross Kansas City Chiefs 127 /999
28 Rookies Trey McBride Arizona Cardinals 128 /999
29 Rookies Jalen Wydermyer Buffalo Bills 129 /999
30 Rookies Isaiah Likely Baltimore Ravens 130 /999
31 Rookies Jeremy Ruckert New York Jets 131 /999
32 Rookies Cade Otton Tampa Bay Buccaneers 132 /999
33 Rookies Evan Neal New York Giants 133 /999
34 Rookies Ikem Ekwonu Carolina Panthers 134 /999
35 Rookies Charles Cross Seattle Seahawks 135 /999
36 Rookies Aidan Hutchinson Detroit Lions 136 /999
37 Rookies Kayvon Thibodeaux New York Giants 137 /999
38 Rookies George Karlaftis Kansas City Chiefs 138 /999
39 Rookies David Ojabo Baltimore Ravens 139 /999
40 Rookies Jermaine Johnson II New York Jets 140 /999
41 Rookies Derek Stingley Jr. Houston Texans 141 /999
42 Rookies Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner New York Jets 142 /999
43 Rookies Andrew Booth Jr. Minnesota Vikings 143 /999
44 Rookies Trent McDuffie Kansas City Chiefs 144 /999
45 Rookies Kyle Hamilton Baltimore Ravens 145 /999
46 Rookies Daxton Hill Cincinnati Bengals 146 /999
47 Rookies Nakobe Dean Philadelphia Eagles 147 /999
48 Rookies Devin Lloyd Jacksonville Jaguars 148 /999
49 Rookies Jordan Davis Philadelphia Eagles 149 /999
50 Rookies DeMarvin Leal Pittsburgh Steelers 150 /999
51 Rookies Travon Walker Jacksonville Jaguars 151 /999
52 Rookies Christian Watson Green Bay Packers 152 /999
53 Rookies Wan'Dale Robinson New York Giants 153 /999
54 Rookies Tyquan Thornton New England Patriots 154 /999
55 Rookies Alec Pierce Indianapolis Colts 155 /999
56 Rookies Skyy Moore Kansas City Chiefs 156 /999
57 Rookies Velus Jones Jr. Chicago Bears 157 /999
58 Rookies Jalen Tolbert Dallas Cowboys 158 /999
59 Rookies Tyrion Davis-Price San Francisco 49ers 159 /999
60 Rookies Danny Gray San Francisco 49ers 160 /999
61 Rookies Dameon Pierce Houston Texans 161 /999
62 Rookies Erik Ezukanma Miami Dolphins 162 /999
63 Rookies Pierre Strong Jr. New England Patriots 163 /999
64 Rookies Romeo Doubs Green Bay Packers 164 /999
65 Rookies Calvin Austin III Pittsburgh Steelers 165 /999
66 Rookies Khalil Shakir Buffalo Bills 166 /999
67 Rookies Snoop Conner Jacksonville Jaguars 167 /999
68 Rookies Jerome Ford Cleveland Browns 168 /999
69 Rookies Montrell Washington Denver Broncos 169 /999
70 Rookies Kyle Philips Tennessee Titans 170 /999
71 Rookies Ty Chandler Minnesota Vikings 171 /999
72 Rookies Kevin Harris New England Patriots 172 /999
73 Rookies Jalen Nailor Minnesota Vikings 173 /999
74 Rookies Tyler Badie Baltimore Ravens 174 /999
75 Rookies Keaontay Ingram Arizona Cardinals 175 /999
76 Rookies Michael Warren II Philadelphia Eagles 176 /999
77 Rookies Trestan Ebner Chicago Bears 177 /999
78 Rookies Bo Melton Seattle Seahawks 178 /999
79 Rookies Dareke Young Seattle Seahawks 179 /999
80 Rookies Chris Oladokun Pittsburgh Steelers 180 /999
81 Rookies Skylar Thompson Miami Dolphins 181 /999
82 Rookies Brittain Brown Las Vegas Raiders 182 /999
83 Rookies Isiah Pacheco Kansas City Chiefs 183 /999
84 Rookies Samori Toure Green Bay Packers 184 /999
85 Rookies Brock Purdy San Francisco 49ers 185 /999
86 Rookies Quay Walker Green Bay Packers 186 /999
87 Rookies Kaiir Elam Buffalo Bills 187 /999
88 Rookies Lewis Cine Minnesota Vikings 188 /999
89 Rookies Logan Hall Tampa Bay Buccaneers 189 /999
90 Rookies Roger McCreary Tennessee Titans 190 /999
91 Rookies Jalen Pitre Houston Texans 191 /999
92 Rookies Kyler Gordon Chicago Bears 192 /999
93 Rookies Boye Mafe Seattle Seahawks 193 /999
94 Rookies Jaquan Brisker Chicago Bears 194 /999
95 Rookies Alontae Taylor New Orleans Saints 195 /999
96 Rookies Sam Williams Dallas Cowboys 196 /999
97 Rookies Bryan Cook Kansas City Chiefs 197 /999
98 Rookies Nik Bonitto Denver Broncos 198 /999
99 Rookies Brian Asamoah II Minnesota Vikings 199 /999
100 Rookies Jelani Woods Indianapolis Colts 200 /999
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