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2021 Topps Update Series Baseball

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2021 Topps Update Series Baseball is part of the flagship baseball series released annually by the company. It typically comes out towards, or even after, the end of the baseball season. The point of the product is simple and implied in the name: to give updates to the Topps baseball release concerning trades and call-ups of players to the Majors.

The History Of Topps Update Series Baseball

Topps Update has been a part of the flagship release for a considerable amount of time. However, it has been known by several different names over the years.

  • Traded (1976, 1981-1991, 1993, 1995) and Traded Tiffany (1986-1991).
  • Traded & Rookies (1999-2004).
  • Updates and Highlights (2005-2010).
  • Update Series (2011-).

The Update series is the heir to the Topps Traded release, which Topps began to issue in 1972. At first, it was simply part of the main card release and featured the season’s biggest trades. For example, Steve Carlton was given a new card in the Phillies uniform after being traded by the Cardinals for Rick Wise in February 1972.

In 1974, Topps began inserting the cards into products released later in the year. Finally, in 1981 the first standalone Topps Traded set saw the light of day. That year also saw Topps first include rookies called up to “the Show” later in the season. Collectors refer to these cards as XRC’s. While the shorthand term for regular rookie cards is RC, XRC refers to the “extended rookie cards” in Topps Update.

Topps Traded predated Update (look for Albert Pujols Topps Traded cards on eBay).

The set has since been released by Topps every year, with the notable exception of 1996-1998.

Release Formats Of 2021 Topps Update Series Baseball

Hobby boxes for Topps Update will be released on October 13th.

Hobby Box

  • 14 cards per pack
  • 24 packs + 1 silver pack per box. Silver packs include cards not found outside hobby releases.
  • Includes on auto or relic card
  • 12 boxes per case
  • Hobby-only Clear versions of base cards are available for 100 cards. They are numbered #/10
  • Platinum 1/1 1986 Topps autos are a hobby exclusive
  • Presells for $98

HTA Hobby Jumbo Box

  • 10 packs per box
  • 2 (2) card packs with Topps Tek 70th Anniversary cards.
  • Platinum 1/1 1986 Topps autos are a hobby exclusive
  • 46 cards per pack
  • Includes two autos and one relic
  • 6 boxes per case
  • Presells for $220

Retail Box

  • 24 cards per pack
  • 16 cards per box
  • 1 retail exclusive insert card per box on average
  • 12 per case
  • Presells for $120

Hanger Packs

  • 67 cards per pack
  • 64 per case
  • Presells for $20

Blaster Box

  • 14 cards per pack
  • 7 packs per box
  • 1 exclusive manufactured Item card per box on average
  • 40 boxes per case
  • Presells for $35

Topps Update Blasters are preselling on eBay.

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Rookies Overview

The Topps Update release includes the last crop of rookies in the flagship series. Historically it has usually featured at least one marquee rookie amongst the pack. So, what does the class look like this time?

The big question on everyone’s mind was the three big rookies that did not appear in Series 1 and 2. Namely, they are Wander Franco, Jarred Kelenic, and Jonathan India. The first two are long admired blue-chip prospects. The third is arguably the best performing rookie in the 2021 season.

As most of us predicted, Wander Franco is not in Update. It is simply too tempting for Topps to milk his RC for all it is worth in 2022. But we were pleasantly surprised to discover that both a Kelenic and an India rookie are present and accounted for. That will make this product quite attractive for collectors and mean that it 2021 Update may have strong value as unopened wax in the future.

Full List Of 2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Rookie Cards

  • Will Vest
  • Trevor Larnach
  • Luke Raley
  • Yermin Mercedes
  • DJ Peters
  • Nick Gordon
  • Dane Dunning
  • Taylor Walls
  • Huascar Ynoa
  • Tyler Wells
  • Patrick Weigel
  • Ryan Hendrix
  • Tyler Nevin
  • Franklyn Kilome
  • Ryan McKenna
  • Taylor Trammell
  • Roel Ramirez
  • Seth Elledge
  • Kyle Cody
  • Andres Gimenez
  • Angel Rondon
  • Justin Williams
  • Alex Vesia
  • J.B. Bukauskas
  • Kyle Funkhouser
  • Victor Gonzalez
  • Seth Romero
  • Tyler Zuber
  • Jordan Holloway
  • Bailey Ober
  • Antonio Santos
  • Corey Ray
  • Jose Devers
  • Keegan Thompson
  • Joey Gerber
  • Kyle Finnegan
  • Nivaldo Rodriguez
  • Cody Poteet
  • Peter Solomon
  • Hirokazu Sawamura
  • Nick Nelson
  • Garrett Whitlock
  • Ka’ai Tom
  • Daniel Lynch
  • Edwin Uceta
  • Chris Gittens
  • Sam Hentges
  • Mario Feliciano
  • Ben Rortvedt
  • Ashton Goudeau
  • Khalil Lee
  • Tyson Miller
  • Rony Garcia
  • Akil Baddoo
  • Jorge Mateo
  • Luis Patiño
  • Connor Brogdon
  • Kyle Isbel
  • Alek Manoah
  • Travis Blankenhorn
  • Carlos Hernandez
  • Will Craig
  • Ali Sanchez
  • Gilberto Celestino
  • Brent Honeywell Jr.
  • Nick Maton
  • Josh Palacios
  • Owen Miller
  • Sterling Sharp
  • Geraldo Perdomo
  • Kohei Arihara
  • Tyler Ivey
  • Chris Rodriguez
  • Gregory Santos
  • Vladimir Gutierrez
  • Jonathan India
  • Jimmy Lambert
  • Ben Bowden
  • Luis Gonzalez
  • Jarred Kelenic
  • Bryan Garcia
  • John Nogowski
  • Andrew Vaughn
  • Logan Gilbert
  • Jorge Guzman
  • Jorge Ona
  • Aaron Fletcher

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Checklist Information

Update has a base set of 330 cards. They show off high-profile trades such as Francisco Lindor to the New York Mets. As you may remember, in Series 1, he appeared as a member of the (soon to be defunct) Cleveland Indians.

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Parallels

  • Gold Foil – 1:2 hobby jumbo packs (hobby jumbo only)
  • Rainbow Foil – 1:10 packs
  • Gold – /2021
  • Green Foilboard – /499
  • Orange Foilboard – /299
  • Red Foilboard – /199
  • Vintage Stock – /99
  • Independence Day – /76
  • Black – /70 (hobby and hobby jumbo only)
  • Platinum Anniversary – /70
  • Father’s Day Powder Blue – /50
  • Mother’s Day Hot Pink – /50
  • Memorial Day Camp – /25
  • Printing Plates – 1/1
  • 70th Anniversary – 1/1

Foilboard Parallels

  • Green #/499
  • Orange #/299
  • Red #/199

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Inserts

Many of the inserts in this release will be familiar to baseball collectors from Series 1 and Series 2. 70 Years of Topps Baseball has been a recurring theme in all flagship releases this year.

Topps Black Gold

Veteran collectors may remember these inserts from Topps 1993 flagship releases. They are coming back for the 2021 Update release. You can get them in the following parallels:

  • Blue Parallel
  • Black Parallel #/299
  • Platinum Anniversary Parallel #/70
  • Red Parallel #/10
  • Gold Parallel 1/1
  • Autograph Parallel (select subjects) #/10, #/5 or 1/1

Topps is bringing back the 1993 Black Gold cards (get Ken Griffey Jr. Black Gold cards on eBay).

Topps Tek 70th Anniversary

These acetate cards have proven relatively popular in previous releases and have therefore returned. Unfortunately, they are only available in the HTA Jumbo hobby release and come in their own special silver pack.

Topps Cards That Never Were

There are also some new and originals inserts. For example, Topps Cards That Never Were has appeared before as a special-order custom item. But these cards are now given an official mainstream airing. Some cards featured in this series in the past include a 1982 Ryne Sandberg in a Phillies uniform or a 1952 Whitey Ford (a season he missed due to service in the Korean War).

The cards appear in the following variations:

  • Blue Parallel
  • Black Parallel #/299
  • Platinum Anniversary Parallel #/70
  • Red Parallel #/10
  • Gold Parallel 1/1
  • Autograph Parallel (select subjects) #/10, #/5 or 1/1

1986 Topps Style Inserts

Cards in the 1986 Topps release style have featured in all flagship products and are once again included here. These cards include a mix of veterans, rookies, and retired stars.

They have a similar parallel structure:

  • Blue Parallel
  • Black Parallel #/299
  • Platinum Anniversary Parallel #/70
  • Red Parallel #/10
  • Gold Parallel 1/1
  • 1/1 Cut Signatures will feature vintage autographs of some all-time MLB greats

 Topps Platinum Players Die-Cuts

Topps Update this year comes with 20 new die-cut cards, bringing the series to 70 in all flagship products.

The parallels for this series are:

  • Blue Parallel
  • Black Parallel #/299
  • Platinum Anniversary Parallel #/70
  • Red Parallel #/10
  • Gold Parallel 1/1
  • Autograph Parallel (select subjects) #/10, #/5 or 1/1


Relics are pretty common in this release. Some would say too common since the hobby boxes do not guarantee an auto but rather an auto OR a relic.

The new relic series in 2021 Topps Update is the 2021 MLB All-Star Game Commemorative Sleeve Logo Patch cards with relics from the big game. Keep in mind that the game logo patches are not game-worn.

They come with the following parallels:

  • Blue Parallel
  • Black Parallel #/199
  • Platinum Anniversary Parallel #/50
  • Red Parallel #/10
  • Gold Parallel 1/1
  • Autograph Parallel (select subjects) #/10, #/5 or 1/1

Most of the relics in Topps Update are from the Major League Material series (look for Shohei Ohtani relic cards on eBay).

The Major League Material relics are back after featuring in Series 1 and Series 2. They are also the most commonly found relic in this series. It has a few parallels this time:

  • Black #/99
  • Gold: #/50
  • Red: #/25
  • Platinum #/1

If you are lucky enough to hit a Major League Material auto, it has the following parallel options:

  • Regular #/50
  • Red #/25
  • Platinum 1/1

Other relic variations included in this release are Own the Name 1/1’s and Reverence Autographed Patch cards, numbered #/10, #/5, or 1/1.

Auto Cards

The autos will be a bit hard to hit in this release unless you get an HTA Hobby Jumbo Box. We will include the auto list when Topps releases it shortly before the release.

Autos come in the following parallels:

  • Black Parallel #/199
  • Platinum Anniversary Parallel #/50
  • Red Parallel #/25
  • Gold Parallel 1/1
  • Dual Autos #/5 or less

Auto List

This year’s Topps update comes with a long list of potential auto pulls.

70 Years of Topps Baseball Autographs Checklist

These autos are numbered /10 or less.

70YT-1 Greg Maddux
70YT-2 Ken Griffey Jr.
70YT-3 Mike Trout
70YT-4 Ronald Acuña Jr.
70YT-5 Ke’Bryan Hayes
70YT-8 Don Mattingly
70YT-9 Joey Bart
70YT-10 Miguel Cabrera
70YT-11 Kris Bryant
70YT-12 Bo Jackson
70YT-13 Freddie Freeman
70YT-14 Juan Soto
70YT-15 Bryce Harper
70YT-16 Alex Bregman
70YT-17 Derek Jeter
70YT-18 Alex Kirilloff
70YT-19 Jonathan India
70YT-21 Ryan Mountcastle
70YT-23 Matt Chapman
70YT-24 Shohei Ohtani
70YT-25 Shane Bieber
70YT-26 Vladimir Guerrero
70YT-28 Carlos Correa
70YT-29 Alec Bohm
70YT-30 Nolan Arenado
70YT-31 Mark McGwire
70YT-32 Bo Bichette
70YT-33 Fernando Tatis Jr.
70YT-35 Bobby Dalbec
70YT-36 Tim Lincecum

70YT-37 Christian Yelich
70YT-38 Pete Alonso
70YT-39 Trevor Bauer
70YT-40 Luis Robert
70YT-41 Andrew Vaughn
70YT-42 Jacob deGrom
70YT-45 Jarred Kelenic
70YT-46 Anthony Rendon
70YT-47 Cristian Pache
70YT-48 Dylan Carlson
70YT-50 Geraldo Perdomo
70YT-51 Nick Madrigal
70YT-52 Triston McKenzie
70YT-53 Brady Singer
70YT-54 Taylor Trammell
70YT-55 Cody Bellinger
70YT-56 Casey Mize
70YT-57 Randy Arozarena
70YT-58 Aaron Judge
70YT-60 Reggie Jackson
70YT-61 Jo Adell
70YT-64 Nate Pearson
70YT-66 Garrett Crochet
70YT-67 Deivi Garcia
70YT-69 Yermin Mercedes

1986 Topps Baseball Autographs Checklist

  • Black – /199
  • Gold – /50
  • Red – /25 (hobby only)
  • Platinum – 1/1 (hobby and hobby jumbo only)

86A-AGI Andres Gimenez
86A-AKB Akil Baddoo
86A-AM Austin Meadows
86A-APE Andy Pettitte
86A-AR Alex Rodriguez
86A-ARI Austin Riley
86A-AT Anderson Tejeda
86A-BPO Buster Posey
86A-BSN Blake Snell
86A-BZ Barry Zito
86A-CF Cecil Fielder
86A-DJ Derek Jeter
86A-DM Don Mattingly
86A-DS Dansby Swanson
86A-EO Edward Olivares
86A-HM Hideki Matsui
86A-HME Humberto Mejia
86A-I Ichiro
86A-IR Ivan Rodriguez
86A-JC Jose Canseco
86A-JCR Jake Cronenworth
86A-JIN Jonathan India
86A-JK Jarred Kelenic
86A-JKA James Kaprielian
86A-JS Juan Soto
86A-KA Kohei Arihara
86A-KL Kyle Lewis
86A-KMA Kenta Maeda
86A-LG Logan Gilbert
86A-LP Luis Patiño

86A-LR Luis Robert
86A-LT Leody Taveras
86A-MF Matt Foster
86A-MT Mike Trout
86A-MW Mitch White
86A-TS Trevor Story
86A-TT Taylor Trammell
86A-YG Yasmani Grandal
86AS-BJ Bo Jackson
86AS-DM Don Mattingly
86AS-DMU Dale Murphy
86AS-HM Hideki Matsui
86AS-PA Pete Alonso
86AS-WCO Willson Contreras
86B-AK Alejandro Kirk
86B-AM Adonis Medina
86B-AVA Andrew Vaughn
86B-BJ Bo Jackson
86B-BRO Brent Rooker
86B-DJ Daulton Jefferies
86B-DR Drew Rasmussen
86B-EF Estevan Florial
86B-FK Franklyn Kilome
86B-GC Garrett Crochet
86B-HSK Ha-Seong Kim
86B-IA Ian Anderson
86B-JA Jo Adell
86B-JC Jazz Chisholm
86B-JFL Josh Fleming
86B-JGA Jose Garcia

86B-JJO Jahmai Jones
86B-JL Jesus Luzardo
86B-JME Julian Merryweather
86B-JOL Jared Oliva
86B-JS Jesus Sanchez
86B-JW Jake Woodford
86B-JWE Jordan Weems
86B-KHR Kent Hrbek
86B-LB Luis Alexander Basabe
86B-LC Luis Campusano
86B-LG Luis Gonzalez
86B-MC Mark Canha
86B-MGR Mark Grace
86B-MM Mickey Moniak
86B-MMA Mark Mathias
86B-MY Miguel Yajure
86B-PS Pavin Smith
86B-RM Rafael Marchan
86B-SA Sherten Apostel
86B-TA Tejay Antone
86B-TH Tom Hatch
86B-TW Taylor Widener
86B-VG Victor Gonzalez
86B-WC Will Craig
86B-YR Yohan Ramirez

2021 MLB All-Star Game Manufactured Sleeve Patch Autographs

These cards are numbered /10 or less.

ASGP-AG Adolis Garcia
ASGP-AJ Aaron Judge
ASGP-BB Bo Bichette
ASGP-BP Buster Posey
ASGP-BR Bryan Reynolds
ASGP-BW Brandon Woodruff
ASGP-CC Carlos Correa
ASGP-CM Cedric Mullins
ASGP-CR Carlos Rodon
ASGP-FF Freddie Freeman
ASGP-FT Fernando Tatis Jr.
ASGP-GC Gerrit Cole
ASGP-JAL Jose Altuve
ASGP-JC Jake Cronenworth
ASGP-JD Jacob deGrom
ASGP-JG Joey Gallo
ASGP-JH Josh Hader
ASGP-JM J.D. Martinez
ASGP-JR Jose Ramirez
ASGP-JS Juan Soto
ASGP-JTR J.T. Realmuto
ASGP-JW Jesse Winker
ASGP-KB Kris Bryant
ASGP-KG Kevin Gausman
ASGP-LL Lance Lynn

ASGP-MM Max Muncy
ASGP-MO Matt Olson
ASGP-MSE Marcus Semien
ASGP-MT Mike Trout
ASGP-NA Nolan Arenado
ASGP-NC Nick Castellanos
ASGP-NCR Nelson Cruz
ASGP-OA Ozzie Albies
ASGP-RA Ronald Acuña Jr.
ASGP-RD Rafael Devers
ASGP-SO Shohei Ohtani
ASGP-SOH Shohei Ohtani
ASGP-SP Salvador Perez
ASGP-TH Teoscar Hernandez
ASGP-TR Trevor Rogers
ASGP-VG Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
ASGP-XB Xander Bogaerts
ASGP-YK Yusei Kikuchi
ASGP-ZW Zack Wheeler

All-Star Autographed Jumbo Patch Checklist

ASJA-FF Freddie Freeman
ASJA-FT Fernando Tatis Jr.
ASJA-JG Joey Gallo
ASJA-JS Juan Soto
ASJA-KB Kris Bryant
ASJA-MMU Max Muncy
ASJA-MO Matt Olson
ASJA-RD Rafael Devers
ASJA-VG Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

All-Star Stitch Autographs Checklist

ASSA-AJ Aaron Judge
ASSA-FF Freddie Freeman
ASSA-FT Fernando Tatis Jr.
ASSA-JG Joey Gallo
ASSA-JR Jose Ramirez
ASSA-JS Juan Soto
ASSA-JTR J.T. Realmuto
ASSA-KB Kris Bryant
ASSA-MMU Max Muncy
ASSA-MO Matt Olson
ASSA-NA Nolan Arenado
ASSA-RD Rafael Devers
ASSA-VG Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
ASSA-WBU Walker Buehler
ASSA-WM Whit Merrifield
ASSA-XB Xander Bogaerts

All-Star Stitch Dual Autographs Checklist

ASDA-BA Kris Bryant / Nolan Arenado
ASDA-DB Rafael Devers / Xander Bogaerts
ASDA-FAL Freddie Freeman / Ozzie Albies
ASDA-GB Vladimir Guerrero Jr. / Bo Bichette
ASDA-GG Adolis Garcia / Joey Gallo
ASDA-MB Max Muncy / Walker Buehler
ASDA-TA Fernando Tatis Jr. / Juan Soto

Baseball Stars Autographs Checklist


  • Black – /199
  • Gold – /50
  • Red – /25
  • Platinum – 1/1

BSA-AB Akil Baddoo
BSA-AG Andres Galarraga
BSA-AS Alfonso Soriano
BSA-AV Andrew Vaughn
BSA-BB Bert Blyleven
BSA-BHO Brent Honeywell Jr.
BSA-CBI Craig Biggio
BSA-CC Carlos Correa
BSA-CF Clint Frazier
BSA-CFI Cecil Fielder
BSA-CRO Carlos Rodon
BSA-CY Christian Yelich
BSA-DP Dave Parker
BSA-DS Don Sutton
BSA-GP Geraldo Perdomo
BSA-GWH Garrett Whitlock
BSA-HS Hirokazu Sawamura
BSA-JBB J.B. Bukauskas
BSA-JBJ Jackie Bradley Jr.
BSA-JDE Jose Devers

BSA-JG Jason Giambi
BSA-JGO Juan Gonzalez
BSA-JK Jarred Kelenic
BSA-JP Jim Palmer
BSA-KI Kyle Isbel
BSA-MP Mark Prior
BSA-PC Patrick Corbin
BSA-PO Paul O’Neill
BSA-SR Seth Romero
BSA-TO Tony Oliva
BSA-TT Taylor Trammell
BSA-TW Tim Wakefield
BSA-TWA Taylor Walls
BSA-VG Victor Gonzalez
BSA-YM Yermin Mercedes

Baseball Stars Dual Autographs Checklist

These cards are numbered /5 or less.

BSDA-BO Wade Boggs / David Ortiz
BSDA-DC Gerrit Cole / Jacob deGrom
BSDA-GM Bob Gibson / Yadier Molina
BSDA-GT Ken Griffey Jr. / Mike Trout
BSDA-HA Rickey Henderson / Ronald Acuña Jr.
BSDA-NR Nolan Ryan / Randy Johnson
BSDA-PB Mike Piazza / Cody Bellinger
BSDA-PC Albert Pujols / Miguel Cabrera
BSDA-RM Cal Ripken Jr. / Eddie Murray
BSDA-RY Frank Robinson / Carl Yastrzemski
BSDA-SA Juan Soto / Ronald Acuña Jr.
BSDA-TA Frank Thomas / Jose Abreu

Cut Signatures Checklist

CS-BF Bob Feller 1/1
CS-EB Ernie Banks 1/1
CS-JD Joe DiMaggio 1/1
CS-JM Johnny Mize 1/1
CS-MI Monte Irvin 1/1
CS-SM Stan Musial 1/1
CS-TC Ty Cobb 1/1
CS-TW Ted Williams 1/1
CS-WS Warren Spahn 1/1
CS-YB Yogi Berra 1/1

Major League Material Autographs Checklist/50 or less.


  • Red – /25
  • Platinum – 1/1

MLMA-AB Alec Bohm
MLMA-AJ Aaron Judge
MLMA-AK Alex Kirilloff
MLMA-AN Aaron Nola
MLMA-AR Anthony Rendon
MLMA-AV Andrew Vaughn
MLMA-BD Bobby Dalbec
MLMA-BS Blake Snell
MLMA-CC Carlos Correa
MLMA-CS Corey Seager
MLMA-DC Dylan Carlson
MLMA-GC Gerrit Cole
MLMA-GL Gavin Lux
MLMA-HR Hyun-Jin Ryu
MLMA-IA Ian Anderson
MLMA-JB Joey Bart
MLMA-JG Joey Gallo
MLMA-JK Jarred Kelenic
MLMA-JP Joc Pederson
MLMA-JR Jose Ramirez

MLMA-JS Juan Soto
MLMA-KH Ke’Bryan Hayes
MLMA-KL Kyle Lewis
MLMA-MC Michael Conforto
MLMA-MCH Matt Chapman
MLMA-MT Mike Trout
MLMA-MY Mike Yastrzemski
MLMA-NH Nico Hoerner
MLMA-NP Nate Pearson
MLMA-PA Pete Alonso
MLMA-RA Randy Arozarena
MLMA-RAJ Ronald Acuña Jr.
MLMA-RM Ryan Mountcastle
MLMA-SP Salvador Perez
MLMA-TG Tyler Glasnow
MLMA-TM Triston McKenzie
MLMA-XB Xander Bogaerts
MLMA-YM Yadier Molina
MLMA-YMO Yoan Moncada

Topps 70th Anniversary Logo Patch Autographs Checklist

12 cards.
Retail relic blaster boxes only.

T70P-AR Alex Rodriguez
T70P-BH Bryce Harper
T70P-DO David Ortiz
T70P-DW Dave Winfield
T70P-EM Eddie Murray
T70P-JP Jim Palmer
T70P-MM Mark McGwire
T70P-PM Paul Molitor
T70P-RA Ronald Acuña Jr.
T70P-RY Robin Yount
T70P-TG Tom Glavine
T70P-WB Wade Boggs

Topps Black Gold Autographs Checklist

These cards are numbered /10 or less.

BG-1 Fernando Tatis Jr.
BG-2 Juan Soto
BG-3 Mike Trout
BG-4 Ronald Acuña Jr.
BG-6 Bryce Harper
BG-8 Jarred Kelenic
BG-9 Christian Yelich
BG-10 Aaron Judge
BG-11 Gerrit Cole
BG-12 Bo Bichette
BG-13 Shohei Ohtani
BG-14 Pete Alonso
BG-15 Alex Bregman
BG-16 Yadier Molina
BG-17 Andrew Vaughn
BG-20 Dylan Carlson
BG-21 Ke’Bryan Hayes
BG-22 Alex Kirilloff
BG-23 Joey Bart
BG-24 Alec Bohm
BG-25 Jo Adell

Topps Cards That Never Were Autographs Checklist

These cards are numbered /10 or less.

CNW-1 Reggie Jackson
CNW-5 Frank Robinson
CNW-6 Nolan Ryan
CNW-7 Johnny Bench
CNW-8 Mike Schmidt
CNW-10 Dale Murphy
CNW-11 Cal Ripken Jr.
CNW-13 Mike Piazza
CNW-15 Alex Rodriguez

Topps Platinum Player Die-Cuts Autographs Checklist

These cards are numbered /10 or less.

PDC-51 Eddie Murray
PDC-52 Tom Glavine
PDC-53 Jim Palmer
PDC-56 Paul Molitor
PDC-57 Ronald Acuña Jr.
PDC-58 Dave Winfield
PDC-59 Juan Marichal
PDC-67 David Ortiz
PDC-68 Lou Brock
PDC-70 Mark McGwire

Topps Reverence Autograph Patch Checklist

These autos are hobby and hobby jumbo exclusives.


  • Red – /5
  • Platinum – 1/1

RAP-DL Derrek Lee /10
RAP-KHE Kyle Hendricks /10
RAP-MB Mark Buehrle /10
TRAP-AB Alec Bohm /10
TRAP-AK Alex Kirilloff /10
TRAP-BH Bryce Harper /10
TRAP-CB Cody Bellinger /10
TRAP-EW Evan White /10
TRAP-IA Ian Anderson /10
TRAP-JA Jo Adell /10
TRAP-JK Jarred Kelenic /10
TRAP-JS Juan Soto /10
TRAP-KH Ke’Bryan Hayes /10
TRAP-MT Mike Trout /10
TRAP-NM Nick Madrigal /10
TRAP-TG Tyler Glasnow /10

Topps Update Series Baseball Value

Topps Update is a bit like the stepbrother of Series 1 and Series 2. So, how does it perform in value? Is it significantly less than its counterparts? We took a look.

Single Cards

No discussion of Topps Update is complete without mentioning the Mike Trout rookie card. It stands as the most iconic card to ever feature in the release. It is also, of course, highly valuable. But just how much of an outlier is the Mike Trout rookie? First, let’s look at some of the highest-performing Topps Update cards in recent years.

All cards are PSA 10s:

2011 Mike Trout Base RC $1,800
2011 Mike Trout Target Red Border RC $136,530
2012 Bryce Harper Base RC $122
2012 Bryce Harper Target Red Border RC $3,802
2013 Nolan Arenado Base RC $130
2013 Nolan Arenado Black RC $3,198
2014 Mookie Betts RC $70
2014 Mookie Betts Batting Clear RC $7,565
2015 Francisco Lindor RC $46
2015 Francisco Lindor RC (No Sparkle Under Glove – No Logo) $1,100
2016 Corey Seager RC $58
2016 Corey Seager RC Rainbow Foil $259
2017 Cody Bellinger RC $39
2017 Cody Bellinger RC Pointing Up $2,000
2018 Shohei Ohtani RC $202
2018 Shohei Ohtani RC In Red Jersey – Black $8,988
2019 Fernando Tatis Jr. RC $76
2019 Fernando Tatis Jr. RC Father’s Day Blue $1,050
2020 Luis Robert RC $42
2020 Luis Robert Chrome Update Sapphire Edition Green 2/50 $2,025

Most years have at least one RC of a top-level star. Some years have several; for example, 2018 has high-value cards for Shohei Ohtani, Juan Soto, and Ronald Acuna Jr. 2020 had both Fernando Tatis Jr. and Vald Guerrero Jr. Meanwhile, 2020 included Luis Robert and Bo Bichette. So while none of the other cards have reached Mike Trout level, there are multiple worthwhile rookies in most Topps Update sets. In addition, some of the low pop variations are pretty valuable.

Topps Update doesn’t get more valuable than this card (get Trout Target Red Border RC’s on eBay).

Value of Wax

We have seen that Topps Update gives you the chance to get some good rookie cards. But how well does the unopened wax hold up?

2018 Hobby Box $990
2018 Blaster Box $200
2019 Hobby Box $188
2019 Blaster Box $64
2020 Hobby Box $75
2020 Blaster Box $20

The hobby boxes vary wildly. 2018 is, of course, an exceptional rookie class. So the lower prices for 2019 and 2020 are not surprising. But since those years are relatively strong, the prices are lower than expected.

The Bottomline On 2021 Topps Update Series Baseball 

Like most products, Topps Update is highly dependent on the rookie class. The good news is that every year seems to have at least one, and often two or three, rookies with significant hobby potential. The bad news is that unless the rookie class is legendary (think 2011 and 2018), the wax does not hold up remarkably well. So overall, this is more of a rip than a long-term hold.

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim is the emeritus editor of Cardlines. He continues to write for several hobby outlets, including this one and Cardbase. He collects primarily vintage baseball and soccer and has a weird obsession with 1971 Topps.

In his spare time, Shaiel is sobbing into his bourbon when the Mets lose and playing Dungeons and Dragons. In a past life, Dr. Ben-Ephraim was a political science professor, journalist, and diplomat. But cards are more fun.

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