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September 30, 2022

Fanatics isn’t a new name to sports fans. Created in 1995 with a focus on the Jacksonville Jaguars, it has grown to be the world’s largest sports merchandise, apparel producer and even breaker.

They run the MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL platforms. Fanatics’ vision is to be the leading global digital sports platform. Hence, it wasn’t a surprise when they set their eyes on the booming trading cards and collectibles market.

Fanatics launched Fanatics Trading Cards in 2021, and it is already positioned to be the leading trading card company. With long-term exclusive rights to design, manufacture and distribute trading cards for several major sports such as the MLB, MLBPA, NBA, NBPA, and NFLPA. Their acquisition of Topps further cements their top spots in the hobby.

A lot has been said about Fanatics and their potential monopoly over the sports trading card market. It will undoubtedly trigger several major changes to trading cards and the hobby in general. We’ve discussed what it means for the hobby in several articles. Here’s the link to one article I recommend you should read.

This article shall discuss Fanatics FanCash. This is an in-depth guide to a part of Fanatics’ impressive reward systems that rewards you for making purchases.

Fanatics FanCash Rewards

Why Fanatics is so important in the hobby

As the world’s largest producer of sports apparel and merchandise, Fanatic has worked in close tandem with the management of all major sports leagues. This helped them build trust, which has paid great dividends as they’ve snatched up exclusive licenses to create trading cards for the three major sports.

As should be expected, Fanatics’ surge into the sports trading market has stirred the market dynamics of the entire hobby. Fanatics are looking at a potential monopoly of trading cards production.

When that happens, the company will go from having zero history of card production to monopolizing the trading card industry? This alone cements their place as one of the most important players in the hobby.

Panini was important to the hobby. Topps was important to the hobby. Fanatics with a monopoly over the big 3 of basketball, baseball, and football cards under their umbrella, coupled with their acquisition of Topps, may BE the hobby.

The lack of competition means Fanatics will control the sports trading card market. They’re in the driving seat, and their decisions could determine whether the hobby grows stronger or dwindles. Would this bode well for the hobby? We’ll see.

Besides owning the exclusive licenses to the trading cards for the big three sports, Fanatics’ introduction into the hobby signifies one other important change. This is how the trading cards will be distributed going forward.

While retail shops, card stores, and other traditional sellers were the major form of trading card distribution. Fanatics is an ecommerce leader, and they are used to distributing products on a massive scale. Their plan for the physical trading card space is to expand the market and leverage it more via direct-to-consumer offerings.

While most collectors regard this as a plus, some (and I’m a part of this group) consider it the end of the traditional distribution methods synonymous with trading cards.

Fanatics securing exclusive rights to produce MLB, NBA, and NFL cards won’t come cheap. For a company with no history of producing trading cards, we – like most collectors — fear how well they would fare.

Their acquisition of Topps has done well to ease some of those fears. However, one certainty is that Fanatics has become a behemoth in the hobby. Every move they make would influence the hobby for the foreseeable future.

What is Fanatics FanCash?

Previously called Fanatics Reward, FanCash is a merchandise credit earned on every purchase. It is then applied as a discount towards your next eligible purchase. FanCash gives customers 3% cashback on every purchase.

This goes up to 6% if they sign up for Fanatics’ credit card and a $10 FanCash bonus after your first purchase. Shoppers can earn more FanCash during special events or promotions.

FanCash Rewards Card

Fanatic Cash – FanCash – is Fanatics’ way of bringing home a win to fans every time they purchase from the Fanatics shop or any of its more than 1000 product vendors or affiliates’ websites. A lot can be said about Fanatics as a company; however, they’re one company that evolves its loyalty program as a part of its whole business model. What started eight years ago as the most basic reward program has evolved into something much more robust.

According to Fanatics co-president Chris Orton, the previous loyalty program existed as a hobby. It was only available on the Fanatics website and offered only cashback on purchases – the most basic of loyalty programs. Within the last few years, Fanatics has upgraded its FanCash reward program and has added several perks. These include

  • Fanatics Presents Events – Meet and greet events with athletes that loyalty program members get early access to.
  • FanCash Reward Card– Its own unique private-label credit card that offers more cashback on purchases.
  • Jersey Assurance – the option to return a purchased jersey (NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA) if the player is traded to another team up to 180 days after the purchase was made.
  • Other Rewards – Such as Exclusive events, suite tickets to an NFL game, or an invite to an MLB Access Dinner.

What’s truly impressive about FanCash is Fanatics simply outstanding presence across the sports apparel market. As a result, FanCash can be used on over 1000 websites. According to Orton, tens of millions of Fanatics shoppers use FanCash every year compared to few hundred thousand when the option was exclusive to Fanatics’ website.

How do you earn Fanatics Cash?

To earn FanCash, you must make a qualifying purchase through Fanatics or any store where FanCash can be used. This should be done while logged into your registered customer account. FanCash is earned on the purchase amount after applying all available discounts and before tax is applied.

Your account would then be automatically credited with FanCash, which can be used for your next purchase. While no special consideration is required to earn FanCash, you must maintain a customer account registered with a valid email address.

How to apply Fanatics FanCash?

As the world’s largest sports apparel and merchandise producer, Fanatics’ presence is unreal. FanCash can be used on thousands of stores on all levels. This ranges from the various e-commerce websites of major professional sports leagues MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NFL to top brands such as CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and thousands of product vendors such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok.

Fanatics’ desire to empower sports fans to perceive how they shop for their favorite jersey using e-commerce birth their affiliate program. This further increases their reach and ability to deliver to a wider audience. Amongst the top sites are SportsMemorabilia, UMFlint, and BigTallFanatics.

Here is a comprehensive list of websites to earn and use your FanCash.

What does FanCash apply to?

According to the Terms & Conditions on the Fanatics website, all merchandise is eligible for earning and redeeming FanCash as long as it appears on the relevant online stores.

This includes promotional or sales items. However, there are occasions where certain items either do not qualify for earning FanCash or cannot be purchased using Fancash. In situations like this, Fanatics will clearly state it before time.

What doesn’t FanCash apply to?

FanCash doesn’t apply to returns or previous orders. If you purchase merchandise and earn FanCash as a result, returning said merchandise will lead to the earned FanCash being deducted from your overall balance.

How to use Fanatics Fancash with shopping apps such as Capital One, Honey Etc.

Your FanCash can also be used on a variety of shopping apps right from your phone. Just be sure to shop from a retailer that’s either a Fanatics partner or affiliate. Capital One Shopping works the same way as several shopping apps. They search the web for the very best deals. You’re also presented with a working coupon and promo codes when available.

Odds on you purchasing from a website that isn’t a Fanatics affiliate are low because the Honey and Capital One apps would let you know when you can get cash back for buying at particular stores ( all stores affiliated with Fanatics).

How to redeem Fancash Fanatics?

To use your FanCash to make a purchase, simply log in with your Fanatics username and password at checkout. Your FanCash will be removed from your subtotal. Note – FanCash cannot be used to cover shipping expenses or sales taxes.

Final thoughts on Fanatics FanCash

Fanatics has continually evolved its loyalty program to ensure fans receive a little win every time they make a Fanatics purchase. While many things concerning Fanatics’ foray into the hobby remains uncertain, one thing we can be absolutely sure about is a reward program that trumps anything presently on offer.

With their potential monopoly over the sports trading market, you can use your FanCash to buy cards for whatever sports you’re collecting. You can also use FanCash earned from purchasing sports apparel and merchandise to aid your collecting hobby and buy more cards. Who can argue with that?

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