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2021 Panini Phoenix Football Review

2021 will mark the sixth release of Phoenix Football. The main draw is their optichrome cards. With this year’s NFL rookie class shaping up to be one of the stronger ones in recent years, this may be a product that is worth at least considering buying. In order to make that call, we give you the 2021 Panini Phoenix Football review.

After the holidays, money can be tight for some, and there may be money burning a hole in the pockets of others. Depending where you lay on that spectrum may be a significant determining factor in whether this product is right for you. Despite this, 2021 Panini Phoenix Football is shaping up to be a quality product this season.

Intro To Phoenix Football

Panini Phoenix Football broke onto the scene in the 2015 season. Since then, it has struggled to take off. However, it is known for its eye-popping card art/designs and the product’s quality. While getting an autograph card does not necessarily mean getting a quality card, this product has a fair share of autographs and relic cards.

Release Date

Look for 2021 Panini Phoenix boxes on eBay. 

The original release date for Panini Phoenix Football was January 19, 2022. However, due to supply chain delays and all the rest, it is currently scheduled for release on April 15, 2002.

2021 Panini Phoenix Football Review Of The Pros

The first pro is that this product has a retail release. This gives buyers more options if they run on a tighter budget or do not want to dedicate a lot of money to the hobby. Along with this, the hit rate is solid for this release. This is something that could make this a very profitable product this season. The final major draw of this product is the card art. Whether it is the base cards or the inserts/parallels, the card art for this product is beautiful.

2021 Panini Phoenix Football Review Of The Cons

One downside of this product is the price. It is a high-risk, high-reward type of buy for many. There is, nonetheless, a good ratio of autographs and relics. Another problem is that the sound hits from Phoenix don’t resell for the prices that more beloved products like Prizm do.

For a relatively low price, Phoenix offers some serious bangers. Look at the highest valued cards from this release on eBay. 

2021 Panini Phoenix Football Review Of Release Formats

As previously mentioned, there are four primary formats for 2021 Phoenix Football.

Hobby Box

The first buying option that we will cover is the hobby box. With so many great rookies in this class, the twelve rookies per box should stand out to potential buyers, along with the two autographed cards per box and sixteen boxes per case.

Hobby H2 Box

Interestingly, this product has an alternate hobby box for buyers who are less concerned about autographs and are more interested in parallels. The Phoenix Football hobby H2 box typically averages one autograph, three silver lazer parallels, seven additional silver lazer parallels, eight inserts, and eighteen rookies. So while you are sacrificing an autograph, a memorabilia card, and one insert in this box, you are gaining an alternative form of parallels and eight more rookie cards.

  • 1 Autograph
  • 3 Silver Lazer Parallels
  • 7 Additional Lazer Parallels
  • 8 Inserts
  • 18 Rookies
  • Sells for around $300


One of the main parallels of this product is the color burst, and you should get one of these parallels per box. Their rarity goes as follows:


Color Burst

Red – #/250

Pink – #/199

Teal – #/150

Purple – #/125

Orange – #/99

Yellow – #/75

Fire & Ice – #/50

Blue – #/35

Green – #/25

Black – #/10

Gold – 1/1

Printing Plates – 1/1

The H2/Hybrids have their own unique set of parallels, the lazers. Their rarity goes as follows:

Silver Lazer

Red Lazer – #/285

Orange Lazer – #/99

Fire & Ice Lazer – #/50

Green Lazer – #/25

Black Lazer – #/10

Gold Lazer – 1/1

2021 Panini Phoenix Football Review Of The Checklist

The checklist includes 200 cards in total, 100 of them being veterans and the other 100 being rookies.

Overview of key players

Based on their play this season, key rookies to keep an eye on including Mac Jones, Jamar Chase, Micah Parsons, Justin Fields, and Trevor Lawrence. Additionally, there is a triple patch triple auto card of Trevor Larence, Trey Lance, and Zach Wilson in this set.


One of the inserts are the Flame Throwers, their rarity goes as follows:

Red – #/199

Pink – #/175

Teal – #/149

Purple – #/125

Orange – #/99

Yellow – #/75

Bronze – #/50

Blue – #/35

Green – #/25

Black – #/10

Gold – 1/1

The RSP Rookie Auto Jersey cards’ rarity is:

Orange – #/149 or less

Yellow – #/75 or less

Blue – #/50 or less

Green – #/25 or less

Laundry Tag – 1/1

The triple auto patches have a rarity of:

Green – #/25

Black – #/10

Super Prime – 1/1

Lastly, the rookie jumbo memorabilia have a rarity of:

Purple – #/99

Yellow – #/50

Blue – #/25

Green – #/10

Super Prime Gold Vinyl – 1/1

2021 Panini Phoenix Football Review Of Value

As we all know, Phoenix is no Prizm, and the cards and wax tend to go for less than the premium brands. But how much less? We took a look.


Justin Herbert Phoenix Rookie Base $15
Justin Herbert Prizm Rookie Base $56
Joe Burrow Phoenix Patch Auto $715
Joe Burrow National Treasures Patch Auto $2,175

As you can see, the Phoenix cards go for about one quarter to a fifth of the price of their prestige equivalents. However, since the boxes are significantly cheaper, this is a fair exchange. In addition, the top cards, like a Burrow patch auto, cover the price of a box.

A good patch auto can more than cover the price of the box. Look for Joe Burrow RPAs on eBay. 


2019 Phoenix Hobby Box $605
2020 Phoenix Hobby Box $949

Both boxes are now worth more than the buy-in price. But of course, the value depends greatly on the rookie class. For example, the 2020 box had Burrow and Herbert worth almost twice as much as the buy-in. So if you believe in the current rookie class, a box may be a good investment.

Bottomline Of The 2021 Panini Phoenix Football Review

To wrap things up, the 2021 Panini Phoenix Football product is shaping up to be a very good one this year. While it is pricey, it is a very high-quality product, and the price is modest compared to premium products.

There is no wrong option between the regular hobby boxes and the H2/hybrid boxes. That decision will come down to personal preference and what you are looking to add to your collection. For example, if you are more into having autographs and memorabilia cards, I would personally go with the regular hobby box or case. However, if you want more parallels and rookie cards, then the H2/Hybrid boxes or cases are the way.

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