October 2021 Sports Card Releases

September 27, 2021

October is the season for football, and baseball playoffs are coming strong! And as we get some of the first mainstream NFL releases in October. But that isn’t all! We’re also getting a strong release of basketball cards. October 2021 Sports Card Releases have something for everyone.

Here are the Cardlines October notable releases. And please note, all of these dates are subject to change based on manufacturer considerations.

Noteworthy Sports Card Releases for October

2021 Donruss Factory Set (October 6)

The Donruss Football Factory set could be quite the deal for long-term investment, as we covered in the Donruss Football preview. The heart of the set is the 400-card base Donruss set, including all the top rookies, stars, and legends. On top of that, each set comes with 5 bonus Optic Rated Rookie Preview Holos. The set will set you back about $300.  However, the Trevor Lawrence version of this card is currently selling for over that number. So there is a lot of potentials to hit something if you decide to open the set. If not, it should hold its value well in the long-term too. Check out our review.

The Donruss Factory Set gives you a guaranteed Trevor Lawrence (look for his rated rookies on eBay).

2021 Panini Origins Football (October 6)

The highlight of Origins Football is the chance to pull some of the first on-card rookie autographs featuring professional uniforms. In addition, the brand delivers eye-catching Rookie Jumbo Patch autographs. This year the release kicks off a new autograph booklet set, “Origins of Greatness.” There are also inscribed autographs so that you can pull lots of cool cards from the $650 box. Each box will contain 2 autographs (1 will be an RPA), 1 jumbo or patch card, 2 base or rookies, and 2 base parallels. Of course, you need to hit a nice card for the 7 total cards to make you money at this asking price.

2021 Topps Triple Threads Baseball (October 8)

Triple Threads is back and keeping the classic delivery. According to Topps, the box features “a stunning array of unique relics and autographs from the greats of the game. Each case is guaranteed to contain a 1-of-1 Autograph Relic Card and an Autograph Relic Combo Card featuring 3 or more players. The boxes cost $389.99. As usual, the hobby boxes contain two mini-boxes. Total, you should expect 1 Autographed Triple Relic Card #’d to 99 or less, 1 Triple Relic Card #’d to 36 or less, 1 autograph Rookie Card OR Autograph Jumbo relic #’d to 99 or less, and 1 Jumbo Relic Card #’d to 48 or less. If you’ve never ripped one of these, it can be quite a fun rip.

Topps Triple Threads has an appealing aesthetic (look for Aaron Judge Triple Threads cards on eBay).

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball (October 13)

Topps Update Series has some of the most notable rookie cards ever (Mike Trout), so there’s always a chance for significant returns. This year, as usual, the box comes in a hobby variety for $107 and a Jumbo offering for $217. The hobby version has 24 packs of 14 with one auto or relic card. Meanwhile, the jumbo has 10 packs of 46 cards with one auto and two relics. So if you’re trying to guarantee an auto, the jumbo is the way to go. We have a full review and overview of Topps Update for your enjoyment.

2020-21 Panini Mosaic Basketball Fast Break (October 13)

We have a strong feeling this date will change. But as of now, Mosaic Fast Break is releasing in mid-October, well after the NBA season has wound down. Still, that doesn’t mean it will be any less popular. The opti-chrome cards in this set are among the favorites for modern collectors, and the release serves as a great step-brother to Prizm and Optic. This year’s set has improved the design of last year, and the boxes feature 1 autograph, 1 silver, 10 Fast Break Mosaics, and 1 rookie variation. The autograph and inserts checklist is simple, but there’s often beauty in that. Don’t miss our full review of Mosaic Basketball.

2021 Panini National Treasures Collegiate Football (October 20)

If you like college jersey cards, this might be the product for you. National Treasures is one of the most revered – and expensive – brands in the hobby. Therefore, these cards will age decently despite the players being in their NCAA uniforms. Each $1,750 box only contains 8 cards, so cross your fingers that you hit a big one. Of the 8, only one is a base card, and the other 7 are autographs or memorabilia. If you’re feeling risky, there will be a few monsters cards in this set. However, if you have $1,800 to throw at a hobby box, the NFL National Treasures will have much better long-term value when it is released.

Some Panini National Treasures Collegiate Football cards are well worth the price of entry (look for cards from this release on eBay).

2020/21 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey (October 20)

Upper Deck will always be a collecter fan fav, and the 2020/21 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey hobby boxes keep Upper Deck’s rich sports card tradition alive. These boxes don’t have a price yet, but they include 18 packs of 5 cards each, with at least 1 base set autographed Future Watch Rookie and 1 additional autograph. If you’re a hockey fan, this set is a classic. Look for more info on this release and others in our NHL preview.

2021 Panini Chronicles Baseball (October 20)

While Panini doesn’t have the MLB license, these logo-less cards can still offer some big-pull potential. Chronicles is a combination of historic Panini brands all in one box, and this set combines 20 unique brands from the company’s history. This year these include the 4th substrate to Chronicles: clear acetate cards in Magnitude, Clear Vision, Clearly Donruss, and Clearly Donruss Rated Rookies.  Additionally, look for on-card autographs from this year’s loaded rookie class in sets like America’s Pastime and paired with memorabilia in Origins Rookie Jumbo Material Autographs. These boxes will cost $200 each.

2021 Panini Absolute Football (October 22)

Absolute is a brand that has been around for long enough to gain an enthusiastic following. The boxes have 3 packs of 5 cards with a 200 card base set that includes 100 veterans and 100 rookies. This year also introduces a new SSP called “Explosive.” Each hobby box will contain 1 Rookie Premiere Auto, 2 Memorabilia, 2 Other Autos, 1 Insert, 2 Parallels, and 1 Kaboom and Explosive Per Case. For $750, buying this hobby box is a risk… but one with significant potential!

This year, Panini Absolute Football includes the Explosive SSP (picture taken from Panini).

Bottomline On October 2021 Sports Card Releases

October 2021 sports card releases focus heavily on football. Some of the earliest pro-football uniform rookie cards will come from these releases. However, there is plenty more to get collectors hyped.

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