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The Top 2023-24 Panini Prizm English Premier League Rookies Ranked

Panini prizm 2023-24 per rookies
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The Panini Prizm line did not produce a strong rookie for many years. But some players from previous years appreciate it as we speak. And there is a relatively vital class of rookies in the 2023-24 Panini Prizm English Premier League release.

But who should you invest in? We have divided the rookies into three tiers for your convenience. Anyone in the top tier could be the next Phil Foden or Mason Mount. So, to help you separate the wheat from the chaff, here is your guide to 2023-24 Panini Prizm English Premier League Rookies.

We should note that many of the young players making the biggest impression this year are not featured in this list. Like Conor Bradley, the kids are especially setting Liverpool FC ablaze with their talent.

But that is the nature of the beast. Knowing who will break out is hard when Panini puts together the checklist.

Finally, we are seeing some earlier rookies begin to reach respectable prices. In particular, Phil Foden and Erling Haaland come to mind. Therefore, we will be looking for the following players who can make that kind of impact on the league.

It can be tough to figure out who the next superstar will be. There is so much incredible raw talent in the company. But even those who become very good regulars don’t necessarily gain value on the card market. Even becoming a regular international won’t always do the trick.

It would be best if you had that star power and offensive capability that Haaland and Foden have. So, with that in mind, let’s look at the 2023-24 Panini Prizm English Premier League rookies.

Tier 1 2023-24 Panini Prizm English Premier League Rookies Ranked

The players in Tier 1 are all likely to be high-caliber starters in the Premier League. Furthermore, they have the offensive upside and young age, making their rookie cards potentially valuable. So, if you pull any of these guys, grade their cards. You won’t regret it.

Kobbie Mainoo – Manchester United – Central Midfield

Kobbie is only eighteen and has already made over a dozen appearances for the senior Manchester United side. He has also appeared regularly for the England U-16, U-18 and U-19 teams.

The midfielder is a local kid and is already beloved by the fans. The potential is clearly there. Kobbie is very strong and can outmuscle most opposing midfielders, even at his young age.

However, the question for every central midfielder coming into the hobby is whether they will be an offensive contributor or more of a holding player. Because only the ones who run up and score regularly get strong values.

So, what do the scouting reports tell us? A good indication of Mainoo’s offensive capabilities is the goal he scored against Wolves. It was a beauty in the 97th minute, helping United to a glorious 4-3 victory.

He can get out in front and score with the entire game on his shoulders. Because of this young player’s incredible dribbling skills, I find it hard to believe he will be wasted as a holding midfielder playing deep. The best-case scenario is that he develops into a new version of Paul Pogba, although that is probably a bit optimistic.

But the argument is basically over what kind of top-notch regular Mainoo becomes, not whether he turns into one. A ton of potential here.

Lewis Miley – Newcastle United – Central Midfield

At age 17, Lewis is already part of the rotation at Newcastle. Indeed, he is the youngest player to ever play for the team in the Premier League or in European competitions.

Why was he brought into the first team at such a young age? Aside from being an extraordinary talent, Miley does not suffer from the main drawbacks that usually hold players his age back. He often seems the calmest and most assured player on the pitch, even at 17.

Much like Kobbie Mainoo, the question is less whether Lewis has the needed quality. That is pretty much a given. Instead, it’s about whether he will spend his career in a holding role or be given more free reign to support the offense.

n his case, there may be more cause for concern from a hobby standpoint. Miley is an incredible player, but his skill is probably best used in winning the ball.

After all, this kid can command the air and ground equally well and is better at short distribution than playmaking. His off-the-ball movement is also perfect for controlling the center of midfield.

Nonetheless, I would not discount Miley. I put him in the top rank for a reason. He is good enough to be a long-term starter for England, which could win him global fame.

In addition, he can score when given the chance. Most notably, the Newcastle prodigy has a genuine talent for free-kicks. He will also regularly assist because Miley’s vision and creativity are above average.

Those offensive benefits could easily be enough to give him a higher profile and make Miley cards a worthwhile proposition.

James McConnell – Liverpool FC – Central Midfield

There are a lot of impressive rookies in Liverpool this season. Unfortunately, most are breaking out too late for the EPL Prizm release. Jayden Danns, Lewis Koumas, Bobby Clark, Conor Bradley, and Jarell Quansah will all have to wait for future releases to make their debuts. But luckily, we have McConnell on the checklist.

Will McConnell be an effective enough offensive player to make a mark in the hobby? It seems we are having the same discussion over and over because many of the biggest rookies in this release are central midfielders.

With James, there is more reason to believe he will be deployed as an attacking midfielder than the others. He came up as one through the Sunderland system and continued to develop the offensive side of his game for Liverpool.

However, when Jordan Henderson and Fabinho left the team in the offseason, coach Jurgen Klopp asked him to move to a holding role instead. Klopp is pleased with him and said, “James in the six is just a joy to watch; the boy never played in that position before. We put him there, and he throws his heart on the pitch.”

However, his versatility and the clear attacking chops the player has developed will help him play in various positions. It is also worth remembering that coach Klopp will not be there next year. Therefore, it would surprise no one if he played regularly as an attacker.

Ben Doak – Liverpool FC – Right Wing

Ben, another of the incredible young players coming through the ranks at Anfield, has been somewhat overshadowed by the others. But this winger shows a ton of promise.

Doak debuted for Celtic, the elite Scottish team, at age 16. Liverpool signed him for £600,000 (about $750,000) in 2022—an excellent deal by all accounts.

Doak is primarily an offensive player, which is great for his profile in the hobby. But he can also play as a wing-back, which is incredibly beneficial in the contemporary tactical world of soccer.

What is more promising for us collector types is that Ben is also a natural at the number 10 position, just behind the striker. He could end up scoring quite a few goals by the time he is done.

He has proven that he can score. Doak is the youngest player ever to score for the Scotland U-21 team and is among the youngest to net for the U-17 and U-16 teams as well. The secret to his scoring prowess is his blistering pace. Often, players this fast do not enjoy optimal ball control, but Ben has both elements down, making him a constant threat.

He is primarily used as a winger because the Scottish youngster also has a devastating cross. As you can see, this kid is really one to watch. And to collect.

Simon AdingraBrighton & Hove Albion – Winger

A few weeks ago, Simon was barely known to anyone outside of Brighton and the Ivory Coast. But what a difference one tournament can make. The young winger got a shot for his national team at the African Nations Cup at the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

He could not have made more of that opportunity. The Ivory Coast made the final, and Adingra was the star, passing for two assists as “The Elephants” beat Nigeria’s “Super Eagles” (don’t you love these nicknames) 2-1.

Adingra arrived at Brighton from Danish side Nordjaelland in 2021 for a fee of $7.6 million. He then went on loan to Belgian team Royale Union Saint-Gilloise, where he had an excellent 2022-23 season. Good enough to make the Ivory Coast staff take notice.

The downside for Adingra, from a hobby perspective, is that he is a bit older than most rookies. The player is 22, while most big-time Premier League rookies come up the ranks as teenagers. However, he has accomplished things on the international stage that others have not. I am also encouraged by his ability to play as a striker and the 11 goals he scored in Belgium.

According to one scout report, Simon “Has excellent ball control and first touch. Balance and agility help him wriggle out of tight spaces with relative ease.

He is a good dribbler and likes to take on his man with pace and skill. Great short passer and shows the vision and awareness to bring teammates into play regularly. Composed in front of the goal and used his dribbling to create separation for the shot.

Capable of shooting with both feet, although he does not generate as much power with his weaker foot.” So, he needs to work on finishing and upper body strength. But you can’t teach the ability to shine when it counts, and Simon has a ton of that.

Facundo BuonanotteBrighton & Hove Albion – Winger

A 19-year-old Argentine winger who is already playing in the Premier League? Color us intrigued. Facundo was already a starter at Rosario Central before coming to England and even made his debut for Argentina against Indonesia on June 19, 2023. That is an imposing resume. These are the world champions, after all.

What do the scouts say? They point to a great facility with the significant skills you expect a winger to possess.

He has the pace, dribbling, ball control, passing, vision, and creativity that you want from a world-class player in this position. One scout described his main advantage as “his dribbling ability that really catches the eye.

Short and quite slight in stature, Buonanotte’s rapid shifts of direction and great balance enable him to skip away from challenges, and despite not being the biggest physically, the youngster bounces off defenders.”

As always, there are areas to improve, such as his finishing and the use of his weaker foot. But there is so much upside here that these weaknesses seem minor and would be straightforward to overcome.

Therefore, the best-case scenario would involve him becoming a regular for a top European club and Argentina in the new World Cup.

Jhon Duran – Aston Villa – Forward

Although this forward is only 20 years old, he has already played over 20 games for Aston Villa and received 8 caps for Colombia. Impressive stuff. Villa thought enough of Duran to spend his transfer fee, which was reportedly over $15 million.

When signed, many scouts described the youngster as one of the best teenagers in the world in any position.

But things haven’t gone as smoothly in Birmingham as we would have hoped. A lot of the problems have been dumb. John has a tendency to unfollow his team on social media and drop hints that he wants to join other clubs.

The Athletic has described the question marks surrounding him thus: “Duran has an impressive leap, prolonged and sharp sprint speeds, and a muscular physique.

However, questions about his ability to combine his physical prowess with a mental resolve have long threatened to undermine his progress. As Emery has alluded to this season, always picking his words carefully, Duran has lacked “consistency” in training and games.

All of this is enough to drop him into the second tier. After all, a bad mentality in this crucial stage can be hard to come back from. But if he gets it all together, watch out.

Luke Harris – Fulham – Attacking Midfielder

The right age? 18 years old. Check. The right position? Attacking midfield. Check. International pedigree?

Wales has played him at every level aside from senior level. And he has been called up for Wales at the top level twice but hasn’t played. Yet. Ok, Luke, you have us intrigued.

The Athletic says the following about the youngster: “As a player, Harris has featured across midfield, but he has truly shown his talent in central areas. He is technically and physically good, but what sets him apart is his exceptional in-game intelligence, an innate ability to know where the ball will land in the box. 

It is no surprise he bases his game on Frank Lampard.” Even Chelsea has shown interest in the young player, so the comparisons to Lampard may not be that far off.

Deivid Washington – Chelsea – Forward

Who is Washington, and is he worthy of carrying the name of our great founding father and first President? Few things we like more than promising 18-year-old Brazilian forwards in this hobby.

So, Deivid certainly passes that preliminary examination. But so far, he has only had one appearance for Chelsea and has yet to make a mark in senior-level soccer.

That means all we have to go on so far are the scouts’ assessments. Washington appears to have it all. One scout said, “Deivid Washington is not an ordinary player.

He has the stature of a classic goal-scoring center forward but possesses incredible lightness in his feet and movements, executing short dribbles typical of futsal. At least in this style, he resembles Zlatan Ibrahimovic.” High praise indeed.

I have seen some videos of the player in Chelsea friendlies and playing for Santos in Brazil and was decidedly impressed. A diamond in the rough, but an impressive one.

Divin Mubama – West Ham United – Forward

Divin is a local boy. Born in Newham, a part of the borough that was once called West Ham. He has never played for another team. OK, that is all very nice. But can Divin play?

Yes. He has all the makings of a classic target man. According to one scout, “Mubama has good in-the-box movement and instincts, and he’s a traditional number 9 in the exact profile that West Ham’s system is built around.
A striker who can win duels (aerial and ground), hold up the ball, run the channels, and link other attackers — Mubama has it all in his locker.”

However, so far, the youngster has been unable to break into the West Ham first team. He makes occasional appearances off the bench. But coach David Moyes doesn’t seem to believe in the 19-year-old enough quite yet.

Still, I am not too worried about that. Divin is improving, and 34-year-old Antonio will need replacing in the starting lineup soon enough.

Andrey Santos – Nottingham Forest – Central Midfield

Santos is 19 years old and has been brought over by Chelsea from Brazil, so we know he shows promise. Scouts say, “His awareness of space, teammates, and opponents is already very accomplished.

The teenager is constantly scanning and has a seamless level of intelligence that enables him to move in ways that pin spaces for others, create overloads on either side, make room for himself to receive short, and pick holes in both the midfield and defensive lines of the opposition.”

Andrey even made his debut in Brazil. It’s yet to be seen if he has enough offensive firepower to have great value. But I wouldn’t bet against Andrey.

Lewis Dobbin – Everton – Forward

Dobbin has been seen as one of the best young talents in England for a while.

Scouts said,  “Hailed as “unbelievable” by journalist Jake Barker for his performances this year, Dobbin is a dynamic and energetic forward, capable of flourishing in any of the frontal positions on the pitch and having played 37 matches for the Rams already this term, landing three direct goal contributions from his last three starts in the league, he is certainly gaining the experience he needs to use as a platform to build upon.”

But unfortunately, Everton did not give him as many opportunities as Lewis needed to develop. However, since the forward got his first start in August 2023, he has played more and is developing a plethora of new skills.

Youssef Chermiti – Everton – Forward

Chermiti is one of the best talents to come out of Portugal in recent years. Everton bought him for $13.5, and they firmly believe in him.

Scouts say,He possesses high-quality finishing with both feet in one-on-one situations and superb heading, which will for sure make him score loads of goals when adapting and getting used to playing at the highest level.”

However, there are some improvements the youngster needs to make, especially when passing close to the goal. But there is no reason to think he can’t overcome these issues.

Wilson Odobert – Burnely – Winger and Attacking Midfielder

An intelligent player for someone who is only 19 years old. Wilson came up through the PSG youth organization and has played for France on every level up to the U-21. Scouts say of him, “With his bag of tricks, he keeps defenders on their toes and makes it hard for them to predict his next move. Whether he’s going down the line with his skills or cutting inside, he brings an element of unpredictability to his game. He’s fast and a skilled dribbler, making it hard for defenders to keep up with him.”

There is a lot of potential here.

Anass Zaroury – Burnley – Winger

He is known for flair but is not very efficient in terms of goals and assists. As the Athletic explained, “There was no world-class goal or quality cross on this occasion, and his influence waned towards the end, but you can expect those inconsistencies from a young player who is still developing and adapting to a new league and country. “

Indeed, you can’t teach the level of natural technique Anass has. Furthermore, the young winger has shown remarkable tactical smarts and a willingness to run back and help the defense.

Zeki Amdouni – Burnley – Attacking Midfielder and Forward

At 23, Zeki is already a regular for the Swiss national team. Scouts say the player is “Instinctive and confident when in range to pull the trigger; this approach serves him well, for he’s quick to make the most of opportunities that come his way. Moreover, his composure in one-on-ones, underrated heading, anticipation to react briskly to rebounds, capacity to shoot when unbalanced, and how he blends power and placement amplifies his menace.”

Indeed, Amdouni scored regularly in Switzerland, and it looks like he may have what it takes to do the same in England.

Tier 2 2023-24 Panini Prizm English Premier League Rookies Ranked.

The gap between tier 1 and tier 2 is significant. While the players in this list can become valuable stars, I would be surprised if any of them do. They all have either a lack of offensive chops or advanced age working against them.

Bart VerbruggenBrighton & Hove Albion – Goalkeeper

At age 21, Bart is already a member of the Netherlands national team squad. We know he is a very good goalkeeper. But you need to be positively excellent to have value in the hobby from that position. Well, we aren’t sure yet. But I can see a path to that.

He does have a couple of weaknesses. Namely, he is weak at playing the ball with his feet in the buildup and doesn’t have the command of the box you would like when catching crosses.

But he is working with many strengths, and Verbruggen is still very young. His technical and shot-stopping abilities are top-notch and could be enough to see him be the Netherlands goalkeeper of the future. But even then, he must become a legend to have substantial value.

Tim Iroegbunam – Aston Villa – Central Midfielder

Tim debuted in the Premier League with West Bromwich Albion but has since transferred to Villa. He has already played for the English national team at all levels except the most senior one.

There is a lot to recommend, Iroegbunam. His former coach, Steven Gerrard, said, “It’s only a matter of time before he becomes a regular in this team.” And if anyone knows something about quality as a central midfielder, it’s Gerrard.

However, from a hobby standpoint, we have concerns that he is too defensive in orientation to bring great value. His highest value is as a destroyer. The kind of player who can break up any play defensively and distribute the ball well.

However, that type doesn’t usually have a ton of value. There is some upside. Iroegbunam has phenomenal dribbling ability and can also be an offensive asset.

Manor Solomon – Tottenham Hotspur – Winger and Attacking Midfielder

As an Israeli, let’s see how objectively I can analyze a player from my home country. Manor is the best player in the world. Done! No, but seriously, the main strike against Solomon is his age. Now 24, Solomon debuted last season for Fulham but did not get a card.

He has a lot of upside, though. Manor has been described by scouts as “a quick, agile winger who possesses plenty of trickery and intelligence when carrying the ball, allowing him to beat his man with ease and create a dangerous situation.”

It also really helps that he has the kind of versatility that modern coaches love, being able to play on the right, in the middle, or even as a forward. The main downside for Mano is his small size and lack of strength. He is the classic flair player.

Odsonne Édouard – Crystal Palace – Forward

Édouard is a striker and a damn fine one at that. In his stint for Celtic in 2018-21, the Frenchman scored 57 goals in 94 top-level games. A fine tally indeed.

Though 6”2 and with a muscular build, the forward is surprisingly weak in physical battles and tends to back down under pressure. Instead, his advantages lay elsewhere. As one scout explained, “Technically, Edouard is excellent.

He has a great first touch, is able to receive long through-balls quickly, and kills switches and diagonals. He is very good at using his first touch to set up a shot and can really control the ball out of the air. 

However, two issues stand against him in the hobby. Odsonne is already 26 years old. Far too old to be a desirable rookie. In addition, despite his excellence, the forward has yet to play for the French senior international team.

Ian Maatsen – Chelsea (on loan for Borussia Dortmund) – Left Back and Winger.

This promising young player joined Chelsea from PSV Eindhoven in his native Netherlands in 2018. Though unable to break into the first team at the prestigious London club, Ian is doing well on loan for Dortmund, one of the biggest clubs in the Bundesliga.

One significant element working in Maatsen’s favor is his remarkable versatility. He can play as the left-back or a winger on the left side. In a pinch, he can also play in central defense.

Despite his defensive orientation, we can’t write Ian off altogether as a hobby investment. His runs up the side and ability to play in attacking roles hold promise. If you ever watch him play, it feels like he is everywhere, always pressing or advancing the ball.

I see a bright future for this player. But will his offensive contributions be enough to guarantee value? Likely not.

Ilya Zabarnyi – AFC Bournemouth – Center Back

Ilya is an excellent defender who is already a starter for Ukraine and was a star for Dynamo Kyiv before coming to the Premier League.

The scouts love him and say, “He has great positional sense when the team shifts from left to right, both when defending out of possession and when playing in possession. Rarely is he caught off-guard by an opponent pressing him; when they do, he has nimble feet for a tall defender, moving the ball out from one side of his body to another, maintaining a calming presence when he passes it to a team-mate.” But he is a defender.

Antoine Semenyo – AFC Bournemouth – Winger, Forward or Striker

Semenyo is a very skilled player and a regular for Ghana. The scout’s verdict isHe is very versatile as a forward player, as he can come back to receive the ball with his back to goal, while his muscular build allows him to receive under pressure. He can also play on the shoulder of the last defender, with his pace and power causing real problems for defenders should the ball be played into the space behind the defensive line.”

That is all great, but Antoine is already 24 and will likely not reach superstardom, especially since he does not score as often as we would like for an attacking player.

Alex Scott – AFC Bournemouth – Midfielder

Alex is one of the better young holding midfielders in England today, which is saying something.

Here is a scout assessment of the player: “He evidently has plenty of self-belief in his abilities and is committed to playing football by maximizing those abilities. He’s an extraordinarily elegant footballer, but he’s also a powerful runner. He’s capable of carrying the ball significant distances without losing control.”

However, that position does not have enough offensive upside to guarantee long-term value.

Milos Kerkez – AFC Bournemouth – Central Defender

You have to appreciate a 20-year-old player who is already a starter for his national team, in this case, Hungary.

Scouts love him, noting, “He has a good ball-striking ability and always tries to come in a situation to either provide a key pass or shoot himself. His crosses are of a high quality, and that has provided fruitful results, as he was often involved in the attacking phases of the game. In terms of defending, he needs to learn more.”

So, Kerkez does have offensive firepower. But probably not enough for superstardom.

Nathan Patterson – Everton – Right-Back

Patterson has a better track record than most of the players on this list. He broke into the Scottish national team while still playing for Glasgow Rangers. He also has a lot to offer on offense.

Scouts say, “Nathan Patterson is a full-back who always wants to get behind the opponent through combinations or smart runs. He is highly effective when there is space to be attacked.”

James Trafford – Burnley – Goalkeeper

Trafford was one of the best goalkeepers in England outside the Premier League when he played for Bolton as a teenager.

Great shot stopping, but scouts say,Trafford’s shot-stopping has not been the main concern; that has come in his distribution. Sometimes he has been inaccurate and at others too slow — which has invited the opposition’s press and put Burnley under unnecessary pressure.”

Some believe he could be a future England international goalkeeper with his reflexes. His position may limit value, but Trafford is worth watching.

Vitinho – Burnley – Wing Back

Vitinho has been on the fringes of the Brazilian national side for a while and has much to offer on offense and defense. But it is probably too little too late for hobby value.

Lyle Foster – Burnley – Forward

Foster stands out for his pace and acceleration, especially over a long distance. In training for Westerlo, he regularly won sprint races.” His problem is finishing. That seems to be a repeated theme for Burnley.

William Osula – Sheffield United – Forward

A physically strong forward. However, his technique and scoring abilities do not seem that impressive.  

Bennie Traore – Sheffield United – Winger and Forward

Traoré tallied 15 goals and five assists in 20 appearances across the league this season and cup his last season in Denmark.

Scouts note that Benie’s “burst of speed, agility, and dribbling ability make him a real handful for any back line when he gets into stride, although he attempts far fewer dribbles as a striker.”

At first, he struggled with scoring, but “there has been a clear improvement in his finishing ability since his first season.” But he has not managed to break into the Sheffield United team and is now on loan to Nantes.

Andre Brooks – Sheffield United – Winger

Andre is the kind of player who you can stick just about anywhere, and they will get the job done.

A Sheffield newspaper wrote, “His best qualities are his team ethic and work rate. He works equally as hard defensively as he does offensively. On top of that, he can play several positions such as left-wingback, central midfield, and further up the pitch, and he looks more than comfortable in whatever role is asked of him.” These qualities make a player valuable to a team but not necessarily in the hobby.

Jacob Brown – Luton Town – Attacking midfield and Forward

He is a good all-around player who can be plugged into the lineup anywhere and will perform, but he is not a star by any measure.

Tier 3 2023-24 Panini Prizm English Premier League Rookies Ranked

The world is a weird place, and crazy things happen. So, any of these guys could be the next Premier League sensation. I guess. But you could also win the lottery.

Jason Steele – Brighton & Hove Albion – Goalkeeper

It takes a lot for a goalkeeper to have value in the hobby. Usually, we talk about the kind of players who win World Cups and have over 100 international caps. Think Gianluigi Buffon for example. So, is Jason Steele that guy? Sadly no.

The 33-year-old is a rookie because he has played in lower leagues the last few years. He showed a lot of promise as a younger player, even playing on the British Olympic and England U-21 sides. But he never quite lived up to that and has had a mediocre career overall. We wish him well but do not want to pull his Prizms.

Jan Paul van HeckeBrighton & Hove Albion – Central Defender

There are two immediate strikes against Jan. He is a defender and is already 23 years old. Yes, by soccer rookie standards, that is ancient. I don’t make the rules. I just wrote them for you.

How good is Jan? Well, he doesn’t have much Premier League experience yet. But the ability he has shown has been incredibly impressive. The defender has quickly learned to dominate with repeated defensive interventions and has helped shore up an otherwise leaky defense.

He will probably eventually be featured on the Dutch national team. But that won’t be enough to give his cards value.  

Micky van de Ven – Tottenham Hotspur – Central Defender

At 22, Micky is already a strong contender for a starter for the Oranje (the Dutch national team). He has also become the cornerstone for the Spurs defense.

One scout described him as “the physical prototype of a modern-day center-half. At 1,93m, he has a stature comparable to most central defenders in Europe’s elite outfits. At the same time, his acceleration and top speed are exceptional for a player in his position and with his frame.”

So, there are no questions about the overall quality of van de Ven. He even broke the all-time Premier League record for the fastest in-game spring by running the fastest top speed in a game against Brentford. But, of course, he is a defender and will not have valuable cards.

Shandon Baptiste – Brentford – Defensive Midfield

If you pulled Mr. Baptiste, good news! You got a 25-year-old defensive midfielder—everything you ever wanted in a rookie. Yeah, unfortunately, there is little upside here. Shandon isn’t even particularly good. He has energy and can press, but not a lot of technique. Sorry.

Joao Gomes – Wolverhampton Wanderers – Defensive Midfield

Joao had a strong, proven record in the Brazilian league for Flamengo, with 86 appearances there, anchoring the prestigious team. Wolves brought him over for a respectable $20 million.

In Brazil, the player was known for his irrepressible tenacity and was nicknamed “The Pitbull.“ As you would expect with that nickname, tackling is his number one talent. Gomes has strong enough dribbling to be a real box-to-box midfielder.

However, he has neither the passing nor finishing to be a valuable hobby investment. I say that with all due respect, Mr. Pitbull. Please don’t kill me.

Joe Worrall – Nottingham Forest – Center Back

27 years old. Defender. It is what it is.

Jordan Beyer – Burnley – Center Back

Good player. But a defender who has yet to represent Germany at the highest level.

Josh Cullen – Burnley – Defensive Midfielder

A 27-year-old defensive player. That is the problem with some of these recently promoted teams. They have a ton of rookies like this.

Manuel Benson – Burnley – Winger

Manuel has some offensive upside. However, the player is 26 and has yet to play for Belgium.

Ameen Al-Dakhil – Burnley – Central Defender

An Iraqi-born central defender. Already playing for the Belgian national team at age 22. But still, a defender.

Gustavo Hamer – Sheffield United – Attacking Midfielder

26 years old with no international appearances for the Netherlands yet.

Anel Ahmedhodzic – Sheffield United – Central Defender

A 24-year-old central defender.

Wes Foderingham – Sheffield United – Goalkeeper

33 years old. No international appearances for England. It’s not exactly ideal for the hobby.

Ryan Giles – Luton Town – Left Back

We don’t see much here at 24 years old and with limited attacking ability.

Calton Morris – Luton Town – Forward

A forward, but a 28-year-old one, just reaching the Premier League.

Amari’i Bell – Luton Town – Left Back

A 29-year-old defensive player.

Tom Lockyer – Luton Town – Central Defender

Tom is a good player and has made several appearances for Wales. However, he is a 29-year-old defender.

Mads Andersen – Luton Town – Central Defender

26 years old. Defender. You know the drill.

Elijah Adebayo – Luton Town – Forward

The 26-year-old forward has been with Luton since 2021 and has scored 37 goals for the team in all leagues. But it is too late for him to become a star.

Thomas Kaminski – Luton Town – Goalkeeper

31 years old. No international appearances for Belgium.

Final Word On The 2023-24 Panini Prizm English Premier League Rookies Ranked

We hope the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi emerges from the Premier League. But the truth is, it is tough to jump into this league and succeed immediately.

It is fast-paced, demanding, and challenging for young players to maneuver. But the folks in tier 1 have the upside to do it. Indeed, the crop of rookies in the 2023-24 Panini Prizm English Premier League is remarkably high.

I will be surprised if at least two players on this list don’t become top-level stars. There is a combination of high ceilings and depth in quality that are hard to ignore.

There are several potentially world-class players on this list. Of course, that does not mean they will all be substantial hobby stars. Some will not work out. Others will be great players but not necessarily flashy enough for global superstardom.

After all, the bar for soccer cards to have value is relatively high. It takes an absolute star, both in terms of ability and public profile, to make the investment worthwhile. However, we are seeing an improvement in the overall value of Panini Prizm EPL cards. This current crop of rookies will contribute to that trend.

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim is the emeritus editor of Cardlines. He continues to write for several hobby outlets, including this one and Cardbase. He collects primarily vintage baseball and soccer and has a weird obsession with 1971 Topps.

In his spare time, Shaiel is sobbing into his bourbon when the Mets lose and playing Dungeons and Dragons. In a past life, Dr. Ben-Ephraim was a political science professor, journalist, and diplomat. But cards are more fun.
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Important: When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.