2021 Topps Finest Basketball Review

April 26, 2022

Topps Finest is one of the mainstay Topps releases and, in recent years, has been firmly associated with the company’s baseball releases. But Topps Finest Basketball was a regular release for the company until it last appeared in the 2007-2008 season. Now it has reemerged. To celebrate, we give you our 2021 Topps Finest Basketball review.

Intro To The 2021 Topps Finest Basketball Review

Get a box of 2021 Topps Finest Basketball on eBay. 

Panini still has the NBA rights, so the product appears without NBA and team logos. That situation will continue until Fanatics takes over in 2026. But Topps is wisely using the time until then to get fans reacquainted with the brand.

It’s time for Topps to bring back its classic refractors to basketball. See what Kevin Durant refractors are for sale on eBay. 


There is only one box format for this release, at least so far. Boxes will initially be made available for Montgomery Club members. That exclusive sale takes place on April 26th. Meanwhile, boxes will be made available to the public on April 27th.

Box Contents:

  • 1 chrome auto
  • 18 packs per box
  • 4 cards per pack
  • Selling on the secondary market for $900

2021 Topps Finest Basketball Review Of Value

See what Topps Finest Basketball hobby boxes are going for on eBay. 

These boxes are not cheap, especially for an unlicensed product. So, let’s see how much some of the older varieties are selling for.

1993-94 Hobby Box$850
1995-96 Hobby Box (Series 1)$650
1996-97 Hobby Box$4,000
2005-06 Hobby Box$4,000
2006-07 Hobby Box$2,495

As you can see, the prestige of this release means that when there are good rookies available, it goes for an excellent price. Look at the 1996-97 set, for example. With Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson rookies available, you gotta love that resale value.

Still, that does not give a great indication of this set. There will be no rookies in this one, and it is an unlicensed product. So, while it may maintain its value, I don’t see it going up a lot.

2021 Topps Finest Basketball Review Of The Checklist

As befitting a small Montgomery Club release, the 2021 Topps Finest Basketball checklist is small. There are 60 base cards and 55 autographs, all told.

As you can see, the list is heavy on retired players from the 90s. In many cases, the players will be in their street clothes to circumvent the licensing problem.

Dirk Nowitzki is one of many legendary autos in this set. Look for more Dirk autos on eBay. 

We expect some of the classic Topps Finest parallels to return. However, we do not yet have information. This article will be updated when we do.

Other Finest Releases

Base Set Checklist

1 Cole Anthony
2 Allen Iverson
3 Greg Anthony
4 Joe Dumars
5 Kevin Garnett
6 Larry Johnson
7 Latrell Sprewell
8 Larry Nance Sr.
9 Joe Smith
10 Dennis Rodman
11 Isiah Thomas
12 Vlade Divac
13 Randy Brown
14 Ron Harper
15 Allan Houston
16 Jerome Lane
17 Kenny Anderson
18 Corie Blount
19 Anfernee Hardaway
20 Gary Payton
21 Dominique Wilkins
22 Kurt Rambis
23 Larry Hughes
24 Mike Bibby
25 Steve Kerr
26 Isaiah Rider
27 Toni Kukoc
28 Glen Rice
29 Dennis Hopson
30 Dell Curry
31 Hersey Hawkins
32 Jason Kidd
33 Grant Hill
34 Shaquille O’Neal
35 Robert Horry
36 Brad Sellers
37 Juwan Howard
38 Steve Nash
39 Detlef Schrempf
40 Shawn Kemp
41 Dirk Nowitzki
42 James Worthy
43 Danny Manning
44 Horace Grant
45 Willie Anderson
46 Jason Richardson
47 B.J. Armstrong
48 Vinny Del Negro
49 Scott Burrell
50 Tim Hardaway
51 Steve Smith
52 John Starks
53 Dan Majerle
54 Earl Boykins
55 Dikembe Mutombo
56 Gheorghe Mureșan
57 Damon Stoudamire
58 Vince Carter
59 Jeff Hornacek
62 Adonal Foyle

Finest Autographs Set Checklist

FA-AF Adonal Foyle
FA-AH Allan Houston
FA-AI Allen Iverson
FA-BA B.J. Armstrong
FA-BS Brad Sellers
FA-CB Corie Blount
FA-DCR Dell Curry
FA-DH Dennis Hopson
FA-DM Dikembe Mutombo
FA-DMJ Dan Majerle
FA-DN Dirk Nowitzki
FA-DR Dennis Rodman
FA-DS Detlef Schrempf
FA-DST Damon Stoudamire
FA-DW Dominique Wilkins
FA-EB Earl Boykins
FA-GH Grant Hill
FA-GM Gheorghe Muresan
FA-GP Gary Payton
FA-GR Glen Rice
FA-HG Horace Grant
FA-HH Hersey Hawkins
FA-IT Isiah Thomas
FA-JB Jud Buechler
FA-JD Joe Dumars
FA-JH Jeff Hornacek
FA-JHW Juwan Howard
FA-JK Jason Kidd
FA-JL Jerome Lane
FA-JRC Jason Richardson
FA-JS John Starks
FA-JW James Worthy
FA-KA Kenny Anderson
FA-KG Kevin Garnett
FA-KR Kurt Rambis
FA-LJ Larry Johnson
FA-LN Larry Nance Sr.
FA-LS Latrell Sprewell
FA-MB Mike Bibby
FA-MW Mikey Williams
FA-PH Anfernee Hardaway
FA-RB Randy Brown
FA-RH Ron Harper
FA-SB Scott Burrell
FA-SK Shawn Kemp
FA-SKR Steve Kerr
FA-SN Steve Nash
FA-SO Shaquille O’Neal
FA-SS Steve Smith
FA-TH Tim Hardaway
FA-TK Toni Kukoc
FA-VC Vince Carter
FA-VD Vlade Divac
FA-VDN Vinny Del Negro
FA-WA Willie Anderson

Bottomline Of The 2021 Topps Finest Basketball Review

90s autograph hunters will be pretty excited about the return of Topps Finest. But let’s be real here. This release of 90s stars in suits isn’t going to bowl anyone over. The point is to remind us of the basketball credentials of the Topps Finest brand. And well, everyone in the hobby is talking about the release. So it has already worked. We are very excited to see where Topps takes its basketball releases in the coming years.