Lids And Topps Collaborate On Hat Collection And Exclusive Cards

October 17, 2023

Two iconic brands in the world of sports are collaborating in a unique way to celebrate the history of Topps baseball cards. Lids say it’s “where history meets headwear.”

Earlier this month, the popular hat company Lids revealed that they had partnered with Topps on a new line of hats to celebrate the history of Topps baseball cards. In conjunction with the partnership, exclusive Lids Mitchell and Ness Lids Topps Chrome packs were also released and part of a package with the hat.

Upon purchase of one of the new hats, buyers would receive a Free Exclusive Topps Chrome pack with the deal available exclusively in stores.

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About the Lids hats

The new hats are MLB team hats featuring a unique twist. Each of the Lids hats showcases an embroidered patch of a classic Topps pack design on the side of the hat in a unique retro 90s style.

In the promo video released by Lids, the collection includes patches of packs from 1978, 1989, 1993 and 2001. Other varieties of hats include other Topps-related logos. The front of the hat includes an MLB logo in a 1990s-style design. On the back of the hat is a Mitchell and Ness signature logo.

In addition to being purchased at a Lids store, the hats can also be bought directly from the Lids HD website for $49.99 and include an MLB pin along with a three-card pack of Topps Chrome. The cards are available for a limited time while supplies last. There are a total of 97,000 packs produced according to Topps.

What’s in the Topps Chrome Lids Mitchell and Ness packs?

If you are reading this, you are more likely interested in the cards that come with the hats. So what can collectors expect in packs of Topps Chrome Lids Mitchell and Ness packs?

The set includes 50 cards of top modern players with a mix of different designs from popular Topps designs of the past. The cards became available on October 6th.

Within each pack, collectors can find cards seven or eight cards with designs from seven different releases: 1952, 1964, 1979, 1983, 1993, 2008 and 2023.

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Topps Chrome Lids Mitchell and Ness parallels

In addition to the base cards of each player, collectors can chase five different parallel refractors:

Refractors: /99
Gold: /50
Orange: /25
Red: /5
Superfractors: /1

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topps lids superfractor

Topps Chrome Mitchell and Ness autographs

Within the packs are also autograph versions numbered to /10.

Value of Topps Chrome Lids Mitchell and Ness packs and cards

With a fairly limited run of 97,000 packs, Lids Topps Chrome packs have been hot on the secondary market with single packs going for around $35-$40 for three cards. With hats selling for $49 before tax, these can be considered an excellent value package. Collectors could in theory purchase a hat and receive a pack of cards and then turn around and sell the pack of cards essentially for the price of a $15 hat.

Of course, the packs could also appreciate in value themselves over time, much in the way that boxes of wax can when holding. Some of that value will likely depend on the rookie cards within the set, which includes Adley Rutschman, Jordan Walker and Josh Jung, among others.

A base Topps Chrome Lids Mitchell and Ness Adley Rutschman, featuring a 1952 Topps design, went for $30 on eBay in October, 2023. The /99 version of the same card is going for over $50.

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Final thoughts on Topps Chrome Lids Mitchell and Ness

With Fanatics taking over Topps over the last couple of years, we wouldn’t at all be surprised to see similar collaborations in the future with Fanatics attempting to broaden the scope and appeal of sports cards. This is something we have also recently seen with the Bob Ross collection, which combines popular artwork of the painter with the game’s biggest stars.

Indeed, this is probably only the beginning where Fanatics uses his hefty might to expose more to the world of sports cards. For collectors, that is likely a good thing for the future of the hobby and enjoyment of collecting. Follow us on Twitter and tell us what you think of Topps latest moves within the hobby.

Shop for Lids Topps Chrome packs on eBay