2021 Panini Instant NFL NFT Blockchain

November 6, 2021

Panini is trying to stay with the times by adding a new series, the 2021 Panini Instant NFL NFT Blockchain. But in the increasingly competitive world of sports NFTs, has the card giant got what it takes to beat the competition? Read on to find out.

What is Panini Instant?

Panini Instant started back in 2016 during the Copa America Centenario soccer tournament. Panini Instant was launched to give collectors a chance to own real-time cards featuring key events and moments in specific sporting events. They are pretty similar to the Topps Now releases we have covered previously.

After something amazing would happen during the tournament, you could run to their website, buy a card highlighting that moment, and wait a week for it to get to your home, giving you the fastest turnaround in sports card collecting.

Over the next couple of months, Panini instant expanded into several other major sports, including the NFL. The rules are simple. Fans have 24 hours following the card’s release to make a purchase. You can also obtain parallels of Panini Instant cards; some numbered as low as one.

Will the Panini bid to enter the NFT space succeed? (picture taken from Panini)

What Are 2021 Panini Instant NFL NFT Blockchain?

As you probably know: NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that are verified and confirmed through blockchain. The Italian card giant is now using this format for their Panini Instant releases.

Instead of a physical Panini Instant card, you will receive a Blockchain NFT of the desired card when you buy one of these.

The Release Schedule

The brand-new 2021 Panini Instant NFL NFT Blockchain cards will be available simultaneously to the physical Panini Instant NFL cards. They will generally follow the same rules. However, instead of being available for one day, you will have 48 hours before it ends. As with all Panini Instant products, once the window closes, the total number is locked in.

Besides the base version available on the NFT Blockchain, Panini will also offer rare parallels. The company will issue a Gold parallel version of each base card, numbered to 10, and a Holo Platinum 1/1 version.

They will also offer an exclusive Weekly Pass option that guarantees users all the base versions of the cards launched that week.

Here is an example of a Tom Brady base (picture taken from Twitter)

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Can They Compete With Dapper Labs NFL NFTs?

Dapper Labs is the only competition in the NFL NFT field that is worth noting. However, Panini has a head start in this space and, therefore, an advantage with collectors.But, of course, we know that the Dapper Labs model works from their wildly successful NBA Topshot NFTs. So, the outcome of this clash is far from certain.

What Types of NFTs Are Offered?

As we have mentioned, each card will have a Gold (numbered only to 10) and Holo Platinum (numbered only to one) parallel version. So the value of these NFTs will be insane, especially the Gold and Holo Platinum ones, since they are so rare.

Panini already has NFT collectibles available from other releases (look for them on eBay)

How Can You Get 2021 Panini Instant NFL NFT?

If you want to get in on the action, you first need to sign up and get an account on Panini America’s Blockchain. Then, be ready when the cards are released on Monday. Once you make a purchase, the NFT is added to your blockchain.

The Cost of 2021 Panini NFL Blockchain NFTs are not set in stone because Panini will decide the importance of the NFT and price it out accordingly. The base cards will be around $5.00 each, but the cost of the parallels constantly changes.

Value Of 2021 Panini Instant NFL NFT On The Primary Market

Here are some recent pricing examples

PlayerCard No.ParallelNumberPrice
Tom Brady81Base$5
Tom Brady81Holo Platinum1/1$500
Tom Brady81Gold#/10$200
Kyler Murray80Holo Platinum1/1$150
Kyler Murray80Gold#/10$75
Ja’Marr Chase78Holo Platinum1/1$250
Ja’Marr Chase78Gold#/10$100
Mac Jones76Holo Platinum1/1$300
Mac Jones76Gold#/10$100
D’Ernest Johnson74Holo Platinum1/1$100
D’Ernest Johnson74Gold#/10$50

2021 Panini Instant NFL NFT Value On The Secondary Market

PlayerTypeSerial No.Sold For
Trevor LawrenceBase Gold1/10$400
Aaron RodgersBase Gold1/10$369
Trevon DiggsBase Gold2/10$351
Trevor LawrenceBase Gold6/10$279
Khalil HebertBase1/1712$150
Jaylen WaddleBase1/1762$100
Dak Prescott/Ceedee LambBase7/1774$26
How will the Trevor Lawrence Instant NFT RCs hold up in value? (picture taken from Twitter)

A Note On Payment Options

Panini America wants to ensure the stability of the Blockchain ecosystem by only accepting US dollars on their website or through the Panini Direct App. You can use your credit card to purchase the NFTs.

They do not currently deal with Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency, which is very strange when selling digital assets.

Bottomline On 2021 Panini Instant NFL NFT Blockchain

It is too early to tell how much money these new NFTs from Panini America will be worth in the long run. But the parallels and even the base cards are currently showing a healthy scope for profit.

Since the product was just released, it is just too soon to determine the longevity of this endeavor. Of course, keep in mind that the clock is running out on Panini’s NFL rights. So the long-term appeal of these cards is an open question.

However, we love the look of the cards and the ease of purchasing them. In addition, not many people are on board yet, as you can see from the relatively low numbers of base cards sold. Therefore, the bottom line is that these NFTs are a strong buy in the short term and an uncertain one in the long term.

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