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A Guide To 2024 Bowman Break Values

2024 bowman break value guide

May 8th is a big day for baseball card collectors. That is because it is the release date of 2024 Bowman, one of the most notable releases on the sports card release calendar.

The release, of course, presents the latest crop of 1st Bowman cards, some of which may go on to become baseball icons. Chasing and predicting who these players will be is one of the more enjoyable and fun elements of being a collector and analyzing the new 1st Bowman cards is something to look forward to every year.

You can check who we think are the most collectable 1st Bowman cards in Nicole’s very detailed analysis. It is a must-read for anybody collecting and investing in 2024 Bowman, as well as baseball fans in general.

Buying into 2024 Bowman breaks

Many collectors enjoy buying packs or boxes of 2024 Bowman Chrome to chase the latest 1st Bowman cards. But buying into breaks has become a huge deal and a more cost-effective way to chase the cards you are targeting without buying a whole box.

You can also seek out some value if you know where to look.

When a product is released, it is among the highest in-demand time to purchase a product. So getting a get deal can be quite important and save you money, especially early in the release cycle when prices can be a bit inflated.

On May 9th, CardLines is pleased to be breaking a half case of 2024 Bowman hobby (6 boxes). Those listings are available here for bidding. But how do you what is a good deal for a “PYT” (Pick Your Team) 2024 Bowman break. What teams should you be targeting and where is the value?

We have you covered! This research and numbers are based on what teams have been going for in early breaks. We hope that this helps you find value when seeking out teams to target.

Bid on the latest CardLines breaks here!

Per 1/2 case (6 boxes)Per box
Arizona Diamondbacks$28.00$4.67
Atlanta Braves$30.00$5.00
Baltimore Orioles$59.00$9.83
Boston Red Sox$105.00$17.50
Chicago Cubs$34.00$5.67
Chicago White Sox$49.00$8.17
Cincinnati Reds$75.00$12.50
Cleveland Guardians$13.00$2.17
Colorado Rockies$26.00$4.33
Detroit Tigers$32.00$5.33
Houston Astros$56.00$9.33
Kansas City Royals$38.00$6.33
Los Angeles Angels$28.00$4.67
Los Angeles Dodgers$50.00$8.33
Miami Marlins$8.00$1.33
Milwaukee Brewers$92.00$15.33
Minnesota Twins$120.00$20.00
New York Mets$28.00$4.67
New York Yankees$140.00$23.33
Oakland Athletics$35.00$5.83
Philadelphia Phillies$82.00$13.67
Pittsburgh Pirates$35.00$5.83
San Diego Padres$21.00$3.50
San Francisco Giants$72.00$12.00
Seattle Mariners$65.00$10.83
St. Louis Cardinals$24.00$4.00
Tampa Bay Rays$35.00$5.83
Texas Rangers$70.00$11.67
Toronto Blue Jays$85.00$14.17
Washington Nationals$195.00$32.50

What to make of the numbers

There are two “Tier 1” prospects, according to Cardlines’ Nicole Cahill rankings of the top 2024 Bowman 1st cards. Those players are the Washington Nationals’ Dylan Crews and the Minnesota Twins’ Walker Jenkins.

It should be no surprise that these two teams are so far some of the most sought-after in 2024 Bowman breaks so far with the Washington Nationals the highest “PYT” team at $195 and the Minnesota Twins #3 at $120.

Crews is the #5 ranked prospect in the MLB by Baseball America and was given a $9 million signing bonus after being drafted #2 overall in 2023.

The New York Yankees are the 2nd most sought after team in the set at $120, partly because they are the New York Yankees but also because of Tier 2 shortstop George Lombard Jr.

Another top team, the Boston Red Sox at $105 for six boxes, does not have a player in Tier 1 or Tier 2. You have to go to Tier 3, before you see a Red Sox in catcher Kyle Teel, which we describe as the “highest upside of any player in Tier 3.” The team also has another Tier 3 player in shortstop Yoeilin Cespedes.

Other teams with Top 2 prospects:

  • Philadelphia Phillies (Aidan Miller) – $82
  • Pittsburgh Pirates (Estuar Suero) – $35
  • Milwaukee Brewers (Brock Wilken) – $92
  • Toronto Blue Jays (Arjun Nimmala) – $85

While each of these teams have value about where we would expect compared to other teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates break values have been lackluster so far, only going for around $35. Indeed Suero, who is a switch fielding outfielder and only 18 years old, is described by Cardlines as a “as an under-the-radar 1st Bowman prospect.”

Final thoughts on 2024 Bowman Break values

The release of 2024 Bowman presents baseball collectors with yet another round of 1st Bowman cards. Some will quickly fall by the wayside never to be heard again, some will gain in value only to peter out while others will be sleepers for now and gain favor with the collectors in the future.

Predicting the next big thing is bit of guessing game but an unbelievably fun exercise for baseball fans and collectors alike.

We hope you find some value in our 2024 Bowman Break analysis to find a team or teams at below market rates. Good luck!

Bid on the latest CardLines breaks here!

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Important: When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.