Collecting Fantasy Football Player Sport Cards

September 14, 2021

It is time to consider collecting fantasy football player sport cards. Fantasy Football has been around for over 20 years, and every year it seems to attract more users. With new offerings like Daily Fantasy Sports to season-long league endeavors that pit friends against friends for bragging rights, the “fantasy” game continues to evolve.

Now, with the sports card market soaring to unprecedented highs, the popularity of fantasy sports is bleeding over to collectors, too.

The popularity of both presents opportunities for investors. If fantasy sports used to be about bragging rights, now it can be used for more practical purposes.

What Is Fantasy Football?

For those who have yet to play fantasy football, it’s a game that places you as the GM of a virtual team.

While there are variations of rules, typically, players “draft” one quarterback, two running backs, two receivers, one flex (RB/WR), one tight end, one kicker, one team defense, and five or six players on the bench. These teams are drafted before the NFL season and come from active players on NFL rosters.

Then, once the teams are drafted, owners select a lineup every week. The lineup competes against their friends/league members. Players earn points based on how their picks performed on the field. For example, receivers score a point for every catch (in points-per-reception, or PPR, leagues) and a point for every ten yards receiving.

It’s straightforward, addicting, and incredibly popular.

Fantasy football can be addictive (get your fantasy football draft board on Amazon).

Why Collecting Fantasy Football Player Sport Cards Makes Sense

Sports card collecting is distinct from fantasy football in several important ways. Generally speaking, collecting involves a longer-term view. However, they have several areas of commonality.

Gamifying Sports Consumption

Both fantasy football and sports cards collecting are a way to gamify the consumption of sports. In other words, it makes us more involved and active viewers because we have a horse in the race, so to speak.

Fantasy players are often found on their couch yelling at their roster members. Sports cards collectors similarly cheer for the players they collect. After all, an outstanding performance can increase the market value of their collection.

Speculating Sports Outcomes

Fantasy football often feels like 75% luck. There is undoubtedly a luck component to it. However, success usually involves a good bit of research as well. If you manage to draft the top NFL RB or WR, you’re going to have a great fantasy year.

In the same way, speculating who will have a big season is a way for card investors to make money. For example, if you buy many rookie cards of the NFL’s best receiver before the year starting, your collection will see a significant increase in value.

Winning in fantasy football gives you bragging rights (get fantasy football t-shirts on Amazon).

Best Value From Finding Sleepers

Finally, both pastimes have something else in common: finding sleepers can turn into winnings. In fantasy football, drafting a surprising star as a late-round pick is a tremendous value boost to your team. In sports card collecting, buying cards of a come-from-nowhere talent could lead to 500%+ returns.

Why Collecting Fantasy Football Player Sport Cards Is Better Than Just Playing

If you are a fantasy football enthusiast thinking of collecting fantasy football player sport cards , there are some excellent reasons to do so.

More Winning

Fantasy football can be exceptionally frustrating. It seems like there’s always that one guy who has a career day when he plays against you.

With sports card collecting, you win more often. Of course, there’s more strategy involved and less luck. However, you still get in on a lot of the things that make fantasy football so popular.

Better Rewards

What do you win in fantasy football? Bragging rights. Maybe a couple of hundred dollars?

With sports card investing, you can make enough money to matter. Of course, never overextend yourself and be smart with your investments. However, if you play your cards right (literally), you can make a pretty penny.

More Ways To Win

With fantasy football, there are only a few ways to win: draft a good team, use the waiver wire, possibly trade players, and mainly rely on luck.

There are new skills to learn, practice, and develop with sports card investing every day. For example, looking for misspelled player listings and auctions that end at bad times. This is just a small sample of the potential ways to make money on cards.

Why Collecting Fantasy Football Player Sport Cards Is A Great Investment

Fantasy football stars make a lot of headlines and generate a lot of buzz. However, a breakout performance (yes, even just a single performance) is enough to make a peripheral player into a household name.

If you manage to invest in these “sleepers” that burst onto the scene, the financial rewards can be huge. Let’s look at five potential sleepers for this season.

5 Fantasy Football Player Sport Cards Sleepers to Consider

Corey Davis

Rookie quarterbacks often develop a crutch as they find their stride at the professional level. Correspondingly, quarterback Zack Wilson has been leaning on Corey Davis. If this continues, Davis could be a dangerous weapon for fantasy players and a treasure trove for NFL sports card investors.

Corey Davis may be a big sleeper for both fantasy players and collectors (look for Davis autos on eBay).

Marquez Callaway

Remember when Jameis Winston put two receivers in the top 10 of fantasy WRs just two seasons ago? Now, after winning the starting job, Winston could be poised to do the same with Callaway. Callaway’s dangerous blend of speed and size helped him go for over 100 yards and 2 scores in the first half of the Saints’ final preseason game. This undrafted player looks like a solid potential fantasy sleeper.

Kyle Pitts

Calling the #4 overall pick in the NFL draft a “sleeper” might be a little bit of a stretch. However, if Pitts has the rookie campaign that he’s capable of, he could be one of the hottest rookies to collect—or roster.

Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill is efficient, effective, and playing on an incredibly talented Tennessee offense. He’s throwing the ball to AJ Brown and Julio Jones, and he has Derrick Henry lurking in the backfield—that sounds like a fantasy lineup in itself. On top of that, Tannehill is more athletic than people realize and good on the ground, too. But, unfortunately, he plays for a small-market team. Therefore only a deep post-season run to maximize his value.

Michael Gallup

Gallup might be third on the Cowboys’ depth chart, but Amari Cooper’s health looks a bit iffy. Likewise, CeeDee Lamb is talented but also riding a lot of hype. So don’t be surprised if Gallup puts up sneaky-good numbers this season and finds himself as one of the Cowboy’s most consistent threats.

Michael Gallup may defy the depth chart and have a solid season (look for Michael Gallup lots on eBay).

Bottomline On Collecting Fantasy Football Player Sport Cards 

Collecting and fantasy football both offer avenues for a deeper enjoyment of sports spectatorship. The two also interact. High-performing fantasy football players are likely to increase their collecting value. Since the skills necessary to succeed at one are easily transferable, it is tempting to invest time and money in both.

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