Investing In Alexander Ovechkin Cards: Top Ten

November 2, 2021

There is a massive buzz around Alexander Ovechkin. The left winger is the greatest scorer of recent years and may be in a position to challenge a towering all-time record. So, investing in Alexander Ovechkin cards is the play.  But not all cards were printed equal.

Who Is Alexander Ovechkin 

At 11 years old, Alex Ovechkin broke Pavel Bure’s goal-scoring record when he scored 56 goals for the Dynamo Moscow system. That was the moment hockey fans became aware of Alex’s rare talent. Soon, Ovechkin drew comparisons to Mario Lemieux.

The Washington Capitals drafted Alex Ovechkin as their first overall pick in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft when he was just 18 years old. But, unfortunately, due to the 2004-05 NHL lockout, he would have to wait a year before making his first NHL appearance.

When he finally got on the ice, he did not disappoint. Ovechkin would win Rookie of the Year and be named an All-Star. But that was just a taste of his capabilities. Alex won three MVP awards, nine Maurice Richard trophies, made 12 All-Star teams, and won a Stanley Cup in 2018. His legend has been cemented, but Ovechkin is not done yet.

Ovechkin is already a legend (get his posters on Amazon)

Why Invest In Alexander Ovechkin Cards Now?

Over this past summer, Alex signed a five-year contract extension. That serves as an indication that he is deadly serious about pursuing Wayne Gretzky’s record for most goals scored. With 894 goals, Wayne Gretzky’s record was long considered unbreakable.

Ovechkin is also a couple of goals away from the career leader in power play goals and game-winning goals. Indeed, if he can break the career goal-scoring record, there is a great chance he will also break these two. As we have discussed previously in our sports card collectors guide to the NHL, this will be one of the biggest stories of the year.

Imagine being around to watch Barry Bonds break the all-time Home Run record. That is exactly what this record is going to look like the closer Alex gets to it. Naturally, we expect his card value to increase correspondingly.

Can Alexander Ovechkin Break The Record?

Ovechkin is still one of the most lethal scorers in the game today at his age, and no one has been closer to the record. He will need to score 33 goals per season over his contract, well below what he has done in the past. As a result, his odds of breaking the record are pretty good. Perhaps even likely.

Investing In Alexander Ovechkin Cards: His Top 10 Cards

10.) 2004 SP Authentic Rookie Redemption, #/399, PSA 10 ($2,250)

At first glance, the 2004 SP Authentic Rookie Redemption is just another rookie card. But it is unique due to its redemption status.

The redemption version of Alex’s 2004 SP Authentic Rookie Redemption is a beauty (look for it on eBay)

9.) 2005 Ultra Rookie Uniformity Auto, #/25, PSA 10 ($3,150)

The card shows Ovechkin as a fresh-faced 19-year-old, filled with preternatural confidence.  Its scarcity adds to the mystique of the card.

8.) 2005 SPx Spxcitement Spectrum, #/5, PSA 10 ($3,868)

The SPx look was highly desired among hockey fans at the time. Collectors would wait to see what their newest design would be. Indeed, the 2005 SPx Spxcitement Spectrum subseries design had Ovechkin fans rushing for the stores.

This 2005 SPx Spxcitement Spectrum isn’t numbered to /25, but its great (look for them on eBay)

7.) 2004 UD Black Diamond Quadruple Rookie Gem, PSA 10 ($3,998)

Everyone remembers when UD Black Diamond came out with their parallels. For the NHL, it was a Quad black diamond. The PSA 10 is one of only 16 2004 UD Black Diamond Quads to receive that grade.

6.) 2005 SPx, #/499, PSA 10 ($5,009)

As we said earlier about SPx, they used to be a different type of card set. So when they started selling their 2005 SPx cards, they included a section of their base cards with rookies numbered to 499, and this was one of the 11 rated a PSA 10, which was not an easy grade for those types of cards.

5.) 2005-06 Upper Deck Ice Cool Threads, #/15, BGS 9.5 ($7,500)

If you cannot find this card, that is because only 15 people own it. Alexander’s rare Autographed rookie card got a BGS 9.5 and sold for $7,500.

The Cool Threats /15 is nothing short of gorgeous (get it on eBay)

4.) 2005-06 Upper Deck Ice, #/99, PSA 9 ($9,100)

The Upper Deck Ice set is a fan favorite. But even in this remarkable set, this one is special and rarely grades above PSA 9.

3.) 2005-06 Ultimate Collection, #/299, BGS 9.5 ($15,000)

The Ultimate Collection series was as elite as it got back then. And Ovechkin’s card was the standout.

You can see why these cards are so popular (look for 2005-06 Ultimate Collection, #/299 on eBay)

2.) 2005 SP Authentic, #/999, PSA 10 ($30,000)

There is always one card from each superstar’s rookie year that owners go crazy over for some reason. For Ovechkin, the 2005 SP Authentic Auto is the one.

1.) 2005-06 The Cup, #/99, BGS 9.5 ($49,200)

This rare on-card auto is one of his best. It derives from an underrated Upper Deck set. The card features both an autograph and a patch while being numbered to 99. In those days, cards with all those features were few and far between.

After the initial review of these cards, it is safe to say that each one of these will climb in value if Ovechkin makes a run at the record. In particular, the Cup and Ultimate Collection cards are a must-buy.

Here is an even rarer version (get a 2005-06 The Cup, #/99 Ovechkin on eBay)

The Bottomline On Investing In Alexander Ovechkin Cards

There is no better time to collect someone than when they are on the verge of making history. Alexander the great is heading towards a seemingly unbreakable record. If you get in on the investment early, you will be more than happy you did. At worst, you will have the cards of a legend and a sure thing Hall-of-Famer.

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