NBA Top Shot Trade Tickets

October 1, 2021

NBA Top Shot Trade Tickets is the newest feature on the officially licensed basketball NFT.

Before rolling up our sleeves and getting into this new feature, be sure you know the basics. Check out our article on How to Make Money on Top Shot.

Reintroducing NBA Top Shot

As a quick reminder, NBA Top Show allows collectors to purchase game highlights through blockchain technology. Some of the rarer highlights sell for big bucks, too, although the market has since cooled down a bit.

Top Shot collectors have ownership over the highlight through a blockchain NFT or a non-fungible token. The token proves your ownership and is unchangeable without owner consent.

It’s hard to put a price on shared ownership of a particular highlight. However, the Top Shot market has done just that. Trading Tickets are a way to add value and flexibility to your collection of Moments.

What are NBA Top Shot Trade Tickets

NBA Top Shot Trade Tickets is part of a three-step rollout from Dapper Labs, the minds behind Top Shot.

Top Shot collectors hate opening a pack and getting a so-so highlight featuring a player they don’t know. That’s exactly what a trade ticket is intended to fix.

Trade tickets allow you to turn in your old Top Shot Moments for bigger, better things.

Trade Tickets are a way to optimize your Moment collection (picture taken from Dapper Labs).

How do NBA Top Shot Trade Tickets Work?

According to Top Shot, “Trade Tickets instantly brings extra flexibility and utility to your collection. Don’t love a Moment? Swap it for a Trade Ticket.”

The idea here is to keep the consumers happier with their Moments and provide them with recourse for dissatisfaction with their collections.

When you swap in a moment, the “trade ticket” you get in return can be used to gain assess to special packs that are only available to collectors of Trade Tickets.

And, best of all, each Moment is worth 1 ticket. So, it doesn’t matter how common or boring your Moment might be!

How Can You Get NBA Top Shot Trade Ticket?

Trade Tickets can be acquired by trading in any single NBA Top Shot Moment and receiving a single Trade Ticket. So if you have a moment you don’t care for, swap it in for a trade ticket. There’s a 1:1 ticket-to-Moment ratio regardless of Series, Tier, Serial Number, etc.

Don’t like a Moment? No problem! (look for NBA Top Shot Moments on eBay).

The Process

Trade tickets were created to help Top Shot collectors do a little more with each Moment. So, if you’d prefer ripping packs instead of sitting on moments, you don’t care for or are struggling to sell, this is the solution.

Top Shot outlines a 5-step process for using trade tickets:

  1. Collectors can trade in any Moment from their collection in exchange for a single Trade Ticket.
  2. Common, Fandom, Rare, and Legendary Moments are all worth one Trade Ticket each.
  3. Traded Moments are sent to The Locker Room, an account on the site that’ll house all of the traded-in Moments from the community, along with more exclusive unreleased Moments and packs that’ll get released over time.
  4. When you trade in a Moment, you will instantly receive a Trade Ticket in your account. In addition, top Shot will have regularly scheduled drops exclusive to collectors who own a minimum number of Trade Tickets in the future. The number of Trade Tickets required will vary from release to release, with advance notice given before each drop — so collectors will have time to grab tickets.
  5. Once you trade in a Moment and receive your Trade Ticket, you won’t be able to reclaim the Moment you traded in. Trade Tickets are non-transferable and completely fungible. No single Trade Ticket is better than another, regardless of which Moment was traded in to redeem the ticket.
You can get a ticket for any moment, no matter the tier (picture taken from Dapper Labs).

Analyzing The Process

Point 3, in particular, is an interesting one. Traded in moments go to “The Locker Room,” but they can be released, as well.

Another potentially exciting approach would be “burning” the traded Moment. This move can be valuable when adjusting the rest of the set’s serial number to add scarcity.

What Is Next For NBA Top Shot Trade Tickets

According to Dapper Labs, this is Phase 1 of the development plan for Trade Tickets. If so, what is in Phase 2 and 3?

Per Top Shot, Phase 2 of the trade ticket initiative includes a “bulk trade-in” feature that’ll allow collectors to trade in dozens of Moments to receive dozens of Trade Tickets at once.

That said, the company is holding off on Phase Three, which will be the first release of our Series 1 Reserve Packs, until that feature is built.

Are NBA Top Shot Trade Tickets Worth It?

Top Shot trade tickets cannot be sold, and they’re not NFTs on any blockchain. However, they are worth your time if you have any Top Shots you want to offload.

Imagine bundling up all your basketball base cards and selling them in bulk for $50, which you then take to buy a blaster box. Of course, after opening the blaster, you still probably don’t have any big-money cards, but there was at least a chance of pulling one.

You can most likely expect the same sort of thing from Top Shot Trade Tickets. They’re not big money, but they’re a way to get a new chance at pulling something exciting and valuable.