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A Comprehensive Guide To Custom Baseball Cards And How To Make Them

Custom baseball cards redefine the conventional realm of trading card collecting. Rather than collect ready-made cards, collectors are offered a unique fusion of personal touch, passion, and creativity.

These distinctive custom baseball cards break away from standardized templates and give fans an empty canvas to showcase their unique concept.

Custom cards are more than mere collectibles; they tell individualized stories that resonate with the creators and the people they share them with. The concept of custom baseball cards has captured the hearts of collectors.

Several card companies, such as Panini and Topps*, let collectors create custom baseball cards using templates of official releases or a blank canvas.

This article covers everything about custom baseball cards. From the appeal of these cards to the various options available to create your custom baseball cards.

*Note that Topps cardbuilder service is currently suspended “to improve the experience”.

Custom baseball cards

Custom baseball trading cards are personalized cards created by individuals featuring personal photographs, baseball players, or teams.

These cards differ from traditional baseball trading cards produced by official card companies in that they are not part of an official set and are not typically associated with licensed sports leagues.

Custom baseball trading cards provide a unique canvas for collectors to infuse a personalized touch into trading cards. Whether from official card production companies or several other websites offering custom baseball card creation services, these cards are a personal expression of the creator’s connection to baseball.

Custom Baseball Cards by Slgckgc is licensed under CC BY 2.0 DEED

Custom baseball cards have gained popularity within online communities and social media platforms where collectors and creators share their designs and trade cards and discuss their passion. There are several forums dedicated to helping collectors create these custom cards.

As more and more creators experiment with themes, styles, and unique narratives, custom baseball cards have become a celebration of the individuality of baseball fandom. However, it’s important to note that custom baseball cards exist separately from officially produced cards.

While official cards are part of recognized sets and often carry significant monetary value, custom baseball cards are more about personal expression, creativity, and connecting with a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

The appeal of custom baseball cards

Whether you’re a casual or dedicated collector, one can’t deny the appeal of custom baseball cards. They let collectors showcase their love for baseball in a personalized way.

Personalization and customization options

The primary allure of custom baseball cards lies in their unique opportunity for personalization. These custom baseball cards provide collectors with a blank canvas for complete personalization. This goes beyond just collecting standard trading cards of your favorite players.

With custom baseball cards, collectors can create a personalized collection using handpicked photographs that resonate with them. Besides picking a custom photograph, collectors can infuse their unique preferences into every card detail. This includes;

  • Photograph
  • Team affiliation
  • Themes
  • Statistics
  • Design layout
  • Artistic elements such as paintings, illustrations, or digital graphics.
  • Text and captions

The beauty of custom baseball cards is in their ability to be uniquely tailored to the preferences of their creators.

Touchdown by PhotoSpills Collage Software is licensed under CC BY 2.0 DEED

Creative design freedom

Another significant appeal of custom baseball cards is the freedom of creative design. This is especially true for collectors who are also artistically inclined. Unbound by the constraints of mainstream card templates, these individuals can experiment with various styles, artistic techniques, and themes.

From standard trading card photographs to paintings or collages to digitally produced photographs, custom baseball cards have something for every creative collector.

Sentimental value

Custom cards tap into the sentiments associated with trading cards. Creators may design cards reminiscent of classic baseball card styles or personal iconic moments in their history.

Additionally, while its common to use a player’s photograph, you’re allowed to use just any appropriate image when you create your custom baseball card. The possibilities are endless, whether it’s a picture of a loving spouse, a beloved pet, or a cherished family memory.

This level of customization transforms mere cardboard into highly sentimental keepsakes. For a collector, having a card adorned with the image of their spouse, children, or pet adds layers of emotional attachment.

Community engagement

While you can create custom baseball cards for your collection or as a momemto, one major essence of custom cards unfolds when these cards become a means of connection within a community. Community engagement emerges as a compelling appeal for custom trading cards. Custom baseball cards invite collectors to share their narratives with those who can relate.

For instance, a collector can create a custom card featuring an image of their favorite athlete to be shared with friends. A children’s team’s coach can create custom baseball cards with photographs of his team. A collector might create personalized cards featuring themselves to share with family members. These cards evoke a sense of connection and pride.

Baseball Stadium by PhotoSpills Collage Software is licensed under CC BY 2.0 DEED

How to create custom baseball cards

Collectors looking for how to create custom baseball cards have an array of options. Industry leaders Panini and Topps have an established custom baseball card program that lets collectors design and print their custom baseball cards. Aside from them, several other websites offer similar opportunities for collectors to craft custom baseball cards.

A step-by-step guide to creating custom baseball cards

1.       Choose a platform

The first step to creating custom baseball cards is choosing a platform you’ll use to create your cards. Several trading card giants offer dedicated tools to create custom baseball cards. Several other websites also provide custom baseball card creation services.

Each of these platforms has its pros and cons, which shall be reviewed in a later part of this article. Explore the various websites that provide custom baseball card creation services and pick one that best fits your needs.

2.       Access the custom card maker

If you choose Topps or Panini, access their Custom Card Maker tools. These platforms typically feature user-friendly interfaces designed to simplify the card creation process. For other websites, navigate to the designated section or tool to create your custom card.

3.       Design the front

  • Upload your desired photograph.

Whatever website you opt for, you’ll be asked to upload the picture you want to use for your custom card.

  • Select a frame

After that, there should be a range of designs you can use to create your custom baseball cards. If you opt for Topps, you’ll be presented with a variety of Topps frames to use in your custom baseball cards. While not all Topps official card designs are available, you have numerous designs to pick from. Each frame you choose will load a preview, letting you see just how your card would look with that frame.

  • Pick a team (Topps)

Once you’ve picked a frame, the next thing to do is select a baseball team for your custom card. This option cannot be skipped when creating custom baseball cards with the Topps cardbuilder.

However, other websites might let you create a card without specifying a team. You’ll also see a box to check whether you want the rookie card logo on your custom baseball card.

  • Personalize the card with text.

The next step is to personalize your custom baseball card. This entails your name and preferred position. You’ll need to insert two names and pick a Baseball position for your card. All baseball positions are available for selection, from Pitcher, Catches, First Base, Second Base, Shortstop, etc. There’s also the option to write a custom position where you can type in anything as the position.

I’d point out here again that you might not need to pick a team if you opt for other websites offering custom baseball card creation services. However, it’s a necessity when creating custom baseball cards with Topps cardbuilder.

4.       Design the back

Like all standard Topps baseball cards, you must include a hometown for your custom baseball cards. After writing a hometown comes the description.

You can write anything as your description for the back of your custom baseball card. I am using the Topps cardbuilder as an example because it’s what I have used in the past to create custom baseball cards. However, the process should be similar on all platforms.

5.       Preview and edit

Once your card’s front and back have been designed, you’ll preview and edit as needed. This can be refining details to ensure a more cohesive design or changing the texts. This step allows you to make any necessary adjustments before finalizing the card and sending it off for printing.

6.       Finalize and print

Once you’re satisfied with the design, proceed to finalize the card. Some platforms, such as Topps and Panini cardbuilders, offer printing services. However, other websites might provide downloadable files for you to print independently. Follow the platform’s instructions to complete the printing process.

Ranking the best options for creating custom baseball cards

Topps custom cardbuilder

When it comes to creating custom baseball cards, Topps stands out from other options. It offers collectors a straightforward way to create custom baseball cards tailored to their preferences. Here are a few reasons Topps cardbuilder trumps other options;

User-friendly interface

The Topps cardbuilder boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the card creation process. Users can easily navigate through intuitive design features, making it accessible for even casual collectors.

Personalization options

One of the standout features of this tool is its extensive personalization options. From selecting favorite players and teams to incorporating unique graphics or personal photos, the Topps cardbuilder allows users to infuse their cards with individuality, transforming each card into a one-of-a-kind creation.

Official Topps templates

For collectors who appreciate a touch of authenticity, the Topps Custom Card Maker provides access to official Topps templates. Based on the iconic Topps card designs, these templates nod to the rich history of baseball card collecting while allowing creative customization.

Affordable rates

Topps charged $9.99 for a pack of 20 custom cards. This is amongst the cheapest websites offering custom baseball card creation services.

Better print quality

Once your custom baseball card has been created, collectors can print their creations. This is another way Topps stands out from other custom baseball card-building services. As a dedicated baseball card printing company, Topps has access to premium printing materials tailored explicitly for card production. This includes high-quality cardstock, inks, and finishes that contribute to your custom baseball cards’ durability and visual appeal.


The website for the Topps cardbuilder has been unavailable for a few months now. Topps announced that they were suspending their custom card-building services to improve the experience. We expect they’ll be back soon, and collectors can get back to creating custom baseball cards using the platform.

Panini custom card maker

Panini also offers collectors looking to create custom baseball cards a way to create personalized cards with the app MyPanini. This is the official Panini website information on creating custom baseball cards.

To create personalized cards, please go to mypanini.com and select your desired collection.

You will be asked to register by entering your email, password and country. Afterwards, you can create your custom cards by following these steps:

  • log in with email and password;
  • follow the instructions to personalize the sticker/card;
  • click on the cart;
  • select quantities;
  • enter or confirm your address;
  • select the payment method and proceed.

Panini will print your stickers or cards after checking that the image and text inserted comply with Panini’s policies and the applicable laws, such as copyright. For more information, check the Price and FAQ sections at mypanini.com

However, after following the instructions on the mypanini.com website, I ultimately ended up with a form I needed to fill out for more information.

While Panini’s process for creating custom baseball cards isn’t as straightforward as Topps, I still rank them higher than third-party custom baseball cards creation services because they’re an official card producer.

This specialization translates to a superior understanding of the nuances of creating high-quality cards. This ensures unparalleled print quality, attention to detail and high-quality custom baseball cards.

Online custom baseball cards services

Several other custom card-making websites offer an alternative for creating custom baseball cards. Each of these companies has its unique set of features and limitations. However, with Topps cardbuilder suspended for now, collectors looking to create custom baseball cards would have to pick their choice from the list.


Cardhops is known for its user-friendly interface and diverse customization options. It allows collectors to easily upload their images, select player statistics, and design cards.


Like Cardhops, PrimoPrints has a user-friendly interface where collectors can easily create custom baseball cards. You can upload a picture or request a design for an extra $100. However, the basic option to create custom baseball cards would cost you around $100.


Aptly names, Custom Sports Cards lets you create personalized baseball cards. It is praised for its simplicity and straightforward design process. It offers basic personalization features, sophistication, and range for aesthetically inclined creators. Additionally, they are also fairly priced.


Go Trading Cards is a versatile platform that enables users to create custom baseball cards. It provides a range of templates and customization features. Cards are printed on 18-point heavy card stocks with UV coating.


HitsCards provides a user-friendly platform, making it accessible to collectors of all levels. The intuitive interface simplifies the custom card creation process, allowing users to navigate seamlessly through the design options.

The platform offers a range of customization features, allowing collectors to personalize their cards extensively. Users can select player images, input statistics, and experiment with various design elements to create unique and personalized custom baseball cards.

For printing, HitsCards also offers quality printing services for the custom cards built on the platform. They offer refractors ( collectors love refractors) and excellent relic card options and come in beautiful packaging.

Remember that the price, customization features, selection of templates, and printing options would vary depending on the specific service provider. Ensure you thoroughly research and do due diligence before settling on the best choice for your needs.

Do-it-yourself (DIY)

You can also design and print your custom baseball cards without using any third-party service. This involves creating your sports card using graphic design software. You can include your photo, relevant information, and any desired branding elements. Once the design is ready, you can print them yourself using high-quality photo paper or cardstock.

Commissioning a custom baseball card from private designers

Commissioning a custom baseball card from private designers is another way to create custom baseball cards. This method opens the door to collaboration with talented artists who can bring a fresh perspective and creative flair to the design process.

Hiring these designers often entails a high level of artistic expertise. Their skills can elevate the design of custom baseball cards, introducing unique styles, illustrations, and graphic elements that may not be achievable through standard templates.

A few of the recommended individuals pulled from a few X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit posts include;

Esty, is another excellent place to find people who can create custom baseball cards for a fee. An example is TradingCardMemories, which has many positive reviews from previous collectors.


I want to add a disclaimer that these accounts were derived from recommendations found on a Twitter post. It is important to note that I have not personally worked with any of these individuals.

Readers are strongly encouraged to exercise due diligence before entering into transactions with these accounts. It is advisable to research each of them thoroughly, review customer testimonials, and inquire about their services, pricing, and policies to ensure a positive and satisfactory experience.


Custom baseball cards are not just collectibles but personalized expressions of creativity and individuality. Beyond the thrill of holding a standard card of your favorite player, these custom baseball cards let collectors create baseball cards of themselves or their loved ones.

Even when you make a custom baseball card using a picture of your favorite baseball player, it differs from the standardized cards as it’s personalized to your distinct taste.

Whether used to immortalize personal iconic moments such as birthdays or celebrate personal milestones, these cards are an essential sentimental addition to the baseball collecting landscape.

They find purpose beyond the collector’s shelf or binders, becoming cherished gifts and commemorative items for special events. Custom baseball cards let trading card collectors combine their love for baseball trading cards with literally any other aspect of their lives that’s important to them.

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John Bassey

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