Guide To Panini Next Day Autographs

Panini Next Day Autographs are among the most desirable sets accompanying their Donruss releases. However, they have a fairly long history of appearing in several Panini releases. We have all the info you need in our guide to Panini Next Day Autographs

On the face of it, these are some pretty standard autographs. They are printed on paper and do not include memorabilia. Nor do Panini Next Day Autographs have refractor versions or anything of the sort.

What Are Panini Next Day Autos

Look for Panini Next Day Autos on eBay. 

A Next Day Autographs is a gimmicky but fun series of autos issued by Panini. They were initially called Next Day Autos because the cards were all signed in a rookie star photoshoot and then theoretically made available for release the following day.

The rookie photoshoot is held shortly after the draft. In its earlier incarnation, Panini would print out cards from the photoshoot on-site and have the players sign there and then.

The card giant first released the cards as a separate limited edition product in 2009-10. After that, the line bounced around before finding its permanent home in Donruss Basketball. There have also been some football Panini Next Day Autographs as well.

What Makes Panini Next Day Autos Cool

Because it is their first professional sports card and the players were recently drafted, they seem to enjoy the process of signing the cards. It is a marked contrast to the attitude players adopt after they have established careers and often look at signings as a hassle. As a result, these cards often feature some of the best signatures available from the players.

Panini America On Location at the 2013 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot

Over time, that process has expanded and now takes longer. Here is a description of the timeline from the Panini White Knight blog from 2018:

“Panini America’s unique NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Next Day Autographs are nothing less than minor manufacturing miracles. We were reminded of that fact once again earlier this month during the 2018 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot when, over the course of a few profusely productive days, company officials captured the photography, created the design, printed the cards, delivered them to the players, and had them autographed by the time the shoot began.”

Guide To Panini Next Day Autographs Personal Editions

Most of the Panini Next Day Autos series cards are intended for release in Donruss products. However, every athlete is provided with an unknown number of cards to give to family and friends. Basically, the athletes get to keep their Personal Edition cards and distribute them as they see fit.

The Personal Editions cards are a top chase for some collectors due to their unique backstory and rarity. Though many of the people receiving these cards presumably keep them, you can find Panini Next Day Auto Personal Editions on the secondary market as well. However, they do not surface all the time, and some collectors are very focused on purchasing Personal Editions when they do.

Keep in mind that many of the cards labeled “Personal Editions” on eBay are just regular cards. So always verify that it is an authentic Panini Next Day Auto Personal Edition before springing a large sum on the card.

You can tell which are the real ones quite easily. Genuine Panini Next Day Autograph Personal Editions have a “Personal Edition” logo under the signature.

If you find a real one, they have a strong market of passionate collectors and will likely always have a substantial market value.

You can tell this is a Personal Edition from the logo under the signature. Check if they have any Panini Next Day Autograph Personal Edition cards available on eBay. 

Guide To Panini Next Day Autographs Products

The cards had an epic journey through various Panini products before finding a permanent home at Donruss Basketball. Here is the complete list of their appearance:

2009-10 Panini Next Day Signatures (stand alone release)

2010-11 Panini Limited Basketball

2012-13 Panini NBA Hoops

2013-14 Panini Court Kings

2014-15 Panini Paramount Basketball

2015-16 Panini Absolute Basketball

2016-17 and onward Donruss Basketball

Guide To Panini Next Day Autographs Advantages

In an era where autos are faked and cards sometimes signed by stand-ins, card signings are held openly at a photo shoot. Therefore, you can be reasonably confident that a Panini Next Day Autograph is authentic (unless an external party forged it).

These autos are usually the first auto from the player in a pro-uniform and are among their first pro-cards overall.

Finally, the earliest releases were numbered to /100 making them rare and a remarkably satisfying hit.

Panini Next Day Autographs have a simple design and are made on simple paper. Look for Luka Panini Next Day Autographs on eBay. 

Guide To Panini Next Day Autographs Disadvantages

Next Day Autographs are known for not grading particularly well. For that reason, there is a ceiling to their value, and the biggest collector influencers do not pump them up in the way they might for other autos.

Other collectors are not impressed with Panini Next Day Autographs because they are not quite as flashy as other autos. As we mentioned, the cards are printed on thin paper stock and do not have any flashy patches or refractors. Naturally, therefore, they can command lower prices than other rookie autos.

Finally, once Panini stopped limiting the issue to 100 copies, they lost rarity and value.

In its earliest incarnations, Panini Next Day Autos guaranteed a print run of no more than 100. However, in more recent years, Panini has not been known for its restraint. Therefore, they abandoned those limitations and stopped releasing print numbers for Next Day Autos.

The series was so popular that it became the primary target for hobby counterfeiters at one point. As a result, forged versions of the cards appeared. This development led to Panini adopting a Next Day Autograph stamp that they placed right under the signature to make it difficult to fake.

Similar Series From Other Card Companies

Upper Deck tried its hand with their “Rookie Debut” auto series. The series predated Panini Next Day Autographs but did not attain the same level of success.

Topps countered with its own “Topps Rookie Photo Shoot Auto.” However, neither could compete with the Panini release for popularity.

The Fakes

As mentioned, some Panini Next Day Autographs have been forged. Notably, in 2016 Brandon Ingram and Jalen Brown forgeries surfaced. They appear to have been made in China and circulated in that country and the United States for a while.

Two things alerted collectors to the dubious nature of the cards:

  • The RC logo on the fake cards looked off
  • A bunch of cards for both of these players appeared on eBay at once
  • Rounded corners

The former issue may not repeat in future forgeries. However, the latter likely will. There aren’t too many Panini Next Day Autographs available, especially from the earlier releases limited to 100. Be particularly wary of large amounts of Panini Next Day Autographs on consignment. Many of the fake ones were consigned to Probstein. Since consignment is a good way of throwing off the scent on forgeries, they are often used for this purpose.

Remember that the original cards often have production issues when looking for fakes. For example, they are made on relatively low-quality paper and can have problems with corners and finishing. So irregularities do not necessarily mean the card is a forgery.

Guide To Panini Next Day Autographs Pop Numbers

The population reports for Panini Next Day Autographs tend to be quite low. The first and most important reason is the low print run. The second is that they do not grade very well due to the low-quality paper stock on which they are printed.

Here are a few examples of the population:

Card PSA 10s Overall PSA Pop
2019 Kyler Murray 4 6
2018 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 1 14
2017 Bam Adebayo 0 9

The low pops are universal across the board. And because they do not grade poorly, PSA 10s are rare and seem like solid long-term investments.

Like most Panini Next Day Autographs, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander cards have low population counts. See what they are going for on eBay. 

Guide To Panini Next Day Autographs Value

Autos tend to have significantly higher values than their non-autographed equivalents. However, Panini Next Day Autographs aren’t as fancy as some. So how do they perform on the market?

2013-14 Court Kings Next Day Giannis Antetokounmpo (BGS 10 Black Label) $25,877
2014-15 Zach Lavine (PSA 10) $1,475
2019 Donruss Ja Morant (BGS 9.5) $6,600
2018 Donruss Trae Young (Raw) $2,663
2021-22 Donruss Josh Giddy (Raw) $1,565

The Giannis here is obviously an outlier. It is almost impossible to get a Panini Next Day Autographs card graded a BGS 10. As you can see, a good raw card in this series can go for $1,000-2,000.

The Underperformance Of PSA 10 Cards

The Lavine PSA 10 seems surprisingly low. But it raises doubts about how much grading one of these cards will boost its value. So I did some more digging, and indeed, PSA 10s of Panini Next Day Autographs do not sell for all that much.

2019-20 Donruss Coby White $313
2018 Donruss Mo Bamba $276
2016-17 Jamal Murray $199

The numbers are clear. Considering the cost of grading and the low probability of scoring a PSA 10 with Panini Next Day Autographs, it is probably not worth grading these cards. You may want to make an exception if the player is a genuine superstar of the Luka-Giannis caliber. But otherwise, the math does not add up.

Panini Next Day Autographs PSA 10s are currently underperforming on eBay. If you think that will change, it may be a good idea to look for them while the price is low. Take a look. 

Bottomline Of The Guide To Panini Next Day Autographs

Panini Next Day Autographs are fun limited-edition autographs. One of their significant advantages is that you can often get them for a fraction of the price of more high-profile autos. These cards provide mid-level collectors with rare autos that are within reach. However, the flip side is that the cards do not resell for exceptionally high prices with few exceptions.

The value of the cards may increase eventually due to the low population numbers. But there is no guarantee. It is equally possible that the simple design and cheap paper keep Panini Next Day Autographs from reselling at truly premium prices, despite the pop numbers.

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