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Investing In Sports Cards: Card Quest 6

It’s week 6 of the Card Quest project from Cardlines.com. This week has yet another new strategy to discuss to make you some money by investing in sports cards!

Investing In Sports Cards With Jesse: The Rules Of The Game

But first, as always, here are the rules. Every week, I’ll be spending about $100 on cards and telling you what I purchased, why I bought them, what strategies I used, and how you can apply them to your collecting.

We’re tracking progress, too. Every week I’ll share:

  • My total amount spent
  • My total amount sold (once I start selling some)
  • Total value (the comp price of my cards + total amount sold).

From there, we’ll be able to calculate my gains.

I challenge you to take on this initiative, too. Invest more or less than me–totally up to you–but track your progress.

Together, let’s show the world the power of card investing.

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Week 6 Of Investing In Sports Cards With Jesse Purchases

In week 6, I made my most risky purchases of the project along with one of the most sure-fire bets to make some easy profit. So let’s talk about both.

Tylan Wallace

To start, I bought three different Tylan Wallace cards. Wallace was one of the best receivers in the country as a sophomore at Oklahoma State, but between an injury his junior year and sub-par quarterback play his senior year, he didn’t get the chance to shine.

After being drafted in round four by the Ravens, Wallace looks to have a great pro career.

There’s a lot to like about Wallace: his cards are selling at a very affordable price, he’s shown dynamic potential in the past, and–for better or worse–the Raven’s receiving core has been plagued by injury thus far. So if Wallace gets a look, he could shine.

What’s not to love is that he’s playing for the Ravens, and I’m a big Lamar Jackson fan, but it’s no secret that his receivers don’t put up great numbers. Still, I think Wallace could get a lot more attention than he is now.

Tylan Wallace is reasonably priced and has significant upside.

The Rookie Lot

Next up, I invested in a rookie lot from Burbank sportscards on eBay. I’d never bought from them before, but I was shopping for a particular card, and their promotion caught my eye: free shipping on all purchases over $30. Most of the cards I bought were between $1 – $2 with $3.50 shipping, so saving that much on shipping with every card was big time.

I ended up buying 20 cards for $31, and I bought cards of established young talent who are poised for breakout seasons. That means I could make significant profits now, but even better profits later on.

Here’s an individual breakdown.

Purchase 1: Tylan Wallace Legacy Rookie Auto /35

This is genuinely a great-looking card (albeit college jersey), and paying $5.31 for it–shipping included–made it look even better. Unfortunately, it’s the only recent sale, so I’m comping it at the price I paid (although I’d probably list it for $25 OBO if I were listing today).

Purchase 2: Tylan Wallace Prizm Draft Picks White Sparkle Rookie

Prizm white sparkle cards are some of the most eye-catching of any Prizms. That is probably why Panini reserved them to an SSP inserted in Panini Rewards packs.

I paid $19.89 for this card and felt like it has a high ceiling despite being a Draft Picks card, and since there are no other comps, I used my purchase price.

We like this Tylan Wallace White Sparkle Prizm.

Purchase 3: Tylan Wallace Contenders Draft Picks Cracked Ice Auto /23

Cracked ice autos are iconic and rare. For $25.60, this was a great pickup. There’s little risk, high reward. However, this was not a great listing and a better listing sold for more, so I’m comping this at $34.

Purchase 4: 20 Card Rookie Lot

This was my purchase from Burbank Sports Cards, and technically it was several smaller purchases, but we’re going to lump it together for price tracking. The cards are all pass-catchers of some extent, and they’re all players I have pegged to have a great year potentially.

Here’s the line-item list, with comps:

  • Corey Davis Optic Red and Yellow RC (2x): $16
  • 2017 Panini Davis RC: $2
  • Corey Davis Prizm RC: $9
  • 2017 Prizm Jonnu Smith RC (x3): $16
  • 2017 Optic Pink Jonnu Smith RC: $6
  • 2020 Cole Kmet Disco Prizm Orange RC (x2): $16
  • 2014 Crusade Allen Robinson Rookie (x3): $6
  • Topps Platinum Robinson RC: $3
  • Platinum Robinson Xfractor RC: $4
  • Platinum Robinson Orage: $4
  • Bowman /399 Robinson RC: $5
  • Donruss Clearly Darnell Mooney RC (x3): $15

Total Comps: $100

Are these Jonnu Smith RC’s a good investment? (look for Jonnu Smith Prizm rookies on eBay).

After buying this for $31.77, I feel like it was a steal. Keep in mind that I saved $3.50 of shipping twenty times, so of course, it will have a high comp price. If any of these players end up in the fantasy top 10 for their position, I’ll be looking even better.

Investing In Sports Cards With Jesse: Progress

This week was my lightest week spending thus far after only buying about $80 of cards, but that brings my weekly average to $99–spot on!

Finally, here’s the updated running list of the cards I’m still holding and their most recent comps.

Investing In Sports Cards With Jesse: Cards Held

Tannehill Triple Threads Auto /25: Bought $83; Comp $90

Tannehill Rookie Card Lot: Bought $17; Comp $50

SGA Rookie Lot: Bought $75, Comp $130

SGA Prizm Rookie: Bought $121, Comp: $158

Nickeil Alexander-Walker lot of 96 Hoops Rookies: Bought $40, Comp for $144

NAW lot of 5 Optic Silver Wave: Bought $25, Comp for $40

NAW lot of 11 Rookies: Bought $10.81, Comp for $74

Minshew Prizm Lot: Bought $50, comp $75

Heinicke Contenders Auto: Bought $37, Comp $42

Heinicke Rookies and Stars Auto /50: Bought $19, Comp $40

Tylan Wallace 3 Card Lot: Bought $50.80, Comp $60

20 Card Football Lot: Bought $31.77, Comp: $100

Will this Heinicke auto be a good investment? (look for Taylor Heinicke Contender autos on eBay).

Investing In Sports Cards With Jesse: Cards Sold

 McCaffrey Rookie /100: Bought $36, Sold $80

I lowered comps on a couple of Heinicke’s from last week, but other than that, no significant changes. But, of course, once the NFL season starts, these will begin moving a lot more.

Investing In Sports Cards With Jesse: The Totals

Spent: $597

Held (Comps): $1002

Sold: $80

Value: $1,082

Net: 81% increase

Thanks to the combined shipping deal, my net increase didn’t change. Any time you can take advantage of a seller’s offer on eBay, I encourage you to do it!

What will I be buying next week? Then, come back next week for the next update.

Are you taking on this project yourself? Tweet me @realjessehaynes or email Cardlines to tell us about it!

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes is the co-founder of Solaro Shades, an Amazon #1 Bestselling novelist, and a lifelong sports card collector. His nonfiction work has been featured in Forbes, Inc., MarketWatch and more. At CardLines, Jesse’s specialties are basketball and football cards, not to mention making informative video and Instagram content.

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