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The Ultimate Guide To The Best 2024 Topps Series 1 Rookie Cards [Analysis & Tiers Added]

Along with the National and every time Cardlines drops a video on YouTube, the release of Topps Flagship Series 1 is as close to a holiday as the card-collecting hobby gets.

Nothing gives the gray, cold slog of February a whiff of warm air and green grass like the release of a new crop of baseball cards. Spring Training is right around the corner, and all is right with the world.

Adding to the rejuvenating sense of “newness” is a new crop of rookie cards to entice collectors.

2024 Topps Series 1 continues this annual tradition. But who are the rookie cards in 2024 Topps Series 1? And which ones are worth breaking for? Let’s explore the best 2024 Topps Series 1 rookie cards!

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2024 Topps Series 1 release & design

We don’t yet have all the details about the 2024 Topps Series 1 release, although we have quite a bit of info already. We know the release will contain 350 cards and is set to release on February 14, 2024 (subject to change).  

We’ve also gotten a glimpse at the design for 2024 Topps Series 1, which features a neon-infused look that has been generally well-received by ultra-modern collectors online (vintage collectors are generally unimpressed, but that’s not surprising).

Check out prices of 2024 Topps Series 1 boxes on eBay

Flagship Topps rookie cards

While Flagship Topps isn’t a premium offering, its status as one of the most widely available and collected sets in the hobby typically means that a player’s Topps rookie card is desirable. While high PSA population numbers tend to keep prices in check somewhat, that just makes them affordable for everyone to acquire one.

If you’re looking for a bit tougher pull, and a better investment, we recommend sticking to parallel versions of rookie cards, or other limited cards like inserts, autographs, variations, and the like.

2024 Topps Series 1 Rookie Cards

Top rookie cards 2024 Topps Series 1 & the True Rookie Card Controversy

Led by Elly De La Cruz, Evan Carter, Jasson Domínguez and Endy Rodríguez, the 2024 Topps Series 1 rookie class is pretty strong. It does, however, come with a bit of controversy.

Five of the most popular rookies featured in 2024 Series 1 may have already received their first official rookie card.

It can get a bit confusing, so I’ll try to keep it brief: the 2021 release of Bowman’s Best Baseball sparked a debate about true rookie cards. Topps included prospects, rookies, and veterans all in the same base set. This was problematic because of the way some within the industry decide what is or is not a rookie card.

As Beckett notes on their website, their “longstanding criteria on what constitutes a Rookie Card or RC” includes the following three things:

  • It’s a base card.
  • The set includes veterans.
  • The set has wide distribution.

2021 Bowman’s Best Baseball is the set that ignited this debate and five of the top rookies in the 2024 Topps Series 1 checklist were prospects given RC treatment in 2021 Bowman’s Best. So what does that mean for Jasson Domínguez, Marco Luciano, Henry Davis, Sal Frelick, and Colton Cowser?

It all depends on who you ask. Some collectors and investors determine rookie card status by the card with the “RC” logo, in this case, that would be the 2024 Topps Series 1 cards.

But for those who go strictly by the determination of population reports and price guides like Beckett, 2021 Bowman’s Best will be the true rookie cards for Domínguez, Frelick, Luciano, Cowser, and Davis.

I truly believe it’s a matter of preference, especially because there doesn’t seem to be much difference in card values.

Adley Rutschman was one of the prospects in the 2021 Bowman’s Best set. His 2021 Bowman’s Best base card (the one Beckett considers his true rookie) is worth about $23 in a PSA 10. His 2023 Topps base card (the one with the RC logo on the front) is worth about $27 in a PSA 10.

Looking at all of this, the “debate” seems to just come down to what do you prefer? I don’t think it’s as big a deal as some do, but it’d also be irresponsible if I didn’t mention it. As much as both sides will argue their case, there’s no wrong answer. Collect and invest in what you love.

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Rookie Cards in 2024 Topps Series 1

2024 Topps Series 1 Rookies

wdt_ID Set Player Team Position Card Number Number of cards
1 Endy Rodríguez
2 Owen White
3 Brendan White
4 Bryan Woo
5 Nick Robertson
6 José Soriano
7 Luis Matos
8 Carmen Mlodzinski
9 Samad Taylor
10 Prelander Berroa
Set Player Team Position Card Number Number of cards

Without further ado, these are the rookies investors should be focusing on in 2024 Topps Series 1.  

Tier 1: Rookies worth ripping for in 2024 Topps Series 1

2024 Topps Series 1 Rookie Cards

Elly De La Cruz

Cincinnati Reds shortstop (Card #141)

According to Baseball America:

  • Cincinnati Reds #1 prospect in 2023
  • MLB #8 prospect in 2023
  • Grades: Hit: 40 | Power: 70 | Run: 70 | Field: 55 | Arm: 70 | Overall: 70

Elly De La Cruz entered the 2023 season as Baseball America’s #8 prospect and looked as fantastic as advertised in his first month in the big leagues. He has three electrifying tools in his power, speed, and arm.

De La Cruz did a ton of mind-boggling things during his rookie season: a 458-foot home run in his second big league game, hit for a cycle two weeks later, and then stole every base in three pitches which spurred one of the coolest Topps Now cards I’ve ever seen. Need I say more?

To be fair, Elly De La Cruz didn’t keep this up the entire year. In his first 21 games, he slashed .307/.358/.523 with 6 doubles, 2 triples, 3 home runs, and 9 stolen bases.

From July 1 through the end of the season though, his production wasn’t as consistent: .213/.284/.377 with 9 doubles, 5 triples, 10 home runs, and 26 stolen bases in 77 games.

Even though De La Cruz’s chase, whiff, and strikeout rates were all significantly below average, I’m not as worried as you’d think.

He made huge strides in underlying metrics late in the season, specifically improving plate discipline and swing decisions rooted in which pitches he can do damage against (h/t Pitcher List’s Kyle Bland). Elly De La Cruz is the player you should be ripping for in 2024 Topps Series 1.

Shop for 2024 Topps Elly De La Cruz rookie cards

De La Cruz has the best raw power in the Reds organization. He’s also one of the fastest players. And he has the strongest arm. Add it all up and he’s the best athlete the Reds have had since the days of Eric Davis and Deion Sanders.

Baseball America
2024 Topps Series 1 Rookie Cards

Evan Carter

Texas Rangers outfielder (#280)

According to Baseball America:

  • Texas Rangers #1 prospect in 2024
  • MLB #4 prospect in 2024
  • Grades: Hit: 65 | Power: 50 | Speed: 80 | Field: 60 | Arm: 50 | Overall: 65

Evan Carter was one of the surprising rookie stars of 2023, probably because no one expected him to get called up last season. He made his MLB debut on September 8th, only because All-Star Adolis García hit the injured list and the Rangers were fighting for a playoff spot.

The unlikely call-up led to an impressive 23-game stretch where he hit /306/.413/.645 with a 180 wRC+, all but forcing his way not only onto the playoff roster but into the starting lineup.

If you didn’t know Evan Carter before the 2023 playoffs, you do now. He recorded a hit in each of his first six postseason games, finishing with a World Series victory. In those 17 postseason games, he went 18-for-60 with 9 doubles, 1 home run, and 3 stolen bases.

The hit and power combination with 80-grade speed makes for an exciting upside and is the reason he’s currently ranked better than Rangers’ prospect Wyatt Langford.

Shop for Evan Carter 2024 Topps rookie cards on eBay

Carter is among the most well-rounded prospects in baseball, with an array of average to plus tools across the board…Carter will play nearly all of the 2024 season as a 21-year-old, and his body still has opportunity to fill out. If he adds strength and closes his hole against southpaws, he could be yet another piece of a tantalizing Rangers lineup blessed with a mix of pedigree and promise.

Baseball America
jasson dominguez 2024 Topps Series 1

Jasson Domínguez

New York Yankees outfielder (#60)

According to Baseball America:

  • New York Yankees #1 prospect in 2024
  • MLB #16 prospect in 2024
  • Grades: Hit: 55 | Power: 60 | Speed: 60 | Field: 50 | Arm: 60 | Overall: 60

Jasson Domínguez is one of the most hyped baseball prospects in recent memory. He’s been compared to Mickey Mantle, Bo Jackson, and Mike Trout, leading to some outrageous card prices and my fear that nothing he’ll ever do will satisfy the hype.

At its peak, PSA 10s of Domínguez’s 1st Bowman autographs sold for $3,251 in early 2021. Investors have cooled off significantly since then, with current sales for the same card going for $860 now.

I think we’re more likely going to see the latter now. Jasson Domínguez made his long-awaited MLB debut on September 1st, taking future Hall of Famer Justin Verlander for an opposite-field home run in his first big league at-bat.

He recorded a hit in each of his first five games, including three hits in game #5 and his fourth career home run in game #7. The fanfare ended abruptly when it was announced that Domínguez had a torn UCL and would need Tommy John surgery.

He’s likely to miss the first half of the 2024 season which might make his card more affordable for the near future, but I don’t think they’ll ever return to what they were in 2021.

Shop for 2024 Topps Jasson Dominguez rookie cards on eBay

The Zion Williamson of baseball, Domínguez is a bulked-up, switch-hitting toolshed. Domínguez signed for $5.1 million in 2019 as easily the toolsiest player in his signing class, a plus-running center fielder with huge switch-hitting power. In a bodily sense, he was also unlike any amateur prospect most scouts had ever seen. Built at age 16 like a late-20s Mike Trout, nobody was totally sure how Domínguez’s body and physicality would develop as he entered his 20s, and this (plus the internet hype) was what made him similar to Zion.

Domínguez’s impact power is the tool that floats his prospect boat. He has incredible strength and bat speed for a hitter his age, and he’s forecast here to slug enough to make up for other ills.


Tier 2: Rookies I’m cautiously optimistic about in 2024 Topps Series 1

Endy Rodríguez

Pittsburgh Pirates catcher (#3)

According to Baseball America:

  • Pittsburgh Pirates #1 prospect in 2023
  • MLB #22 prospect in 2023
  • Grades: Hit: 60 | Power: 60 | Speed: 45 | Field: 50 | Arm: 55 | Overall: 65

The Pirates loved Endy Rodríguez so much that they chose to play Henry Davis, catching prospect and 2021’s #1 overall pick, exclusively in right field upon his call-up. Neither Rodríguez nor Davis played well in 2023, but at this point, I think I prefer Endy Rodríguez from an investment standpoint.

He’s a switch-hitting catcher with above-average hit and power tools. He’s also athletic enough to play second base and the outfield.

Rodríguez improved at each stop in the minor leagues against opposing pitchers much older than him. He broke out in 2021 at Single-A, winning the batting title with a .294 average, hitting 25 doubles and 15 home runs.

He looked even better in 2022, slashing .323/.407/.590 with 39 doubles and 25 home runs in 125 games. Rodríguez struggled to do much after the mid-July call-up, hitting just .220 without many extra-base hits. However, it’s not unlikely for catching prospects to take extra time to find their footing in the big leagues.

Rodríguez would’ve been in Tier 1, but he suffered a UCL injury that required Tommy John surgery in December. He’ll miss the entire 2024 season.

The difference between him and Domínguez, despite suffering the same injury, is that Domínguez’s years-long hype will keep his name in the conversation. Rodríguez doesn’t have that same luxury right now.

Shop for 2024 Topps Endy Rodriguez rookie cards on eBay

Rodriguez emerged as one of baseball’s best catching prospects in 2022 and profiles as an impact big leaguer with plus hitting and power potential. He could ultimately become one half of an enviable catching duo with Davis in Pittsburgh. It’s easy to dream on Rodriguez becoming a foundational piece who helps usher the Pirates out of their lengthy rebuild.

Baseball America

Marco Luciano

San Francisco Giants shortstop (#232)

According to Baseball America:

  • San Francisco Giants #2 prospect in 2024
  • MLB #56 prospect in 2024
  • Grades: Hit: 50 | Power: 60 | Speed: 40 | Field: 50 | Arm: 60 | Overall: 55

Although he played just 14 games last season, the Giants are confident that Marco Luciano is their shortstop of the future. Small sample size warning ahead: 12 of his 22 batted balls were hard hit (95+ mph), leading to a cartoony 54.5% hard-hit rate.

Luciano’s bat speed drives his hit tool and puts him in the 90th percentile for exit velocity among minor leaguers. So although a 54.5% hard-hit rate is unrealistic, envisioning him atop those leaderboards in the future isn’t.

Luciano has all these impressive tools, but he hasn’t been able to put it all together yet. Since 2021, he’s hit 45 home runs with a 27.2% strikeout rate in 245 games.

He has work to do to improve his contact and plate discipline and has also struggled to stay on the field. Luciano has one of the higher upsides in this tier but still enough question marks to make me proceed cautiously.

Shop for Marco Luciano 2024 Topps rookie cards on eBay

After getting his feet wet this season, Luciano will likely get a long look in San Francisco in 2024. If he reaches his ceiling, he’ll be a force in the middle of the lineup and the diamond.

Baseball America

Henry Davis

Pittsburgh Pirates catcher/outfielder (#295)

According to Baseball America:

  • Pittsburgh Pirates #3 prospect in 2023
  • MLB #73 prospect in 2023
  • Grades: Hit: 55 | Power: 60 | Speed: 45 | Field: 40 | Arm: 60 | Overall: 55

After being the first player drafted in 2021, injuries have dampened the start to Henry Davis’ professional career. Davis suffered an oblique injury eight games into his professional debut in 2021, and then played only 59 games in 2022 due to a wrist fracture.

The injury likely affected his offensive numbers — .264/.380/.472 — especially considering he hit the IL with a wrist injury a second time later in the year. He rebounded nicely in 2023, slashing .306/.454/.561 in 55 games and earning his MLB debut on June 19.

Henry Davis’ 62 games at the big-league level were disappointing for the #1 overall pick. He slashed .213/.302/.351 with a below-league-average 76 wRC+.

The Pirates also moved him off the plate and into right field, but the organization has signaled that he will enter 2024 as the team’s primary catcher.

I don’t think his 2023 numbers at the MLB level are indicative of his true potential, but he has to remain healthy to have any investment value.

Shop for 2024 Topps Henry Davis rookie cards on eBay

Davis has huge, plus-plus raw power, and will be a star if he can stay behind the plate or a solid everyday first baseman or corner outfielder if he can’t.


Nolan Schanuel

Los Angeles Angels 1B (#53)

According to Baseball America:

  • Los Angeles Angels #1 prospect in 2024
  • MLB #86 prospect in 2024
  • Grades: Hit: 60 | Power: 50 | Speed: 40 | Field: 50 | Arm: 50 | Overall: 50

Schanuel enters 2024 as the 86th overall prospect in MLB and the top prospect in the Angels system. Drafted in June and getting the call to the big leagues just 40 days later, he became the fastest position player to debut in more than 40 years.

He looked pretty good in 29 games, showing an advanced approach at the plate by rarely chasing or whiffing and walking more than he struck out. That’s an incredible feat for any big leaguer, but even more so being that Schanuel did so after just 97 minor league plate appearances.

The thing he failed to show with the Angels in 2023 was power. He posted a higher on-base (.402) than slugging (.330) percentage and, if he had the plate appearances to qualify, his .055 isolated power would be second worst in baseball.

He’s spoken about focusing on improving his power this offseason, getting back to the hitter he was during his junior season at FAU (19 home runs and .868 SLG). Doing it against big-league pitchers is something different, but he’s shown that the power is in there.

I’m cautiously optimistic on Schanuel for now, but if the power doesn’t surface in 2024 then the hit-over-power first baseman will get bumped down a tier.

Shop 2024 Topps Nolan Schanuel rookie cards on eBay

Schanuel is a lefthanded-hitting first baseman with substantial offensive upside… Schanuel is viewed as the Angels’ everyday first baseman starting in 2024. If he grows into more natural power, he could develop into a first-division starter. But without enhanced power, he faces a future as a hit-over-power first baseman.

Baseball America

Ronny Mauricio

New York Mets second baseman (#224)

According to Baseball America:

  • New York Mets #2 prospect in 2024
  • MLB #87 prospect in 2024
  • Grades: Hit: 40 | Power: 55 | Speed: 55 | Field: 50 | Arm: 60 | Overall: 50

Ronny Mauricio is the type of investment prospect I love. He’s an explosive athlete with above-average power and speed. Like most young prospects, that comes with an aggressive approach and mediocre contact.

Mauricio lowered his strikeout rate and improved his slugging in each minor league season from 2021 to 2023. He got called up on September 1st and immediately set the record for hardest hit ball by a Mets hitter with his 117.3 mph double. He went 8-for-19 in his first five games but struggled the last few weeks of the season.

With a month of big-league baseball under his belt, the Mets sent Mauricio to the Dominican Winter League where he tore the cover off the baseball. He went 15-for-34 with two doubles, two triples, and a home run in 8 games, but it all came crashing down when he tore his ACL running the bases. He’ll miss the entire 2024 season.

Shop for 2024 Topps Tonny Mauricio rookie cards on eBay

Mauricio has a carrying tool in his plus power, but his below-average on-base ability has generally weighed down his overall offensive production. Mauricio has the electric bat speed and twitch to produce majestic drives to his pull side…

Mauricio is an exceptional athlete who has added muscle mass and mental maturity. The Mets hope that his athleticism enables him to improve his hitting ability. Mauricio stood poised to assume a large MLB role in 2024, but that was before he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee in the Dominican League in December. Surgery to repair it will probably cost him the season.

Baseball America

Colton Cowser

Baltimore Orioles outfielder (#257)

According to Baseball America:

  • Baltimore Orioles #4 prospect in 2024
  • MLB #34 prospect in 2024
  • Grades: Hit: 55 | Power: 55 | Speed: 55 | Field: 50 | Arm: 55 | Overall: 50

Drafted 5th overall in 2021, Colton Cowser is now in his fourth season on the Top 100 rankings. He has above-average tools across the board, which is why his disastrous stint in the big leagues came as a surprise.

The strength of his hit tool made him a much lower risk compared to other young hitters, but his strikeout rate rose to 27.8% and his output diminished in 2022.

Cowser made his MLB debut on July 5th after a strong start at Triple-A in 2023. It was a hugely disappointing 26 games. Cowser went 7-for-61, leading to a .115/.286/.148 line. He was extremely passive at the plate, swinging at pitches in the zone at a below-average rate.

The Orioles sent him back down to Triple-A to work on being more aggressive at the plate, but he continued to struggle and struck out even more. Ultimately, I still think Cowser has promise but there are so many young stars on the Orioles that there are better options out there.

Shop for 2024 Topps Colton Cowser rookie cards on eBay

Cowser has little left to prove in Triple-A, but it’s unclear whether there’s an opportunity with the Orioles for him to get the major league experience required for the next step in his development. He has the makings of a major league regular, potentially a first-division one, though there are aspects of his game that portend an even brighter future.

Baseball America

Tier 3: Rookies with a higher risk than potential investment reward in 2024 Topps Series 1

Curtis Mead, Tampa Bay Rays third baseman (#82): Mead mashed in the minor leagues thanks to an approach that is aggressive and power-focused in early counts and contact-focused with two strikes.

His bat is good enough to force its way into the lineup, but he isn’t super athletic and doesn’t have a home defensively. One-dimensional players aren’t super exciting investment options.

Shop for Curtis Mead 2024 Topps rookie cards on eBay

Sal Frelick, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder (#76): Frelick’s a contact hitter that drives the ball to all fields and has game-changing speed. In 57 games with Milwaukee last season, he played to his strengths: his 12.6% walk rate, 16.6% strikeout rate, and 14.6% whiff rate were all 80th percentile or better.

The drawback was that he hit too many balls weakly or on the ground. He also struggled against off-speed and breaking pitches. These weren’t glaring issues he had in the minor leagues, but his offensive profile is looking more like one that is less attractive to investors.

Shop for Sal Frelick 2024 Topps rookie cards on eBay

Ceddanne Rafaela, Boston Red Sox OF (#313): Rafaela is an elite defender who made considerable strides at the plate in 2022 and 2023. He hit 21 home runs and stole 28 bases in 166 games in 2022, following that up with 20 homers and 36 stolen bags in 108 minor league games in 2023.

He’s overly aggressive and stuck out over 30% in the big leagues, but he’s an exciting Tier 3 prospect to keep an eye on.

Shop for Ceddanne Rafaela 2024 Topps rookie cards on eBay

Christian Encarnacion-Strand, Cincinnati Reds 1B/3B (#219): Encarnacion-Strand was great with the Reds in 2023.

He slashed .270/.328/.477 in 63 games, but as Baseball America notes, “Encarnacion-Strand’s range of outcomes span from that of an all-star third baseman to a first baseman with contact issues. With the Reds’ surplus of shortstops and third base prospects, he is going to have to sharpen his defense quickly to avoid a move down the defensive spectrum.”

Shop for Christian Encarnacion-Strand 2024 Topps rookie cards on eBay

Jordan Westburg, Baltimore Orioles 2B/3B (#66): Westburg’s grades are nearly identical to Cowser’s. He was a league-average hitter in 68 games with the Orioles in 2023, but it’s hard to get excited about three home runs and four stolen bases.

He’s also battling several talented infield prospects for a starting spot, and I think he’s going to be left out.

Shop for Jordan Westburg 2024 Topps rookie cards on eBay

Gavin Williams, Cleveland Guardians pitcher (#242): Williams looked really good in his 16 starts with the Guardians in 2023.

He has a plus-plus fastball, plus curveball, and above-average slider. He probably has the upside of a #2/#3 starter, leaving his investment potential limited.

Shop for Gavin Williams 2024 Topps rookie cards on eBay

Tyler Soderstrom, Oakland Athletics C (#244): Soderstrom has an average hit tool with plus power, and he’s destined to be an impact bat in the middle of the A’s order for a long time.

He has the usual plate discipline issues of most young hitters, and big league pitchers took advantage of that in 2023. He slashed .160/.232/.240 in 45 games. There are better-catching options than Soderstrom for now.

Shop for Tyler Soderstrom 2024 Topps rookie cards on eBay

Zack Gelof, Oakland Athletics 2B (#166): Gelof is similar to Jordan Westburg in that he has above-average tools across the board, but Gelof put together far better numbers: .267/.337/.504 with 14 home runs and 14 stolen bases. He’s a solid hitter but like Soderstrom, Gelof has the misfortune of playing for the A’s.

Shop for Zack Gelof 2024 Topps rookie cards on eBay

Tier 4: Rookies with little to no investment value in 2024 Topps Series 1

Owen White, Texas Rangers P (#5)

Brendan White, Detroit Tigers P (#8)

Bryan Woo, Seattle Mariners P (#12)

Nick Robertson, Boston Red Sox P (#13)

José Soriano, Los Angeles Angels P (#15)

Luis Matos, San Francisco Giants OF (#28)

Carmen Mlodzinski, Pittsburgh Pirates P (#31)

Samad Taylor, Kansas City Royals 2B/OF (#32)

Prelander Berroa, Seattle Mariners P (#36)

Emerson Hancock, Seattle Mariners P (#39)

Isaiah Campbell, Seattle Mariners P (#58)

Chris Murphy, Boston Red Sox P (#73)

Keaton Winn, San Francisco Giants P (#83)

Jose Ferrer, Washington Nationals P (#85)

José Rodríguez, Chicago White Sox 2B (#86)

Coco Montes, Colorado Rockies 2B (#92)

Quinn Priester, Pittsburgh Pirates P (#93)

AJ Smith-Shawver, Atlanta Braves P (#117)

Grant Hartwig, New York Mets P (#130)

Jacob Amaya, Miami Marlins 2B/SS (#144)

Matt Waldron, San Diego Padres P (#162)

Alec Marsh, Kansas City Royals P (#163)

Nick Gonzales, Pittsburgh Pirates 2B (#168)

Spencer Horwitz, Toronto Blue Jays 1B (#172)

Daniel Palencia, Chicago Cubs P (#178)

Joe Jacques, Boston Red Sox P (#187)

Dane Myers, Miami Marlins OF (#188)

Davis Schneider, Toronto Blue Jays 2B (#189)

Brandon Walter, Boston Red Sox P (#193)

Dominic Canzone, Seattle Mariners OF (#195)

David Hamilton, Boston Red Sox SS (#202)

Luken Baker, St. Louis Cardinals 1B/DH (#207)

Johan Rojas, Philadelphia Phillies OF (#209)

Andrew Abbott, Cincinnati Reds P (#214)

Zach Remillard, Chicago White Sox 2B/OF (#222)

Grae Kessinger, Houston Astros IF (#226)

Jonny Deluca, Los Angeles Dodgers OF (#233)

Jordan Balazovic, Minnesota Twins P (#263)

Alika Williams, Pittsburgh Pirates SS (#265)

Victor Mederos, Los Angeles Angels P (#270)

Jared Triolo, Pittsburgh Pirates 2B/3B (#281)

Emmet Sheehan, Los Angeles Dodgers P (#283)

Cade Marlowe, Seattle Mariners OF (#286)

José Fermín, St. Louis Cardinals 2B/3B (#305)

Reese Olson, Detroit Tigers P (#308)

Abner Uribe, Milwaukee Brewers P (#310)

Trey Cabbage, Los Angeles Angels 1B/OF (#321)

Justin Martinez, Arizona Diamondbacks P (#325)

Final thoughts (for now) on 2024 Topps Series 1 Rookie Cards

2024 Topps Series 1 Baseball has some rookie cards that are worth chasing. We hope this early peak at the rookie cards included in the set gets you excited for Topps Series 1 Release Day.

What’s your take on the 2024 Topps Series 1 rookie class? Who is the rookie or the rookies that you’re excited about in 2024 Topps Series 1? And who are you taking a pass on? Tell us about it at card_lines on Twitter.

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More Cardlines Coverage of 2024 Topps Series 1 Baseball & Top Rookies

Nicole Cahill

Nicole Cahill

Nicole Cahill is a freelance writer with recent bylines at Pitcher List and Fish On First and also works at a local card shop. She’s a baseball fanatic, mental health advocate, and Zack Greinke’s biggest fan. You can find her on Twitter at @NicoleCahill_ and Bluesky at @NicoleCahill.bsky.social

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