2023 Topps Stadium Club Delayed Until 2024

October 11, 2023

From the very start of its history, when it shook up the collecting world way back in 1991, Stadium Club has been a photograph-first issue. Full-bleed photos and minimalistic design elements let the photos take center stage. 2023 Topps Stadium Club continues in this proud tradition.

October 11th Update: 2023 Topps Stadium Club has been delayed until January 2024. Collectors who preordered a box from Topps have had their orders canceled and given a $35 credit.

But what will collectors find in 2023 Topps Stadium Club? What are the release formats? And when does the product drop? And are they worth ripping?

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2023 Topps Stadium Club release date & release formats

The original scheduled release date for 2023 Topps Stadium Club is October 18, 2023 (subject to change) but that has now been updated to January 14, 2024. No reason has yet to be given for the last minute change.

Hobby boxes have 16 packs per box. Each hobby pack contains 8 cards per pack. Hobby boxes contain two autographs per box. 2023 Topps Stadium Club hobby boxes have been pre-selling for $110.

Hobby Compact Boxes have 8 packs per box.  Each hobby compact pack contains 8 cards per pack. Hobby compact boxes contain one autograph per box, plus 1 Chrome Parallel or Triumvirates Insert. 2023 Topps Stadium Club hobby compact boxes have been pre-selling for $75.

Retail Blaster boxes have 8 packs per box. Blaster packs contain 5 cards per pack. Blasters do no guarantee any hits, but do have retail-exclusive parallels randomly inserted. 2023 Topps Stadium Club blaster boxes have been pre-selling for $25.

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2023 Topps Stadium Club base set & design

The 2023 Topps Stadium Club base set consists of 300 cards. The checklist consists of a mix of current MLB veterans, stars of the past, and rookies.

From a design standpoint, 2023 Topps Stadium Club stays true to the long history of Stadium Club. It’s all about the photography here. Full-bleed, borderless design makes the player photo the main event.

Other elements, such as logos and player names, and kept fairly minimalistic. If you are looking for a newer release with less history, the Topps Bob Ross Joy of Baseball release is worthy of a look.

2023 Topps Stadium Club Base Card Design

2023 Topps Stadium Club parallels

Stadium Club has a variety of parallel offerings for collectors to chase. A variety of foil is joined from some Stadium Club specials like First Day Issue and Members Only.

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Parallels include:

  • Red Foil
  • Black Foil
  • Black and White (Hobby Only)
  • Blue Foil – #’d to 50
  • Rainbow Foilboard – #’d to 25
  • First Day Issue – / 10
  • Members Only – 1 per case
  • Photographer’s Proof – 1 every 2 cases
  • Gold Rainbow Foil – 1/1 (Hobby Only)
2023 Topps Stadium Club Members Only Parallel

2023 Topps Stadium Club variations

Variations of select subjects offer another level of chase, with many paying homage to Stadium Club designs of the past.

Base Card Image Variations offers different images for select subjects. These are limited to 200 copies each.

Design Variations uses the design of the inaugural 1991 Stadium Club for select subjects. Limited to 200 copies each.

Rookie Design Variations offers up the 1992 Stadium Club Draft Picks design for select rookies. Numbered out of 92 copies each.

The Short Print Variations Checklist is one SSP card of “The Rip Master”.

Base Card Chrome Variations are seeded a tough 1:4 boxes. They feature 90 different subjects with a Chrome finish.

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Chrome Parallels include:

  • Chrome Refractor Parallel – 1:8 boxes
  • Chrome Orange Refractor (/ 99)
  • NEW! Chrome Purple Refractor – (/75)
  • Chrome Pearl White Refractor – (/30)
  • Chrome Gold Minted – 1 per case
  • Chrome Autograph – select subjects /10 or less
  • Chrome Autograph Superfracto r– select subject 1/1
2023 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Parallel

2023 Topps Stadium Club box toppers

Stadium Club offers additional chases in the form of special packaging-specific box toppers.

Master Photo

Paying homage to the early 90s add-in, these land one per blaster. The set consists of a 25-card checklist of some of the best base cards but in a larger format.

Oversized Base Boxloaders

Featuring jumbo versions of 50 select base cards, and landing one per hobby box. Not included in Hobby Compact boxes.

2023 Topps Stadium Club inserts

Inserts add another level to the chase, and with many having parallels, there’s lots to chase here.

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New for 2023. CFP stands for “Chief Fantasy Professionals”, and this set features players who finished in the Top 5 in key fantasy baseball categories. Seeded 1:8 hobby packs.

The checklist consists of 20 of the biggest names in the hobby.

Parallels include Red (1 per case), Black (/99), Orange (/50), and 1/1 Gold Rainbow.

2023 Topps Stadium Club CFPro Insert

Beam Team

The Stadium Club staple returns. The checklist consists of 25 of the biggest names, including stars, rookies, and icons of the past. Seeded 1 per case.

Parallels include Red (1: 10 cases), Black (/25), Orange (/10), and 1/1 Gold Rainbow.

Virtuosos of Velocity

Seeded 1:8 pack and new for 2023. This 25-card set features players behind the hardest-hit balls of the last few seasons.

Parallels include Red (1 per case), Black (/99), Orange (/50), and 1/1 Gold Rainbow.

Goin’ Yard!

Also new for 2023, but seeded a tough 1:64 hobby packs, “Goin’ Yard” is a 20-card die-cut insert that highlights some of the top sluggers in the game.

Parallels include Red (1 per case), Black (/99), Orange (/50), and 1/1 Gold Rainbow.

SC in 3D

Ten 2023 Topps Stadium Club base cards get reimagined as 3D lenticular cards. Limited to 100 copies each.

Parallels include Red (1 per case), Black (/99), Orange (/50), and 1/1 Gold Rainbow.


This 10-card offering combines paper and chrome cards in one and highlights some of the most collectible athletes in baseball.

Parallels include Red (1 per case), Black (/99), Orange (/50), and 1/1 Gold Rainbow.


30 cards, featuring Interlocking chrome cards featuring MLB® players whose careers are linked. Seeded 1:16 packs.

Parallels include Red (1 per case), Black (/99), Orange (/50), and 1/1 Gold Rainbow.

2023 Topps Stadium Club stand-alone autographs

Autographs come one per Hobby Compact and two per Hobby Box, and are sure to be some of the bigger draws in 2023 Topps Stadium Club.

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Base autographs

The main autograph offering in the set features 154 subjects, with on-card autographs. The size of the set means that in addition to big names of today and yesteryear, there are some “deeper cuts” that may disappoint some collectors.

Parallels include Red Foil (/50), Black Foil (/25), and retail-exclusive Orange (/5).

2023 Topps Stadium Club Base Autograph

Lone Star Signatures

Numbered to just 25 copies each, these feature 16 of the top names in the game. Parallels include Orange (/5) and hobby-exclusive 1/1 Gold Rainbow.

CoSigners Autographs

CoSigners is an 11-card set pairing some of the biggest stars based on team or position. Including current and retired stars, and numbered to 10 copies each. 1/1 Gold Rainbow parallels also available.

2023 Topps Stadium Club insert & variation autographs

Stadium Club brings autographs to select cards from variations and insert sets, making for an even more exciting chase.

1991 Design Variations Autographs bring the ink to 37 cards from the 1991 Design Variation.

1992 Rookie Design Variations Autographs add autographs to 24 cards from the 1992 Rookie Design Variations.

Beam Team Autographs are numbered to 10 copies or less. 16 cards from the Beam Team insert set gets signed versions. Orange (/5) and 1/1 Gold Rainbow parallels also available.

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CFPro Autographs make the fantasy even more intense with autographed versions of 9 cards from the CFPro insert set. Limited to 15 copies each with Orange (/5) and 1/1 Gold Rainbow parallels also available.

Chrome Autographs brings the ink to 73 different Chrome cards. Numbered to 10 or less with 1/1 Superfractors also available.

Goin’ Yard Autographs swing for the fences with autographed versions of 16 cards from the insert set. Numbered out of 10 or less. Orange (/5) and 1/1 Gold Rainbow parallels also available.

2023 Topps Stadium Club Goin’ Yard Autograph

2023 Topps Stadium Club value

By now, it should be clear that the 2023 Topps Stadium Club is a reasonably priced, photo-first product with lots of chase cards. But how do they hold their value unopened? Let’s look at recent sales comps for standard hobby boxes.

Shop for boxes of 2023 Topps Stadium Club on eBay

YearRecent Hobby Box Comp

These prices suggest that while Stadium Club holds value solidly, it perhaps is not the best “buy and hold” candidate, as the price gains are very slight, if they exist at all (based on prior year prices upon release). These look like a fun break, and perhaps that’s how they’re best enjoyed.

In terms of singles, we can look at recent sales of 2022 Stadium Club cards in PSA 10 slabs for some reference. Doing so, we see a good number of the rarer autographed parallels selling in the $500-$1,000 range.

That’s a solid high-end upside for a box at this price point. Of course, the majority of PSA 10 sales for the product are way below that level, with a good number under the price of grading. This suggests that there’s some potential here, although be smart about what you grade to maximize returns.

Final thoughts on 2023 Topps Stadium Club

With stunning photographs, a bunch of interesting inserts and parallels to chase, and a variety of reasonably-price configurations, there’s a lot to like about 2023 Topps Stadium Club.

With buy-in points at very reasonable $25, $75, and $110 price points, these feel like a fun break that mitigates risk and should provide a bunch of great-looking cards.

Excited for 2023 Topps Stadium Club? Plan to break a box? Want to share your results with us? Let us know what’s on your mind at card_lines on Twitter.

Shop for boxes of 2023 Topps Stadium Club on eBay

Other recent and upcoming baseball releases

2023 Topps Stadium Club checklist

Stay tuned to this space for the full checklist on the 2023 Topps Stadium Club release.

wdt_ID Set Card Number Player Team Rookie?
1 Base 1 Bryce Harper Philadelphia Phillies®
2 Base 2 Joe Morgan Cincinnati Reds®
3 Base 3 Riley Greene Detroit Tigers® Rookie
4 Base 4 Sandy Alcantara Miami Marlins®
5 Base 5 Austin Riley Atlanta Braves™
6 Base 6 Jake Cronenworth San Diego Padres™
7 Base 7 Rickey Henderson Oakland Athletics™
8 Base 8 David Wright New York Mets®
9 Base 9 Josh Gibson
10 Base 10 Willie Mays San Francisco Giants®
11 Base 11 Alex Rodriguez Seattle Mariners™
12 Base 12 Brendan Rodgers Colorado Rockies™
13 Base 13 Patrick Sandoval Angels®
14 Base 14 Javier Báez Detroit Tigers®
15 Base 15 Alek Manoah Toronto Blue Jays®
16 Base 16 Eddie Murray Baltimore Orioles®
17 Base 17 Noah Syndergaard Los Angeles Dodgers®
18 Base 18 Josh Bell Cleveland Guardians™
19 Base 19 Gunnar Henderson Baltimore Orioles® Rookie
20 Base 20 Garrett Mitchell Milwaukee Brewers™ Rookie
21 Base 21 James Outman Los Angeles Dodgers® Rookie
22 Base 22 Jeremy Peña Houston Astros®
23 Base 23 Trevor Story Boston Red Sox®
24 Base 24 Dontrelle Willis Florida Marlins™
25 Base 25 Derek Jeter New York Yankees®
26 Base 26 Justin Verlander New York Mets®
27 Base 27 Josh Jung Texas Rangers® Rookie
28 Base 28 Eloy Jiménez Chicago White Sox®
29 Base 29 Brandon Nimmo New York Mets®
30 Base 30 Jeter Downs Washington Nationals® Rookie
31 Base 31 Starling Marte New York Mets®
32 Base 32 Sonny Gray Minnesota Twins®
33 Base 33 Julio Rodríguez Seattle Mariners™
34 Base 34 Lars Nootbaar St. Louis Cardinals®
35 Base 35 Brandon Crawford San Francisco Giants®
36 Base 36 Kevin Gausman Toronto Blue Jays®
37 Base 37 Joe Musgrove San Diego Padres™
38 Base 38 Will Brennan Cleveland Guardians™ Rookie
39 Base 39 Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners™
40 Base 40 Dale Murphy Atlanta Braves™
41 Base 41 Rowdy Tellez Milwaukee Brewers™
42 Base 42 Lenyn Sosa Chicago White Sox® Rookie
43 Base 43 Shane Bieber Cleveland Guardians™
44 Base 44 José Ramírez Cleveland Guardians™
45 Base 45 Satchel Paige St. Louis Browns™
46 Base 46 Willie Stargell Pittsburgh Pirates®
47 Base 47 Fernando Tatis Jr. San Diego Padres™
48 Base 48 Ozzie Albies Atlanta Braves™
49 Base 49 Nick Lodolo Cincinnati Reds®
50 Base 50 Jordan Groshans Miami Marlins® Rookie
51 Base 51 Charlie Blackmon Colorado Rockies™
52 Base 52 Thurman Munson New York Yankees®
53 Base 53 Korey Lee Houston Astros® Rookie
54 Base 54 Carlos Correa Minnesota Twins®
55 Base 55 Dylan Cease Chicago White Sox®
56 Base 56 Hayden Wesneski Chicago Cubs® Rookie
57 Base 57 Kyle Stowers Baltimore Orioles® Rookie
58 Base 58 Daulton Varsho Toronto Blue Jays®
59 Base 59 Alec Burleson St. Louis Cardinals® Rookie
60 Base 60 Joe Ryan Minnesota Twins®
61 Base 61 Bo Jackson Kansas City Royals®
62 Base 62 Nick Pratto Kansas City Royals® Rookie
63 Base 63 Yu Darvish San Diego Padres™
64 Base 64 Jazz Chisholm Jr. Miami Marlins®
65 Base 65 Wander Franco Tampa Bay Rays™
66 Base 66 Hunter Brown Houston Astros® Rookie
67 Base 67 Blake Snell San Diego Padres™
68 Base 68 Cal Raleigh Seattle Mariners™
69 Base 69 Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals®
70 Base 70 Ozzie Smith St. Louis Cardinals®
71 Base 71 J.D. Martinez Los Angeles Dodgers®
72 Base 72 Ichiro Seattle Mariners™
73 Base 73 Taylor Ward Angels®
74 Base 74 Adam Wainwright St. Louis Cardinals®
75 Base 75 Max Muncy Los Angeles Dodgers®
76 Base 76 Edgar Martinez Seattle Mariners™
77 Base 77 Tyler Freeman Cleveland Guardians™ Rookie
78 Base 78 Bo Bichette Toronto Blue Jays®
79 Base 79 Ryan Mountcastle Baltimore Orioles®
80 Base 80 Jack Flaherty St. Louis Cardinals®
81 Base 81 Andrés Giménez Cleveland Guardians™
82 Base 82 Roansy Contreras Pittsburgh Pirates®
83 Base 83 Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles®
84 Base 84 Alex Verdugo Boston Red Sox®
85 Base 85 Francisco Lindor New York Mets®
86 Base 86 Tim Anderson Chicago White Sox®
87 Base 87 Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds®
88 Base 88 Nolan Arenado St. Louis Cardinals®
89 Base 89 Marcus Stroman Chicago Cubs®
90 Base 90 Brady Singer Kansas City Royals®
91 Base 91 Mark Vientos New York Mets® Rookie
92 Base 92 Byron Buxton Minnesota Twins®
93 Base 93 Oswaldo Cabrera New York Yankees® Rookie
94 Base 94 Oneil Cruz Pittsburgh Pirates®
95 Base 95 Ernie Banks Chicago Cubs®
96 Base 96 Giancarlo Stanton New York Yankees®
97 Base 97 Nestor Cortes New York Yankees®
98 Base 98 Cedric Mullins Baltimore Orioles®
99 Base 99 Aaron Judge New York Yankees®
100 Base 100 Greg Maddux Atlanta Braves™
Set Card Number Player Team Rookie?