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Aaron Rodgers Card Value And His Contract Drama

Drama - Comedy and tragedy masks

Aaron Rodgers is easily one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever step foot on a football field. Both ESPN and the NFL rank him #10 of all time, and that seems about right. But with all of the off-field drama taking place in Green Bay, we decided it was time to look at Aaron Rodgers Card Value during this troubled time.

Why Is Aaron Rodgers So Highly Rated?

Rodgers was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2005 but didn’t become their starting quarterback until 2008. Since then, the Packers have amassed an impressive 126-63-1 with him under center.

He has amassed 51,245 passing yards, 4,285 completions, 412 passing touchdowns, and only 89 interceptions, making him one of the most efficient quarterbacks ever. During the 2020 campaign, he threw for a career-best 48 touchdowns — despite being 37 years old.

With three Most Valuable Player honors under his belt, as well as a Super Bowl win and Super Bowl MVP award, the Green Bay Packers would be silly ever to allow their 13-year starting franchise quarterback to play for another team. But, unfortunately, they might not have a choice.

Aaron Rodgers has led Green Bay to great success (see Aaron Rodgers bobbleheads here).

Understanding The Contract Debacle In Green Bay

The source of Aaron’s frustration is that they have repeatedly failed to put the team in a position to contend. However, when you consider some of the squads the Packers have put together, it’s fair to say the team would be nothing without Rodgers.

To make matters worse, the team has failed to draft the kind of skill player Rodgers bluntly requested. In fact, the Packers ended up drafting a backup quarterback instead.

The quarterback believes that constitutes mismanagement. Therefore, Rodgers publicly announced his intention to play for another team on April 29th. This was a surprise move since he had tried to restructure his contract and sign a contract extension just a month prior.

The Packers seem adamant about keeping him. At this point, the Packers have several options. They can keep him and do their best to keep him happy, trade him for another quality quarterback, or trade him and turn to Jordan Love. They’ve received plenty of offers but are reluctant to make a move — leading to uncertainty.

Will Jordan Love be the starting QB for the Packers next year? (buy this card from Amazon).

Current Value Of Aaron Rodgers’ Sports Cards

This news can significantly impact Rodgers’ sports card value, both in the short-term and long-term. Due to his incredible career and eventual Hall-Of-Famer status, Rodgers’ cards already hold a lot of value in the market.

Rogers is an interesting case in the sports trading card market and has been for the past few years. There is a sense that the older Rodgers gets, the better he plays, which means his stats keep moving up the all-time ranks. This trend is good for his card value.

Short-Term Impact Of Contract Dispute On Aaron Rodgers Card Value

The contract dispute between Rodgers and Green Bay had an interesting influence on card value. The onset of the crisis decreased the price of the card quite a bit. The price went down even further when the issue was not in the headlines. It went up again when the quarterback did not show up to voluntary training.

Let’s look at some representative sales of his #431 2005 Topps RC. All prices are for PSA 10 cards:

Date Stage in Dispute Price
April 25th Before it went public $1,477
May 2nd When the dispute was in the Headlines $1,026
May 23 Dispute ongoing $875
May 29th After Rodgers doesn’t show up to voluntary training $1,299
July 7th The crisis continues, but not in the headlines $741

That’s to be expected with a player of his status. When he’s playing well, or his name is in the news, expect his value to increase. When he’s not being talked about, or we’re waiting for certain news to drop (like right now), you can expect a slight decline.

We used the 2005 Topps Rookie card as the benchmark (buy them on eBay).

Expected Short Term Trends In Aaron Rodgers Card Value

When we finally learn of his 2022 fate, his value will likely increase again, then slightly decline until the season starts. Expect a slight increase if he remains in Green Bay, but an even more considerable increase if he’s traded to another team — especially if that team is a contender, which is likely.

We saw the same trend with Carson Wentz leading up to his trade to Indianapolis versus Dak Prescott when he signed a contract extension. Again, both players saw an increase in value, but Wentz saw the larger increase of the two, especially since Indianapolis has a solid core already.

Long-Term Impact of Contract Dispute On Aaron Rodgers Card Value

The long-term impact of this contract dispute is a little more challenging to predict, but there are several factors to keep an eye on. The most important is how well Aaron Rodgers plays, no matter which team he chooses. The better he plays, the more value he’ll gain.

Obviously, the best-case scenario moving forward is a Super Bowl win, MVP, or both. Unfortunately, a Super Bowl win is unlikely in Green Bay with the way the team is built. After all, that is why Rodgers asked for a trade. If he lands on a team with a solid defense and quality skill players, his chances of a Super Bowl increase.

The good news is that Rodgers likely plays well no matter where he goes. He has put the Packers on his back the past 13 years and can do it again if needed. That means his card value will continue to increase up until his Hall of Fame induction.

Best Investments for Aaron Rodgers’ Rookie Cards

If you’re looking for the best investments with Aaron Rodgers’ sports cards, look no further than his rookie cards, which were released in 2005. Here are some rookie cards to consider:

Card PSA 10 Low Value PSA 10 High Value
2005 Topps Chrome #190 Base $4,250 $5,500
2005 Bowman #112 Base $750 $1,400
2005 SP Authentic #252 $9,000 $11,000
2005 Topps #431 Base $600 $850

Other Aaron Rodgers Cards To Consider

In addition to his rookie cards, you should also consider other autograph cards, relic cards, and Prizm cards — all of which are valued reasonably high. If you can find these on a slight decline, then they’re the ones that will see the most significant return on investment when his card value inevitably spikes.

Card PSA 10 Low Value PSA 10 High Value
2006 Topps Chrome #14 Base $175 $300
2012 Prizm #69 Base $350 $450
2006 Topps Chrome #14 Refractor $500 $700
2013 Panini Prizm #115 $100 $200

The Cardlines Pick

If you choose to invest in Aaron Rodgers, there are some great options out there. But this is easily the best.

We like this 2005 Playoff Contenders RC Auto (get one on eBay).

2005 Aaron Rodgers Playoff Contenders Auto RC #101

The Topps 2005 RC is iconic and an obvious choice. But if you are looking for a lower pop high-end option, this is the one. The picture is striking, and the eye appeal undeniable. But, it is unmistakably a rookie auto from a time when those were far less common. And the pop is only 137 (37 PSA 10’s).

Bottom Line On Aaron Rodgers Card Value

Barring any setbacks or injuries, Aaron Rodgers is going to remain a good investment opportunity. He might be aging, but as of now, he seems to be getting better and has a chance to jump ship to a viable contender. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up retiring out of frustration.

Now is an excellent time to buy, especially while we await the verdict of his future with Green Bay. If we learn of a trade, expect those prices to skyrocket, which would be a good time to sell if you don’t plan on storing your collection. If you do, wait for that HOF induction ceremony!

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