An Introductory Guide To VMAX Pokémon Cards

February 2, 2023

VMAX cards are some of the newest variations introduced to the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They represent some of the strongest cards available in the game today, so it’s not too surprising that plenty of demand exists for them.

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What are VMAX Pokémon cards?

VMAX Pokémon cards are the TCG equivalent of the Dynamax and Gigantamax mechanics from Pokémon Sword and Shield. These cards evolve during games from V cards.

If you exclusively collect cards and don’t play the TCG, then you will want to focus your efforts on VMAX cards instead of the V variations.

On the card, the VMAX Pokémon are portrayed as gigantic and outlined in a bright color. The cards themselves are holographic and typically consist of plenty of colors. Alternate art and rainbow variations also exist.

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History of Pokemon Cards VMAX

VMAX cards made their way into the Pokémon TCG in 2020 shortly after the release of the Sword and Shield video game. They very quickly became the dominant card in the game with the meta shifting to accommodate them. More VMAX cards have been added over time in various expansions like Lost Origin.

flying pikachu vmax

With the recent release of a new video game, it’s possible the time of VMAX cards will be coming to an end once the Scarlet and Violet expansions start coming out.

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Why are Pokemon VMAX Cards so popular?

The popularity of Pokemon VMAX cards can be attributed to their rarity, unique artwork, and of course how powerful they are in the TCG.

Some of the rarest cards in all of the Sword and Shield expansions are VMAX cards, especially the variations. Typical VMAX cards receive a rare designation, the rainbow versions are considered secret rare, and alt-art cards are ultra rare. Just like most collectibles, items with a lower print run tend to draw higher demand from collectors.

Another reason for their stunning popularity is the unique artwork for VMAX Pokémon. Every design portrays the Pokémon as humungous compared to their normal small stature.

Furthermore, unlike most cards, many variations of the artwork feature the Pokémon doing different day-to-day tasks. One card for example has Leafeon rolling hay bales on a farm while another has Glaceon making an ice rink for other Pokémon.

Perhaps the biggest factor in their popularity is the sheer power they have in-game. The release of V and VMAX cards shifted the entire meta and made them a must-have for players. VMAX Pokémon have significantly improved health and attack power.

A popular strategy emerged centered on quickly getting a VMAX card down to serve as a boss that your opponent would have to defeat. As some of the most powerful cards in the game, it’s no surprise that they are such popular cards.

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Most valuable VMAX Pokémon cards

As some of the most popular cards in the Swords and Shield series, it goes without saying that they have some of the most valuable ones too. A majority of the list is dominated by alternative art variants with some others sprinkled in. Collectors clearly prioritize the rarer, more visually unique cards for their collections.

10) Alt-Art Mew – $345

Rounding out the top 10 is a BGS 10 card of the Alt-Art Mew. The chase piece of the Fusion Strike expansion was the Mew VMAX cards, but this alternative art Mew stole the show when it came to resell prices.

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vmax mew fusion strike

10) Alt-Art Espeon PSA 10 – $400

Next up is Espeon’s alternative art card. Unlike the other Eeveelutions, Espeon VMAX was released in the Fusion Strikes expansion alongside the mythical Pokémon Mew. This made Espeon into an afterthought for collectors during the release, but the card still managed to make this list.

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9) Alt-Art Leafeon CGS 10 – $400

Pokémon’s existence in the modern world isn’t discussed much in anime or games. It’s just a reality of life in the universe that there are Pokémon in the wild and trainers who use them for battle. In the art below Leafeon demonstrates that Pokémon are good for other tasks too.

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7) Alt-Art Glaceon BGS 10 – $500

The fourth and final Eeveelution to make the list is Glaceon. Similar to the other Eeveelutions Glaceon is not depicted in battle, instead choosing to spend time with other Pokémon.

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glaceon vmax evolving skies

6) Alt-Art Gengar PSA 10 – $573

In addition to the unique artwork, this Gengar VMAX benefited from a brief stint as an important card in the TCG meta. The poisonous Pokémon eventually faded from relevancy in-game, but its price remained strong.

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5) Alt-Art Sylveon BGS 10 – $690

The vibrant colors and cheery tone make this a sharp contrast compared to Gengar above. It is a clear representation of the vast variety of art that Pokémon collectors find endearing.

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4) Shiny Charizard BGC Black Label – $2026

The first demonstration of the Charizard tax on this list is the shiny variation. It’s arguably the only valuable card in the Shining Fates expansion, making it quite the pull for determined collectors.

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3) Rainbow Charizard BGS Black Label – $3100

Charizard once again makes this list, this time as a rainbow variation. The combination of the Charizard tax and the rarity of these rainbow variations lead to a pricey card.

Beyond those factors, acquiring this card in particular was quite the hassle for collectors. The product it was in, Champion’s Path, did not release with its own format, instead being added to other releases.

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charizard vmax 2020 Sword and Shield Champions Path BGS 10 Pristine

2) Alt-Art Rayquaza BGC Black Label – $4,750

Rayquaza is one of the most popular legendary Pokémon of all time, so it’s not a surprise that a super-sized version of him made the list.

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1) Alt-Art Umbreon BGS Black Label – $5000

Coming in as the most valuable VMAX card is a BGS 10 Umbreon card with alternative art. Its impressive value can be attributed to a few factors, notably its exceptional rarity and appealing aesthetic.

Alt-Art Umbreon is among the rarest cards in the Evolving Skies set which is one of the more expensive sets in the Sword and Shield series. Additionally, the design is one of the best in recent years of Pokémon cards.

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2021 sword and shield black label umbreon vmax

Final thoughts On Pokemon Cards Vmax

As we reach the end of the VMAX Pokémon era, I think it’s important to sit back and think of the impact that VMAX had on the TCG. These cards were extremely powerful and changed the way the game was played for years. Hopefully, the creators of the TCG will build upon this momentum and make the next era even better.

Pokemon Vmax frequently asked questions

How much is a VMAX Pokemon card worth?

VMAX Pokemon cards can be worth anything from just a few cents to thousands of dollars, depending on the Pokemon, rarity of the card,and the condition of the card.

What are VMAX Pokemon cards?

VMAX Pokemon cards are extremely powerful cards that are gigantic and have very high health points.

What does VMAX mean in Pokemon?

VMAX is an evolved version of VSTAR cards, with more health points and stronger attacks.

What is the rarest VMAX Pokemon card?

The rarest VMAX card is the VMAX Alternate Art Umbreon card.

How many VMAX Pokemon cards are there?

There are 85 unique VMAX Pokemon cards released so far.

What is the best VMAX Pokemon card?

The best VMAX Pokemon card is the VMAX Dragapult. It does an impressive amount of damage and has a low-cost retreat.

What is the most powerful Pokemon VMAX card?

The most powerful VMAX Pokemon card is the Kyurem VMAX thanks to its powerful Glaciated World ability.

How much is a Snorlax VMAX Pokemon card worth?

A rainbow edition of the Snorlax VMAX in perfect condition sells for $500.

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