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Are Weiss Schwartz Cards The Next Big Thing?

Weiss Schwarz cards

Anime, the Japanese style of animation and storytelling, has experienced a boost in popularity in the United States over the last few decades.

What was once a niche interest is now a mainstream form of entertainment with millions of fans. As anime’s popularity soars, so has the popularity of several anime-themed games.

Games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon TCG broke into the United States market long ago. However, people are getting more interested in other anime-themed trading card games. One such games is Weiss Schwartz.

This article shall look at Weiss Schwartz cards and why its garnering great interest amongst anime fans in the United States.

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What are Weiss Schwartz cards?

Despite its German name, Weiss Schwarz or Weiß Schwarz is a Japanese collectible card game that features characters and scenes from popular anime, manga, lite novels, and even games.

The game is produced by Bushiroad and structured similarly to Yu-Gi-Oh! The goal in Weiss Schwartz is to battle it out with another player.

Weiss Schwarz cards are the individual cards used to play the game. Each card features an image of a character from a specific anime or manga series and various game-related information such as attack power, defense power, and abilities. Players build decks of these cards to battle against other players.

While Weiss Schwarz was relatively unknown in the United States until a few years ago, it was immensely popular in Japan. It is ranked in the top five of Japan’s most-played trading card games.

As proof of its recent rise in popularity, ICv2 ranked Weiss Schwarz as the 8th most popular TCG worldwide in 2020.

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History of Weiss Schwarz

The Beginning (2007-2009)

Bushiroad, a company with a long history in trading card games, developed Weiss Schwarz. They released the first Weiss Schwarz set in Japan in 2007.

This first release was a hit with anime and manga fans. There was ample demand for more cards featuring other series rose, and Bushiroad quickly followed the inaugural release with more sets.

The first two expansion set was released in 2008, featuring character cards from the Little Busters! Series and the D.C D.C.II series.

Fans especially loved the Weiss Schwarz game as it allows them to play with their favorite characters from several anime and manga series. As Weiss Schwarz’s popularity grew, Bushiroad released several other card sets and thus began its expansion.

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Rapid expansion (2010-2015)

By 2010, Bushiroad had released over 30 Weiss Schwarz sets from anime and manga titles such as Clannad, Disgaea, Nanoha StrikerS, The King of Fighters, and many more. By this time, Weiss Schwarz had become immensely popular in Japan and had sets featuring the most popular anime series.

In 2010, Bushiroad partnered with famous anime publisher Kadokawa to create sets featuring characters from their properties. These included anime series like Kucky Star, K-On!, and Haruhi Suzumiya.

This helped further seal Weiss Schwarz’s place as a top TCG in Japan, as these series had thousands of fans.

Over the next few years, Bushiroad released several sets featuring characters from several notable anime in Japan, such as Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, and Fate? Stay.

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International expansion (2015-Present)

With the immense success of Weiss Schwarz in Japan and anime’s growing popularity outside Japan, Bushiroad began to look at expanding the game internationally.

The first English version of Weiss Schwarz was released in the United States in 2015. It also marked the first time Bushiroad released a Weiss Schwarz title in English before releasing a Japanese version.

Since then, Bushiroad has released several English-language sets featuring popular anime and manga series. With several special promotions, competitions, and meet-and-greet events, Bushiroad has made Weiss Schwarz into a top-rated trading card game today. Millions of fans collect the card and play the game.

Weiss Schwarz has become famous by releasing cards from several beloved series and franchises. There are several Disney, Adventure Time, and Pixar-themed Weiss Schwarz cards today.

The number of characters featured in the Weiss Schwarz game is already large and ever-growing. There’s even a Japanese-exclusive Marvel Weiss Schwarz deck.

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In addition, Bushiroad is expanding its reach into other forms of entertainment, including mobile games and anime adaptations. Fans can look forward to even more exciting developments in the world of Weiss Schwarz in the coming years.

Types of Weiss Schwarz cards

Weiss Schwarz features a wide variety of cards with unique abilities and characteristics. There are three main types of cards in Weiss Schwarz: Character Cards, Event Cards, and Climax Cards.

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Character Cards

These cards are denoted by “CH” above the card name and are the most common type of Weiss Schwarz card. Character cards are the player’s primary means of combat in the game.

Character cards feature an illustration of a character from an anime series, their name, power, level, and other vital information necessary for the game.

The level of the character card represents the strength of the character. Cards with a high level would be more powerful in battle.

Climax Cards

These are cards with powerful abilities that can change the tide of battle. They are denoted by “CX” above the card name and are only played during the Climax Phase.

Climax cards are essential to the Weiss Schwarz gameplay and feature a unique illustration. The effect of playing a climax card ranges from giving a character extra power to canceling an opponent’s attack.

Event Cards

These are Weiss Schwarz cards used to activate special effects outside of the primary battle. Event cards are denoted by “EV” above the card name and have the exact play requirement as character cards.

However, event cards are generally “play and forget” as they do not stay on the battlefield.

Players can use them to heal characters, draw additional cards, and alter the game. Unlike climax and character cards, event cards do not have a level or power value. They’re used to activate effects that grant the player an advantage.

Weiss Schwarz gameplay

One of the reasons Weiss Schwarz has enjoyed great success is its use of intellectual properties from a wide range of popular anime, manga, and other Japanese media. However, Weiss Schwarz’s gameplay has also been praised for being highly entertaining.

It’s an exciting and well-conceived two-player turn-based dueling card game that offers fun. Unlike most trading card games that are complex/challenging, Weiss Schwarz is easy to learn and suitable for players of all ages/skill levels.

Here’s a quick run-down on how to play Weiss Schwarz. You can find a comprehensive tutorial at the official Weiss Schwarz website.

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Build your deck

Before the game begins, each player must build a deck of at least 50 cards consisting of character cards, event cards, and climax cards. Each deck must be centered around a single anime or manga series and cannot include cards from other series.

Starting hand

Each player draws seven cards from their deck and may choose to shuffle their hand back into their deck and draw a new hand once if they are not satisfied with their starting hand.

Turn structure

Players play the game over a series of turns, with each turn consisting of several phases:

Draw Phase: The player draws one card from their deck.

Clock Phase: The player takes the top card from their deck and places it in their clock area.

Main Phase: The player can play any number of characters or event cards from their hand if they have enough resources to pay for them.

Attack Phase: The player chooses one of their characters to attack their opponent’s characters. The opponent may block the attack with one of their characters or take the damage.

End Phase: The player discards any remaining cards in their hand.

Winning the Game

The game’s objective is to deal as much damage to your opponent as possible, forcing them to exceed the amount of damage they can take. A player wins when an opponent’s life – represented by several face-down cards – reaches zero. Alternatively, you can win if the opposing player has no cards in their deck or Waiting Room.

Though Weiss Schwarz’s gameplay is simple, it does have a complex battlefield with lots of depth and complexity. Additionally, like all games, you’d need a sound strategy to win at it. This article covers the Weiss Schwarz battlefield and strategies to be victorious.

Collecting Weiss Schwarz cards

Weiss Schwarz’s trading card game has a huge player base and is highly entertaining. However, like most trading card games, some people collect Weiss Schwarz cards without intending to play the game.

Collecting Weiss Schwarz cards is a fun and rewarding experience for fans of the franchises they showcase. Today, Weiss Schwarz cards feature an impressive range of over 300 popular anime franchises and others such as Adventure Time, Batman, Disney Pixar, and others. Fans of these franchises collect these cards to showcase their “fandom” while enjoying incredible art.

Here are a few reasons people collect Weiss Schwarz cards.

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To show their fandom for these anime series

Several collectors of Weiss Schwarz cards are huge fans of anime and manga series featured on the cards. Like collecting cards of your favorite baseball player, Weiss Schwarz collectors collect cards of their favorite characters in these anime series.

To play the game

The Weiss Schwarz trading card game is entertaining and a great way to spend time with friends. People also collect these cards to build a deck for playing the game.

As a form of investment

While there haven’t been several five-figure sales of Weiss Schwarz cards YET, there’s still value in collecting these cards. Rare cards easily sell for over 50 times the pack’s value. Additionally, several collectors buy these packs, hold onto them, and sell them for a profit after a few months.

To connect with people with similar interests

Collecting Weiss Schwarz cards can be a social activity. The Weiss Schwarz trading card game has garnered tens of thousands of players, and several websites are dedicated to connecting with other collectors. There are annual competitions, special events, and other opportunities to interact with people that collect these cards.

How to get started Collecting Weiss Schwarz cards.

Here are a few things to consider before starting a Weiss Schwarz collection.

Shop for Weiss Schwartz cards on eBay

Determine your goals

There are several reasons to collect Weiss Schwarz cards, and how you collect these cards depends on the reason you’re collecting them. It’s important to decide what your goals are before you start collecting these cards.

Do you wish to build a competitive deck to play in tournaments, or do you want to collect cards from your favorite series? Some people also collect Weiss Schwarz cards as a form of investment. Knowing your goals would help you make intelligent decisions.

Choose your series

If you’re collecting Weiss Schwarz cards to showcase your fandom, simply buy any set from your favorite anime series. You can purchase sets from series that you’re passionate about and enjoy cards showcasing characters from that series.

Check for rarities

While rarities wouldn’t bother collectors who just want to express their fandom, it is a huge deal for people collecting these cards as an investment. Weiss Schwarz cards come in several different rarities, and the card’s value increases depending on how rare it is.

Special rare cards are highly valuable and highly sought after by collectors. Collectors are willing to pay a premium for these rare cards. When collecting as a form of investment, pay special attention to the card’s rarity.

Booster packs or singles?

Booster packs are the most common way to collect Weiss Schwarz cards. Each pack contains cards from a specific anime series and features all card types (character cards, event cards, and climax cards).

However, people looking for particular rare cards would be better off buying them as singles. There are various web stores and communities where you can buy, sell, and trade your Weiss Schwarz cards. Ensure you check the card’s condition and sellers’ reputation when purchasing to avoid being scammed.

Ultimately, collecting Weiss Schwarz cards should be a fun and enjoyable hobby. Don’t get too caught up in pursuing rare and valuable cards but enjoy the process of building your collection with cards from your favorite anime series.

Top Weiss Schwarz sets

Since its first release, Weiss Schwarz’s trading card game has featured thousands of fan-favorite anime characters from hundreds of popular franchises. While Bushiroad released cards from strictly anime and manga series at its onset,

Weiss Schwarz’s push into the international market has led to sets from tons of popular franchises in the United States. We’ve had Weiss Schwarz sets from Marvel, Disney, and Pixar franchises, to mention but a few.

Let’s look at a few top Weiss Schwarz sets showcasing series popular with fans in the United States.

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Weiss Schwarz attack on Titan cards

The Japanese anime series Attack on Titan, with its intense action and engaging story, is highly popular in the United States. It has garnered a massive following among anime fans and viewers who typically do not watch anime.

Its popularity hit insane heights from Jan. 31 – Feb. 6, when Parrot Analytics rated it the most popular show in America.

It is, therefore, no surprise that the Weiss Schwarz Attack on Titan set is very popular and holds its value incredibly well. Attack on Titan’s popularity reflects in the value of their cards. The value for Weiss Schwarz Attack on Titan cards ranges from $4 to $1,000, depending on their rarity.

Weiss Schwarz Disney cards

The Walt Disney Company, commonly known as Disney, is undoubtedly one of the biggest franchises, with millions of fans worldwide. Bushiroad has released several sets featuring Disney characters in the past. There’s the Weiss Schwarz Pixar set and the Disney 100 years of Wonder set, set to release on Apr. 27, 2023.

Disney has millions of fans who enjoyed the Weiss Schwarz Disney set, so there’s understandably great demand for these boxes.

Weiss Schwarz Disney cards have performed very well on the secondary market. The Pixar Weiss Schwarz set retailed for $48 per box and reached heights of over $300. Cards from the Weiss Schwarz Disney Pixar set are also some of the most valued. Cards sell for $5 to over $3,000, depending on the rarity.

However, this pales compared to the Weiss Schwarz Disney 100 Years of Wonder. Depending on the site, it retailed at $50 – $80, and boxes were sold out in minutes across the board. A booster box costs over $200 just a few weeks after release. However, these prices will soar even higher after the cards are released.

However, due to licensing issues, there most likely won’t be an English release for Weiss Schwarz Disney cards.

Shop for Weiss Schwartz cards on eBay

Weiss Schwarz Star Wars cards

While Star Wars is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, we’d consider the Star Wars Weiss Schwarz cards independently. Due to the size of the Star Wars franchise, Weiss Schwarz Star Wars cards enjoy impressive demand from collectors. These cards feature iconic characters from the Star Wars franchise with special abilities.

The value of Weiss Schwarz Star Wars cards ranges from $3 to $500, depending on the card’s rarity. The demand for these cards is increasing as more people get interested in the game. A BSG 10 Weiss Schwarz Han Solo SP recently sold for $437.

Weiss Schwarz Marvel cards

Weiss Schwarz has released several Marvel sets over the years to great success. Cards in these sets feature illustrations of several Marvel characters ranging from Spider-Man to Captain America and Iron Man.

As expected from a franchise with a fanbase as huge as Marvel, Marvel Weiss Schwarz cards hold their value very well, with rare cards going for a premium.

The value of Weiss Schwarz Marvel cards ranges from $3 to $800. A Weiss Schwarz Marvel Thanos Gold Stamp BGS 10 recently sold for $778, which confirms the demand for these cards.

The franchises listed above are by no means the best-performing Weiss Schwarz brands. They were selected because of their popularity in the United States. A list of the top 10 most valuable Weiss Schwarz cards might not feature any of the franchises above.

For example, a Weiss Schwarz, Sunset Sky, Mai Sakurajima BCS 2019 Regional Champion BGS 9.5 sold for $9,171 a few weeks ago. There have also been several big-money sales ranging from $3,000 to over $4,500 in the past month.

Final thoughts on Weiss Schwarz cards

Weiss Schwarz’s popularity as a trading card game is steadily increasing as it gains a more dedicated following among fans of anime, manga, and video game lovers. With over 100 franchises and fun gameplay mechanics, Weiss Schwarz has a set for players and collectors alike.

Bushiroad markets Weiss Schwarz as “the character trading card game for the next generation!” While several Weiss Schwarz cards already sell for impressive figures, the Weiss Schwarz community pales compared to the major trading card games.

Weiss Schwarz is set only to get bigger and better as Bushiroad releases outstanding sets and Japanese anime culture thrives worldwide. When that happens, the value of Weiss Schwarz cards would soar along with the increased demand.

Shop for Weiss Schwartz cards on eBay

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