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2022 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Volume 1 Review 

Upper Deck took Marvel fans on a deep dive into its characters with the first Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings set in 2011. This three-part series encompassed a 540-card base set and featured many of Marvel’s most famous heroes and villains. In addition, Marvel’s beginnings boast several hit and chase cards, including much sought-after sketch cards that were must-haves for all Marvel collectors. Does it work? We tell all in the 2022 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Volume 1 review.

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What Is Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings?

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The Marvel Beginnings Series honors everyone’s favorite characters, from Thor to Hulk to Loki and Elektra, using new spirited artistic interpretations. While the front of these cards contains impressive pictures of the character, fans especially loved the other side. It highlighted how these characters first appeared in the Marvel Universe and their impact on the universe.

This set is particularly valuable as it included unique villain hologram cards, the rare Marvel Ultimate Collection Panel Focus insert set, and signatures from comic icons such as Brain Michael Bendis and Stan Lee! This series drew attention and serious conversation from Marvel fans and collectors alike.

Marvel Beginnings is set to make a triumphant return ten years later, and this article shall review everything about this much-anticipated release.

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An Introduction To The 2022 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Volume 1 Review 

The story of the most comprehensive set of the Marvel Universe ever assembled began in 2011. According to Upper Deck’s brand manager for Marvel, Brandon Miller, “Much work was put into creating a comprehensive checklist that highlights favorite Marvel characters.” In his words, “Series 1 will lay the groundwork and create excitement for the next two releases. We’re especially excited and look forward to the reaction from knowledgeable Marvel fans.”

Upper Deck put in the work, and as expected, the reaction was truly enormous. Marvel fans loved them, collectors loved them, and this series introduced several Marvel fans to the hobby. Each card featured a small picture of the character’s original image and a large modern portrait depicting the said character.

Asides from the rich history the series outlined, Upper Deck includes several exciting subsets and inserts to ensure the series was well received by collectors. It introduced the Marvel Prime and X-Men Die-Cut micromotion and holofoil cards. The icing on an already well-decorated cake was the addition of original arts never before seen in the hobby. Lucky collectors got sketches from card artists that showcased these characters as they saw fit. This birthed a one-of-a-kind collectible, and the cards were a top chase for collectors and fans alike. Due to the massive success of Series 1, Upper Deck released the Marvel Beginnings Series 2 and Series 3 in 2012. All three series combine to create Marvel’s most ambitious comic-based trading card sets.

The Release Date

The 2022 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Volume 1 will be released on 27th April 2022.

The 2022 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Volume 1 Review Of The Pros

After a decade of hiatus, Upper Deck brings back its highly successful Marvel Beginnings series. As with the first three series, Marvel Beginnings showcases the history of everyone’s favorite Marvel characters. The 2022 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings will use the latest card technology and thematic designs to highlight these characters.

While most trading card sets are focused on showcasing pictures of characters, the Marvel Beginning series acts as a sort of an on-card encyclopedia. It provides collectors with a summary of how the characters were introduced to the Marvel Universe. With over 80 years of Marvel history to draw from, Upper Deck utilizes a variety of card styles and types to keep collectors hooked.

This series is known for an abundance of genuinely remarkable inserts, and the 2022 installment doesn’t hold back on it. The inserts add angles to the card beyond just depicting the characters. Especially valuable are the creator’s autographs and incredibly rare comic clippings. In addition, every 2022 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Volume 1 box boasts of 2 Rainbow Foil Parallels, 3 Illustration Board, 2 First Appearance Variations, and 15 Additional Inserts.

Core collectors love a challenge and the joy of completing a set. Few series offer as much challenge as the Marvel Beginnings series. Lastly, hit cards from the first three Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings series have held their value remarkably well for a series that’s not “high-end .”With the recent trading card boom and an increased interest in entertainment cards, this new series will be even more valuable.

The cards provide a great combination of rich history and attractive inserts that make the Marvel Beginnings series a precious stand-out entertainment release.

The 2022 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Volume 1 Review Of The Cons

The most common drawback with most series this popular is always the price point. However, Upper Deck has kept the price range of this series at its low to mid-end price point, which is just perfect! Another common complaint here is how fast these products sell out once released. However, while these are drawbacks for Marvel fans, collectors looking for an ROI are faced with a more serious issue – potential value. While hits such as any of the Stan Lee autos can sell for as much as $2,500, the ceiling on entertainment cards is much lower than traditional sports cards. Therefore, collectors looking for ROI would be better served by looking at conventional sports cards.

The Marvel Beginnings Series 3 X-Men B-93 is a beauty. What is available on eBay. 

The 2022 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Volume 1 Review Of The Release Formats

Upper Deck has yet to release the complete checklist for the 2022 Marvel Beginnings. Hence, we only have information about the Hobby boxes. We expect other formats, and we shall update this article as soon as we are privy to more information.

Hobby Box 

  • 9 cards per pack
  • 15 packs per box
  • 16 boxes per case
  • 180 cards set size
  • 3 Flipped FX
  • 3 Illustration Board
  • 15 Additional Inserts
  • 2 Rainbow Foil Parallels
  • Price – $199.95

The 2022 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Volume 1 Review Of Value

Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings has been called so many names. It’s been said to be more than just a card set. It’s been called the most comprehensive entertainment card series and the trading card encyclopedia of all Marvel characters. However, how does this translate to monetary value? Let’s look at how well the first three Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Series have retained value.


2011 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings I$879
2012 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings II$480
2012 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings III$379.99

 As expected from boxes from a non-sport series released almost ten years ago, unopened boxes of these cards are tough to find. They were out of stock on all retailer websites, and the packages listed on eBay were insanely overpriced ($2,000). We assume that this is an entertainment series, and it wasn’t purchased for its potential ROI plays a part in this.

We did find, however, find, prices from recently sold boxes. Anyone looking to grab a Series 2 or 3 release box would have to settle for purchasing from eBay at $1,400 per box. While $900 might seem like a small price compared to most sports card series, these boxes were sold for less than $80 when they were released.


Let’s see just how well single cards from this series performed. Then, of course, we could fill this table with Stan Lee autographs or autos from any Marvel creator legends. However, to keep this fair, we’ll also consider other cards.

Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Series 2 Sketch Punisher By Corroney$262.88
Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Comic Autograph Auto Stan Lee B-55 X-Men Coa$1,999
Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Series 3 X-Men B-93 Psa 10$2,000
Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Series 2 X-Men Hologram  #H-43 Angel$99.99
Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Dual Autograph Signed Card B-33$200
Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Series 2 Breakthrough Issues B-54 Autograph Card Stan Lee W/Coa$770
Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Series 1 Spiderman Breakthrough Issues Psa 10$180
Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings WOLVERINE Sketch Card 1/1 GRADED BGS 10 PRISTINE 1of1$229
Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Stan Lee Signed Autograph Card With C.O.A$700
Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Series 1domino Sketch Card By Eric Ninaltoski 2011$189.99

The values of single cards from the series offer significant ROI compared to other entertainment trading card sets. Asides from the autographs cards, Upper Deck, ensures each hobby box holds excellent value by including special inserts such as the Hologram insert in each box. The value is even more remarkable when we recall that this series has a low-end price point.

The Stan Lee sketch cards are always a massive draw. Get one on eBay. 

Bottomline Of The 2022 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings Volume 1 Review

There are series where success is in doubt. However, from the moment Upper Deck concocted the Marvel Beginnings series, it was sure to be a hit with Marvel fanboys and the collecting community. The first three series had great success, and we expect this latest installment to be an even more successful series.

As with the 2011 series, Upper Deck will release at least three volumes, and this is Volume 1 of this new Marvel Beginnings series. While all previous three Marvel Beginnings series were valuable, Series 1 was especially valuable, and we expect this to be the case here. Cards from Volume 1 would hold their value remarkably well a few months from now. This makes this release even more valuable than it already is.

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