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The History Trading Cards Guide

Vintage pocket watch. Vintage background Concept of time history.

People are bringing back history in different ways. One unique and creative way to do this is through history cards. Here at Cardlines, we are interested in all trading cards, from Pokemon to Metazoo and beyond. With that in mind, we present the ultimate history trading cards guide.

Historic autographs record moments and figures of great importance in history. They help people remember and appreciate eras that are long gone. If you enjoy learning about impactful periods in world history, history cards are just the thing. Hence, you may consider collecting and trading history cards.

History Trading Cards Guide To The Major Releases

History cards highlight stories around wars, people, sports, achievements, and notable events. Sports card companies such as Topps and historic autographs are manufacturers of historical trading cards.

Historical autos can fetch massive prices, like this Al Capone (look for Al Capone autos on eBay).

2021 Historic Autographs Written Word, the First 36

This product has hand-written samples from almost all the first 36 United States Presidents. It features George Washington, John Adams, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, and Ulysses S. Grant. They culled these relics from documents you can view on the Historic Autographs (HA) website.

Besides the attractive written word hand-writing cards, Historic Autographs also have popular POTUS DNA hair cards. They have also added some new and rare dual hair cards, including names like Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Lincoln. HA has produced a limited edition; a die-cut monument set you can display by cutting small tabs featured on the box.

Historic Autographs Written Word has writing samples from the Presidents (look for James Buchanan Written Word cards on eBay).

Women’s History Trading Cards Trailblazers Gift Box

The cards feature an overview of inspiring women referred to as “persistent sisters” across all fields. The goal of the release is to encourage people to learn more about these women and what makes them outstanding.

Each of the trading cards has a hand-illustrated portrait on the front. The back of the cards highlights biographical information, including remarkable achievements. The makers say, “it is for inspiring and educational gift-giving.”

The “trailblazers” is a random assortment of stories of remarkable female artists, writers, explorers, activists, athletes, scientists, and mathematicians throughout history. This set of 118 cards contain:

  • 78 portrait/biography
  • 15 “Did You Know” fact cards
  • 15 quote cards
  • Nine card collage illustrations are only sold in a random assortment; a box of four 8-packs may include a duplicate card.

The gift box includes 4 packs of 8 cards each and a random assortment of 32 cards from the complete set of 118.

Each pack of 8 includes:

  • 6 cards featuring individual “persistent sisters.”
  • 2 cards featuring compelling quotations, “Did You Know?” facts or pieces of a unique nine-piece collage.

Union County Across the Centuries History Trading Cards

Union County, New Jersey, has over 50 commemorative free history trading cards. Each of the cards showcases notable people, places, events, or themes from the history of Union County.

Some of the cards are Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, William Livingston, Revolutionary battles, Langston Hughes, Virginia Apgar, James Cagney, notable suffragists, and more. You can acquire the cards while visiting historic sites across the county.

2021 Historic Autographs 1945: The END of World War II Trading Cards

The Historic Autographs company issues these trading cards. The cards revolve around the events of 1945. It also includes other events, people, sports, and achievements.

Most of the cards, of course, center on the conclusion of WWII. Though that war took place over 75 years ago, it remains of monumental importance in world history.

The 1945: The END of World War II series includes historic goodies like this Omar Bradley dogtag (look for Omar Bradley memorabilia on eBay).

2021 Historic Autographs Originals, Triple Folder

Historic Autographs also issues historic-oriented sports card releases. There are two versions of the 2021 HA Originals, Triple Folders – a dual autograph with dual cards and a quad T-series card. The dual autograph cards will have two vintage tobacco cards from the famous T205, T206, or T207 series, with two autographs matching the players on the cards.

The quad card will have four vintage tobacco from the T205, T206, or T207 series. In the 900 boxes, the pull rate for the dual autograph and card version will come in 48% of the boxes, while the quad card will be in 52% of the run.

2020 Historic Autographs Half-Century Originals

The 2020 Historic Autograph Half-Century Originals merges almost all the card series from 1909 through 1949 based on the historic autograph website. There are T206, Cracker Jacks, Strip card series, Delong, all the Goudey series, Tip Tops, and both 1948 -1949 Bowman.

Each of the boxes contains 8 cards. Each of them has an original baseball card together with the matching player’s autograph. The box will also have one hall of fame player.

The Historic Autographs Written Word series includes classic cards and autos (look for Historic Autographs Written Word cards on eBay).

How Popular Are History Trading Cards?

When you compare history cards to other trading cards, they aren’t all that popular. However, we would say they are definitely in a class of their own. The cards are carried by significant sports card distributors like Steel City Collectibles, so they have an audience.

The Moral Problems Related To History Trading Cards 

Historians and history enthusiasts would probably be divided on the issue of history cards. Some would insist that history should remain in museums. Others would probably argue that history is being amplified and further preserved through trading cards.

Either way, it looks like history cards are here to stay, and there is not much people can do to stop it.

Bottomline Of The History Trading Cards Guide 

History cards showcase relics from the past. They are evolving in different forms and include people, events, and even items. If you are a history-savvy person, you can invest in the cards. Whether for sentimental or investment reasons, history cards are throwbacks that present nostalgia and potential value opportunities.

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