Why The Release Of 2023 Panini Certified Football Might Surprise You

November 9, 2023

While it has never entered the ranks of the best-known Panini football products, Panini Certified Football has been around for a quarter of a century now.

It has undoubtedly established enough of a following to justify its long existence. The brand is best known for recreating the junk wax aesthetic with a 21st Century Twist. It also aims to deliver enough hits to justify a price tag of over $300.

So, does the 2023 version of this release attain these goals and give us what we crave? Our 2023 Panini Certified Football review will answer all these questions and more.

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History of Panini Certified Football

In 1999, Leaf released its first version of the product. The 1999 Leaf Certified set had 225 card base cards, 50 of which were rookie cards. These early Leaf sets were hobby-only cards and were considered a high-end product at the time.

Two things really set these releases apart from the pack. First, the inclusion of the Freshman Fabric rookie cards. These were memorabilia-laden rookie cards. And their auto versions were early RPAs, well before they became very popular.

Their stature grew alongside that of the Leaf Certified line. To stress their importance, in 2003, Leaf changed the product’s name to Leaf Certified Materials. Second, they put a good deal of emphasis on the foil, leading to relatively simple but effective designs.

In 2010, Panini bought the rights to the Certified line. Panin tweaked the product somewhat, and they numbered every card. All cards in the release were numbered 999 or less.

The Panini version also stressed the Autographed Material Rookie Cards, the “Freshman Fabric” line, all numbered 699 or less.

Under Panini, these cards took a junk wax turn, which has made it a more distinctive product line. Since then, Panini has not messed with the formula all that much. It continues to feature annually on their schedule.

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2023 Panini Certified Football release date

The 2023 Panini Certified Football Hobby Boxes release date is November 10, 2023. And let me say, that really isn’t so bad! The NFL season kicked off in September, and we are all still pretty excited about it.

Unless you are a Giants fan, of course, but that isn’t Panini’s fault. And they have been pretty good about this product throughout. In 2022, it came out on October 21st.

There is still some delay involved here. Panini Certified Football is traditionally a pre-season release. So, if you go back to 2020 and 2021, it was released in August of those years.

But considering how badly other Panini releases have been hit by delays since the supply problems of peak COVID, Certified fans should thank their lucky stars. It’s nice to be able to give Panini kudos on release times for a change.

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Panini Certified Football 2023 release formats

Although not a high-end release or anything like that, Panini Certified Football has some of the pretensions of one.

For example, it has always been a hobby-only release and remains one today. Therefore, the only varieties you get are the regular hobby box and the FOTL. Let us take a look at both.

Hobby box

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  • 5 cards per pack.
  • 10 packs per box
  • Look for 1 FOTL-Exclusive Freshman Fabric Signatures Etch #’d/35 or less, 1 additional autograph, 5 #’d parallels (including two base/rookie FOTL Parallels #’d/20 or less, 2 Memorabilia cards, 2 Rookies or Rookie Parallels, and 10 Inserts per box, on average.
  • Resells for $499.95

Shop for boxes of 2023 Panini Certified Football on eBay

2023 Panini Certified Football pros

The Certified Football line has obtained a permanent spot on the release calendar through its beautiful designs. There is no question that the old-school “junk wax” aesthetic works and Panini makes the most of it.

The quality designs can be seen in every area. For example, there is a wonderful variety of parallels here. The inserts are primarily good ones that are a lot of fun to pull. It is also important to note that every Freshman Fabric RPA has a unique look, and it works.

There is a reason they are among the most beloved RPAs on the market.

The other advantage of this line is the guaranteed autos. Every hobby box has two guaranteed autos, more than many other products in the same price range.

Shop for boxes of 2023 Panini Certified Football on eBay

2023 Panini Certified Justin Jefferson

2023 Panini Certified Football cons

The price is a real issue this time around. The 2022 Panini Certified Football hobby boxes initially sold for $175. That already had fans complaining since they do not traditionally view this product as one worthy of a significant outlay. In 2017, it was still selling for under $100 a pop. But the 2023 release is not far from double the price.

Is there an improvement in the hits justifying the increased price? In 2022, the hobby boxes included “1 Freshman Fabrics Signature, 1 additional autograph, 2 memorabilia cards, 3 numbered parallels, 10 inserts, and 2 rookie or rookie parallels per box on average.”

Meanwhile, Panini says the following of this release: “Find 2 autographs, 2 memorabilia cards, 10 inserts, 2 rookies, and 3 numbered parallels per box.” 

So, it’s essentially identical. But when you look a bit closer, the 2023 release is a bit worse since you no longer have a guaranteed Freshman Fabrics Signature.

If you want that, you need to spring for the FOTL. So, the price change certainly does not seem warranted.

Collectors have long complained that the Panini Certified Football autos are sticker ones. It seems a real shame when the designs are so appealing, especially the Freshman Fabrics Signatures, which are otherwise beautiful cards.

But that was understandable when these boxes were fairly cheap. But what excuse is there now when Panini Certified Football boxes are well over $300? Collectors may find themselves more willing to plunk a couple hundred on an on-card auto product instead.

2023 Panini Certified Football checklist

The checklist for the product is relatively short, even though this is a decent enough release for the set completion folks. You have a 200-card long setlist, split evenly between veterans and rookies. That is good news for rookie collectors.  

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The base cards have the following parallels available:

  • Mirror – /349
  • Bronze Mirror – /275
  • Pink Mirror – /199
  • Orange Mirror – /149
  • Red Mirror – /99
  • Blue Mirror – /75
  • Teal Mirror – /50
  • Gold Mirror – /25
  • Teal Mirror FOTL – /20
  • Gold Mirror FOTL – /15
  • Purple Mirror – /10
  • Purple Mirror FOTL – /10
  • Green Mirror – /5
  • Green Mirror FOTL – /5
  • Black Mirror – 1/1
  • Black Mirror FOTL – 1/1

2023 Panini Certified Football Inserts

We love Panini Certified Football inserts because they play on classic junk wax inserts, though often with bolder designs. But do they manage to keep up their traditionally high level in this regard? Let’s see.

Shop for boxes of 2023 Panini Certified Football on eBay


Every year, Certified Football has an excellent graffiti-inspired insert as one of their offerings. But usually, they are common throw-away ones.

But 2023 goes a different direction and is far more difficult to pull than its earlier equivalents. The Bryce Young should be a particularly great one to pull.

1 Bryce Young – Carolina Panthers
2 Jahmyr Gibbs – Detroit Lions
3 Quentin Johnston – Los Angeles Chargers
4 Dalton Kincaid – Buffalo Bills
5 Devon Witherspoon – Seattle Seahawks
6 C.J. Stroud – Houston Texans
7 Myles Murphy – Cincinnati Bengals
8 Bijan Robinson – Atlanta Falcons
9 Jack Campbell – Detroit Lions
10 Will Levis – Tennessee Titans

11 Zay Flowers – Baltimore Ravens
12 Will Anderson Jr. – Houston Texans
13 Christian Gonzalez – New England Patriots
14 Tyree Wilson – Las Vegas Raiders
15 Jalen Carter – Philadelphia Eagles
16 Jaxon Smith-Njigba – Seattle Seahawks
17 Lukas Van Ness – Green Bay Packers
18 Anthony Richardson – Indianapolis Colts
19 Nolan Smith – Philadelphia Eagles
20 Jordan Addison – Minnesota Vikings

2023 Panini Certified Bijan Robinson

Huck It Chuck It

We are definitely feeling the name of this insert. And as the concept would suggest, it focuses on the quarterbacks of the NFL.

But the design is pretty uninspiring, and aside from the great name, nothing sets this insert apart.

 1 Jalen Hurts – Philadelphia Eagles
2 Anthony Richardson – Indianapolis Colts
3 Tua Tagovailoa – Miami Dolphins
4 Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys
5 Joe Burrow – Cincinnati Bengals
6 Trevor Lawrence – Jacksonville Jaguars
7 Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens
8 Bryce Young – Carolina Panthers
9 Kenny Pickett – Pittsburgh Steelers
10 Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills

11 C.J. Stroud – Houston Texans
12 Kirk Cousins – Minnesota Vikings
13 Jared Goff – Detroit Lions
14 Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals
15 Justin Herbert – Los Angeles Chargers
16 Will Levis – Tennessee Titans
17 Justin Fields – Chicago Bears
18 Matthew Stafford – Los Angeles Rams
19 Patrick Mahomes II – Kansas City Chiefs
20 Hendon Hooker – Detroit Lions

2023 Panini Certified Football Jalen Hurts Chuck It

Night Moves

It is a popular case hit that usually appears in Donruss products. They tend to have good value because the Night Moves cards appear in one of every 3-4 cases.

Not everyone loves the Night Moves designs because they are subtle. But I think they work. Having said that, the Certified logo doesn’t work incredibly well on these cards.

1 Christian McCaffrey – San Francisco 49ers
2 Anthony Richardson – Indianapolis Colts
3 Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills
4 Zay Flowers – Baltimore Ravens
5 Jahmyr Gibbs – Detroit Lions
6 Tyreek Hill – Miami Dolphins
7 Will Levis – Tennessee Titans
8 Dalvin Cook – Minnesota Vikings
9 Joe Burrow – Cincinnati Bengals
10 C.J. Stroud – Houston Texans

11 A.J. Brown – Philadelphia Eagles
12 Bijan Robinson – Atlanta Falcons
13 Garrett Wilson – New York Jets
14 Trevor Lawrence – Jacksonville Jaguars
15 Jaxon Smith-Njigba – Seattle Seahawks
16 Patrick Mahomes II – Kansas City Chiefs
17 Bryce Young – Carolina Panthers
18 Saquon Barkley – New York Giants
19 Jordan Addison – Minnesota Vikings
20 Quentin Johnston – Los Angeles Chargers

Anthony Richardson 2023 Panini Certified Football

Radical Rookies

If you are under 40, the design for this card will mean nothing to you. If you are well on your way to getting an AARP membership card, you will remember this background from the immortal “Saved by the Bell show.

Are the adventures of Zak and Screech what you want to have in mind when collecting rookie cards? Honestly, why not?

1 Hendon Hooker – Detroit Lions
2 Bijan Robinson – Atlanta Falcons
3 Jaxon Smith-Njigba – Seattle Seahawks
4 Jayden Reed – Green Bay Packers
5 Bryce Young – Carolina Panthers
6 Marvin Mims – Denver Broncos
7 Jahmyr Gibbs – Detroit Lions
8 Jonathan Mingo – Carolina Panthers
9 Jake Haener – New Orleans Saints
10 Jordan Addison – Minnesota Vikings

11 Stetson Bennett IV – Los Angeles Rams
12 Quentin Johnston – Los Angeles Chargers
13 Dalton Kincaid – Buffalo Bills
14 Anthony Richardson – Indianapolis Colts
15 Zach Charbonnet – Seattle Seahawks
16 Zay Flowers – Baltimore Ravens
17 C.J. Stroud – Houston Texans
18 Aidan O’Connell – Las Vegas Raiders
19 Rashee Rice – Kansas City Chiefs
20 Will Levis – Tennessee Titans

Radical Rookies 2023 Panini Certified Football Zay Flowers

Panini Certified 2023 Football autos

The autos are what this release is all about. Especially the RPAs in this release, such as the Freshman Fabric Signatures. This product provides two signatures per box, many of which are valuable and unique. Let’s get an idea of what is on offer in 2023 Panini Certified Football.

Freshman Fabric Signatures 

The main selling point for this release is these RPAs, numbered to /399 or less. The parallels are mirror-themed, giving them more of a reflective tinge.

It’s a nice touch but doesn’t change the cards all that much. There is such a deluge of RPAs on the market today. And we are always happy to land one. But many of them don’t have much personality.

Meanwhile, the Freshman Fabric Signatures have a unique look that colors the fabric reminiscent of a pattern, much like a refractor. But word of warning: these cards aren’t particularly valuable even though they are popular.

I couldn’t find a single example of one of these selling for over $400 in the last three months on eBay. Indeed, very few of them went for over $200. I think they are somewhat undervalued, but the market decided, not me.

Mirror Parallels: Bronze #/349 or #/99, Pink #/299 or #/75, Orange #/249 or #/65, Red #/199 or #/55, Blue #/99 or #/50, Teal #/49 or #/35, Gold #/25, Purple #/10, Green #/5, Black 1/1.

Mirror Etch Parallels: Pink #/35, Orange #/30, Red #/25, Blue #/20, Teal #/15, Gold #/10, Purple #/5, Green #/3, Black 1/1.

1 Clayton Tune – Arizona Cardinals #/399
2 Michael Wilson – Arizona Cardinals #/399
3 Bijan Robinson – Atlanta Falcons #/199
4 Zay Flowers – Baltimore Ravens #/199
5 Dalton Kincaid – Buffalo Bills #/399
6 Jonathan Mingo – Carolina Panthers #/399
7 Roschon Johnson – Chicago Bears #/399
8 Tyler Scott – Chicago Bears #/399
9 Chase Brown – Cincinnati Bengals #/399
10 Dorian Thompson-Robinson – Cleveland Browns #/199
11 Cedric Tillman – Cleveland Browns #/399
12 Luke Schoonmaker – Dallas Cowboys #/399
13 Deuce Vaughn – Dallas Cowboys #/399
14 Marvin Mims – Denver Broncos #/399
15 Jahmyr Gibbs – Detroit Lions #/199
16 Hendon Hooker – Detroit Lions #/199
17 Sam LaPorta – Detroit Lions #/399
18 Sean Clifford – Green Bay Packers #/399
19 Jayden Reed – Green Bay Packers #/399
20 Will Anderson Jr. – Houston Texans #/199
21 Tank Dell – Houston Texans #/399

22 Josh Downs – Indianapolis Colts #/399
23 Anthony Richardson – Indianapolis Colts #/199
24 Tank Bigsby – Jacksonville Jaguars #/399
25 Rashee Rice – Kansas City Chiefs #/399
26 Quentin Johnston – Los Angeles Chargers #/199
27 Stetson Bennett IV – Los Angeles Rams #/199
28 Michael Mayer – Las Vegas Raiders #/399
29 Aidan O’Connell – Las Vegas Raiders #/399
30 Tre Tucker – Las Vegas Raiders #/399
32 De’Von Achane – Miami Dolphins #/399
33 Jordan Addison – Minnesota Vikings #/199
34 Jaren Hall – Minnesota Vikings #/399
35 Kayshon Boutte – New England Patriots #/399
36 Jake Haener – New Orleans Saints #/399
37 Kendre Miller – New Orleans Saints #/399
38 Jalin Hyatt – New York Giants #/199
39 Jalen Carter – Philadelphia Eagles #/399
40 Zach Charbonnet – Seattle Seahawks #/399
41 Jaxon Smith-Njigba – Seattle Seahawks #/199
42 Tyjae Spears – Tennessee Titans #/399

Freshman Fabric 2023 Panini Certified Football Jaxon Smith

Canton Certified Signatures 

No one wants to get a veteran signature out of a product like this. But if you are going to pull one, it might as well be a Hall of Famer, right?

The Canton Certified Signatures series gives you an excellent roster of those enshrined in Canton, Ohio. They are also numbered lower than their Freshman Fabric Signatures counterparts, starting at /149.

As you would expect, the value of these cards is not exceptionally high. Though some people are charging exorbitant fees for them, I couldn’t find a sale for over $150 in the last few months.

Mirror Mirror 2023 Panini Certified Football Doug Williams

8 cards.

Mirror Parallels: Red #/99 or less, Blue #/75 or less, Teal #/50 or less, Gold #/25 or less, Purple #/10, Green #/5 or #/3, Black 1/1.

Mirror Etch Parallels: Red #/25, Blue #/20, Teal #/15, Gold #/10, Purple #/5, Green #/3, Black 1/1.

*Jack Lambert not in base.*

1 Darrelle Revis – New York Jets #/35
2 Warren Moon – Houston Oilers #/149
3 Bryant Young – San Francisco 49ers #/149
4 Thurman Thomas – Buffalo Bills #/149
5 Steve Young – San Francisco 49ers #/35
6 Art Monk – Washington Redskins #/35
7 Kurt Warner – St. Louis Rams #/25
9 Michael Irvin – Dallas Cowboys #/35
10 Jack Lambert – Pittsburgh Steelers #/25 *

11 Terrell Davis – Denver Broncos #/35
12 Lawrence Taylor – New York Giants #/49
13 Champ Bailey – Denver Broncos #/49
14 Anthony Munoz – Cincinnati Bengals #/99
16 Richard Dent – Chicago Bears #/99
17 Leroy Kelly – Cleveland Browns #/149
18 Darrell Green – Washington Redskins #/25
19 Mike Ditka – Chicago Bears #/49
20 Joe Klecko – New York Jets #/149

Stitches in Time

The main memorabilia-only line in Panini Certified Football. The cards come in dual, triple, and quad versions this year and look particularly good.

Sadly, they stole the name from Upper Deck, who has a great series of this name. The cards in this series tend to be beautiful, and if you are lucky, you could even hit one with an NFL shield.

Bryce Young, Anthony Richardson, CJ Stroud, Will Levis Stiches in Time 2023 Panini Certified Football

Stitches in Time Dual Set Checklist

20 cards.

MIRROR ETCH VERSIONS: Pink #/35, Orange #/30, Red #/25, Blue #/20, Teal #/15, Gold #/10, Purple #/5, Green #/3, Black 1/1.

1 Derrick Henry/Jahmyr Gibbs – Tennessee Titans/Detroit Lions
2 Garrett Wilson/Jaxon Smith-Njigba – New York Jets/Seattle Seahawks
3 Mark Andrews/Michael Mayer – Baltimore Ravens/Las Vegas Raiders
4 Marquise Brown/Marvin Mims – Arizona Cardinals/Denver Broncos
5 Hendon Hooker/Justin Fields – Detroit Lions/Chicago Bears
6 Tony Pollard/Kendre Miller – Dallas Cowboys/New Orleans Saints
7 Keenan Allen/Josh Downs – Los Angeles Chargers/Indianapolis Colts
8 Tua Tagovailoa/C.J. Stroud – Miami Dolphins/Houston Texans
9 Joey Bosa/Tyree Wilson – Los Angeles Chargers/Las Vegas Raiders
10 Davante Adams/Jalin Hyatt – Las Vegas Raiders/New York Giants
11 DK Metcalf/Tank Dell – Seattle Seahawks/Houston Texans
12 Saquon Barkley/Bijan Robinson – New York Giants/Atlanta Falcons
13 Lamar Jackson/Anthony Richardson – Baltimore Ravens/Indianapolis Colts
14 Deuce Vaughn/Isiah Pacheco – Dallas Cowboys/Kansas City Chiefs
15 Quentin Johnston/Tee Higgins – Los Angeles Chargers/Cincinnati Bengals
16 Dalton Kincaid/George Kittle – Buffalo Bills/San Francisco 49ers
17 Will Levis/Kenny Pickett – Tennessee Titans/Pittsburgh Steelers
18 Stetson Bennett IV/Trevor Lawrence – Los Angeles Rams/Jacksonville Jaguars
19 Zay Flowers/Drake London – Baltimore Ravens/Atlanta Falcons
20 Bryce Young/Dak Prescott – Carolina Panthers/Dallas Cowboys

Stitches in Time Triple Set checklist

10 cards.

Mirror Etch Versions: Pink #/35, Orange #/30, Red #/25, Blue #/20, Teal #/15, Gold #/10, Purple #/5, Green #/3, Black 1/1.

1 Nico Collins/C.J. Stroud/Dameon Pierce – Houston Texans
2 Rashod Bateman/Lamar Jackson/Zay Flowers – Baltimore Ravens
3 Josh Allen/Dalton Kincaid/Stefon Diggs – Buffalo Bills
4 DJ Chark Jr./Bryce Young/Miles Sanders – Carolina Panthers
5 Austin Ekeler /Justin Herbert/Quentin Johnston – Los Angeles Chargers
6 Amon-Ra St. Brown/Jahmyr Gibbs/Jared Goff – Detroit Lions
7 Michael Pittman Jr./Anthony Richardson/Jonathan Taylor – Indianapolis Colts
8 Geno Smith/DK Metcalf/Jaxon Smith-Njigba – Seattle Seahawks
9 Desmond Ridder/Bijan Robinson /Drake London – Atlanta Falcons
10 Kirk Cousins/Dalvin Cook/Jordan Addison – Minnesota Vikings

Stitches in Time Quad Set checklist

5 cards.

Mirror Etch Versions: Pink #/35, Orange #/30, Red #/25, Blue #/20, Teal #/15, Gold #/10, Purple #/5, Green #/3, Black 1/1.

1 Bryce Young/Anthony Richardson/C.J. Stroud /Will Levis – Carolina Panthers/Indianapolis Colts/Houston Texans/Tennessee Titans
2 Jaxon Smith-Njigba /Jalin Hyatt/Josh Downs/Quentin Johnston – Seattle Seahawks/New York Giants/Indianapolis Colts/Los Angeles Chargers
3 Bijan Robinson /Jahmyr Gibbs/Tank Bigsby/Zach Charbonnet – Atlanta Falcons/Detroit Lions/Jacksonville Jaguars/Seattle Seahawks
4 Jordan Addison/Jayden Reed/Marvin Mims/Zay Flowers – Minnesota Vikings/Green Bay Packers/Denver Broncos/Baltimore Ravens
5 Dalton Kincaid/Luke Schoonmaker/Michael Mayer /Sam LaPorta – Buffalo Bills/Dallas Cowboys/Las Vegas Raiders/Detroit Lions

2023 Panini Certified Football value

As we saw from the checklist, there is no shortage of beautiful and highly cool cards you can pull from 2023 Panini Certified Football.

But the problem is that when the rubber hits the road, people don’t seem willing to pay all that much for cards from this product. There is a serious problem of underperformance.

And considering that Panini has made this a pretty expensive release, that problem is more acute than ever. Let’s crunch the numbers.

Shop for boxes of 2023 Panini Certified Football on eBay

Panini Certified Football wax

Panini Certified is considered more of a rip than a hold. But sometimes products like that offer a good chance of a profit because people don’t stash them as much. Having said that, with the prices for a box of 2023 Panini Certified Football now higher than ever, how do the values hold up?

2019 Panini Certified Football Hobby Box$225
2020 Panini Certified Football Hobby Box$625
2021 Panini Certified Football Hobby Box$375
2022 Panini Certified Football Hobby Box$545

Were you expecting the boxes to be worth significantly less than the current price? Yeah, me too. But no, because of the popular hits in the boxes and successful aesthetics, boxes of Panini Certified Football do better than you might expect.

That means that at previous prices, these were a pretty good hold. But Panini took care of that by almost doubling the price. So now, you are likely to break even or make a slim profit by holding on to one of these boxes.

Panini Certified Football singles

What about single cards? Panini Certified is a classic rip product with a lot of cards and a few nice guaranteed hits. So, the question is, is it a worthwhile rip? Analysis of the inserts and autos suggested it is not. But let’s take a more systematic approach and look at a few top recent sales.

2017 Panini Certified Football Mirror Orange Patrick Mahomes II RPA RC Patch /99 (BGS 9)$4,051
2022 Panini Certified Football Brock Purdy Rookie Auto /50 Teal #RS-BP (PSA 10)$3,000
2020 Panini Certified Black The Greatest Tom Brady Buccaneers 1/1 (PSA 10)$2,247
2020 Panini Certified Football New Generation Jordan Love 1/1 Laundry Tag (Raw)$900
2020 Certified Football Mirror Blue Justin Herbert Jersey Patch Auto Rookie Card 1/20 (Raw)$900

These are some of the biggest cards I could find on eBay. There are quite a few cards worth over $1,000 for this release. But they tend to be Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy rookie cards.

Very few of anyone else. There isn’t too much money in most of these cards, including most RPA’s. That wasn’t too bad with the old prices because there was a good chance you would make back your money; the rising cost of boxes makes that less likely.

Final word on 2023 Panini Certified Football

When I saw that the price for the new boxes was significantly higher than before, I was skeptical about the value of the 2023 Panini Certified Football release.

Certified had never been considered much of a money maker before. But now, with prices almost doubling, it appeared sure to be a bust. But the truth is, that is not the case.

If you stash a box of this product, you may not be on the road to riches, but you are unlikely to lose money. And with higher prices, you are less likely to make back your money by ripping. But the odds aren’t terrible, either.

Plenty of mid-level cards in this release should get you your money back.

In sum, 2023 Panini Certified Football is a meh financial investment. I’ve seen worse. That may sound bad news, but if you love the designs and RPAs in this release, that isn’t bad. It means you can spring for a hobby box relatively guilt-free.

Shop for boxes of 2023 Panini Certified Football on eBay

Base 2023 Panini Certified Football checklist

1 Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos
2 Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings
3 Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets
4 Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns
5 Nick Bosa, San Francisco 49ers
6 Treylon Burks, Tennessee Titans
7 Grady Jarrett, Atlanta Falcons
8 Davante Adams, Las Vegas Raiders
9 Amari Cooper, Cleveland Browns
10 Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills
11 Amon-Ra St. Brown, Detroit Lions
12 Isiah Pacheco, Kansas City Chiefs
13 Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, New York Jets
14 Dameon Pierce, Houston Texans
15 Maxx Crosby, Las Vegas Raiders
16 Nico Collins, Houston Texans
17 Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
18 DJ Moore, Chicago Bears
19 Jonathan Allen, Washington Commanders
20 Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals
21 James Conner, Arizona Cardinals
22 Aaron Jones, Green Bay Packers
23 Baker Mayfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
24 Minkah Fitzpatrick, Pittsburgh Steelers
25 Miles Sanders, Carolina Panthers
26 Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills
27 Myles Garrett, Cleveland Browns
28 Evan Engram, Jacksonville Jaguars
29 Jordyn Brooks, Seattle Seahawks
30 Daniel Jones, New York Giants
31 Cordarrelle Patterson, Atlanta Falcons
32 Roquan Smith, Baltimore Ravens
33 Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks
34 Tyreek Hill, Miami Dolphins
35 Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams
36 Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans
37 T.J. Hockenson, Minnesota Vikings
38 Lavonte David, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
39 Ja’Marr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals
40 Sam Howell, Washington Commanders
41 Chris Godwin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
42 Jerick McKinnon, Kansas City Chiefs
43 Matt Judon, New England Patriots
44 Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers
45 A.J. Brown, Philadelphia Eagles
46 Aidan Hutchinson, Detroit Lions
47 Adam Thielen, Carolina Panthers
48 Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys
49 Zach Ertz, Arizona Cardinals
50 Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh Steelers

51 Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs
52 Kayvon Thibodeaux, New York Giants
53 Chris Olave, New Orleans Saints
54 Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals
55 Shaquille Leonard, Indianapolis Colts
56 Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers
57 Garrett Wilson, New York Jets
58 Tremaine Edmunds, Chicago Bears
59 George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers
60 Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers
61 Devin Lloyd, Jacksonville Jaguars
62 Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings
63 Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams
64 Christian Wilkins, Miami Dolphins
65 Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
66 Taysom Hill, New Orleans Saints
67 Jameson Williams, Detroit Lions
68 Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals
69 Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles
70 Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars
71 Terry McLaurin, Washington Commanders
72 Von Miller, Buffalo Bills
73 Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts
74 Mark Andrews, Baltimore Ravens
75 Devin White, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
76 CeeDee Lamb, Dallas Cowboys
77 Rhamondre Stevenson, New England Patriots
78 Derek Stingley Jr., Houston Texans
79 Patrick Surtain II, Denver Broncos
80 Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
81 Saquon Barkley, New York Giants
82 Fred Warner, San Francisco 49ers
83 George Pickens, Pittsburgh Steelers
84 Demario Davis, New Orleans Saints
85 Jerry Jeudy, Denver Broncos
86 Jaylen Waddle, Miami Dolphins
87 Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams
88 Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans
89 Brian Burns, Carolina Panthers
90 Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns
91 Joey Bosa, Los Angeles Chargers
92 DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
93 Desmond Ridder, Atlanta Falcons
94 Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas Raiders
95 Mac Jones, New England Patriots
96 Alec Pierce, Indianapolis Colts
97 Tyler Lockett, Seattle Seahawks
98 Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys
99 Christian Watson, Green Bay Packers
100 Patrick Mahomes II, Kansas City Chiefs

2023 Panini Certified Football rookies


  • Mirror – /325
  • Bronze Mirror – /275
  • Pink Mirror – /199
  • Orange Mirror – /149
  • Red Mirror – /99
  • Blue Mirror – /75
  • Teal Mirror – /50
  • Gold Mirror – /25
  • Teal Mirror FOTL – /20
  • Gold Mirror FOTL – /15
  • Purple Mirror – /10
  • Purple Mirror FOTL – /10
  • Green Mirror – /5
  • Green Mirror FOTL – /5
  • Black Mirror – 1/1
  • Black Mirror FOTL – 1/1

101 Dalton Kincaid, Buffalo Bills /399
102 Emmanuel Forbes, Washington Commanders /399
103 Cedric Tillman, Cleveland Browns /399
104 C.J. Stroud, Houston Texans /399
105 Tank Bigsby, Jacksonville Jaguars /399
106 Jack Campbell, Detroit Lions /399
107 BJ Ojulari, Arizona Cardinals /399
108 Rashee Rice, Kansas City Chiefs /399
109 Eric Gray, New York Giants /399
110 Derick Hall, Seattle Seahawks /399
111 Bijan Robinson, Atlanta Falcons /399
112 Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Seattle Seahawks /399
113 Marvin Mims, Denver Broncos /399
114 Jake Haener, New Orleans Saints /399
115 Myles Murphy, Cincinnati Bengals /399
116 Jake Moody, San Francisco 49ers /399
117 Will Levis, Tennessee Titans /399
118 Chris Rodriguez Jr., Washington Commanders /399
119 Tank Dell, Houston Texans /399
120 Jaren Hall, Minnesota Vikings /399
121 Devon Witherspoon, Seattle Seahawks /399
122 Trey Palmer, Tampa Bay Buccaneers /399
123 Jayden Reed, Green Bay Packers /399
124 Kayshon Boutte, New England Patriots /399
125 Aidan O’Connell, Las Vegas Raiders /399

126 Jalin Hyatt, New York Giants /399
127 Luke Musgrave, Green Bay Packers /399
128 A.T. Perry, New Orleans Saints /399
129 Tucker Kraft, Green Bay Packers /399
130 Bryan Bresee, New Orleans Saints /399
131 Jordan Addison, Minnesota Vikings /399
132 Justin Shorter, Buffalo Bills /399
133 Josh Downs, Indianapolis Colts /399
134 Lew Nichols III, Green Bay Packers /399
135 Will McDonald IV, New York Jets /399
136 Dorian Thompson-Robinson, Cleveland Browns /399
137 Derius Davis, Los Angeles Chargers /399
138 Sam LaPorta, Detroit Lions /399
139 Michael Wilson, Arizona Cardinals /399
140 Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles /399
141 Peter Skoronski, Tennessee Titans /399
142 Tanner McKee, Philadelphia Eagles /399
143 Puka Nacua, Los Angeles Rams /399
144 Julius Brents, Indianapolis Colts /399
145 Sydney Brown, Philadelphia Eagles /399
146 Charlie Jones, Cincinnati Bengals /399
147 Deonte Banks, New York Giants /399
148 Will Anderson Jr., Houston Texans /399
149 Quentin Johnston, Los Angeles Chargers /399
150 Hendon Hooker, Detroit Lions /399

151 Evan Hull, Indianapolis Colts /399
152 Dontayvion Wicks, Green Bay Packers /399
153 Broderick Jones, Pittsburgh Steelers /399
154 Chase Brown, Cincinnati Bengals /399
155 Luke Schoonmaker, Dallas Cowboys /399
156 Joey Porter Jr., Pittsburgh Steelers /399
157 Zacch Pickens, Chicago Bears /399
158 Keion White, New England Patriots /399
159 Parker Washington, Jacksonville Jaguars /399
160 De’Von Achane, Miami Dolphins /399
161 Christian Gonzalez, New England Patriots /399
162 Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts /399
163 Chad Ryland, New England Patriots /399
164 Zach Charbonnet, Seattle Seahawks /399
165 DeWayne McBride, Minnesota Vikings /399
166 Darnell Wright, Chicago Bears /399
167 Max Duggan, Los Angeles Chargers /399
168 Tyjae Spears, Tennessee Titans /399
169 Cam Smith, Miami Dolphins /399
170 Anton Harrison, Jacksonville Jaguars /399
171 Felix Anudike-Uzomah, Kansas City Chiefs /399
172 Tre Tucker, Las Vegas Raiders /399
173 Paris Johnson Jr., Arizona Cardinals /399
174 Tuli Tuipulotu, Los Angeles Chargers /399
175 Brian Branch, Detroit Lions /399

176 Kenny McIntosh, Seattle Seahawks /399
177 Sean Clifford, Green Bay Packers /399
178 Bryce Young, Carolina Panthers /399
179 Deuce Vaughn, Dallas Cowboys /399
180 Stetson Bennett IV, Los Angeles Rams /399
181 Jonathan Mingo, Carolina Panthers /399
182 Byron Young, Las Vegas Raiders /399
183 Kendre Miller, New Orleans Saints /399
184 Jahmyr Gibbs, Detroit Lions /399
185 Zay Flowers, Baltimore Ravens /399
186 Tyler Scott, Chicago Bears /399
187 Nolan Smith, Philadelphia Eagles /399
188 Cameron Latu, San Francisco 49ers /399
189 Calijah Kancey, Tampa Bay Buccaneers /399
190 Zach Harrison, Atlanta Falcons /399
191 Michael Mayer, Las Vegas Raiders /399
192 Drew Sanders, Denver Broncos /399
193 Brenton Strange, Jacksonville Jaguars /399
194 Zach Evans, Los Angeles Rams /399
195 Tyree Wilson, Las Vegas Raiders /399
196 DJ Johnson, Carolina Panthers /399
197 Isaiah Foskey, New Orleans Saints /399
198 Roschon Johnson, Chicago Bears /399
199 Lukas Van Ness, Green Bay Packers /399
200 Mazi Smith, Dallas Cowboys /399

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