Are Space Jam Cards Worth It?

July 27, 2021

Space Jam cards have carved out a unique place in the hobby. Obviously, they feature some of the biggest names in basketball history. But on the other hand, we are talking about, you know, cartoons. So, all things considered, are Space Jam cards worth it?

An Intro To Space Jam Cards

In 1996, Michael Jordan united with the Looney Tunes to defeat the Monstars in the iconic movie Space Jam. The movie was incredibly successful, grossing over $250 million and becoming the highest-grossing basketball movie ever. The Looney Tunes would reunite with a new basketball hero 25 years later, in Space Jam: A New Legacy, starring Lebron James.

For years the biggest debate in basketball has been Lebron versus Jordan. For many, it still is.

With the release of the sequel, the debate between them has turned into a better movie. Spoiler alert: most people think it was the original. Following A New Legacy’s premiere, basketball fans took to Twitter to declare that their preferred player was the superior actor. Space Jam’s cultural importance cannot be understated, as it is clearly something that stirs the passions of basketball fans.

The Space Jam movies have earned considerable cultural importance (get Space Jam posters on Amazon).

2021 Upper Deck Space Jam: A New Legacy Cards

Like in 1996, a new set of trading cards will hit the market with the movie’s release. Again, upper Deck will produce cards, and they will only be sold in retail options, in either blaster boxes or packs. Each box will include

  • 6 packs
  • 6 Neon Blue Base Set Parallels
  • 1 Ready to Jam Rainbow Foil Insert

Besides Lebron James, you can expect some other NBA stars to feature in this set. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis played a significant role in A New Legacy, so it seems likely some cards will feature them. For reference, the original Space Jam had cards for Charles Barkley and Muggsy Bogues, so Upper Deck will most likely continue this trend.

Will There Be Lebron Autos In The New Space Jam Cards?

 Before Lebron entered the draft, Upper Deck snagged a $6 million exclusive auto contract with the player. It was a continuation of their impressive ability to gain similar agreements with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. The contract has since been renewed.

We know how sought-after Lebron cards are. Therefore, when Upper Deck promised “Rare Autographed Cards from your Favorite Voice Actors and Team Members!” we assume that includes Lebron. However, that has not been confirmed.

Upper Deck has an exclusive contract with Lebron for autographs (look for Lebron autos on eBay).

1996 Upper Deck Space Jam Cards 

The set from 1996 was a pretty simple one, with 105 base cards and no autographed ones available. However, it included some inserts targeted at younger audiences, such as scratchers and animation cards. In addition, distribution for the set was unique, as cards could be found packaged with Space Jam action figures.

Some of the most sought-after cards from the original set are the Silver Screen cards. They feature pictures taken straight from the film and include a silver foil border. Silver Screen cards were only available in Series 2 packs.

1996 Card Value  

While many of the older cards don’t retain much value, cards prominently featuring Michael Jordan in good condition and a low pop can hold a good deal of value. Here are the highest sales of older Space Jam cards on eBay. All cards are PSA 10’s from the 1996 Upper Deck series:

Space Jam Jordan’s Silver Screen $5,532
The Monstars Meet Their Match #38 $1,950
Michael Jordan Double Agent #54 Double Agent $1,850
Michael Jordan Cosmic Showdown #CS7 $1,400
Jam Jordan’s Tune Squad Lola Bunny #T2 $1,000
Have you got the coveted Lola Bunny #T2 holo cards? (look for Lola Bunny cards on eBay).

Potential 2021 Space Jam Card Value 

Does this mean the new Space Jam cards will be a good investment? It seems likely that they will be. Lebron is a global superstar, and Space Jam is an iconic brand, so the potential for the cards to be in high demand is there. Besides that, some of these cards will be released on material similar to an old-fashioned film. These cards will have four sets of rarity, and combined with the unique material; these cards may become very valuable.


Overall, if you are a fan of Space Jam, you should be excited about releasing these cards. Although they will lack the branding power of other basketball-related cards, these cards are unique enough to hold their own.

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