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A Breakdown Of The Extraordinary January Sports Card Release Calendar

january sports card releases

January will be headlined by Prizm football, but there will be plenty of other big releases coming shortly thereafter.

Here are the CardLines picks for cards to kick off 2024. And, also as always, a feature on this list doesn’t mean it’s a must-buy. We’re sharing honest thoughts on all products. Some of these brands might be included out of caution, so read the short summary with each. 

Also, please note: the release schedules are very fluid and move frequently. These dates are not guaranteed. Also, watch for breaks on these products in January!

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Noteworthy Sports Card Releases for Janaury 

2023 Panini Prizm Football (01/03)

2023 Prizm Football will not have autographs of C.J. Stroud or Bryce Young. It has too many colored parallels and the worst design in years. And still, 2023 Prizm Football is still Panini’s best NFL product this year. Or, at least, it will still be the hobby’s golden boy.

Boxes are pre-ordering for $850 and come with 12 packs of 12 cards, a couple of autographs, and the big hit potential coming from those autographs or the colored parallels found within. You can also find 2 Autographs, 10 #’d Prizms, 3 Base Prizms, 1 Rookie Prizm, and 24 Rookies. There are a lot of problems with this product, but it will be popular nonetheless. 

Shop for 2023 Panini Prizm Football

2023 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions (01/4)

Upper Deck’s Goodwin Champions is a diverse sports card release, comprising 18 packs with 5 cards each. The 100-card Goodwin Base set showcases rookies, athletes, and entertainers globally, with the notable addition of Young Guns for the first time.

The visually striking Goodwin Platinum cards, produced with chromium technology, add an appealing touch.  Autograph enthusiasts can explore various hard-signed sets like Goodwin Autographs and Goudey Autographs. Each box includes two hits, four Splash of Color SP Cards, six Base Set and/or Splash of Color Platinum Variant cards, and six Upper Deck Base and/or Upper Deck Young Guns Cards.

Goodwin Champions offers a varied and engaging experience for sports card collectors, providing a mix of established and emerging talent. That said, these boxes almost always end up on the discount rack, so proceed with caution.

Shop for 2023 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions box on eBay

2023 Panini Phoenix Football (01/10)

Phoenix Football 2023 somehow(?) rises from the ashes once again, boasting a vibrant parallel roster and visually eye-catching inserts. Priced at $275 to pre-order, each box includes 2 autographs, 1 memorabilia, and 2 silvers.

The set introduces hobby-only parallels like Fire & Ice, Color Burst, and the case-hit Dream Weaver. Collectors can chase SSP stunners such as Metropolis and Phoenician. The diverse box break also features 10 numbered parallels, 9 inserts, 12 rookies, 2 SP inserts, 1 Color Burst, and 4 Base SPS. It’s not a widely popular brand, but even hardened collectors have to admit the cards look good. 

Shop for 2023 Panini Phoenix Football boxes on eBay

2022/23 Panini Immaculate Basketball (01/12)

Immaculate is a high-end product that has never had the popularity of other high-end products. It’s… a thing. That exists. And sure, there are nice Immaculate cards, but I’ve never met a collector who was drooling in anticipation of an Immaculate rip.

To make it worse, this product will be coming out around the All-Star break of the next season. Come on, Panini. 

These boxes are pre-ordering for about $2,000. In an Immaculate hobby box, you’ll find 1 pack of 6 cards. Collectors will pull 3 autographs and 2 memorabilia cards, plus a base.  Some of the best cards in the product are various logo cards.

Collectors can find a variety of memorabilia content from Sneaker soles to Sneaker laces, Team Logos to Brand Logos, and Championship tags to Logomans.  

Shop for 2022-23 Panini Immaculate Basketball boxes on eBay

2023 Bowman’s Best Baseball (01/17)

Bowman’s Best brings back the high-end feel to baseball card collecting with 2023 Bowman’s Best Baseball. This release has a pretty short checklist, presenting a 100-card Base Set featuring superstars, rookies, and prospects.

Priced at $299 for pre-orders, each box delivers 4 Chrome Autographs, 12 Base Card Refractor Parallels, and pretty good potential as bold a rip or a hold… but you can still strike out, too. While this product might not be the best from Bowman, Bowman’s Best has a high ceiling. 

Shop for 2023 Bowman’s Best Baseball boxes on eBay

2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball (01/17)

Bowman Chrome University Basketball brings the 1st Bowman card to another exciting lineup of college stars, plus autographs of some popular college players.

These boxes are pre-ordering for just about $199 and each box comes with 24 packs of 4 cards, so there are a lot of chances here to pull something nice. Autographs include 2007-08 Bowman Autographs, Prime Chrome Signatures, Prodigal Playmakers Autographs, Sapphire Selections Autographs, Sharp Shooters Autographs, and The Big Kahuna Autographs.

On top of 2 prospect autographs, look for 4 refractors and 1 shimmer refractor. 

Shop for 2023-24 Bowman University Chrome Basketball boxes on eBay

2023 Panini Absolute Football (01/17)

Absolute Football returns with a compact and exciting configuration of 3 packs per box, each containing 5 cards. Priced at $419.95 for pre-orders, 2023 brings back iconic features like Rookie Premiere Materials Autographs, Tools of the Trade, Jumbo Memorabilia cards, and the ever-iconic SSP Kaboom!. (Plus Explosive, and the Glass case-hit, too, but those aren’t as cool.) 

Absolute Football continues its tradition of delivering a stunning assortment of memorabilia cards, raising the bar with Tools of the Trade, Ground Hoggs, and the fabled Pro Bowl Souvenirs.

The 242-card set includes 100 current stars, 100 rookies, and the coveted 42-card Rookie Premiere Materials chase. Each box break guarantees 1 Rookie Premiere Materials Autograph, 2 additional autographs, 2 memorabilia cards, 1 insert, 2 parallels, 1 rookie card, and 6 base cards.

Shop for 2023 Panini Absolute Football boxes on eBay

2023-24 Panini Court Kings Basketball (01/17)

Court Kings makes its return for the 2023-24 NBA season, showcasing unique art-based designs in a configuration of 1 pack per box of 10 cards, available for pre-order at $249.

In this collection, you’ll find one autograph per Hobby box, featuring a range of players from top rookies to basketball legends. Collectors can explore four versions of rookies—Rookies I, Rookies II, Rookies III, and the super short-print Rookies IV. Additionally, the elusive Rookie Exclusive is randomly inserted in Hobby Boxes.

The set introduces super short-printed inserts such as Aurora, Paint by Number, and State of the Art, adding a distinctive touch to the collection. Keep an eye out for the new Debut Showcase Memorabilia insert, complemented by parallels numbered 25 or less. The box break offers a well-rounded assortment with 1 autograph, 1 memorabilia card, 1 rookie card, 1 parallel, 2 inserts, and 4 base cards.

Shop for 2023-24 Panini Court Kings Basketball boxes on eBay

2023-24 Donruss Basketball (01/24)

Donruss Basketball returns with a lot of cards. There are 10 packs per box, each containing 30 cards, available for pre-order at $350. The collection features familiar Base and Insert sets, bridging the past to the present for collectors.

You’ll find 1 autograph per box, presenting options like Rated Rookie Signatures, on-card Next Day Autographs for top rookies from the 2023 NBA Draft Class, and the Dominators and Rookie Dominators Autographs.

New insert additions include Hardwood Masters and Zero Gravity. Noteworthy returning Hobby-exclusive SSP Inserts include Night Moves and Animation, adding a touch of exclusivity to the collection. Each box break ensures 1 Autograph and 60 Inserts/Parallels, making this Donruss release a diverse and accessible option for basketball card collectors.

Shop for 2023-24 Donruss Basketball boxes on eBay

2023 Topps Stadium Club Baseball (01/24)

2023 Stadium Club baseball is never the most expensive baseball product, but it is always one of the best-looking ones. With an emphasis on full-bleed photography, Stadium Club is all about clean looks and nice images. Boxes are just $110 as a pre-order, so they’re also pretty affordable.

You get 16 packs of 8 cards in a box. You also will find 2 autographs and 1 chrome insert in each box, too. The biggest new update to this product is the purple parallel, which is numbered to just 75.

Shop for 2023 Topps Stadium Club Baseball boxes on eBay

2023 Panini Spectra Football (01/31)

Spectra Football is an unusual product. It has the same color and parallel flair as the most popular optichrome products like Prizm, Optic, Mosaic, and Select, but it’s never had the wide-reaching appeal.

Why? The best guess is that the sixteen-card boxes don’t seem to have the same following as the more widespread releases with more cards to collect and more (affordable) ways to do so. 

Spectra 2023 will be more of the same. As far as pricing goes, this year’s release is pre-ordering for $950 and each box includes 4 autographs, 4 memorabilia cards, 7 base/parallels/variations, and 1 insert per box on average. There’s also a slew of new inserts, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Shop for 2023 Panini Spectra Football boxes on eBay

2023-24 Panini Origins Basketball (01/31)

Origins makes its return for the 2023-24 NBA Season with a configuration of 1 pack per box, offering 7 cards at a pre-order price of $425.

Autographs feature a mix of rookies from the 2023 NBA Draft, as well as current and retired players, with sets like Rookie Jersey Autographs, Rookie Autographs, Elevation Signatures, and Universal Autographs, each offering One-of-One parallels. The Hobby-Exclusive Tiger Eyes SSP insert returns, accompanied by the new Hobby-Exclusive insert, Cosmic Storm.

Booklet cards such as Six Star Signatures and Rookie Auto Booklet Patch are available, each offering One-of-One Black parallels. The box break consists of 1 Autograph, 1 other Autograph/Memorabilia, 2 Parallels, and 1 Insert, providing a diverse experience for NBA card collectors.

Shop for 2023-24 Panini Origins Basketball boxes on eBay

Other January releases

What are you looking forward to ripping or holding? 

Some big releases are dropping in  January and we’ve got our eye on several. Let us know what you’re most excited about on Twitter @card_lines, and subscribe to our free newsletter right here. Twice a week, we’re bringing exclusive hobby news, offers and tips straight to your inbox. 

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes is the co-founder of Solaro Shades, an Amazon #1 Bestselling novelist, and a lifelong sports card collector. His nonfiction work has been featured in Forbes, Inc., MarketWatch and more. At CardLines, Jesse’s specialties are basketball and football cards, not to mention making informative video and Instagram content.

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