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2022 Bowman Mega Box Guide And Checklist

The Bowman Mega Box has become the go-to retail product for the coveted prospect heavy baseball line. Bowman has released them every year since 2016. In anticipation of this year’s release, we give you the 2022 Bowman Mega Box guide and checklist. Please note that this article deals with the Bowman Mega of the regular paper release of Bowman. However, Bowman Chrome also has a Mega format.

What Does The 2022 Bowman Baseball Mega Box Contain?

Look for Bowman Mega Boxes on eBay. 

A Bowman Mega Box contains two types of packs, and the contents of each are markedly different.

  • 4 standard Bowman packs
  • 10 cards in each standard pack
  • 2 exclusive Bowman Mega Box packs
  • 5 cards in each Bowman Mega Box pack

The standard packs have the same cards available in other formats, such as blasters and fat packs. However, most collectors pay little notice to those. Instead, the 2 exclusive packs garner all of the attention. That is because they contain the highly prized Mojo Refractors.

Get a 2021 Bowman Mega Box before the price goes up. See what they have on eBay. 

Where To Get A Bowman Mega Box?

Bowman Mega Boxes are usually obtained through Target. They will often be listed on the website. However, act fast because they typically run out quickly. Check out our complete guide to hitting online retail and land the Bowman Mega Box of your dreams.

Last year, many collectors reported hitting Mega Boxes at Barnes & Noble. I did, in fact, see a couple in the wild at the Los Angeles branch in the Grove. Hopefully, they will stock up on Mega Boxes as well.

Of course, you can also purchase boxes from the big third-party sellers and eBay. However, don’t neglect StockX. They tend to have better prices for sealed wax. I picked up a couple of 2021 Bowman Mega Boxes there last month.

Bowman Mojo Refractors

See what Mojo Refractors are available on eBay. 

Mojo Refractors are not available in any other format. They are Bowman Mega Box exclusives and are the key to the format’s broad appeal.

Most Mojo Refractors are variations on Bowman Chrome Prospects cards found in other formats. However, they differ in the background. While regular Bowman Chrome Prospects have a homogenous and flat finish, the Mojos come with a specialized geometric pattern background.

2022 Bowman Mega Box Release Date

The release date for the 2022 Bowman Mega Box has not been made public yet. Last year it came out in May. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was some delay this year, with supply chain issues and the like.

The release date for the 2022 Bowman Hobby Box was May 4, 2022.

Bowman Mega Box Mojo Parallels

Here is a breakdown of the parallels in the 2021 Bowman Mega Box:

  • Purple – 1:28 packs
  • Aqua – 1:32 packs
  • Pink – 1:36 packs
  • Blue – 1:47 packs
  • Green – 1:71 packs
  • Yellow – 1:94 packs
  • Gold – 1:140 packs
  • Orange – 1:279 packs
  • Red – 1:1,398 packs
  • Black – 1:7,019 packs

Like this Wander Franco Red Mojo Refractor? Look for them on eBay.

Base Chrome Image Variations

  • Black – 1:66,672 packs

2022 Bowman Mega Box Guide And Checklist Odds

The Mojo Refractors are the heavy hitters in this release. But there are other awesome inserts you can pull from a 2022 Bowman Mega Box. Here are the odds for the 2021 edition. We will update this as soon as info for 2022 is available.

ROY Favorites

  • Insert – 1:2 packs
  • Purple – 1:40 packs
  • Pink – 1:176 packs
  • Blue – 1:233 packs
  • Green – 1:353 packs
  • Orange – 1:1,398 packs
  • Red – 1:7,019 packs
  • Black – 1:36,090 packs


  • Insert – 1:4 packs
  • Purple – 1:140 packs
  • Pink – 1:176 packs
  • Blue – 1:233 packs
  • Green – 1:353 packs
  • Gold – 1:699
  • Orange – 1:1,398 packs
  • Red – 1:7,019 packs
  • Black – 1:36,090 packs


  • Mega Box Chrome Autographs – 1:15 packs
  • Blue – 1:139 packs
  • Green – 1:210 packs
  • Orange – 1:829 packs
  • Black – 1:20,836 packs

Futurists Mega Box Autographs

  • 1:1,380 packs
  • Orange – 1:5,465 packs
  • Black – 1:133,344

The Futurist autos are a beautiful Mojo style card. See what they have on eBay. 

2022 Bowman Mega Box Guide And Checklist Overview

The checklist for the Mojo Refractors last year was 100 players long. It will likely be the same length in 2022, Bowman. But, as always, the list will be a truncated version of the longer Bowman Prospects list. So, expect the Mojos to feature a shorter version of the same names.

We will update the list when more information is available.

Carlos Aguiar – Minnesota Twins 1st
Jhonkensy Noel – Cleveland Guardians 1st
Kahlil Watson – Miami Marlins 1st
Misael Gonzalez – Chicago White Sox 1st
Brett Baty – New York Mets
Spencer Torkelson – Detroit Tigers
Marco Luciano – San Francisco Giants
Benyamin Bailey – Chicago White Sox 1st
CJ Abrams – San Diego Padres
Dauri Lorenzo – Houston Astros 1st
Estiven Machado – Toronto Blue Jays 1st
Zac Veen – Colorado Rockies
Roberto Campos – Detroit Tigers 1st
Branlyn Jaraba – Milwaukee Brewers 1st
Ronny Mauricio – New York Mets
Oswaldo Cabrera – New York Yankees 1st
Alvin Guzman – Arizona Diamondbacks 1st
Adrian Sugastey – San Francisco Giants 1st
Jordan Walker – St. Louis Cardinals
Jose Pastrano – Cleveland Guardians 1st
George Valera – Cleveland Guardians 1st
Elijah Tatis – Chicago White Sox 1st
Jorbit Vivas – Los Angeles Dodgers 1st
Rikelvin De Castro – Toronto Blue Jays
Anthony Rodriguez – San Francisco Giants 1st
Darell Hernaiz – Baltimore Orioles 1st
Brandon Valenzuela – San Diego Padres 1st
Adley Rutschman – Baltimore Orioles
Jose Salas – Miami Marlins
Kevin Alcantara – Chicago Cubs
Euribiel Angeles – San Diego Padres 1st
Austin Hendrick – Cincinnati Reds
Liover Peguero – Pittsburgh Pirates
Heliot Ramos – San Francisco Giants
Brady Allen – Miami Marlins 1st
Brennen Davis – Chicago Cubs
Alexander Ramirez – Los Angeles Angels
Fran Alduey – Cleveland Guardians 1st
Simon Muzziotti – Philadelphia Phillies 1st
Tyler Soderstrom – Oakland Athletics
Malcom Nunez – St. Louis Cardinals
Robby Martin Jr. – Colorado Rockies 1st
Reginald Preciado – Chicago Cubs
Julio Rodriguez – Seattle Mariners
Warming Bernabel – Colorado Rockies 1st
Luis Rodriguez – Los Angeles Dodgers
Luke Waddell – Atlanta Braves 1st
Colton Cowser – Baltimore Orioles
BCP-50 Elly De LA Cruz – Cincinnati Reds 1st
Robert Dominguez – New York Mets
Maikol Escotto – Pittsburgh Pirates 1st
Francisco Alvarez – New York Mets
Cooper Kinney – Tampa Bay Rays
Luis Matos – San Francisco Giants
Dariel Lopez – Pittsburgh Pirates 1st
Eddys Leonard – Los Angeles Dodgers 1st
Blaze Jordan – Boston Red Sox
Justice Thompson – Cincinnati Reds 1st
Ricardo Genoves – San Francisco Giants 1st
Ceddanne Rafaela – Boston Red Sox 1st
Jose Rodriguez – Texas Rangers 1st
Noelvi Marte – Seattle Mariners
Ed Howard – Chicago Cubs
Diego Rincones – San Francisco Giants 1st
Cristian Hernandez – Chicago Cubs
Hedbert Perez – Milwaukee Brewers
Niko Kavadas – Boston Red Sox 1st
Rodolfo Nolasco – Pittsburgh Pirates 1st
Andry Lara – Washington Nationals 1st
Colson Montgomery – Chicago White Sox 1st
Luisangel Acuña – Texas Rangers
Benny Montgomery – Colorado Rockies
Fidel Montero – New York Yankees 1st
Michel Triana – Cincinnati Reds 1st
Lenyn Sosa – Chicago White Sox 1st
Nick Gonzales – Pittsburgh Pirates
Harry Ford – Seattle Mariners
Jackson Chourio – Milwaukee Brewers 1st
Junior Sanquintin – Cleveland Guardians 1st
Triston Casas – Boston Red Sox
Aeverson Arteaga – San Francisco Giants 1st
Roismar Quintana – Washington Nationals 1st
Jack Suwinski – Pittsburgh Pirates 1st
Peyton Wilson – Kansas City Royals 1st
Misael Urbina – Minnesota Twins
Yoelqui Cespedes – Chicago White Sox
Hendry Mendez – Milwaukee Brewers 1st
Max Muncy – Oakland Athletics 1st
Yhoswar Garcia – Philadelphia Phillies 1st
Matt Fraizer – Pittsburgh Pirates 1st
Samad Taylor – Toronto Blue Jays 1st
Braylin Minier – Cincinnati Reds 1st
Pedro Pineda – Oakland Athletics
Yohendrick Pinango – Chicago Cubs
Ian Lewis – Miami Marlins 1st
Martin Gimenez – Toronto Blue Jays 1st
Jasson Dominguez – New York Yankees
Alejandro Pie – Tampa Bay Rays 1st
Norge Vera – Chicago White Sox 1st
Arol Vera – Los Angeles Angels
Pete Crow-Armstrong – Chicago Cubs
Diego Cartaya – Los Angeles Dodgers
Orelvis Martinez – Toronto Blue Jays
Will Wagner – Houston Astros 1st
Izaac Pacheco – Detroit Tigers
Brayan Bello – Boston Red Sox 1st
James Wood – San Diego Padres 1st
Adael Amador – Colorado Rockies
Diego Velasquez – San Francisco Giants 1st
Junior Sanchez – Miami Marlins 1st
Joshua Baez – St. Louis Cardinals 1st
Maximo Acosta – Texas Rangers
Jay Allen – Cincinnati Reds
Pedro Leon – Houston Astros
Jeter Downs – Boston Red Sox
Emmanuel Rodriguez – Minnesota Twins
Jonatan Clase – Seattle Mariners 1st
Dustin Harris – Texas Rangers 1st
Logan Cerny – Philadelphia Phillies 1st
Mahki Backstrom – Atlanta Braves 1st
Zayed Salinas – San Diego Padres 1st
Edgar Quero – Los Angeles Angels 1st
Ronnier Quintero – Chicago Cubs 1st
Luis Gonzalez – Baltimore Orioles 1st
Marcelo Mayer – Boston Red Sox
Victor Lizarraga – San Diego Padres 1st
Jose Ramos – Los Angeles Dodgers 1st
Christian Roa – Cincinnati Reds 1st
Darren Baker – Washington Nationals 1st
Garrett Mitchell – Milwaukee Brewers
Robert Hassell – San Diego Padres
Eduardo Lopez – Boston Red Sox 1st
Wilman Diaz – Los Angeles Dodgers
Luca Tresh – Kansas City Royals 1st
Trey Sweeney – New York Yankees 1st
Denzer Guzman – Los Angeles Angels 1st
Austin Martin – Minnesota Twins
Alexander Vargas – New York Yankees
Jordan Lawlar – Arizona Diamondbacks
Allan Cerda – Cincinnati Reds 1st
Heriberto Hernandez – Tampa Bay Rays
Jheremy Vargas – Milwaukee Brewers 1st
Shalin Polanco – Pittsburgh Pirates
Bobby Witt Jr. – Kansas City Royals
Luis Verdugo – Chicago Cubs 1st
Henry Davis – Pittsburgh Pirates
Sal Frelick – Milwaukee Brewers
Victor Labrada – Seattle Mariners 1st

2022 Bowman Mega Box Guide And Checklist: Value

As we mentioned, Mega Boxes are a very popular format. But is the hype justified? First, let’s look at how wax and the prized Mojo Refractors perform on the market.


Because of their popularity, Bowman Mega Boxes are often marked up significantly in third-party sales. Let us see how much the older releases are selling for nowadays:

2017 Bowman Mega Box $380
2018 Bowman Mega Box $275
2019 Bowman Mega Box $239
2020 Bowman Mega Box $199
2021 Bowman Mega Box $49

Take a close look at those prices. What do you notice? A beautiful arc of prices stretching back to 2017. Every year is significantly more worthwhile than the previous one. That signifies actual value for the product, independent of the class of prospects within. So, you can buy a Mega Box and be reasonably sure it will appreciate in value over time.


The popularity of Mega Boxes comes down to the Mojo Refractors. Everyone loves them and wants a piece of them. But how much are they actually worth? We compared some of the Mojos to their non-Mojo equivalents to get a better idea.

Card Chrome Version Prospect Auto Mojo Refractor Gold Mojo Refractor
2019 Wander Franco (all PSA 10) $210 $400 $306 $1,575
2020 Jeremy Pena (all raw) $10.45 $180 $16 $350

Do you believe in Jeremy Pena? Which Bowman will you invest in? Check out what eBay has. 

The trend is relatively straightforward. A Mojo Refractor is worth more than a Chrome version, sometimes twice as much. However, not as much as an auto. Perhaps more surprisingly, a Gold Mojo Refractor (which is not the rarest kind) is 2 to 3 times more than an auto. So, the reputation of Mojo Refractors is warranted.

Bottomline Of The 2022 Bowman Mega Box Guide And Checklist 

There is a reason Mega Boxes have become the go-to for many Bowman collectors. The boxes appreciate well in value as wax. In fact, their value seems to climb regardless of the quality of prospects. That is an infrequent and welcome change from other wax products on the market.

The singles from the box also fare well. The Mojo Refractors beat out their non-Mega Box equivalents nicely for value. People love the design and the relative rarity of the format. Honestly, there is a lot of upside and little downside to the format, especially if you can pick a few up at retail prices.

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim is the emeritus editor of Cardlines. He continues to write for several hobby outlets, including this one and Cardbase. He collects primarily vintage baseball and soccer and has a weird obsession with 1971 Topps.

In his spare time, Shaiel is sobbing into his bourbon when the Mets lose and playing Dungeons and Dragons. In a past life, Dr. Ben-Ephraim was a political science professor, journalist, and diplomat. But cards are more fun.
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