An Early Sneak Peak: 2024 Bowman Baseball

November 4, 2023

2023 isn’t yet complete, but we have already gotten a sneak peek of the future, as Topps/Fanatics has released some details about 2024 Bowman.

The popular prospect-driven product won’t hit shelves for months, but it’s never too soon to start getting excited about springtime, a new baseball season, and a new batch of prospects to chase.

But what do we know about 2024 Bowman so far? Is it worth getting excited about?

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2024 Bowman release date & release format

The release date for 2024 Bowman is scheduled for May of 2024. We’ve already seen dates of May 8th and May 17th (with the latter being for retail products, presumably). With the long runway until May, these dates are of course very subject to change.

We don’t know a lot yet about the release formats for 2024 Bowman, but we do know we can expect Hobby Boxes, Retail Boxes, and 6-pack Retail Blasters. It is likely that Hobby Jumbo boxes also return.

While we don’t know much about the layout of Hobby Boxes yet, we do know that Retail Boxes contain 24 packs of 12 cards each. There are 12 retail boxes per case. Retail Blasters contain 6 packs of 12 cards each. A case contains 40 Retail Blasters.

In both retail configurations, each pack contains seven base cards, three paper Prospect cards and two Chrome Prospect cards.

Pricing is not yet available for 2024 Bowman Hobby, Retail, or Blaster boxes. Check back closer to the release date and we’ll have the details for you.

2024 Bowman base set

The first part of the base set of 2024 Bowman consists of 100 cards, with the checklist consisting of a mix of veterans and rookies. The rest of the base set consists of 150 prospect cards.

The prospect cards are available both in standard paper form and the higher quality and more desirable Chrome version. The prospects part of the set contains the much sought-after 1st Bowman card of many young up-and-coming prospects.

Check out prices for boxes of the previous release, 2023 Bowman Baseball on eBay

2024 Bowman parallels

Parallels are a lot of the fun in 2024 Bowman, much as they have been in Bowman products for many years.

The rookies, veterans and paper prospects share the following parallels:

  • Sky Blue – /499
  • Neon Green – /399
  • Fuchsia – /299
  • Purple – /250
  • Purple Pattern – /199
  • Pink – /175
  • Blue – /150
  • Blue Pattern – /125
  • Green – /99 (retail only)
  • Green Pattern (retail only)
  • Yellow – /75
  • Gold – /50
  • Red – /5
  • Printing Plates – 1/1
  • Platinum – 1/1

The Chrome prospects card come with a rainbow of Refractor parallels, including:

  • Lunar Glow Refractors
  • Refractors – /499
  • Speckle Refractors – /299
  • Purple Refractors – /250
  • Fuchsia Refractors – /199
  • Fuchsia Lunar Glow Refractors – /199
  • Blue Refractors – /150
  • Blue Shimmer Refractors – /150
  • Grass Green Refractors – /99
  • Green Refractors – /99 (retail only)
  • Green Shimmer Refractors – /99 (retail only)
  • Yellow Refractors – /75
  • Yellow Lunar Refractors – /75
  • Gold Refractors – /50
  • Gold Shimmer Refractors – /50
  • Rose Gold Refractors – /10
  • Rose Gold Mini Diamond Refractors – /10
  • Red Refractors – /5
  • Red Lava Refractors – /5
  • Printing Plates – 1/1
  • Superfractors – 1/1

2024 Bowman inserts

A number of inserts will liven up the chase in 2024 Bowman. While not all details are yet known, there are a few sets we know a little about.

Bowman A.I. uses advanced stats to attempt to predict future stars of MLB.

Prospect Power-Up uses a pinball theme to celebrate some of the most exciting young players in the game.

In Bloom uses a flower metaphor to celebrate young players who are ready to burst onto the scene.

Bowman Scouts’ Top 100, Bowman Spotlights and Rookie of the Year Favorites are there more long-time Bowman inserts that return for 2024.

Insert Parallels include Mini-Diamond Refractors (/150), Aqua Refractors (/125), Green Refractors (/99), Gold Refractors (/50), Red Refractors (/5) and Superfractors (1/1).

The cross-brand, ultra-tough Hidden Gem also will make an appearance in 2024 Bowman.

2024 Bowman autographs

Bowman autographs are among the most popular in the hobby, especially the esteemed 1st Bowman.

Chrome Prospect Autographs are one of the most important autograph offerings in the hobby year in and year out. 2024 should be no different. The 1st Bowman Chrome Prospect is typically one of a player’s most valuable and sought-after cards.

Chrome Rookie Autographs offers Chrome autographs of some of the rookies contained in 2024 Bowman.

Paper Prospect Autographs bring the prospect autos but without the Chrome. These are exclusive to retail packaging.

Paper Prospect Autograph Parallels include:

  • Purple – /250
  • Blue – /150
  • Green – /99
  • Gold – /50
  • Orange – /25
  • Red – /5
  • Platinum – 1/1

Bowman Buyback Autographs bring Bowman cards from out in the wild back for autographs.

2024 Bowman value

We don’t yet know how much 2024 Bowman Hobby Boxes will retail for at this point. We do know that 2023 Hobby Boxes sold for $350-375 upon release, for reference.

What can recent comp prices of hobby boxes from the last few years tell us about Bowman’s suitability as a buy-and-hold candidate?

YearRecent Hobby Box Comp Price

The prices are a bit all over the place. The key consideration appears to be the quality of the rookie class. So, 2024 Bowman may be a good buy-and-hold candidate if you are a fan of the rookie class.

In terms of singles, when we look at 2023 Bowman cards in PSA 10 slabs, we see a handful that sell in the $2,000-3,000 range. We then see a number in the $1,000-$2,000 range.

In all cases, these are tough parallels of the most desirable players. Of course, these hits will be few and far between, but there is always a chance of a big hit.

Most recent sales of PSA 10 2023 Bowman cards are in the $20-50 range. This suggests base cards are only borderline candidates for grading.

Final thoughts on 2024 Bowman

The release of 2024 Bowman is months away, and we don’t know a lot of details yet about the product. But what we do know should give collectors enough of a taste for the product to get them excited about its release.

How about you? Are you excited for 2024 Bowman? Planning to buy a hobby box or blaster? Tell us all about it at card_lines on Twitter.

Check out prices for boxes of the previous release, 2023 Bowman Baseball on eBay

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