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A Breakdown Of 2022/23 Panini One And One Basketball

2022-23 panini one and one release

The concept of Panini One and One Basketball is simple. You get a high-risk and high-reward product that offers you only two cards. One is a hit, and one is a non-hit.

We will discuss the specifics below) and should be worth a considerable amount. So, it’s a bit like scratching a lottery card. You know immediately if you made money or not. The product is not for those who want to make an evening out of opening a box.

But it’s ideal for the collector with a lot of money and a little patience. That means it is not for everyone. Set collectors are looking for a different article right now. You have been warned.

But the real question is, does it provide bang for the buck for its intended audience? We set out to answer that in our 2022/23 Panini One and One Basketball review.

A brief history of Panini One and One Basketball

The Panini One and One Basketball release is a newcomer to the Panini annual schedule. It had a football predecessor. Panini previously released 2019 Panini One Football, a hobby box that contained a single autographed NFL card.

For whatever reason, when the company moved this product to basketball, they made it a two-card product and shifted the name to Panini One and One Basketball. I am glad they did because it is a way cooler name.

However, I am unsure that including a second non-hit card benefits the product (aside from the name). After all, no one is ripping this for the base card.

If so, the set was first released for the 2019/20 season. That means it has been part of our lives since the COVID bubble and was not part of the old-school hobby.

And you have to hand it to the folks at Panini (not a sentence you hear very often nowadays); they read the map and saw where the hobby is going. The attitude of so many in the pursuit today is that base cards are a waste of time and space, and the only thing that matters is hits.

After receiving an unenthusiastic response to including parallels and base cards in the product, Panini changed things up a bit in the 2020/21 Panini One and One Basketball release.

At this point, they began to include some very prestigious inserts (like the much-vaunted Downtown Inserts) as a possibility for the second card aside from the autograph. That significantly improved the product.

2019 Panini One and One Zion Williamson

2022/23 Panini One and One Basketball release date

What can we say about Panini release dates that we have not said already? The company is way behind on the dates. The 2022/23 Panini One and One Basketball release date is December 6, 2023.

Of course, we should note that this product has been off schedule from day one. The 2019/20 product dropped on November 25, 2020. Also, into the following season. That is about a month and a half after the start of the 2023-24 season.

Does anyone feel like buying last year’s basketball product? There is no question this is lowering enthusiasm. But with Panini having limited time on its contract, the company hopes to milk every last bit of its remaining products.

2022/23 Panini One and One Basketball release formats

There are only two formats for 2022/23, Panini One and One Basketball, though I do not see any difference between them.

The regular hobby box and the First Off The Line hobby box. Panini should make clear why someone should spend more on the FOTL.

Hobby Box


2022-23 Panini One and One Basketball pros

The pros for this product are immediate and obvious. With the inclusion of an auto and a possible Downtown insert, collectors have a relatively decent chance of getting two beautiful hits.

Another great advantage is that you soon know whether you did well. There is no waiting around and no useless base cards to clog up your house.

However, you might be unlucky enough to hit a single base card. Still, that isn’t much to worry about.

Another appealing aspect of the product is including Panini One and One Basketball Timeless Moments inserts. Scribbled all over the card and featuring a great moment from the player’s season, these beautiful autos have often sold for very high prices.

In this edition, we have been promised autos in gold ink, which will make basketball collectors very happy.

2022-23 Panini One and One Basketball cons

First, there is the apparent con. You can easily tap out with a mediocre auto and a base card. You can end up paying $1,000 for $100-200 cards. Those are the breaks when you play the lottery.

The design is terrible for the 2022/23 Panini One and One Basketball edition. The logo takes up way too much real estate. And it’s not like this product has an iconic look that you want to emphasize front and center.

The logo for One and One has made no impression and should be placed as unobtrusively as possible. No one wants to spend a grand and receive unattractive cards.

Finally, another issue we have already mentioned. The timing. How many people want to spend this much on last year’s cards?

To make matters worse, the hobby’s rookie class here is not highly rated. That isn’t to say none of the rookies here have legs. But that is how they are perceived.

Therefore, everyone is saving their money for the first Wemby cards. So, why spend $1,000 on this rather than save your money?

Panini One and One Basketball 2022-23 review of the checklist

The checklist isn’t out yet, so we can’t give you all the details. But stay tuned, and all that will change.

We assume there won’t be any significant changes from last year. As a reminder, the base card set was made of 180 cards (that no one wants to pull).

Panini One and One Basketball


While we don’t have the full details of the base checklist quite yet, we do have the list of parallels down:

  • Blue – #/40
  • Purple – #/25
  • Red – #/15
  • Gold – #/10
  • Green – #/5
  • Black – 1/1

2022-23 Panini One and One Basketball inserts

As far as we know, only two inserts will be available in 2022/23 Panini One and One Basketball.

However, they are both perfect ones. It’s so good that if you get either of them as your second card, there is a chance you will make back far more than your investment in the box.


You are likely already familiar with these awesome inserts. They appear in several Panini releases, although these days, the One and One Basketball line may be the most reliable place to land one.

The inserts are illustrated and showcase an NBA star with the landmarks of the city they are from behind them. Indeed, these were so successful that Topps issued a sort of copy of those inserts called Homefield Advantage.

Downtown cards aren’t quite as valuable as Kabooms!, but they fetch excellent prices. The best do well over $5,000.

Meanwhile, many good ones will more than cover the box regardless of the other card. The presence of these cards is one of the product’s main selling points.

Panini One and One Basketball

Timeless Moments

The Timeless Moments insert highlights the most significant events and achievements of the relevant players’ careers.

The designs are beautiful, and this year, the addition of gold ink autos adds to the cache and desirability of the insert. Keep in mind that not all Timeless Moments cards have an autographed version.

But we love the Steph Curry one included in the 2022/23 Panini One and One Basketball. The prices for these cards are all over the place, but the best ones can go for almost ten times the box’s value.

Panini has done a great job of making these cards appealing and desirable.

2022-23 Panini One and One Basketball autos

The autos are one of the main selling points of the product. After all, there is one guaranteed included in every box. So, what can we expect to see this year?

As you would expect, there is a good selection of autographs featuring the hottest rookies in the league.

Well, not Wemby, but we already talked about that. You can expect Rookie Autographs, Rookie Jersey Autographs, and the all-new Rookie Jumbo Jersey Autographs.

Rookie Autographs

The Rookie Autographs cards are exactly what they sound like. Just regular autos. They are all on the card, which is a great advantage.

And I have to say, the design is not great. The white borders sort of white out the shape of the card, making it look like a clumsy die cut.

These autos are not particularly popular despite featuring rookies. Most of them are worth less than $1,000.

Rookie Jersey Autographs

The 2022/23 Panini One and One Basketball RPAs are some of the best cards in these boxes. They are far classier and better looking than their Rookie Autographs equivalents.

These are really among the nicer RPAs currently available. And how do they do on the market? Not as well as you would expect. There was only one sale above $2,000 in the last three months.

However, previous editions had less attractive RPAs. The Rookie Jersey Autographs in the 2022/23 Panini One and One Basketball boxes are beautiful and, therefore, could be worth more.

Rookie Jumbo Jersey Autographs

These are new editions of the product. As you may have guessed from the name, they come with far bigger memorabilia swatches.

I generally find these less attractive than their more modest RPA equivalents. Either way, we don’t know how valuable they are compared to the old-school Rookie Jersey Autographs because this is the first year they have featured.

There is also a veteran version of this card. But you will probably be hoping to get a rookie instead.

2022/23 Panini One and One Basketball value

The value section is always an essential part of any review. But with a product like Panini One and One Basketball, it is easily the most crucial part.

There isn’t much to do here in terms of enjoying ripping and designs. Either you get the value you wanted out of the box, or you don’t.

It’s all pretty straightforward. There is a lovely, clean simplicity to it when you think about it.

Panini One and One Hobby Box value

The product is a relatively recent one. Therefore, there aren’t too many previous years to compare prices. But here is a chart with the three years we have numbers for.

2019/20 Panini One and One Basketball Hobby Box$1,409
2020/21 Panini One and One Basketball Hobby Box$1,099.95
2021/22 Panini One and One Basketball Hobby Box$849

Honestly? Boxes of Panini One and One Basketball do worse than I would expect.

There are no pre-pandemic boxes for this since the 2019/20 iteration came out late in 2020. The rookie classes of the last two releases did not get collectors particularly excited.

Unfortunately, 2022/23 is the same story. So, if these prices are predictive, we can expect the boxes to more or less hold value. Therefore, this does not seem like much of an investment from a wax perspective.


There is no question that boxes of Panini One and One Basketball are made for ripping. So, the real test was always going to be whether the contents of these boxes were worth opening.

Here are some of the highest-value singles sold on eBay in recent months:

2020/21 Panini One and One Basketball Timeless Moments Anthony Edwards Rookie Card Black Box 1/1 (Raw)$9,048
2019/20 Panini One and One Basketball Downtown Ja Morant Rookie Card (PSA 10)$5,600
2021/22 Panini One and One Basketball Zion Williamson Nike Patch 1/1 (Raw)$4,938
2021/22 Panini One and One Basketball Allen Iverson Allen Iverson Green NBA 75 Team Signatures /5 (Raw)$4,200
2019/20 Panini One and One Basketball Stephen Curry #Patch Auto /25 (PSA 9)$3,919
Panini One and One Downtown

Like any box, you are not likely to make back what you spend when you rip a Panini One and One Basketball. That is just how these things go. But this is just a smattering of the cards that are worth several times the value of the box.

There are many high-value (though not necessarily life-altering) cards in these products. That is what makes ripping these boxes a lot of fun. And most of these high-value cards are very beautiful as well.

I also like that veteran cards are among the highest-value ones. That means this isn’t the kind of product where if you don’t pull the most significant rookie, you are screwed.

A sample break of Panini One and One Basketball

We know that you can get awesome cards with this product. But the real question is how often. So, I looked at the breaking of a few boxes to understand how often ripping pays off.

Here is a Layton cards rip off ten boxes of 2021/22 Panini One and One Basketball:

YouTube video

First box

Kyrie Irving Base

Bradley Beal Timeless Moments Auto

Verdict: Not worth it

Second box

Stephen Curry Base

Scottie Barnes RPA Redemption

Verdict: Worth it, but not by much. And sucks that it is a redemption.  

Third box

Wendell Carter Jr. Base

Cade Cunningham RPA /99

Verdict: Not worth it, but not too bad. Especially since Cade seems poised for a comeback.

Fourth box

Ja Morant Downtown

Robert Parrish NBA 75 Auto /99

Verdict: Worth it. If the Ja gets a PSA 10, well worth it

Fifth box

Dirk Nowitzki Base

Moses Moody Auto

Verdict: An Absolute bust of a box

Sixth box

Rudy Gobert base

Franz Wagner RPA

Verdict: Wanger RPA’s are worth surprisingly little, so it’s a bust for now. But Wanger cards may be worth a good deal more in the future.

Panini One and One Prime

Seventh box

Omer Yurtseven Base

James Bouknight Auto

Verdict: The MacDaddy of all busts.

Eighth box

Moses Moody Base

Mike Conley Patch Auto

Verdict: Total bust

Ninth box

Dalano Banton Base

Amare Stoudamire Patch Auto

Verdict: Bust

Tenth box

CJ McCollum

Ayo Dosunmo Auto

Verdict: Moderate Bust

In the final analysis, out of ten boxes, only one was unequivocally worth it. But it didn’t contain a MASSIVE card either. Two others had RPAs that could reasonably (and probably will) end up being worth ripping.

That is a 30% chance of having a box that will not fill you with deep, shameful regret. Honestly, by hobby standards, that isn’t bad!

The main problem here, as you can see, is that you are far more likely to get a base card than a Downtown or Timeless Moments card as your second pull.

It looks like one of each per ten boxes, so 80% of you will pull a base. Once you do, your chances of making back the money are much smaller since you rely entirely on the auto for value.

Final word of the 2022/23 Panini One and One Basketball review

After looking at all the ins and outs of 2022/23 Panini One and One Basketball, it delivers precisely what it promises.

Cool cards and a decent chance to make back the money you spent. Sure, we can quibble over the uninspiring design of the base cards, but no one cares about that anyway.

The RPAs look great, the Timeless Moments look even better, and Downtown cards are always design winners. And more importantly, they have good market value.

Because there is a nice variety of worthwhile cards available in 2022/23 Panini One and One Basketball, your chances of returning your money appear to be somewhere in the 20-30%.

If a one-and-done lottery ticket type of product is your thing, this will scratch your itch.

2022-23 Panini One and One Basketball checklist

Check back to this space for a fully searchable checklist of Panini One and One Basketball 2022-23.

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim is the emeritus editor of Cardlines. He continues to write for several hobby outlets, including this one and Cardbase. He collects primarily vintage baseball and soccer and has a weird obsession with 1971 Topps.

In his spare time, Shaiel is sobbing into his bourbon when the Mets lose and playing Dungeons and Dragons. In a past life, Dr. Ben-Ephraim was a political science professor, journalist, and diplomat. But cards are more fun.
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