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2023 Topps Sterling: A Premium Product That Brings Just The Hits

2023 topps sterling

Topps Sterling is undoubtedly a premium product, and the 2023 edition is no different. With just two cards per box and a boatload of relic and autograph hits, this is for the moneyed collector who doesn’t want any chaff.

But what can collectors expect in 2023 Topps Sterling? What are the hits? And are they worth the high price of admission?

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2023 Topps Sterling Release Date & Release Format

The release date for 2023 Topps Sterling is scheduled for May 24, 2023. This is subject to change, of course, and has already moved once from earlier in the month.

This is an ultra-premium offering with absolutely no fluff…each hobby pack contains only two cards. Hobby boxes contain just one pack. A case contains 4 boxes/packs.

Each pack contains one guaranteed autographed relic card, and one other ultra-limited hit.

4-box cases are pre-selling for around $4,100 each. Individual boxes don’t appear to be pre-selling at the time of this writing.

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Topps Sterling 2023 base set

The 2023 Topps Sterling product does not have a base set. It’s all hits. In fact, it’s all premium hits as no card in the product has a print run of over 25 copies. At $4,100 for an 8-card case, there’s no room for anything else.

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2023 Topps Sterling Baseball Relics

The relics in 2023 Topps Sterling are all tough pulls. In fact, they’re all 1/1s.

Jersey Letter Patch Cards

Containing an oversized jersey letter patch, these pack a lot of laundry onto one card. The set consists of 63 cards and are seeded 1:20 packs.

Bat Knobs

Featuring game-used bat knobs of MLB greats. The set includes 75 cards and the cards are seeded 1:105 packs.

Bat Nameplates

With the player nameplate from a game-used bat. Seeded 1:105 packs. The Set is 75 cards.

2023 Topps Sterling Bat Nameplates

Legendary Relics

This 19-card set offers two relics per card. The checklist features Hall of Famers, plus two future Hall of Famers in Ichiro and Mike Trout. Seeded 1:412 packs.

2023 Topps Sterling Legendary Relics

2023 Topps Sterling Autographed Relics

Autographed relics land one per pack and offer print runs not exceeding 25 copies per card.

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Autograph Bat Knob

29 cards from the Bat Knobs relics set get on-card autographs. These are all 1/1s and are seeded 1:261 packs.

2023 Topps Sterling Autograph Bat Knob

Autograph Bat Nameplates

35 cards from the nameplate relics checklist get 1/1 autographed versions. Seeded 1:224 packs.

Cut Signatures

103 cards featuring greats from baseball, politics, and entertainment. These 1/1 autos are seeded in 1:78 packs.

Legendary Cut Signature Relic

The 21-card set features one cut signature and two relics per card. These 1/1s are seeded 1:412 packs.

Sterling Debuts

The 2023 rookie class takes center stage here, with two relics and an on-card autograph. 16 cards each numbered to 25 copies. Note that there are 8 players in the set, each with two /25 cards. Seeded 1:21 packs.

Parallels include:

  • Blue – featuring 3 relics – /10 (1:51 packs)
  • Red – featuring 4 relics – /5 (1:102 packs)
  • Silver – featuring 5 relics – 1/1 (1:489 packs)

Sterling Seasons

Celebrating memorable seasons with two relics and an on-card autograph. 68-card checklist seeded 1:6 packs. Numbered to 25 copies each.

Parallels include:

  • Blue – featuring 3 relics – /10 (1:51 packs)
  • Red – featuring 4 relics – /5 (1:102 packs)
  • Silver – featuring 5 relics – 1/1 (1:489 packs)
2023 Topps Sterling Sterling Seasons Silver Parallel

Sterling Sets Autographed Book Cards

The 5 book checklist are seeded 1:261 packs and are numbered /5. These feature six players each and have themes that include “Yankee Greats”, “Rookie of the Year”, and “3,000 Ks”.

Red /3 (1:435 packs) and Silver 1/1 (1:1,304 packs) parallels are also available.

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Sterling Sets Dual Autograph Relics

This 20-card set, seeded 1:29 packs offers two pairs of autographs and relics on each card. Numbered to 15 copies per card. Players are paired in a number of different themes, including a mix of current players and past stars. You’ll see combos like “same team”, “same position”, “same home country”, and more.

Red /5 (1:80 packs) and Silver 1/1 (1:392 packs) parallels are also available.

2023 Topps Sterling Sterling Sets Dual Autograph Relics

Sterling Sets Triple Autograph Relics

If two autograph/relics pairs on a card is good, then three is even better. The set has 11 cards and is seeded 1:114 packs. Numbered to 10 copies per card. The checklist and combos here are pretty impressive and a lot of fun.

Red /5 (1:145 packs) and Silver 1/1 (1:652 packs) parallels also are available.

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2023 Topps Sterling Splendor Jumbo Patch Autographs

This 25-card offering features jumbo patch relics and autographs, on one card. Seeded 1:64 packs and limited to 5 copies per card.

Parallels include Red /3 (1:108 packs) and Silver 1/1 (1:313 packs).

2023 Topps Sterling
Sterling Splendor Jumbo Patch Autographs

Sterling Strikes

These cards highlight pitching greats with an on-card autograph and a relic. Limited to 25 copies per card and 19 cards in the set.

Parallels include:

  • Blue – featuring 3 relics – /10 (1:42 packs)
  • Red – featuring 4 relics – /5 (1:84 packs)
  • Silver – featuring 5 relics – 1/1 (1:412 packs)

Sterling Swings

Featuring the greatest hitters out there in a 62-card set, which is numbered to 25 copies per card and seeded 1:6 packs.

2023 Topps Sterling Sterling Swings Autograph


  • Blue – featuring 3 relics – /10 (1:14 packs)
  • Red – featuring 4 relics – /5 (1:27 packs)
  • Silver – featuring 5 relics – 1/1 (1:127 packs)

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball value

2023 Topps Sterling is clearly a premium product, but how might we expect an unopened box to do, value-wise? Are these buy-and-hold candidates unopened? The product changed significantly after 2021, so let’s look at 2022 Topps Sterling prices.

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YearRecent Comp Price

This small sample size suggests that these have a good chance of holding their value, or potentially even gaining a little value if kept unopened.

From a singles perspective, a look at 2022 Topps Sterling shows a handful of graded cards selling for over $700. There are then a number more that sold for $200-500. Of course, some of the best cards may not have sold on eBay, but instead via auction houses. Or maybe collectors are holding onto them.

Still, with the high buy-in price and small number of cards for the money, there’s significant risk here. I’m not saying don’t purchase, but understand the risk/reward and proceed with caution.

Final thoughts on Topps Sterling 2023 Baseball

2023 Topps Sterling is a premium product with only hits, including a guaranteed autograph relic in each box and many 1/1’s and other rare cards to chase. There is a healthy dose of risk involved at this price point, but there is potential for profit.

Excited for 2023 Topps Sterling? Planning to break a box? Let us know how it goes at card_lines on Twitter.

Shop for boxes of 2023 Topps Sterling on eBay

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2023 Topps Sterling Checklist

Autograph Bat Knobs

ABK-AJ Aaron Judge
ABK-AP Albert Pujols
ABK-AR Alex Rodriguez
ABK-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr.
ABK-CY Carl Yastrzemski
ABK-DJ Derek Jeter
ABK-DM Dale Murphy
ABK-EM Eddie Murray
ABK-JS Juan Soto
ABK-JV Joey Votto
ABK-LR Luis Robert
ABK-MC Miguel Cabrera
ABK-MMC Mark McGwire
ABK-MP Mike Piazza
ABK-MT Mike Trout
ABK-NA Nolan Arenado
ABK-OA Ozzie Albies
ABK-PA Pete Alonso
ABK-RAJ Ronald Acuña Jr.
ABK-RD Rafael Devers
ABK-RSA Ryne Sandberg
ABK-RY Robin Yount
ABK-SP Salvador Perez
ABK-SR Ozzie Smith
ABK-VGJ Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
ABK-WB Wade Boggs
ABK-XB Xander Bogaerts
ABK-XBO Xander Bogaerts
ABK-YM Yadier Molina

Autograph Bat Nameplates

ABN-ABE Adrian Beltre
ABN-AJ Aaron Judge
ABN-AP Albert Pujols
ABN-AR Alex Rodriguez
ABN-BAG Jeff Bagwell
ABN-BP Buster Posey
ABN-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
ABN-CY Christian Yelich
ABN-DM Dale Murphy
ABN-EM Eddie Murray
ABN-FF Freddie Freeman
ABN-FT Frank Thomas
ABN-GS George Springer
ABN-JA Jose Altuve
ABN-JS Juan Soto
ABN-JV Joey Votto
ABN-LR Luis Robert
ABN-MC Miguel Cabrera
ABN-MMC Mark McGwire
ABN-MP Mike Piazza
ABN-MT Mike Trout
ABN-NA Nolan Arenado
ABN-OA Ozzie Albies
ABN-OS Ozzie Smith
ABN-PA Pete Alonso
ABN-PG Paul Goldschmidt
ABN-RAJ Ronald Acuña Jr.
ABN-RS Ryne Sandberg
ABN-RY Robin Yount
ABN-SO Shohei Ohtani
ABN-SP Salvador Perez
ABN-VG Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
ABN-XB Xander Bogaerts
ABN-YAZ Carl Yastrzemski
ABN-YM Yadier Molina

Cut Signatures

CS-AFR Aretha Franklin
CS-AK Al Kaline
CS-AP Arnold Palmer
CS-BCL Bill Clinton
CS-BDA Bette Davis
CS-BF Bob Feller
CS-BG Bob Gibson
CS-BHE Billy Herman
CS-BHO Ben Hogan
CS-BL Buck Leonard
CS-BR Burt Reynolds
CS-CASH Johnny Cash
CS-CC Calvin Coolidge
CS-CG Cary Grant
CS-CGE Charlie Gehringer
CS-CH Carl Hubbell
CS-CST Casey Stengel
CS-DM Douglas MacArthur
CS-DR Debbie Reynolds
CS-DS Dean Smith
CS-DSN Duke Snider
CS-DUK Duke Ellington
CS-EAST Clint Eastwood
CS-EH SIR Edmund Hillary
CS-EMA Eddie Mathews
CS-EPP Eppa Rixey
CS-ER Eleanor Roosevelt
CS-FA Fred Astaire
CS-FDO Fats Domino
CS-FH Florence Henderson
CS-FR Franklin D. Roosevelt
CS-GB George W. Bush
CS-GBU George Burns
CS-GF Gerald Ford
CS-GHO Gordie Howe
CS-GHP George “High Pockets” Kelly
CS-GIL Gil Hodges
CS-GK Grace Kelly
CS-HA Hank Aaron
CS-HF Henry Ford
CS-HK Harmon Killebrew
CS-HOOV Herbert Hoover
CS-HWA Honus Wagner
CS-IB Ingrid Bergman
CS-JAC Jacques Cousteau
CS-JCA Jimmy Carter
CS-JCH Jim “Catfish” Hunter
CS-JDI Joe DiMaggio
CS-JDO Jimmy Doolittle
CS-JF Jimmie Foxx
CS-JFR Joe Frazier
CS-JGO Joe Gordon
CS-JLA Jake LaMotta
CS-JM Johnny Mize
CS-JMO Joe Morgan
CS-JOH Johnny Carson
CS-JRO Jackie Robinson
CS-JS Jimmy Stewart
CS-JW John Wooden
CS-KH Katharine Hepburn
CS-LA Luke Appling
CS-LB Lou Boudreau
CS-LBJ Lyndon B. Johnson
CS-LBR Lou Brock
CS-LN Leonard Nimoy
CS-LOU Louis Armstrong
CS-MG Marvin Gaye
CS-MI Monte Irvin
CS-MO Mel Ott
CS-MT Margaret Thatcher
CS-MW Mae West
CS-NR Norman Rockwell
CS-NRE Nancy Reagan
CS-PR Phil Rizzuto
CS-PWR Pee Wee Reese
CS-RA Richie Ashburn
CS-RCA Roy Campanella
CS-REA Ronald Reagan
CS-RF Rick Ferrell
CS-RKI Ralph Kiner
CS-RMA Roger Maris
CS-RN Richard Nixon
CS-RO Roy Orbison
CS-RRO Robin Roberts
CS-RS Red Schoendienst
CS-RWI Robin Williams
CS-SD Sammy Davis Jr.
CS-SH Warren Harding
CS-SM Stan Musial
CS-SP Satchel Paige
CS-SR Sugar Ray Robinson
CS-TC Ty Cobb
CS-TG Tony Gwynn
CS-TSE Tom Seaver
CS-TSP Tris Speaker
CS-TW Ted Williams
CS-ULY Ulysses S. Grant
CS-WAR Andy Warhol
CS-WF Whitey Ford
CS-WH Waite Hoyt
CS-WM Willie McCovey
CS-WS Warren Spahn
CS-WST Willie Stargell

Legendary Cut Signature Relics

LCS-AK Al Kaline
LCS-BG Bob Gibson
LCS-BR Babe Ruth
LCS-EM Eddie Mathews
LCS-HA Hank Aaron
LCS-HA2 Hank Aaron
LCS-HW Honus Wagner
LCS-JM Joe Morgan
LCS-JMI Johnny Mize
LCS-KP Kirby Puckett
LCS-LB Lou Brock
LCS-RHO Rogers Hornsby
LCS-RM Roger Maris
LCS-TG Tony Gwynn
LCS-TS Tris Speaker
LCS-TSE Tom Seaver
LCS-TW Ted Williams
LCS-WM Willie McCovey
LCS-WS Warren Spahn
LCS-WST Willie Stargell

Sterling Debuts

SBDB-AR Adley Rutschman
SBDB-AR2 Adley Rutschman
SBDB-BB Brett Baty
SBDB-BB2 Brett Baty
SBDB-CMO Christopher Morel
SBDB-CMO2 Christopher Morel
SBDB-JJ Josh Jung
SBDB-JJ2 Josh Jung
SBDB-MH Michael Harris II
SBDB-MH2 Michael Harris II
SBDB-NG Nolan Gorman
SBDB-NG2 Nolan Gorman
SBDB-RG Riley Greene
SBDB-RG2 Riley Greene
SBDB-TC Triston Casas
SBDB-TC2 Triston Casas

Sterling Seasons

SSAR-AB Alex Bregman
SSAR-AD Andre Dawson
SSAR-AJ Aaron Judge
SSAR-AP Albert Pujols
SSAR-AR Alex Rodriguez
SSAR-BEL Adrian Beltre
SSAR-BH Bryce Harper
SSAR-BL Barry Larkin
SSAR-BP Buster Posey
SSAR-BWJ Bobby Witt Jr.
SSAR-BY Byron Buxton
SSAR-CFI Carlton Fisk
SSAR-CJ Chipper Jones
SSAR-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr.
SSAR-CRJ2 Cal Ripken Jr.
SSAR-CS CC Sabathia
SSAR-CY Carl Yastrzemski
SSAR-CYE Christian Yelich
SSAR-DJ Derek Jeter
SSAR-DM Dale Murphy
SSAR-DMA Don Mattingly
SSAR-DMA2 Don Mattingly
SSAR-DO David Ortiz
SSAR-DOR David Ortiz
SSAR-DW David Wright
SSAR-FT Frank Thomas
SSAR-FT2 Frank Thomas
SSAR-FTJ Fernando Tatis Jr.
SSAR-HM Hideki Matsui
SSAR-I Ichiro
SSAR-IC Ichiro
SSAR-JA Jose Altuve
SSAR-JB Jeff Bagwell
SSAR-JBE Johnny Bench
SSAR-JRA Jose Ramirez
SSAR-JS John Smoltz
SSAR-JSO Juan Soto
SSAR-JSO2 Juan Soto
SSAR-JV Joey Votto
SSAR-MAD Greg Maddux
SSAR-MC Miguel Cabrera
SSAR-MM Mark McGwire
SSAR-MMC Mark McGwire
SSAR-MPI Mike Piazza
SSAR-MR Mariano Rivera
SSAR-MT Mike Trout
SSAR-MTR Mike Trout
SSAR-NAR Nolan Arenado
SSAR-NR Nolan Ryan
SSAR-NRY Nolan Ryan
SSAR-OZZ Ozzie Albies
SSAR-PA Pete Alonso
SSAR-PIA Mike Piazza
SSAR-RAJ1 Ronald Acuña Jr.
SSAR-RAJ2 Ronald Acuña Jr.
SSAR-RCA Rod Carew
SSAR-RIZ Anthony Rizzo
SSAR-RJ Randy Johnson
SSAR-RS Ryne Sandberg
SSAR-RY Robin Yount
SSAR-SC Steve Carlton
SSAR-SO Shohei Ohtani
SSAR-VG Vladimir Guerrero
SSAR-VGJ Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
SSAR-VGR Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
SSAR-WB Wade Boggs
SSAR-WC Will Clark
SSAR-YMO Yadier Molina

Sterling Sets Autographed Book Cards

SSABC-ASOTGF All-Star Rookie Team – Ronald Acuña Jr. / Fernando Tatis Jr. / Juan Soto / Shohei Ohtani / Julio Rodriguez / Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
SSABC-CCMGMJ Cy Youngs – Tom Glavine / Greg Maddux / Roger Clemens / Steve Carlton / Pedro Martinez / Randy Johnson
SSABC-CPJRWR Yankee Greats – Derek Jeter / Mariano Rivera / Alex Rodriguez / Andy Pettitte / Bernie Williams / Roger Clemens
SSABC-PTHJAO Rookies of the Year – Buster Posey / Bryce Harper / Aaron Judge / Shohei Ohtani / Mike Trout / Ronald Acuña Jr.
SSABC-RJCCMM 3000 Ks – Nolan Ryan / Randy Johnson / Roger Clemens / Pedro Martinez / Steve Carlton / Greg Maddux

Sterling Sets Dual Autograph Relics

SDAR-BB Jeff Bagwell / Craig Biggio
SDAR-CAJ Miguel Cabrera / Ronald Acuña Jr.
SDAR-CP Buster Posey / Will Clark
SDAR-DAL Pete Alonso / David Wright
SDAR-GSO Vladimir Guerrero Jr. / Juan Soto
SDAR-IM Ichiro / Hideki Matsui
SDAR-IO Ichiro / Shohei Ohtani
SDAR-JAJ Chipper Jones / Ronald Acuña Jr.
SDAR-JM Mariano Rivera / Derek Jeter
SDAR-JMA Chipper Jones / Greg Maddux
SDAR-LVO Joey Votto / Barry Larkin
SDAR-MBU Joe Mauer / Byron Buxton
SDAR-MCA Nolan Arenado / Mark McGwire
SDAR-MR Don Mattingly / Anthony Rizzo
SDAR-RJO Randy Johnson / Nolan Ryan
SDAR-RMU Cal Ripken Jr. / Eddie Murray
SDAR-SAJ Juan Soto / Ronald Acuña Jr.
SDAR-SMA Ryne Sandberg / Greg Maddux
SDAR-TO Mike Trout / Shohei Ohtani
SDAR-YRA Carl Yastrzemski / Wade Boggs

Sterling Sets Triple Autograph Relics

STAR-BLV Johnny Bench / Barry Larkin / Joey Votto
STAR-GJT Mike Trout / Ken Griffey Jr. / Derek Jeter
STAR-IMO Hideki Matsui / Ichiro / Shohei Ohtani
STAR-JGS Tom Glavine / Greg Maddux / Chipper Jones
STAR-MJA Ronald Acuña Jr. / Dale Murphy / Chipper Jones
STAR-OPC Miguel Cabrera / Albert Pujols / David Ortiz
STAR-RCT Mike Trout / Nolan Ryan / Shohei Ohtani
STAR-RJC Randy Johnson / Roger Clemens / Nolan Ryan
STAR-RJP Alex Rodriguez / Mariano Rivera / Derek Jeter
STAR-SAT Fernando Tatis Jr. / Juan Soto / Ronald Acuña Jr.
STAR-SWA Pete Alonso / David Wright / Mike Piazza

Sterling Splendor Jumbo Patch Autographs

SSJPA-AJU Aaron Judge
SSJPA-ARI Anthony Rizzo
SSJPA-BBU Byron Buxton
SSJPA-BH Bryce Harper
SSJPA-BP Buster Posey
SSJPA-BRE Alex Bregman
SSJPA-CJ Chipper Jones
SSJPA-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr.
SSJPA-CY Christian Yelich
SSJPA-DO David Ortiz
SSJPA-DO2 David Ortiz
SSJPA-FTJ Fernando Tatis Jr.
SSJPA-GS George Springer
SSJPA-I Ichiro
SSJPA-JA Jose Altuve
SSJPA-JS John Smoltz
SSJPA-JV Joey Votto
SSJPA-MC Miguel Cabrera
SSJPA-MC2 Miguel Cabrera
SSJPA-RAJ Ronald Acuña Jr.
SSJPA-RD Rafael Devers
SSJPA-SHO Shohei Ohtani
SSJPA-TGL Tom Glavine
SSJPA-VGJ Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
SSJPA-XB Xander Bogaerts

Sterling Strikes

STAR-AP Andy Pettitte
STAR-CLE Roger Clemens
STAR-GM Greg Maddux
STAR-GMA Greg Maddux
STAR-GMA2 Greg Maddux
STAR-JS John Smoltz
STAR-MR Mariano Rivera
STAR-MR2 Mariano Rivera
STAR-NR Nolan Ryan
STAR-NR1 Nolan Ryan
STAR-NRY Nolan Ryan
STAR-RCL Roger Clemens
STAR-RJ Randy Johnson
STAR-RJO Randy Johnson
STAR-SC Steve Carlton
STAR-SC2 Steve Carlton
STAR-SHO Shohei Ohtani
STAR-WB Walker Buehler
STAR-WB2 Walker Buehler

Sterling Swings

SWAR-AJ Aaron Judge
SWAR-AR Alex Rodriguez
SWAR-ARI Anthony Rizzo
SWAR-ARI2 Anthony Rizzo
SWAR-BB Byron Buxton
SWAR-BH Bryce Harper
SWAR-BL Barry Larkin
SWAR-BP Buster Posey
SWAR-BRG Alex Bregman
SWAR-BWJ Bobby Witt Jr.
SWAR-CB Cody Bellinger
SWAR-CB2 Cody Bellinger
SWAR-CJ Chipper Jones
SWAR-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
SWAR-CY2 Christian Yelich
SWAR-CYA Carl Yastrzemski
SWAR-DM Don Mattingly
SWAR-DM2 Don Mattingly
SWAR-DMU Dale Murphy
SWAR-DO David Ortiz
SWAR-DWR David Wright
SWAR-FT Fernando Tatis Jr.
SWAR-FTH Frank Thomas
SWAR-FTJ Fernando Tatis Jr.
SWAR-GS George Springer
SWAR-HM Hideki Matsui
SWAR-I Ichiro
SWAR-JAL Jose Altuve
SWAR-JB Jeff Bagwell
SWAR-JBE Johnny Bench
SWAR-JS Juan Soto
SWAR-JS2 Juan Soto
SWAR-JV Joey Votto
SWAR-LR Luis Robert
SWAR-LRO Luis Robert
SWAR-MC Miguel Cabrera
SWAR-MC2 Miguel Cabrera
SWAR-MM Mark McGwire
SWAR-MO Matt Olson
SWAR-MT Mike Trout
SWAR-NA Nolan Arenado
SWAR-OZZ Ozzie Albies
SWAR-PA Pete Alonso
SWAR-PA2 Pete Alonso
SWAR-PG Paul Goldschmidt
SWAR-PG2 Paul Goldschmidt
SWAR-RAJ Ronald Acuña Jr.
SWAR-RAJ2 Ronald Acuña Jr.
SWAR-RAM Jose Ramirez
SWAR-RC Rod Carew
SWAR-RCA Rod Carew
SWAR-RD Rafael Devers
SWAR-RDE Rafael Devers
SWAR-RS Ryne Sandberg
SWAR-RY Robin Yount
SWAR-SP Salvador Perez
SWAR-VG Vladimir Guerrero
SWAR-VGJ Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
SWAR-VGJ2 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
SWAR-WB Wade Boggs
SWAR-WC Will Clark
SWAR-YAD Yadier Molina

Bat Knobs

BK-ABE Adrian Beltre
BK-AD Andre Dawson
BK-AJ Andruw Jones
BK-AMC Andrew McCutchen
BK-AP Albert Pujols
BK-AR Anthony Rizzo
BK-AROD Alex Rodriguez
BK-BH Bryce Harper
BK-BJA Bo Jackson
BK-BL Barry Larkin
BK-BO Bo Bichette
BK-BPO Buster Posey
BK-CBE Cody Bellinger
BK-CBI Craig Biggio
BK-CC Carlos Correa
BK-CFI Carlton Fisk
BK-CJ Chipper Jones
BK-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr.
BK-CSE Corey Seager
BK-CY Christian Yelich
BK-DJ Derek Jeter
BK-DM Dale Murphy
BK-DMA Don Mattingly
BK-DO David Ortiz
BK-DWR David Wright
BK-EM Eddie Murray
BK-FL Francisco Lindor
BK-FRE Freddie Freeman
BK-FT Frank Thomas
BK-GBR George Brett
BK-GC Gary Carter
BK-GSP George Springer
BK-GST Giancarlo Stanton
BK-HA Hank Aaron
BK-I Ichiro
BK-JA Jose Altuve
BK-JB Javier Baez
BK-JBA Jeff Bagwell
BK-JC Jose Canseco
BK-JDM J.D. Martinez
BK-JR Jose Ramirez
BK-JUD Aaron Judge
BK-JVO Joey Votto
BK-KB Kris Bryant
BK-KP Kirby Puckett
BK-MAC Mark McGwire
BK-MAYS Willie Mays
BK-MBE Mookie Betts
BK-MCA Miguel Cabrera
BK-MMA Manny Machado
BK-MP Mike Piazza
BK-MS Mike Schmidt
BK-MTR Mike Trout
BK-NA Nolan Arenado
BK-OA Ozzie Albies
BK-OZZ Ozzie Smith
BK-PA Pete Alonso
BK-PG Paul Goldschmidt
BK-RAJ Ronald Acuña Jr.
BK-RD Rafael Devers
BK-RH Rickey Henderson
BK-RMA Roger Maris
BK-RYNE Ryne Sandberg
BK-TH Todd Helton
BK-TS Trevor Story
BK-TT Trea Turner
BK-VG Vladimir Guerrero
BK-VGJ Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
BK-WB Wade Boggs
BK-WCL Will Clark
BK-WFR Wander Franco
BK-WM Willie McCovey
BK-YA Yordan Alvarez
BK-YAZ Carl Yastrzemski
BK-YM Yadier Molina

Bat Nameplates

BNP-ABE Adrian Beltre
BNP-AD Andre Dawson
BNP-AM Andrew McCutchen
BNP-AP Albert Pujols
BNP-BAG Jeff Bagwell
BNP-BB Byron Buxton
BNP-BBI Bo Bichette
BNP-BL Barry Larkin
BNP-BO Bo Jackson
BNP-BPO Buster Posey
BNP-BW Bernie Williams
BNP-CBE Cody Bellinger
BNP-CBI Craig Biggio
BNP-CC Carlos Correa
BNP-CJ Chipper Jones
BNP-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr.
BNP-CY Carl Yastrzemski
BNP-CYE Christian Yelich
BNP-DAW Andre Dawson
BNP-DJ Derek Jeter
BNP-DMA Don Mattingly
BNP-DMU Dale Murphy
BNP-DO David Ortiz
BNP-DW David Wright
BNP-ELO Eloy Jimenez
BNP-EM Eddie Murray
BNP-FL Francisco Lindor
BNP-FRE Freddie Freeman
BNP-FT Frank Thomas
BNP-GCA Gary Carter
BNP-JA Jose Altuve
BNP-JAB Jose Abreu
BNP-JB Javier Baez
BNP-JDM J.D. Martinez
BNP-JM Joe Morgan
BNP-JRAM Jose Ramirez
BNP-JSO Juan Soto
BNP-JV Jason Varitek
BNP-JVO Joey Votto
BNP-KB Kris Bryant
BNP-KL Anthony Rizzo
BNP-KP Kirby Puckett
BNP-MCA Miguel Cabrera
BNP-MM Manny Machado
BNP-MOL Paul Molitor
BNP-MOU Ryan Mountcastle
BNP-MP Mike Piazza
BNP-MTR Mike Trout
BNP-NA Nolan Arenado
BNP-NR Nolan Ryan
BNP-OA Ozzie Albies
BNP-PAL Pete Alonso
BNP-RA Ronald Acuña Jr
BNP-REG Reggie Jackson
BNP-RSA Ryne Sandberg
BNP-SCH Mike Schmidt
BNP-SG Corey Seager
BNP-SHF Gary Sheffield
BNP-SP Salvador Perez
BNP-STO Trevor Story
BNP-STR Darryl Strawberry
BNP-TH Alex Rodriguez
BNP-TP Tony Pérez
BNP-TTU Trea Turner
BNP-VG Vladimir Guerrero
BNP-VGJ Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
BNP-WB Wade Boggs
BNP-WC Will Clark
BNP-WCO Willson Contreras
BNP-WFR Wander Franco
BNP-WMA Willie Mays
BNP-WMC Willie McCovey
BNP-XB Xander Bogaerts
BNP-YA Yordan Alvarez
BNP-YMO Yadier Molina

Jersey Letter Patch Cards

JLP-AB2 Adrian Beltre
JLP-ABR Alex Bregman
JLP-AMC Andrew McCutchen
JLP-AN Aaron Nola
JLP-AP Albert Pujols
JLP-AR Alex Rodriguez
JLP-BB Byron Buxton
JLP-BBO Bo Bichette
JLP-BL Barry Larkin
JLP-BP Buster Posey
JLP-BRY Bryce Harper
JLP-CB Cody Bellinger
JLP-CBI Craig Biggio
JLP-CBU Corbin Burnes
JLP-CJ Chipper Jones
JLP-CK Clayton Kershaw
JLP-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr.
JLP-CY Christian Yelich
JLP-DO David Ortiz
JLP-FL Francisco Lindor
JLP-FT Fernando Tatis Jr.
JLP-FTH Frank Thomas
JLP-GSP George Springer
JLP-I Ichiro
JLP-IROD Ivan Rodriguez
JLP-JA Jose Altuve
JLP-JAB Jose Abreu
JLP-JDG Jacob deGrom
JLP-JTR J.T. Realmuto
JLP-JU Julio Urias
JLP-JVE Justin Verlander
JLP-JVO Joey Votto
JLP-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr.
JLP-LW Larry Walker
JLP-MAX Max Scherzer
JLP-MB Mookie Betts
JLP-MC Miguel Cabrera
JLP-MM Manny Machado
JLP-MP Mike Piazza
JLP-MT Mike Trout
JLP-OA Ozzie Albies
JLP-PA Pete Alonso
JLP-PG Paul Goldschmidt
JLP-PM Pedro Martinez
JLP-RAJ Ronald Acuña Jr.
JLP-RD Rafael Devers
JLP-RHE Rickey Henderson
JLP-RJ Reggie Jackson
JLP-SMO John Smoltz
JLP-SO Shohei Ohtani
JLP-SP Salvador Perez
JLP-SS Stephen Strasburg
JLP-TA Tim Anderson
JLP-TG Tony Gwynn
JLP-TGL Tom Glavine
JLP-TH Todd Helton
JLP-VG Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
JLP-WB Walker Buehler
JLP-WC Willson Contreras
JLP-WM Max Muncy
JLP-XB Xander Bogaerts
JLP-YA Yordan Alvarez
JLP-YMO Yadier Molina

Legendary Relics

LR-BF Yogi Berra
LR-BR Babe Ruth
LR-BR2 Babe Ruth
LR-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
LR-DJ Derek Jeter
LR-HA Hank Aaron
LR-HA2 Hank Aaron
LR-HW Honus Wagner
LR-HW2 Honus Wagner
LR-I Ichiro
LR-KG Ken Griffey Jr.
LR-MT Mike Trout
LR-RC Roberto Clemente
LR-RJ Reggie Jackson
LR-TG Tony Gwynn
LR-TW Ted Williams
LR-TW2 Ted Williams
LR-WM Willie Mays
LR-WM2 Willie Mays

Mike D.

Mike D

Mike D. has collected cards for over 35 years, since he bought his first pack of Topps at the corner store in 1987. His fandom,  collecting interests, and contributions to Cardlines center around baseball in general and the Baseball Hall of Fame specifically.

Mike's collecting focus is centered on graded cards, mostly rookie cards, of Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers. Lately, he's been enjoying dabbling in graded minor league cards. A collector/investor with a "buy and hold" approach, Mike takes the long-term view with his collection.
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