Here’s How You Can Snag 2023 Topps Definitive Collection Boxes – Update: Released November 10th

November 10, 2023

With an interesting release approach and an “only hits” approach, 2023 Topps Definitive Collection is going to be an interesting late-year release. How the product is received will be interesting to see.

Update: After a brief delay, 2023 Topps Definitive Collection has been released! But is currently sold out as of 3:30 PM ET at

You can get boxes on the secondary market at eBay.

But what will collectors find in 2023 Topps Definitive Collection? What are the hits? And what is that innovative release format?

You can get boxes on the secondary market at eBay.

2023 Topps Definitive Collection Dutch release date & release format

Topps is taking a different approach with the release of 2023 Topps Definitive Collection, preselling the product on their website via a Dutch Auction.

Originally planned for November 8, 2023 at 12:00 P.M. ET, Topps was to begin sales of 2023 Topps Definitive Collection at a set price. The price will then drop in set intervals every five minutes until it sells out or the Dutch auction period expires.

The release went live on on November 10th but has sold out.

So, collectors can buy in right away to guarantee they get the product, or take their chances and see if the price dips.

You can find the Dutch Auction Terms and FAQ on

Hobby Boxes of 2023 Topps Definitive Collection contain one single pack of 8 cards. Each box contains 6 Autograph or Autograph Relic cards, and 2 Relic cards per box. The price point at which the Dutch auction will start has not been made public.

You can get boxes on the secondary market at eBay.

Topps Definitive Collection 2023 – No Base Set / All Hits

As mentioned above, each 8-card pack contains only autographed cards, autographed relics, and relic cards. There is no base set. It’s all about the hits.

2023 Topps Definitive Collection baseball relics

Unsigned relics fall into two per pack/box. While perhaps not the biggest draw of the product, Topps goes out of their way to make these premium offerings.

Definitive Patch Collection sports 99 cards, with several players appearing more than once.

Definitive Helmet Collection features 10 cards. The theme is helmets.

Definitive Nameplate Collection includes 70 cards. Look for bat nameplates to be featured here.

Definitive Jumbo Relic Collection contains 77 cards. These include jumbo-sized relics.

Definitive MLB Logo Patch contains the MLB logo patch from a player’s uniform. The set consists of 48 cards.

Definitive Dual MLB Logo Patch Book features a book that opens up to present dual MLB logo patches of two stars, many teammates, be it current or across the eras. 10 cards make up the set.

Definitive Triple MLB Logo Patch Book adds a third player to the MLB logo patch book concept. The set contains 8 cards.

Protectors at the Plate Relics consist of 8 cards.

You can get boxes on the secondary market at eBay.

2023 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball autographs

Autographs, which along with autographed relics fall 6 per 8 card box, are sure to be a popular hits.

Defining Images Autograph Collection features 39 cards, with a mix of current stars, rookies, and all-time greats. The photos included here are a big part of the story.

Definitive Autograph Collection includes 56 cards, with the checklist also a nice mix of current, future, and past stars.

Definitive Rookie Autographs puts the focus on first-year players. There are 53 cards in the set, with a number of players appear on two cards each.

Dual Autograph Collection 36 pairs of players dual sign these cards. Pairings include current teammates, current and former stars from the same team, and more.

Definitive Trios Autographs feature a trio of autographs. These 12 cards are sure to be popular hits, with their mix of current and former stars.

Framed Autograph Collection offers up to 52 framed autograph cards.

Legendary Autograph Collection focuses on retired stars, including all-time greats, Hall of Famers, and fan favorites. The set features 50 cards.

2023 Topps Definitive Collection cut signatures

Cut signatures bring a touch of the past to the affair.

Definitive Cut Signatures return with cut autographs of 40 deceased stars of yesteryear. All 1/1’s.

Dual Autograph Cut Signature offers two cards, both with cut signatures from two players. In this case, both feature the same players…Babe Ruth and Shohei Ohtani.

One card pictures Ruth as a member of the Red Sox, and one as a member of the Yankees. Will Ohtani be on one of those teams when Opening Day rolls around?

You can get boxes on the secondary market at eBay.

2023 Topps Definitive Collection autographed relics

With six autographs or autographed relics per pack/box, the ink and relic combos are sure to be a popular hit.

Base Autograph Relic Collection contains autograph and relic pairings for 49 players. The checklist is a nice mix of current stars, young players, and former greats.

Definitive Autograph Relic Collection contains 59 cards, with several players appearing on two cards. Some of those show the player on two different teams, while others show the player both on the team they are most known for playing for (or their only team, in some cases).

Definitive Autograph Patch Book comes in book form and opens up to show the relic and autograph. The set contains 31 cards.

Definitive Autograph Ultra Patch Book is also in book form and contains a patch along with an auto. The set contains 26 cards, but only 13 subjects as each player has two cards in the set.

Definitive Rookie Patch Autographs brings patch relics and autographs for 25 of the top rookies in MLB.

Dual Autographed Relic Collection features two players, each with a relic and an autograph. Grouped by theme including “same team”, although a few multi-team combos exist too. 21 cards in the set.

Framed Autograph Patch Collection contains 40 cards with a patch relic and an autograph, in a frame.

Definitive Helmet Collection Autographs offers six select subjects from the Definitive Helmet relic offering with added autographs.

Protectors at the Plate Autographed Relics consists of five cards from the relic set, with added ink.

Transcendent Season Autograph Relic contains just one card, but it’s a good one – superstar Shohei Ohtani.

Transcendent Season Autograph Relic 1-of-1 is another set with just one card, literally, since it’s a 1/1. Again, the subject is Shohei Ohtani.

2023 Topps Definitive Collection value

2023 Topps Definitive Collection is undeniably a high-end, premium product. We don’t yet know what 2023 hobby boxes will sell for, but what can we learn from prior year boxes’ recent sales prices?

YearRecent Hobby Box Comp Price

Boxes from the last few years have been selling for between $2,000 and $2,200, suggesting the boxes at least hold their value regardless of the quality of the rookie class.

In terms of singles, let’s take a look at recent PSA sales of 2022 Topps Definitive Collection.

The high water mark was a Juan Soto, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Ronald Acuna Jr. Triple Green Auto (/10) in a PSA 9 slab sold for around $475. Only a handful of other cards in PSA 9 or 10 slabs sold for as much as $300.

This suggests either the hits here aren’t selling for big money, or more likely, the big hits aren’t changing hands (or at least being sold on eBay).

Final thoughts on 2023 Topps Definitive Collection

Topps Definitive Collection is a premium, hits-only product that’s got an interesting Dutch Auction format for its initial release.

Depending on the price point, these might make a fun break if your budget allows, but the resale value, either in terms of unopened or singles, means that ROI is far from guaranteed.

What is your take on 2023 Topps Definitive Collection? Excited for a break? Too rich for your blood? Spending your breaking dollars elsewhere? Tell us all about it at card_lines on Twitter.

You can get boxes on the secondary market at eBay.

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