1958 Topps Baseball Set: Top Ten Cards

October 2, 2021

The 1958 Topps Baseball Set defined baseball cards that year, as it was the only major brand available. This set was released two years after Topps acquired Bowman and had become a veritable monopoly in the hobby.

This important and popular vintage set played host to many Hall of Famers and included the Roger Maris rookie card. The 1958 Topps set also veered from the norm with its memorable aesthetic. The new-look is one with distinction in Topps’s long history of baseball card production. Most notably, it introduced the now-familiar “All-Star” subset.

The Art Of The 1958 Topps Baseball Set

Topps continued tinkering with their card’s design throughout the 1950s. Not only did they adjust the layout, but they also increased the size of the collection.

With no player image complications from Bowman to worry about, Topps 1958 cards showcased the photos of the players on the front with large, oversized letters spelling out their names along the top of the card. The images are either close-up facial shots or action shots from the 1957 World Series.

With Bowman gone, Topps was the only game in town (look for 1955 Mickey Mantle Bowman cards on eBay).

The Most Valuable 1958 Topps Baseball Set Cards

The 1958 Topps set heralded a new dawn in the field of card collecting. With its unique variations, All-Stars, and legends, the 1958 Topps is a challenging but rewarding set. Like most classic 1950s Topps sets, this one has steadily increased its value over the years.

Cards in this set with PSA 8 and up are hard to come by. The 1958 Topps cards were printed on significantly thinner stock, which made them susceptible to creasing. The cards in this set were also plagued with several issues such as poor registration, centering issues, and print defects. Therefore, like most classic 1950s Topps sets, this one has steadily increased its value over the years. However, a few cards are considerably more valuable than others. These choice cards are considered the keys to the 1958 Master Set.

1958 Topps #343 Orlando Cepeda 

Cepeda was the only member of the Cooperstown elite with a 1958 rookie card. He would – later in his career – become the first power-hitting designated hitter and influence how modern American League teams utilize that position.

If you’re a collector looking to build a Hall of Fame rookie set, the 1958 Cepeda card is a must-have. You can get this rookie card of one of baseball’s all-time greats for a surprisingly affordable price.

A PSA 8 of the Cepeda rookie most recently sold for $835 on Sirius Sports Auctions.

The Orlando Cepeda is surprisingly cheap for a HOF RC (look for Orlando Cepeda rookie cards on eBay).

1958 Topps #285 Frank Robinson 

Frank Robinson’s second-year Topps card offers good value for collectors looking beyond the 1957 rookie. #285 is among the Hall-of-Famers’ most attractive cards.

A PSA 8 of the card went for $1,012 on Memory Lane Inc.

1958 Topps #47 Roger Maris RC

The rookie card of the man who broke the seemingly unbreakable Babe Ruth home run record. Maris is no longer the record holder. However, several movies and books have been made about that season, and the Roger Maris legacy is secure. This Topps rookie card is the most valuable of his cards.

Although a Non-Hall of Famer, Roger’s rookie card is a must-have for serious vintage collectors; of course, they are priced accordingly.

A PSA 8 recently sold for $2,952 on eBay.

1958 Topps #1 Ted Williams

Topps gave the Splendid Splinter the number 1 spot for the second year in a row after his outstanding 1957 performance. And with good reason. After all, Williams was described by Giant centerfield Willie Mays as the best pure hitter he ever saw. However, Williams was already 39 in 1958. Therefore, this was his final Topps player card.

A PSA 8 went for $3,120 on eBay.

Even at the end of his career, Ted Williams remained magnificent (look for Ted Williams cards on eBay).

1958 Topps #30 Hank Aaron (Yellow Name)

The Topps 1958 king of variation, Aaron, is amongst the greatest baseball players of all. Hammering Hank ranks fifth in Sporting News’s list of 100 Greatest Baseball Players for a reason.

Hank still holds the record for most All-Star Game selections, and his home run record does not need mentioning. It is easy to see why Aaron’s cards are especially important and highly sought after by collectors. While this isn’t his 1954 PSA 10 rookie card which sold for $357,594, this card is an integral part of a more expansive Aaron collection.

A “yellow name” PSA 8 recently went for $5,098 at the Mile High Card Company auction house.

1958 Topps #5 Willie Mays 

Statistics or record books cannot adequately convey Mays’s skill, passion, determination, and sheer ability. But his awards do tell part of the story. Mays was the Gold Glove winner for a record-setting twelve consecutive years (1957-1968) and is widely regarded as Major League Baseball’s best five-tool player. This card featured an iconic headshot of a smiling young Mays and is amongst his most coveted.

A PSA 8 was recently sold for $7,975 at Memory Lane, Inc. auction house.

Willie Mays early in his epic run as a Golden Glove centerfielder (look for Mays 1958 cards on eBay).

1958 Topps #150 Mickey Mantle

With four cards in the 1958 Topps set, Mickey Mantle ranks highest on the list of most popular and cards from the 1958 set. Undoubtedly one of the most exceptional players in baseball history, Mickey’s cards hold incredible value.

The holder of several World Series Hitting Records, a PSA 8 of his primary 1958 card (#150) was sold for $8,100 on Heritage Auctions just two months ago.

1958 Topps #433 Pancho Herrer(a)

While Pancho Herrera is not exactly a baseball legend, seasoned collectors are particularly interested in this card. Unfortunately, the baseman’s name was partially blocked during the printing process. However, the upside is that this error has resulted in a highly collectible variation.

As a result, a small number of his cards were released into circulation, with the last letter missing. Currently, there are only 39 known specimens of this card. The scarcity explains the relatively high price of this card.

The only centered PSA 8 of this card sold for $13,200 on Heritage Auctions house.

Believe it or not, this is the most valuable card in the set (look for 1958 Pancho Herrera cards on eBay).

What Are The Population Reports For The 1958 Topps Baseball Set?

The pop reports influence the value of the 1958 Topps cards. You can see that most clearly in the price of the Pancho Herrera card.

However, the prices are only influenced by pops to an extent. Mantle may have a higher pop than any other card, but his cards maintain their value regardless. Meanwhile, you would expect the Cepeda to have a higher price point considering it is a rookie with a relatively low population.


Card 7 PSA 8 PSA 9 PSA 10 PSA Total


Pancho Herrer 7 4 1 0 50
Orlando Cepeda 339 238 23 0 1,851
Frank Robinson 275 126 8 1 1,566
Willie Mays 335 122 5 0 3,256
Ted Williams 223 114 10 0 3,113
Roger Maris 710 334 35 0 4,583
Hank Aaron (Yellow Name) 108 39 1 0 729
Mickey Mantle 568 210 28 0 5,879

1958 Topps Baseball Set Print Run

Topps, as usual, did not release circulation numbers for the 1958 set. However, several collection specialists have made pretty fact-based “guesses.”

Topps triple-printed the Musial and Mantle All-Star ( #476 and #487) cards. To make this possible, Topps replaced several cards on the print sheets, and these are:

  • Gary Geiger (#462)
  • Billy Harrell (#443)
  • Preston Ward (#450), and
  • Carroll Hardy (#446).

Collectors highly value these cards, due to their scarcity. PSACards puts the total number of 1985 Topps cards printed at 251,937.

The Cardlines Pick From The 1958 Topps Set

Our favorite card of the 1958 Topps set is easily Roger Maris’s #47. The card is the former single-season home run record holder’s only recognized rookie issue. There is Maris, cool, composed, and seemingly looking towards Babe’s single-season home run record. The iconic look and historical importance of the #47 card should guarantee its long-term value.

Aside from shattering Babe’s record, Maris was notably accommodating to his fans, making him a fan favorite. So, unsurprisingly, his rookie card is a highly popular option.

A truly magical card (look for Roger Maris 1958 Topps cards on eBay).

Bottomline On The 1958 Topps Baseball Set

The 1958 Topps Baseball set has a generous share of Hall of Famer and the rookie cards for several players that went on to light up the Baseball world. These qualities have made it a favorite amongst collectors and a highly sought-after gem. In addition, it veered from the norm and introduced new types of cards. Investment-wise, you can never go wrong with the classic Topps sets.

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