A Look At Henry Davis Best Rookie, Prospect And 1st Bowman Cards

June 19, 2023

A long-suffering fan base. A team potentially on an upswing. A highly touted top prospect is making their big league debut after rocketing through the minor leagues. It’s a story as old as baseball, but also new and exciting.

Henry Davis is making his major league debut for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and fans are excited to get their first look at the former 1st overall pick.

But who is Henry Davis? And what prospect cards of Davis are worth chasing? And when can we expect to see his rookie cards?

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Who is Henry Davis?

The Pittsburgh Pirates made Henry Davis the 1st overall pick in the 2021 Major League Baseball draft and signed to a $6.5 million bonus. Davis has ranked on most Top 100 Prospect lists since being drafted.

In the year plus since being drafted, Davis has played in 118 minor league games and put up a .276/.404/.523 line. After only 10 games in AAA, the Pirates announced that Davis would make his big league debut on June 19, 2023.

Catchers often take time to develop, and Davis’ rise to the majors has been especially fast. It will be interesting to see how he does in his first taste of the big leagues, and how fans and collectors react.

Henry Davis

Henry Davis baseball cards are already plentiful

To date, Henry Davis has appeared on 1,236 cards, according to the Trading Card Database ( That includes 171 already in 2023, with many more to come as more releases hit hobby outlets.

Shop for Henry Davis rookie and prospect cards on eBay

Henry Davis rookie cards: Coming soon!

To date, Davis has only appeared on prospect cards, which means his first true rookie cards are still to come, probably later this year. Keep an eye on for info on future releases and if Davis will make an appearance on the checklist.

Shop for Henry Davis rookie and prospect cards on eBay

The Henry Davis 1st Bowman Cards

Henry Davis’ coveted 1st Bowman cards are in the 2021 Bowman Draft product line, with both paper and chrome versions of the cards available.

Both are fairly low population count cards in terms of PSA examples, with high percentages of PSA 10s. Both sell for a reasonable price, $30 give or take $10 depending on the card.

For something a bit more special, the 2021 Bowman Chrome Draft Autograph is a worthwhile chase.

In addition, Henry Davis appears on the 2021 Bowman Draft 1st Edition, Sapphire, and Bowman’s Best cards in 2021. And as with all modern prospect cards, a wide variety of parallel, autograph, print plate, and more variations are available. These, of course, come with varying degrees of difficulty in hitting, and price tags to match.

Shop for Henry Davis rookie and prospect cards on eBay

CardTotal PSA PopRecent Sale PopRecent Sale Price
2021 Bowman Draft Chrome Henry Davis #BDC-48168PSA 10 = 88PSA 10 = $30-40
2021 Bowman Draft Henry Davis #BD-4859PSA 10 = 51PSA 10 = $20-30
2021 Bowman Chrome Draft Henry Davis Autograph125PSA 10 = 76PSA 10 = $150-250

2017 Pre-Draft Prospect Cards

While still a high school student, Davis appeared in the 2017 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase product. The product, while unlicensed, has a number of autograph versions available, with some tough print runs. Depending on the condition and print run, the autograph versions sell for between $50 and $250. Raw copies of the unsigned cards are very affordable.

Shop for Henry Davis rookie and prospect cards on eBay

Other Henry Davis prospect cards of note

Henry Davis appears on a number of unlicensed products in 2021, mostly from Onyx and Panini. He also appears on prospect cards in 2022 and 2023. These include additional Bowman offerings, plus unlicensed cards from Donruss and others.

Due to the unlicensed nature of some of the products, plus the lower demand for 2nd and 3rd-year prospect cards, these cards are typically pretty affordable. If you’re looking to add lower-cost Davis cards to your collection, or are a Davis completest, these are good options.

Shop for Henry Davis rookie and prospect cards on eBay

Thoughts on Henry Davis baseball card value

Henry Davis is a highly touted player making his big league debut after a quick rise through the minor leagues. He appeared on many prominent Top 100 Prospects lists, so there’s a chance the future is bright for young Henry Davis.

But prospects will break your heart. The list of top prospects who have turned into busts is long, so there is significant risk involved in investing in any young player.

Henry Davis is no different, and may even have more of a challenge ahead of him as he’s not an absolute top-rated prospect and he’s a catcher, which is not an easy thing to be at the big league level.

That being said if you think Henry Davis has what it takes and will spend years making long-suffering Pirates fans happy, go for it. Or maybe you just like buying into the hype and potential of talented young players? Stay within your budget, but have fun…it is a hobby, after all.

Final thoughts on Henry Davis’s best prospect cards (at least for now)

Henry Davis is an exciting young player, a former #1 overall draft pick, getting his first taste of the big leagues. He could be a big player for the Pirates for many years to come or will be one of the many #1 pick busts? Time will tell, but now is a good time to start looking at Heny Davis rookie and prospect cards.

What’s your take on Henry Davis? What’s your favorite Henry Davis prospect card? Let us know at card_lines on Twitter.

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