The StockX Review And Guide

April 5, 2022

Our StockX review and guide will answer all of your questions. For example: what is StockX? It is a marketplace for goods focusing on limited edition sneakers, watches, handbags, and streetwear. However, it does not function like Amazon or eBay. Instead, think of it more as a stock market. Sellers post an asking price for a product, and buyers can either meet it or post their asks for a card.

The website also provides users with a “portfolio.” It measures the value of the products and NFTs in your possession. You can also follow specific products to see if their value rises or drops on the platform.

The StockX Review And Guide To What StockX Sells

 Like eBay, the platform does not specialize in trading cards, though they have a substantial selection.

These are the primary sales sections on the website:

  • Sneakers
  • Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Trading Cards
  • Collectibles
  • NFTs
StockX sells a lot more than just cards.

What Trading Cards Does StockX Sell?

The vast majority of the products on offer are wax from the last 2-3 years. There are also some graded cards, but only the most popular ones. I did not see any raw cards. Overall, there is little depth for singles. I saw very little outside the most popular sports (not much in terms of hockey even). For collectible card games, they have some Pokemon, MetaZoo, and a few others. But not a great selection.

The demographic that uses StockX generally serves the younger collectors and wax flippers rather than the old-school hobby types.

See for yourself what trading cards StockX has available

StockX Review And Guide To Bidding

Either a buyer accepts the low ask, or a seller agrees with the high bid. Unlike eBay, the payment goes through immediately when an offer is accepted. Therefore, you must have a valid payment option and address information on file before bidding.

For example, I decided to bid on a lot of two 2021 Bowman Baseball Mega Boxes. The lowest ask was $86 (not including fees and taxes). But I am the bidding type and bid at $80. I had to put in all of my shipping and billing info to bid. My first bid was not accepted. But more on that later.

What Is The Process In StockX Transactions

Once a seller and a buyer match up, the deal is done. At this point, the buyer’s credit card is charged, and the seller is prompted to send the product to StockX within two days. When StockX receives it, they verify the condition and authenticity of the item in question. If verification is successful, they put a StockX authentic sticker on the product and send it to the buyer.

StockX acts as a middleman in all transactions. Therefore, the process is slower than the typical eBay purchase. However, StockX typically sends the product off within a day. Therefore, turn around isn’t too long.

But honestly, the intercession of the company is entirely worth it. The seller and buyer never directly interact. None of the usual tricks and distractions are relevant. You can’t slip a note in the box to the seller suggesting he buy from you off-site. The buyer can’t claim that you sent the item opened or that it never arrived.

Ultimately, the (often exaggerated but still genuine) nightmare eBay disputes are highly limited on StockX. Therefore, the StockX position as the middleman is a positive one.

StockX Review And Guide To Purchases 

As I mentioned, my first bid was $80. No one bit after a couple of days. So, I raised my bid to $82. That addition did the trick. About 15 minutes after I put it in, a buyer approved, and the sale went through.

Unlike eBay, where the next step is shipping from the seller, my purchase had to go through several stages:

  • Order (that is what happened when my bid was accepted)
  • Shipping of the item to StockX
  • The arrival of the item at StockX
  • Verification of the item at StockX
  • Shipping of the item from StockX
  • Delivery of the item to the customer

When the item arrives, I will update this article to reflect how long the process took.

There are more steps to the purchase process on StockX.

Sound good?  Try buying on StockX yourself

How To Register And Pay On StockX

 It is effortless to register for the platform. StockX allows you to sign in with Apple, Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Payment is also easy; you can use any of these options:

  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal

Sign Up for StockX Here

How To Use StockX To Track The Market

Every item on StockX has real-time value info. In addition, the thumbnail for each available item has two prices accompanying it.

  • Lowest ask: the lowest price the sellers on StockX ask for the product.
  • Last sale: in theory, this gives you the price of the previous sale of said item. However, it does not include “applicable fees calculated at checkout” and may not be the most representative price. So use those figures with caution.

However, neither of these are the most valuable figures you will find on the platform. If you click on the item on the right hand of your screen, the following information will be available:

  • Asks
  • Bids
  • Sales

The information here is helpful and updated regularly. However, once again, it is calculated without the applicable fees. So, these numbers can provide an accurate price quote if you factor in fees.

That Annoying StockX Sticker

As noted, StockX puts a sticker on every item it authenticates. However, the sticker is annoyingly tricky to peel off. They tend to break apart as you peel them instead of remaining intact. It appears to be intentional, but we are not fans of the concept. But if you are patient, you should be able to remove it without damaging the product. And if you order multiple items, they will slap that baby on every single one. So keep that in mind if you want to keep the product sealed and avoid the StockX sticker.

Get your StockX stickers here!

The StockX Review And Guide To Seller Fees

The Sellers on this platform pay a 3% payment processing fee. They also receive 6-10% on top of that based on their volume and performance. Sellers do not pay for shipping directly. Instead, the levels are calculated by the company. Here is how it works:

“As a Seller, your shipping cost is deducted from your total payout. Once a transaction is complete, you will receive a shipping label in your ‘My Account’ section of the site. You are responsible for packaging and dropping it off with the shipping carrier on the label provided to you. After the product arrives and our team of experts verifies the item and condition, your payout will be released.”

StockX will assess the weight of your item and look for any other reason shipping prices may be adjusted. They will then deduct the appropriate amount from your payout.

When Do Sellers On StockX Get Paid

Sellers are paid quickly – payment is triggered either when the product is received and reviewed at StockX, or for higher volume sellers, they have an ‘early payout program’ where sellers are paid at the time (next day really) ups scan the seller’s shipment to StockX.

Sometimes StockX will offer discounted seller fee promotions for short periods, usually 24 hours. These promotions are generally 50% off fees. This applies to the standard seller fee (6-10%), not the processing payment portion of the fee (3%).

What Happens If A Seller Can’t Fulfill A StockX Order?

You’ll also get charged a $15 fee if you have to cancel an order because you had a listing up but no longer have the item or you can’t ship it for some other reason. Sometimes StockX waives these fees, so try to talk them into it.

However, I would advise against doing so. StockX seller ratings and the fees depend on your reliability. According to the website:

“In the event that you can’t complete a sale, you may be penalized in the form of a fee or restrictions to your account until you have successfully completed a sale. Multiple canceled sales can also result in StockX suspending your account.”

The StockX Review And Guide To Buyer Fees

Depending on the item, the buyer pays a reasonable shipping fee, usually in the $5-10 range. In addition, there is a processing/verification fee that they do not provide a calculation for but is generally a few percent of the sale amount (higher % for lower priced items) and is presented to the buyer before they commit to the purchase or bid.

In the final analysis, fees are roughly similar to eBay seller fees. However, it can feel like a more significant addition because they tack all of them on at the end (whereas eBay just adds shipping). For example, my $82 bid on a 2021 Bowman Megabox brought my perspective total up to $103. That certainly feels like more than the $5 or so tacked on to eBay orders.

The StockX Review And Guide To The StockX Condition Authentication Review

StockX was a pioneer in authenticating the items sold on the platform. Indeed, eBay recently announced that it would adopt a similar policy.

Here is how StockX describes its verification policies:

“The StockX verification process considers the condition of the item, any variations it might display against our internal standards, the state of its container, and whether or not it contains all necessary accessories.

Items are verified on-site at one of our Authentication Centers by staff who receive constant training to remain industry experts.”

The Condition Of Boxes on StockX

What does this mean in practice? If you sell boxes, you may find that the company is somewhat overly sensitive to the condition of the boxes.

According to the website:

“StockX does allow a certain amount of cosmetic damage to a box to pass verification, as long as there are no major rips or tears. Unfortunately, boxes can often encounter minor wear and tear from the manufacturer, shipping, and storage. This may include a small corner dent, minor tears, and wrinkles on the box lid. These issues are often uncontrollable, and as such, we may be willing to still accept and verify the item.”

Check out their guide with valuable examples. But keep in mind that when in doubt, StockX tends to side with the buyer over the seller.

What Happens When A StockX Item Isn’t Verified?

As a seller, if your item is not verified, StockX will return it to you and charge you a $15 fee for the pleasure. However, they have been known to waive it on occasion.

StockX Cancellation And Returns Policies

If you want to cancel a bid, you can do so anytime if the seller has not accepted. However, once the seller and buyer have been matched, StockX does not allow the cancellation of bids. Instead, the transaction takes place automatically and is irrevocable.

Surprisingly, StockX does not accept product returns. At all. Instead, you can sell the product on the platform.

The StockX Review And Guide For Shipping

The company offers shipping discounts if you send off the product promptly. Note that shipping deadlines are based on calendar days. For instance, they offer a 1% fee discount if you ship 60% of your sales within 36 hours of the sale date. However, there is no relief for the weekend – a Friday sale needs to be scanned by UPS on Saturday, no matter what the UPS weekend hours may be.

Like eBay, MySlabs, and other marketplaces: buyers with a valid state resellers certificate can avoid paying sales tax. Otherwise, sales tax is charged.

StockX Bulk Shipping Program

In the past, they required that each sale be placed in a separate shipping box with a separate shipping label. Now StockX offers a bulk shipping program where 5-6 sales can be in the same box. That serves as a significant time-saver for big bulk sales.

StockX Customer Service

A handy feature is the availability of help through chat. However, it is currently only available to users in the US.

You must be logged in to your StockX account to access the chat. When signed in, you can initiate the chatbot by clicking the chat icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to open a chat window.

You will find a representative available during these hours:

Monday-Friday: 9 AM-9 PM

Saturday-Sunday: 10 AM-6 PM.

Outside of service hours (or during those hours if you prefer), you can contact Customer Service through the Help Center. This will open a case, and a Customer Service teammate can get in touch with you through email.

I found the StockX customer service via chat or email very helpful. They’re fast and knowledgeable. If they don’t have the answer, they’ll find it and get back to you.

How Do StockX Prices Compare To eBay Ones?

StockX specializes in selling recent sealed wax products. But, of course, there is no shortage of those on eBay either. But where are you likely to get a better price?

We looked at a few of the significant products, comparing the lowest ask prices to eBay buy it now equivalents. To make the estimates more accurate, all fees are included. In other words, I went all the way to checkout to see what the final total would be.

Box StockX eBay
2020 Panini Prizm Basketball Mega Box $307 $328
2021 Bowman 1st Edition Hobby Box $342 $399
2020-21 Donruss Optic Blaster $46 $51
2021-22 Premier League Prizm Hobby Box $301 $322

After a comparison, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever. Sealed wax on StockX is cheaper across the board. Sometimes by well over 10%.

Bottomline Of The StockX Review And Guide

The StockX platform is a handy resource for anyone heavily into the sealed wax market. It provides you with up-to-date info, concentrated in one place. StockX is also cheaper when you factor in all of the fees. So, if you want to get some recent wax on the secondary market, try this platform before going on eBay.

Another significant advantage is that it cuts out most of the brawls and disputes you run into on eBay. StockX settles all of those disputes for you and does so quickly. As a seller, you may not always like the result, but at least there is minimal hassle involved.

The bottom line is that StockX is absolutely indispensable if you are a wax consumed or seller.  Check it out for yourself.


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