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Why The 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Is Such A Fun Rip + Review And Checklist

2022 upper deck goodwin
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9 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions checklist base set
9.7 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autograph Checklist
9.7.1 A-AA Alex Alcala – Soccer – D 1:886AC Armando Cruz – Baseball – F 1:186AL Aspen Ladd – MMA – G 1:85AM Amber Mariano – Entertainment – G 1:85AT Amen Thompson – Basketball – B 1:6,090AX Max Christie – Basketball – F 1:186BA Bryan Acuna – Baseball – F 1:186A-BH Brady House – Baseball – E 1:210A-BL Kahili Blundell – UFC Girl – G 1:85A-BM Brandon Mayea – Baseball – G 1:85A-BY Bryce Young – Football – C 1:3,076A-CA Caleb Houston – Basketball – F 1:186A-CC Clay Collard – MMA – B 1:6,090A-CH Cristian Hernandez – Baseball – G 1:85A-CJ C.J. Stroud – Football – D 1:886A-CM Catarina Macario – Soccer – E 1:210A-CW Caleb Williams – Football – E 1:210A-DA Dyson Daniels – Basketball – E 1:210A-DD Danny De Andrade – Baseball – G 1:85A-DE Desmond Ridder – Football – E 1:210A-DJ Diogo Jota – Soccer – C 1:3,076A-DU D.J. Uiagalelei – Football – D 1:886A-DW Danny Way – Skateboarding – F 1:186A-EB Enrique Bradfield Jr. – Baseball – E 1:210A-FC Felnin Celesten – Baseball – G 1:85A-HA Jake Haener – Football – E 1:210A-HD Henry Davis – Baseball – D 1:886A-HE HECZ – Gaming – G 1:85A-JA Jabari Smith – Basketball – C 1:3,076A-JG Jacob Gonzalez – Baseball – E 1:210A-JP Jose Perdomo – Baseball – E 1:210A-JR Jojo Roper – Surfing – G 1:85A-JS Josephine Skriver – Model – F 1:186A-KB Kate Bock – Model – F 1:186A-KB Kendall Brown – Basketball – D 1:886A-KC Kennedy Chandler – Basketball – F 1:186A-KH Kayla Harrison – MMA – A 1:71,373A-KJ Kai Jones – Skiing – G 1:85A-KS Kedon Slovis – Football – D 1:886A-KW Kenneth Walker III – Football – F 1:186
9.7.2 A-LI Alysa Liu – Figure Skating – G 1:85A-MA Marcelo Mayer – Baseball – D 1:886A-MA “Boston Rob” Mariano – Entertainment – G 1:85A-MB Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk – Track & Field – E 1:210A-MC Matt Corral – Football – D 1:886A-MF Michael Foster – Basketball – E 1:210A-MH Marthin Hamlet – MMA – B 1:6,090A-MP Marjon Beauchamp – Basketball – E 1:210A-MR Mykhailo Romanchuk – Swimming – G 1:85A-MS Maria Sharapova – Tennis – C 1:3,076A-MW Micky Ward – Boxing – F 1:186A-MW Malik Willis – Football – E 1:210A-NA Natalie Alyn Lind – Actress – E 1:210A-NH Nolan Hickman – Basketball – G 1:85A-NJ Nikola Jovic – Basketball – E 1:210A-OK Olga Kharlan – Fencing – G 1:85A-ON Shaedon Sharpe – Basketball – D 1:886A-PA John Pak – Golf – F 1:186A-PW Peyton Watson – Basketball – F 1:186A-RA Roderick Arias – Baseball – E 1:210A-RF Renan Ferreira – MMA – B 1:6,090A-RG Riley Greene – Baseball – D 1:886A-RM Raush Manfio – MMA – B 1:6,090A-RP Ricardo Pepi – Soccer – F 1:186A-RS Robert Shwartzman – Racing – F 1:186A-SA Sam Mayer – Racing – G 1:85A-SB Steven Bergwijn – Soccer – E 1:210A-SH Scoot Henderson – Basketball – D 1:886A-SN Jaxon Smith-Njigba – Football – E 1:210A-ST Carson Strong – Football – E 1:210A-SW Jahmani Swanson – Basketball – G 1:85A-TH Ausar Thompson – Basketball – B 1:6,090A-TK Trevor Keels – Basketball – G 1:85A-TW Ty Ty Washington – Basketball – E 1:210A-VO Vergil Ortiz Jr. – Boxing – C 1:3,076A-WK Walker Kessler – Basketball – G 1:85A-WM Whitney Miller – Chef – G 1:85A-WR Willy T. Ribbs – Racing – G 1:85A-WZ Will Zalatoris – Golf – C 1:3,076A-YC Yiddi Cappe – Baseball – G 1:85

Goodwin Champions is your set if you love massive checklists and surprising non-sports hits. As usual, there is an enormous selection of everything you could imagine slapping on a card in this release. If anything, they have even widened the scope of this oddball release this year.

But does it work? Read our 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions review to find out.

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions release date

The product dropped on June 28, 2023. Since there isn’t a season for Goodwin Champions, it doesn’t matter much when it comes out. But it is worth noting that the 2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions came out on April 6, 2022. And in general, it isn’t clear why they are constantly releasing this product a year behind what the name suggests.

The last time the release came out on a date corresponding to the relevant year was in 2020, when the product saw the light in July 20202. I have never been a fan of that, and I doubt many collectors are.

The blasters for 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions have not been released yet. As of now, there is no official release date. However, it should be out by the end of July.

We also noticed that the 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions release is scheduled for November 2023. That may mean that this year’s release is rushed as Upper Deck tries to get back on a better schedule.

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History of Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

Few sports card brands have as long of a history as Goodwin Champions. The E. Goodwin and Brother tobacco company were founded before the Civil War. It eventually changed the company name to Goodwin & Company.

One of their brands was the noted Gypsy Queen line, which also inspired a long-standing brand of cards, still released under the auspices of Topps. That company merged with several others into the unimaginatively named American Tobacco Company.

The company has a massive part in the evolution of baseball cards. Perhaps most importantly, it released the Old Judge series in 1887. Over the next three years, Goodwin printed over 2,000 baseball cards.

The series was successful, so Goodwin launched Gypsy Queen to promote their other brand. By 1890, the company had stopped printing baseball cards, but as the OG’s in the business, their place in hobby history is assured.

In 2006, Topps revived the Allen & Ginter brand, another famous set of cards from the late 19th Century. Upper Deck had the bright idea of competing by releasing their reprise of an olden favorite. So five years later, in 2011, Upper Deck bought the rights to Goodwin Champions and launched this set as a competitor.

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2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions release formats

Upper Deck Goodwin Champions comes in two formats this time around, hobby boxes and blasters.

Hobby Boxes

  • 5 cards per pack
  • 18 packs per box
  • At least 2 Hits per box! (Including, Autograph, Memorabilia, Manufactured Patch, Lenticular, Black Diamond and/or Black Diamond Relic cards, and other unique insert cards)
  • 4 Splash of Color SP cards on average
  • 6 Base Set and/or Splash of Color Platinum Variant cards on average
  • 6 Upper Deck Base and/or Upper Deck Young Guns cards on average
  • A hobby box costs $119.95
  • I haven’t seen any cases for sale yet.


Shop for 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions boxes on eBay

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions pros

There is no question that Upper Deck Goodwin Champions is a fun rip. The sheer weight of the massive and eclectic checklist isn’t for everyone. If you are a high-value card type, you will probably find that most of what you get there is “junk” by those standards. But the cards are generally beautiful, surprising, and never dull.

The bounty program is one of the most remarkable aspects of the Upper Deck Goodwin Champions release. For the uninitiated Upper Deck bounty cards, you can “earn various achievement cards for timely completing different collecting challenges offered by Upper Deck.

Collectors who complete those sets and redeem applicable codes will earn achievement cards. Each Bounty varies, and achievement cards are available while supplies last.” Each bounty card can either be scratched to win something or left intact.

Shop for 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions boxes on eBay

How To Get The Bounty

In this year’s release, you can get a bounty if you complete the Splash of Color Bounty 3-D Lenticular set. But considering some of these cards are serious short prints, that won’t be easy. The odds of pulling them are not super high: Tier 1 (1:40), Tier 2 (1:178), and Tier 3 (1:1,600).

Finally, Upper Deck has an exclusive deal with Michael Jordan. That means it is the one place you can get new Jordan autos and memorabilia cards. That is definitely a plus to the release. And Upper Deck takes full advantage of that potential.

For example, in the 2020 edition, Jordan’s Curtain Call Relics cards are the biggest draw. They were an homage to his last game for the Chicago Bulls on April 16, 2003. Which though historical, we should note was not the final game of his career.

However, this time there was nothing cool like that. And many collectors will find that disappointing.

How many MJ cards are present in this release? 22 in total. Yes, I counted. But only 4 of them are autos. This is pretty disappointing, considering his presence is one of the main attractions here.

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions cons

Upper Deck has been making Upper Deck Goodwin Champions a less attractive rip over the years. The price increase from $75 just a couple of years ago to $120 today hasn’t necessarily been accompanied by a higher bang for your buck.

Indeed, in 2021, they reduced the number of hits per box from 3 to 2. Those two things combined do not create a good impression or increase brand loyalty.

And, of course, most cards in Upper Deck Goodwin Champions are unlicensed. They do not have contracts with the NBA, NFL, or MLB. However, this is ameliorated somewhat by the presence of licensed NHL cards. And this release certainly has its share.

You can find Young Guns and other hits from their NHL releases, such as the Manufactured Patch, Lenticular, Black Diamond, and/or Black Diamond Relic cards. But there are better sources for this card, considering a strong range of hockey products to invest in. Indeed, many of the best hockey products are around the same price range as the 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions release.

Finally, the designs could be more imaginative. With a release named after one of the 19th-century classic releases, one would hope there would be a class theme like in Allen & Ginter or Gypsy Queen. But they are fairly modern and undistinguished. However, the portraits are an exception and tend to be quite beautiful.

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions checklist

The Goodwin Champions checklist is massive. The base set isn’t all that big, however. That is not the point of this release, after all. There are also 100 base cards and 50 bases adjacent Splash of Color cards. But other cards function as a base, just with a different name. For example, the Goudey checklist, based, of course, on an old-school baseball card design, contains 50 cards in all.  

The base sets are a bit strange. You have some of the biggest superstars of all time, like Wayne Gretzky and Jordan, alongside various relative unknowns like Nolan Hickman and Yiddi Cappe in baseball or Steven Bergwijn in soccer. But I guess lack of method is part of the charm here. All in all, the checklist contains an ungodly number of cards: 1,536, by my count.

Of course, a checklist overview would only be complete, noting the many non-sports-related elements. For example, the Interesting Insect series. And if you are truly into bugs, you can redeem an Entomology Oversized Relic, including the Green Scarab Beetle and Ulysses Butterfly.

If only they had a Stink Bug auto. I don’t know about you, but these cards have me reaching for the bug spray.

I’m more of a history buff, so the Historical United States Currency Relics seem cooler. Other US history items include the Lincoln Memorial Dedication Brochure and Coin Relics; Museum Collection Discovering King Tut’s Tomb Sand Relics; Museum Collection Lady Luck Casino Chip Relics; the National Parks Map Relics Set; World Traveler Map Relics and others.

By the time you add up all these sports and non-sports cards, the checklist numbers Ultimately, your opinion of the checklist will depend on how you view these curiosities. Because if you aren’t into them, you may not enjoy the rip.

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2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions inserts

Where do you start reviewing the inserts in a behemoth release like the 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions? The point here is the variety rather than the quality. But some of the inserts are wonderful.

The World Traveler Inserts have a snapshot of a city or landmark and a relevant map piece. It works and is gorgeous. Meanwhile, the currency ones don’t work. The coins are often ill-fitting in the card and come off as awkward.

The worst cards here are the Splash of Color series. They look like the cheapest imitation of a Panini Color Blast insert. I’m unsure what Upper Deck thinks by prominently including these cards in the release. Like everything else in this release, the inserts are a mixed bag.

Shop for 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions boxes on eBay

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions autos

Many things must be said about the 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions. But no one can accuse it of lacking autos. Aside from the basic Autographs Set Checklist, which includes 80 cars. There are numerous further sets. Here is a full list of all the vehicles contained herein:

  • Autographs Inscriptions Set
  • Dual Autographs Set 
  • Horizontal Autographs Set
  • All-World Gold Auto Set
  • Exquisite Collection Rookie Auto Set 
  • Exquisite Collection Rookie Auto Parallels Set
  • Goudey Autographs Set
  • Goudey Sport Royalty Autographs Set
  • Splash Of Color Autographs Set
  • SP Authentic 2000 Future Watch Auto Set 
  • SP Authentic 2003-04 Rookie Authentics Auto Set
  • Upper Deck 2003 Top Prospects Autographs Set 

Is Upper Deck Goodwin quantity over quality?

So there is plenty of auto sets here. But are the checklists any good? As we said, one disappointing factor is that there aren’t all that many Jordan autographs in the product. But what about the rest?

There are some good young players and prospects whose autographs could be worth something later on. I particularly think of Bryce Young, Jabari Smith, Marcelo Mayer, and Riley Greene. The soccer auto list is naughty, and it would have been better if they hadn’t tried.

Ricardo Pepi? That is the best you can do? I also find the existence of just two dual autos on the list is the king of insulting. Couldn’t Upper Deck have gotten a few more? But to be fair, those two are good ones, featuring Bryce Young/C.J. Stroud and Shaedon Sharpe/Jabari Smith, respectively.

It doesn’t have the kind of star-studded list of veterans and retired players we may have hoped for. The top echelon of Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Gretzky are great. But it is pretty thin following that. And some are just sad. Does anyone want a Ben Simmons auto at this point?

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions value

When buying a 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions box, the main question is, are you into the varied and massive checklist thing? Few people are buying this expecting to get a life-changing card. But since there are many autos in here, and some of them are quite big, it’s worth checking the value of these boxes.

Shop for 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions boxes on eBay


2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions has been on the market for over a decade, thus providing us with a good scope for comparison. So, let’s see how the boxes have aged over the years.

YearResale Value
2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Hobby Box$249.95
2017 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Hobby Box$300
2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Hobby Box$250
2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Hobby Box$100
2020 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Hobby Box$200
2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Hobby Box$70

Only a little scope for profit on these. Last year’s box costs significantly less than a new one, which is usually a bad sign. Even the COVID boom boxes aren’t worth all that much. Therefore, increasing the price point to $130 makes stashing this box seem pointless. Your only hope is that people don’t collect many of these boxes, and the value goes up over time. But it looks pretty easy to find a box of Upper Deck Goodwin Champions from any year you want. Therefore, you should save your closet space for other products.


As we have seen, there is no point in stashing Goodwin’s books. But is it a good rip? The bar isn’t all that high, considering the relatively inexpensive entry point. So, I gathered the sales prices for some of the better sales of Upper Deck Goodwin Champions cards from recent years. Let’s see what I found.

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Lebron James Platinum Golden Treasures 1/1 (PSA 8)$3,271
2017 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Goudey Golf Tiger Woods (PSA 10)$2,550
2020 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Exquisite Joe Burrow RC Patch /99$2,475
2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Shohei Ohtani Auto (BGS 9.5)$2,035
2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Sabrina Ionescu Exquisite Rookie Auto Patch /25$1,998

The autos in this release fare well on the market. Goodwin Champions has no massive cards, but that will surprise no one. The good news is that a healthy amount of strong autos is worth over $1,000. While your chances of making back the money you spent on the box aren’t huge, I have seen worse. This means the product is a fun and diverse rip with a legitimate chance to profit.

A final word of the 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions review

There are some problems with the 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions product. The design has been better. The autos have also seen better years.

They also did not leverage their rights to Jordan autos as well as Upper Deck has in the past. And the real problem with this release over the last years has been its demotion from a three-hit box to a two-hit box. Add a price increase, and it’s hard to rave about this product.

Upper Deck Goodwin Champions remains a fun rip. If you like to have the usual routine of athletes interrupted by a cool history or insect card, this is tremendous fun. And as our dive into value clearly shows, you can conceivably pull a good auto. It’s not all that rare to draw one with good market value. So, while this is not a hold, it’s a roaring good rip, even if Goodwin Champions has seen better years.

Shop for 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions boxes on eBay

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions checklist base set

100 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Lucky Red (4 per China Blaster), Turquoise (4 per North American Blaster), Printing Plates 1/1 (Hobby/ePack).

1 Michael Jordan – Basketball
2 Danny Way – Skateboarding
3 Brady House – Baseball
4 Josephine Skriver – Model
5 Marcelo Mayer – Baseball
6 Robert Shwartzman – Racing
7 Dyson Daniels – Basketball
8 Jose Perdomo – Baseball
9 Yiddi Cappe – Baseball
10 Ken Griffey Jr. – Baseball
11 Micky Ward – Boxing
12 Jabari Smith – Basketball
13 Maximo Acosta – Baseball
14 Alex Alcala – Soccer
15 Joao Felix – Soccer
16 Armando Cruz – Baseball
17 Henry Davis – Baseball
18 Amen Thompson – Basketball
19 Brandon Mayea – Baseball
20 Wayne Gretzky – Hockey
21 Cristian Hernandez – Baseball
22 Kedon Slovis – Football
23 John Pak – Golf
24 Ausar Thompson – Basketball
25 Tiger Woods – Golf
26 Jahmani Swanson – Basketball
27 Riley Greene – Baseball
28 Ricardo Pepi – Soccer
29 Sam Mayer – Racing
30 Ben Simmons – Basketball
31 Kate Bock – Model
32 Michael Foster – Basketball
33 Natalie Alyn Lind – Actress
34 Catarina Macario – Soccer
35 D.J. Uiagalelei – Football
36 Bryan Acuna – Baseball
37 Francisco Trincao – Soccer
38 Alysa Liu – Figure Skating
39 Willy T. Ribbs – Racing
40 Bryce Young – Football
41 HECZ – Gaming
42 Chandler Smith – Racing
43 Vergil Ortiz Jr. – Boxing
44 Kahili Blundell – UFC Girl
45 Diogo Jota – Soccer
46 Maria Sharapova – Tennis
47 Nikola Jovic – Basketball
48 Steven Bergwijn – Soccer
49 Roderick Arias – Baseball
50 LeBron James – Basketball
51 Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk – Track and Field
52 Nolan Hickman – Basketball
53 Aspen Ladd – MMA
54 Jojo Roper – Surfing
55 Will Zalatoris – Golf
56 Anzhelika Terliuga – Karate
57 Peyton Watson – Basketball
58 Marjon Beauchamp – Basketball
59 Darius Garland – Basketball
60 Allen Iverson – Basketball


61 Michael Jordan – Basketball
62 Amen Thompson – Basketball
63 Francisco Trincao – Soccer
64 Brady House – Baseball
65 Joao Felix – Soccer
66 Armando Cruz – Baseball
67 Diogo Jota – Soccer
68 Alex Alcala – Soccer
69 Dyson Daniels – Basketball
70 Allen Iverson – Basketball
71 Yiddi Cappe – Baseball
72 Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk – Track and Field
73 Darius Garland – Basketball
74 Ricardo Pepi – Soccer
75 Tiger Woods – Golf
76 Cristian Hernandez – Baseball
77 Henry Davis – Baseball
78 Steven Bergwijn – Soccer
79 Shaedon Sharpe – Basketball
80 Ken Griffey Jr. – Baseball
81 Maria Sharapova – Tennis
82 Michael Foster – Basketball
83 Nikola Jovic – Basketball
84 Jose Perdomo – Baseball
85 Bryce Young – Football
86 Ausar Thompson – Basketball
87 Kedon Slovis – Football
88 Kate Bock – Model
89 Will Zalatoris – Golf
90 Wayne Gretzky – Hockey
91 Josephine Skriver – Model
92 Riley Greene – Baseball
93 Vergil Ortiz Jr. – Boxing
94 Roderick Arias – Baseball
95 D.J. Uiagalelei – Football
96 Micky Ward – Boxing
97 Marcelo Mayer – Baseball
98 Catarina Macario – Soccer
99 Marjon Beauchamp – Basketball
100 LeBron James – Basketball

Base Splash of Color Set Checklist

50 cards. 

Overall odds – 1:7 Hobby/ePack; 1:4 Blaster.

101 Michael Jordan – Basketball
102 Alex Alcala – Soccer
103 Francisco Trincao – Soccer
104 Roderick Arias – Baseball
105 Henry Davis – Baseball
106 Steven Bergwijn – Soccer
107 Brady House – Baseball
108 Diogo Jota – Soccer
109 Will Zalatoris – Golf
110 Ken Griffey Jr. – Baseball
111 Catarina Macario – Soccer
112 Jose Perdomo – Baseball
113 Aspen Ladd – MMA
114 Danny Way – Skateboarding
115 Bryce Young – Football
116 Yiddi Cappe – Baseball
117 Joao Felix – Soccer
118 Vergil Ortiz Jr. – Boxing
119 Josephine Skriver – Model
120 Wayne Gretzky – Hockey
121 Kate Bock – Model
122 Cristian Hernandez – Baseball
123 Nikola Jovic – Basketball
124 Amen Thompson – Basketball
125 Tiger Woods – Golf
126 Brandon Mayea – Baseball
127 Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk – Track and Field
128 Armando Cruz – Baseball
129 Robert Shwartzman – Racing
130 Ben Simmons – Basketball
131 John Pak – Golf
132 Riley Greene – Baseball
133 Chandler Smith – Racing
134 Ausar Thompson – Basketball
135 D.J. Uiagalelei – Football
136 Bryan Acuna – Baseball
137 Dyson Daniels – Basketball
138 Micky Ward – Boxing
139 Shaedon Sharpe – Basketball
140 Allen Iverson – Basketball
141 Maria Sharapova – Tennis
142 Michael Foster – Basketball
143 Sam Mayer – Racing
144 Kahili Blundell – UFC Girl
145 Marcelo Mayer – Baseball
146 Natalie Alyn Lind – Actress
147 Ricardo Pepi – Soccer
148 Caleb Williams – Football
149 Darius Garland – Basketball
150 LeBron James – Basketball

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autograph Checklist

  • Autographs Set Checklist

80 cards.

Overall odds – 1:42 Hobby/ePack; 1:396 Blaster. Specific group odds noted.

A-AA Alex Alcala – Soccer – D 1:886
AC Armando Cruz – Baseball – F 1:186
AL Aspen Ladd – MMA – G 1:85
AM Amber Mariano – Entertainment – G 1:85
AT Amen Thompson – Basketball – B 1:6,090
AX Max Christie – Basketball – F 1:186
BA Bryan Acuna – Baseball – F 1:186
A-BH Brady House – Baseball – E 1:210
A-BL Kahili Blundell – UFC Girl – G 1:85
A-BM Brandon Mayea – Baseball – G 1:85
A-BY Bryce Young – Football – C 1:3,076
A-CA Caleb Houston – Basketball – F 1:186
A-CC Clay Collard – MMA – B 1:6,090
A-CH Cristian Hernandez – Baseball – G 1:85
A-CJ C.J. Stroud – Football – D 1:886
A-CM Catarina Macario – Soccer – E 1:210
A-CW Caleb Williams – Football – E 1:210
A-DA Dyson Daniels – Basketball – E 1:210
A-DD Danny De Andrade – Baseball – G 1:85
A-DE Desmond Ridder – Football – E 1:210
A-DJ Diogo Jota – Soccer – C 1:3,076
A-DU D.J. Uiagalelei – Football – D 1:886
A-DW Danny Way – Skateboarding – F 1:186
A-EB Enrique Bradfield Jr. – Baseball – E 1:210
A-FC Felnin Celesten – Baseball – G 1:85
A-HA Jake Haener – Football – E 1:210
A-HD Henry Davis – Baseball – D 1:886
A-HE HECZ – Gaming – G 1:85
A-JA Jabari Smith – Basketball – C 1:3,076
A-JG Jacob Gonzalez – Baseball – E 1:210
A-JP Jose Perdomo – Baseball – E 1:210
A-JR Jojo Roper – Surfing – G 1:85
A-JS Josephine Skriver – Model – F 1:186
A-KB Kate Bock – Model – F 1:186
A-KB Kendall Brown – Basketball – D 1:886
A-KC Kennedy Chandler – Basketball – F 1:186
A-KH Kayla Harrison – MMA – A 1:71,373
A-KJ Kai Jones – Skiing – G 1:85
A-KS Kedon Slovis – Football – D 1:886
A-KW Kenneth Walker III – Football – F 1:186
A-LI Alysa Liu – Figure Skating – G 1:85
A-MA Marcelo Mayer – Baseball – D 1:886
A-MA “Boston Rob” Mariano – Entertainment – G 1:85
A-MB Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk – Track & Field – E 1:210
A-MC Matt Corral – Football – D 1:886
A-MF Michael Foster – Basketball – E 1:210
A-MH Marthin Hamlet – MMA – B 1:6,090
A-MP Marjon Beauchamp – Basketball – E 1:210
A-MR Mykhailo Romanchuk – Swimming – G 1:85
A-MS Maria Sharapova – Tennis – C 1:3,076
A-MW Micky Ward – Boxing – F 1:186
A-MW Malik Willis – Football – E 1:210
A-NA Natalie Alyn Lind – Actress – E 1:210
A-NH Nolan Hickman – Basketball – G 1:85
A-NJ Nikola Jovic – Basketball – E 1:210
A-OK Olga Kharlan – Fencing – G 1:85
A-ON Shaedon Sharpe – Basketball – D 1:886
A-PA John Pak – Golf – F 1:186
A-PW Peyton Watson – Basketball – F 1:186
A-RA Roderick Arias – Baseball – E 1:210
A-RF Renan Ferreira – MMA – B 1:6,090
A-RG Riley Greene – Baseball – D 1:886
A-RM Raush Manfio – MMA – B 1:6,090
A-RP Ricardo Pepi – Soccer – F 1:186
A-RS Robert Shwartzman – Racing – F 1:186
A-SA Sam Mayer – Racing – G 1:85
A-SB Steven Bergwijn – Soccer – E 1:210
A-SH Scoot Henderson – Basketball – D 1:886
A-SN Jaxon Smith-Njigba – Football – E 1:210
A-ST Carson Strong – Football – E 1:210
A-SW Jahmani Swanson – Basketball – G 1:85
A-TH Ausar Thompson – Basketball – B 1:6,090
A-TK Trevor Keels – Basketball – G 1:85
A-TW Ty Ty Washington – Basketball – E 1:210
A-VO Vergil Ortiz Jr. – Boxing – C 1:3,076
A-WK Walker Kessler – Basketball – G 1:85
A-WM Whitney Miller – Chef – G 1:85
A-WR Willy T. Ribbs – Racing – G 1:85
A-WZ Will Zalatoris – Golf – C 1:3,076
A-YC Yiddi Cappe – Baseball – G 1:85
Shaiel Ben-Ephraim

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim is the emeritus editor of Cardlines. He continues to write for several hobby outlets, including this one and Cardbase. He collects primarily vintage baseball and soccer and has a weird obsession with 1971 Topps.

In his spare time, Shaiel is sobbing into his bourbon when the Mets lose and playing Dungeons and Dragons. In a past life, Dr. Ben-Ephraim was a political science professor, journalist, and diplomat. But cards are more fun.
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