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Tom Brady’s Retirement Sand Listing Canceled On eBay

Tom Brady retirement sand ebay

UPDATE: As of February 6th, the listing that had garnered so much attention has been taken down.

On Tuesday, arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL said goodbye to football — at least on the field — when he announced his 2nd retirement from the game.

Brady revealed his retirement in an emotional 45-second video posted to Instagram, which has now been viewed by millions of viewers. Now fans of the legend can own a piece of history by bidding on the sand that Tom Brady himself stood on when he announced what could be his last retirement.

Bid on Tom Brady’s retirement sand on eBay (actually please don’t)

Tom Brady sand on eBay

Bidding on the bottle of sand from the “exact retirement spot” is currently at $99,900.00 at the time of this writing. The auction is set to end on February 12th, which also happens to be Super Bowl Sunday. The listing was posted by gadgetgs, who happens to have a 100% feedback rating with 489 reviews.

The sand isn’t just any sand from the beach. It claims to be sand taken from the beach “just hours after his video was posted online.”

Two bottles of sand were collected with only one taken on the day of the video. The other bottle of sand will be sent to the Pat Mcafee show if “Boston Conner wants to hold on to it.

Video proof on the sample can be provided to prospective bidders per request. The seller did not post the video as “ebay does not allow video posts.”

Check out the latest price on THE Tom Brady retirement sand on eBay

What about Tom Brady Sand copycats?

The listing claims that fans of the New England and Tampa Bay legend “will find no other listing like this.” The listing goes on to claim that this was the only sample taken from the exact spot where the retirement announcement occurred, just hours after the video was recorded.

“You will be on the very land the GOAT retired on,” the listing claims.

As one would expect, copycats have emerged since news of the listing became public. There are currently 260 results when searching for “tom brady retirement sand” on eBay.

Of course, these listings are likely collected on different days from the retirement video despite claiming otherwise. Bids for some of these auctions start at just $0.99, so if you are looking for sand that Brady stood on days after the retirement video (GASP!), you can likely get a pretty good deal versus THE “retirement sand.”

Check out listings of Tom Brady sand imposters

A hidden risk with Tom Brady sand

In additon to bidders buying “imposter” and, There could be another risk, leading any prospective buyer to exercise caution when purchasing Tom Brady’s retirement sand from eBay.

The 7-time Super Bowl winner has already retired twice, who’s to say that he might decide to come back after a few months of rest and relaxation?

Then, of course, the highest bidder wouldn’t be holding a bottle of “the” retirement sand, but just sand from his second retirement. The sand would undoubtedly not be as sought after and will lose the spotlight to whatever surface Brady happens to be standing on during his 3rd retirement announcement. Risky, indeed.

Check out the latest price on Tom Brady sand on eBay

Investment advice on Tom Brady retirement sand

Dont. Just don’t.

Tom Brady sand from retirement taken down

Tom Brady’s original retirement sand had attracted bids up to $99,900 with nearly a week remaining. However, as of February 6th, the Tom Brady retirement sand listing was no more. It had been taken down with the following message:

“The listing was ended because there was an error in the listing.”

No further explanation was given but one could speculate that the gimmicky nature of the listing may have played a part.

All hope is not lost, however. There are still over 200 “Tom Brady retirement sand” listings at the time of this writing. In addition, according to eBay’s completed listings page, there are dozens of bottles and jars of Tom Brady sand that have been sold.

Although most seem to be going for around $10 or so, early sales were fetching three and four figures. While we can’t current say for sure, it would appear that the current market for retirement sand busted before it even started.

CardLines will continue to follow this story very closely and will report on any new developments as they occur.

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