You Haven’t Seen Anything Like Leaf Reimagined Cards

May 26, 2023

Leaf Trading Cards keeps releasing new cool concepts to expand their reach and captivate new collectors. They compensate for the absence of licensing by introducing captivating and unique card sets.

Leaf Reimagined cards are the latest in Leaf’s innovation to attract more collectors. The 2023 Leaf Reimagined cards are a set of wild dream cards from the minds of the Leaf creative team.

These unconventional cards are attracting collectors with their unique appeal, enjoyable experience, and, of course, autographs. It breaks away from traditional norms and offers a refreshing and distinctive approach that resonates with collectors seeking something new.

This article will delve into the fascinating features that have made Leaf Reimagined cards stand out and appeal to collectors. From its unique approach to the many autographs available, we will explore why it’s making heads turn in Leaf’s direction.

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What are Leaf Reimagined cards?

When Leaf announced the Leaf Reimagined 2023 set, it was branded as a set of wild dream cards from the minds of the Leaf creative team. These print-to-order sets are a collection of the Leaf creative team’s dream cards becoming real.

True to what was promised, the first batch of cards from the Leaf Reimagined sets have been unique, wild, and indeed out of the box. The card’s unique style and limited availability have generated excitement among collectors. Its fun and engaging elements, such as creative designs and autographs, have added an extra layer of enjoyment. Indeed, the unconventional nature of cards has helped this set captivate collectors’ attention.

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History of Leaf Reimagined Cards

The Leaf Trading card company was founded in 2010 by Brian Gray. Gray had previously headed Razor Entertainment. Razor is famous for signing the number one pick in the 2008 MLB draft, Tim Beckham, to an exclusive autograph deal. Gray shuttered Razor when he acquired the rights to the Leaf brand name and relaunched the company as “Leaf Trading Cards.”

Like Razor before it, Leaf does not have a license with any of the four major US sports leagues. However, it made its name by providing high-quality non-licensed cards at lower prices. They also focus on creating auto-filled products.

The lack of a license has put several collectors off collecting Leaf trading cards. However, they quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality cards that surpassed expectations.

Leaf is also famous for trying out new set designs in a bid to make up for their unlicensed nature. An example is the Leaf Metal Baseball set that offers collectors an overabundance of autographs.

This has helped Leaf carve out a valuable niche in the hobby. One of their more recent forays into trying out new designs is the Leaf Reimagined sets.

First announced on January 24th, Leaf promised a print-to-order set of “wild dream cards.” The first two cards from this set were released on February 28th and are available on a made-to-order basis. The Leaf Reimagined Mike Tyson, and Leaf Reimagined Hulk Hogan.

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The cards were available for sale for a stipulated time, and its print run accounted for how many cards were ordered. Since these first two cards, Leaf has released several Reimagined cards as a part of their 2023 Leaf Reimagined set.

Where to buy Leaf Reimagined Cards

Leaf Reimagined cards are available on the official Leaf store for limited periods. Collectors eager to acquire cards from the Leaf Reimagined trading card set would have to monitor the Leaf store.

Leaf puts a card from the set on sale for a fixed duration, after which the only way to get the card is via a purchase on the secondary market. These cards are printed to order, and the final card will note the final print run.

During the specified fixed period, the official store offers a card from the Reimagined set for purchase. Buyers interested in a particular card would be best served to purchase when cards are available in the official store, as the prices often double once they hit the secondary market.

Leaf offers discounts on bulk purchases, and buyers can pay for a signed card or the unsigned variant when it’s an option.

Shop for Leaf Reimagined cards on eBay

The 2023 Leaf Reimagined Jose “The Chemist” Canseco is currently available on the Leaf store for purchase. It costs $7.99, and Leaf offers generous discounts on bulk orders. Buyers buying up to 100 pieces would pay just $3.50 each. As always, it prints to order and runs through 5/27/2023. There’s no signed option for the Reimagined Jose “The Chemist” Canseco cards.

Collectors who miss the initial purchasing window can lay their hands on these cards via the usual secondary markets. Leaf Reimagined cards are available on eBay and most other online marketplaces, with many sellers offering a wide range of cards. However, as expected, you’ll pay more than you buy on the secondary market. This is especially true for the Mike Tyson card, which is immensely valuable now.

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Why Leaf Reimagined cards have been received so well

Leaf Trading Cards have built a niche market in the trading card hobby. Their commitment to producing unique, limited-edition cards and their collaborations with notable athletes, celebrities, and pop culture icons have contributed to Leaf Reimagined cards’ growing value and desirability.

Leaf has always embraced its disadvantaged position due to its unlicensed nature and hammered on its strengths. This is one such move, as no license issues exist in their Reimagined sets. They instead play to one of their biggest strengths – their collaborations with prominent athletes and celebrities. The limited-edition autograph Reimagined cards are the best performers in this series. Most autographed cards were limited to below 300 copies and are highly sought after.

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Their exceptional craftsmanship is another factor that has contributed to the acceptance of Leaf Reimagined cards. Indeed, most collectors overlook Leaf products due to their unlicensed nature. However, everyone agrees that Leaf prints high-quality cards.

Aside from overloading their products with autos, Leaf’s boasts the best quality control in the entire hobby. Each Leaf card is high-quality, detailed, well-centered, and has unique designs. Experts agree that Leaf cards get better grades when graded than cards from other companies.

Indeed, not every collector would be interested in collecting a set of “wild dream cards.” However, Leaf Reimagined high-quality cards, stunning artwork, and great autographs have made them highly desirable for collectors to whom such a set appeals.

Aside from collectors looking to collect the set for fun, investors are also collecting the Leaf Reimagined cards. This is especially true for the autographed cards.

Collectors recognize the potential for them to appreciate in value over time. After all, an Erling Haaland signature is an Erling Haaland signature, whether it’s on a Leaf Reimagined card or a licensed Soccer set.

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Value of the Leaf Reimagined Trading Cards

Let’s look at how well these Leaf Reimagined cards perform on the open market to determine if they’re suitable investments.

Leaf Reimagined cards retail for $7.99 on their official cards with discounts for bulk purchases. Prices can go as low as $3 if you buy up to 250 cards. On the secondary market, cards sell for anything between $10 to $60, depending on the star depicted.

The Mario Lemieux SP 2023 Reimagined and the 2023 Leaf Reimagined Rick Flair go for $20. Cards of soccer superstars Haaland and Lionel Messi are another favorite with collectors, with unsigned cards selling for around $20.

However, the most popular cards from the Leaf Reimagined card are Hulk Hogan and Mike Tyson’s cards. Both easily sell for over $50, with their autograph cards selling for north of $200.

Shop for Leaf Reimagined cards on eBay

Bottomline of Leaf Reimagined cards

The Leaf Reimagined set fixes several problems a regular Leaf trading card set faces. Collectors tend to overlook standard Leaf sets due to their lack of license.

Additionally, most are only interested in a Leaf set for their autographs or a card from their favorite athlete. The Reimagined set doesn’t need a license and offers high-quality cards from several top athletes. The autographed card lineup includes stars like Mike Tyson, Hulk Hogan, Erling Haaland, Lionel Messi, Thomas Hearnes, George Gervin, and Wade Boggs.

This is just a few months into Leaf Reimagined print-to-order release. Leaf is known for having a high autograph yield in their products, and all of those would eventually feature in the Reimagined set.

However, the Leaf Reimagined set is ultimately a set of fun and wild cards. They’re perfect for anyone looking to have fun cards in their collection or for people chasing autographs of their favorite stars.

While trading autographed Leaf Reimagined cards can provide some ROI, it’s hardly anything outstanding. Collectors looking for an ROI would be better served looking elsewhere. The Leaf Reimagined set is a fun and wild set and should be treated as such.

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