English Premier League 2021-2022 Sport Cards Guide

If you are getting into soccer as a card collector, the Premier League is an excellent place to start. It is easily the wealthiest league in the world and features most prominently on TV. It also has a good case as the best soccer league in the world. Therefore, we present the full English Premier League 2021-2022 sport cards guide.

Soccer cards are emerging as a fast-growing facet of the hobby. It has become one of the most-watched sports leagues in the US, routinely attracting over 500,000 viewers per match.

So, what do you need to know about this year’s Premier League season? Here is the full sports card collectors Premier League 2021-2022 guide.

The English Premier League is huge globally (get Premier League posters on Amazon).

Major Premier League Sports Card Releases

Starting in the 2019-202 season, Panini gained the exclusive rights to release Premier League cards. The contract is global and covers both physical cards and NFT’s. Topps had the agreement until 2018-2019. But with Panini’s worldwide reach and soccer expertise, it was a natural choice for the Premier League.

So, what Premier League releases does Panini have? Glad you asked. Let’s look at last year’s releases, which will all likely be reprised during the season.

Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer

Panini’s flagship Premier League release was widely available in American retail stores last year.

When can we expect it: In its first year, Prizm came out in September. However, that did not give them time to update for transfers. In 2020, Panini learned their lesson and set a March release date. So they should be out around that time again.

How much will it cost: blasters cost $20, and cellos went for $10 in retail last year. They are currently reselling for $20 per cello and $50 per blaster. Meanwhile, you can get a hobby box for around $325.

Panini Revolution Premier League Soccer

This set dropped for the first time in June of this year. For those who know the Revolution series from its basketball releases, it is a very shiny set. It is also not released in the United States, which contributes to its rarity.

When can we expect it: This year’s edition came out in June, but only in Asia. So it is unclear what the plans are for 2022.

How much will it cost: Available only as a hobby box, you can get these for $139 per unit. It may be a good buy-and-hold at that price due to its rarity, especially if the rookie class turns out well.

Panini Impeccable is the high-end Premier League release (look for Panini Impeccable Premier League Rookie metal cards on eBay).

Panini Impeccable Premier League Soccer

This high-end Premier League release is hobby box only. It includes 4 autographs per box, including some highly sought-after autos from former Premier League players like David Beckham and Wayne Rooney.

When can we expect it: The cards came out in May last time and should be out around the same time in 2022.

How much will it cost: The cards are quite thick and are mostly numbered. Disappointingly for a product this expensive, most of the autos are sticker. On the other hand, you can get a hobby box for $1319.

English Premier League 2021-2022 Most Promising Rookies 

There is a massive amount of promising talent in the Premier League, just ready to break out. So much so that it is difficult to pick just a few names. However, we have done our best to make a tight list of the best and most collectible talent.

None of these players is ready to become a major star in the Premier League just yet. They are all teenagers with a lot to learn. None of them have cards out yet. However, it will be well-worth snapping up their rookie cards upon release.

I don’t feel quite brave enough to rank these talented rookies. Therefore, I will order them alphabetically.

Carney Chukwuemeka

Carney is only 17 but is well set up to make a mark this season. He thinks of himself as a young Paul Pogba, and there are similarities to their style. Aston Villa is in rebuilding mode after the sale of Jack Grealish to Manchester City. Chukwuemeka will be at the top of their list of youngsters to incorporate into the team.

However, the Birmingham team may not be able to hold on to him for long. The central midfielder made his debut for the senior Villa club last season and is set to be the leader of the England U18 side. Manchester United and Liverpool are already interested. So getting a rookie card in the Aston Villa colors is a good investment before he graduates to the next level.

Alfie Devine

Alfie was promoted and heavily backed by legendary coach Jose Mourinho during his time at Tottenham, and it is easy to see why. He is a physical central midfielder with the potential to control the middle of the field defensively and offensively completely. In addition, his no-nonsense tackling and inspiring passing ability have drawn flattering comparisons to Roy Keane in his prime.

Alfie made his debut in January, and at the age of 16 and 163 days, was the youngest player ever to put on a Spurs uniform. We believe there is a good chance Alfie will be a future mainstay of the English national team.

Harvey Elliott

Harvey is a very early bloomer and has a knack for making an imprint earlier than his peers. Don’t believe me? A month after his 16th birthday, he was the youngest player to appear in a Premier League game when making his debut for Fulham in 2019. After moving to Liverpool, he was the youngest player to appear for that legendary side.

Therefore, the tricky winger is likely to make an impact at Liverpool despite the high caliber of competition for a spot in the lineup. He still needs to work on his crossing, an important feature in the English game. However, his dribbling and creativity are already top-notch.

Jesurun Rak-Sakyi

Jesurun is a fast and powerful winger who can damage opponents with killer passes or an impressive finishing touch. Veteran former Palace coach Roy Hodgson brought the youngster into the squad late last season with the firm intention of turning him into a key player.

Unlike some other players on the list, Jesurun plays for a team that cannot afford to develop him patiently. Crystal Palace has mostly stayed out of relegation trouble in recent years, but they usually dwell in the lower half of the table. With inexperienced new manager Patrick Vieira, they may struggle. Therefore, Rak-Sakyi will find it relatively easy to establish himself in the side.

Dane Scarlett

Dane has the most desirable skill of all: the ability to score goals. Last year he scored 10 goals in 8 games for the Tottenham under-18’s. He has scored 3 goals in 3 games for the England U15 and U16 games. That is an auspicious career start for the 17-year-old striker.

You may be wondering if he will see the pitch in a team featuring Harry Kane and Lucas Moura. But Kane is likely heading to a bigger club soon. So Scarlett may be called upon to contribute more this season. Either way, his long-term prospects are very strong.

English Premier League 2021-2022 Likely Sport Cards Breakout Stars

Unlike the rookies we selected, possible breakout stars already have cards and a career track record. However, they have not yet made that next step in their career to stardom. Therefore, with an eye to card collecting, we preferred younger players over late bloomers such as Ivan Toney.

There are some nice Patson Daka cards out there from his Salzburg days (get Patson Daka rookies on eBay).

Patson Daka

Daka is already on some collector’s radar due to his outstanding performances for Red Bull Salzburg over 4 years there. With a haul of 54 goals in 82 games, the 22-year-old has experience far beyond his years. His ridiculous pace and acceleration will cause headaches for Premier League defenses in what could be the start of a long and rewarding English career.

Curtis Jones

Last year Curtis broke into the rotation and played an important role in Liverpool’s relatively successful campaign. He is an excellent all-around central-midfielder who can also play competently on the left side.

The midfielder also slotted into the England U-21 team and has emerged as one of its most outstanding performers. He showed he has balls of steel by taking number 17, previously worn by the iconic Steven Gerrard.

Smith Rowe

This season is the make-or-break one for Rowe. With Smith’s combination of shooting and technical excellence, we are betting it is a make year.

Having made his debut at age 17, the attacking midfielder is now 21 and expected to take a significant role in leading the Arsenal attack. The team provides a good platform for Smith. It is a high-profile London club with a large fan base, but it is no longer one of the top contenders, and there is less competition for minutes.

The Cardline Pick Of English Premier League 2021-2022 Sport Cards

Curtis Jones 2020-2021 Prizm Blue Shimmer

Curtis Jones cards are already fetching strong prices. However, we think the cards will only go higher when he breaks into the senior England side in the near future. The market seems to favor his numbered Prizm cards, and we can see why. They are gorgeous and will hold value if Jones has a strong career as predicted.

We love this card (look for a Curtis Jones blue shimmer on eBay).

Bottomline On English Premier League 2021-2022 Sport Cards

With the US audiences tuning into the Premier League with increasing numbers, there is a lot of money to be made from cards. But, there are also signs that soccer card collecting is taking off in other parts of the world. That means that EPL prospecting is starting to resemble what we are used to in the United States. So, get in early on some of these phenomenal talents.

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