A Guide To The 2021 Select Football Checklist And How To Invest [Updated]

September 28, 2022

Select Football 2021 released on August 24th, and here’s everything you need to know about the tremendously popular brand.

We break down the basics of this sought-after product, what you can expect, a full checklist and how to invest 2021 Select Football cards.

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2021 Select Football product basics 

Select is a fan favorite that started as hobby-only, but a retail edition helps it rank in the top-tier of mass-market sports card royalty along with Prizm and Optic. These three products all feature chromium cards and Prizm-based inserts and parallels, giving layers of scarcity and different eye appeal for collectors to enthusiastically pursue. 

Select Football is perhaps best known for two unique features. For one, the product has three unique tiers cards that represent different levels of increasing scarcity: concourse, premier, and field level.

The product is also known for its XRC, which is redeemable for a draft pick from the next rookie class (example: QB3 = the third quarterback drafted). With this year’s untimely release, the XRC’s will drop after the draft, thus losing some of their charm.

SELECT HOBBY COSTS $1500?! | 2021 Panini Select Football Hobby Box Review x2

What to expect from 2021 Panini Select Football

This year’s hobby product has a familiar composition that is in line with the previous iterations of Select: a box consisting of 12 packs with 5 cards per pack. Each box averages 2 autographs and a memorabilia card. Expect an average of 15 parallels per box, including 10 silvers.

The online-exclusive First of the Line (FOTL) format contains Neon Orange Rookie Patch Autograph and a limited base parallel that is either a Neon Orange Pulsar or Tiger Prizm.

The base set of 400 cards is divided among the three typical subsets: concourse, premier level, and field level, and each of the subsets has its own parallels (for example, each subset has gold /10). This year’s product can be pre-ordered for $1,200, while last year it released at $1,400.

Patrick Mahomes 2021 Select Football Base Concourse

2021 Select Football checklist information

The 2021 Select football checklist looks a lot like previous years, but Select has the argument of “don’t add paint to a masterpiece” on its side. 

2021 Select Base Prizm

There is a deep list of parallels available at every level of base cards. For example, here is the concourse level breakdown:

  • Silver Prizm
  • Zebra Prizm SSP
  • Tri-Color Prizm – #/249
  • Blue Prizm – #/199
  • Maroon Prizm – #/149
  • Red Prizm – #/99
  • Purple Prizm – #/75
  • Orange Prizm – #/49
  • White Prizm – #/35
  • Tie-Dye Prizm – #/25
  • Gold Prizm – #/10
  • Green Prizm – #/5
  • Green & Black Snakeskin – #/2
  • Black Prizm  – 1/1

The already-rarer Field Level includes fewer parallels:

  • Silver Prizm
  • Zebra Prizm SSP
  • Tri-Color Prizm – #/75
  • Red Prizm – #/49
  • White Prizm – #/35
  • Tie-Dye Prizm – #/25
  • Gold Prizm – #/10
  • Green Prizm – #/5
  • Green & Black Snakeskin – #/2
  • Black Prizm – 1/1

The XRC’s are still something to get excited about, but they definitely aren’t as “fun” since the draft is already in the rearview mirror. 

These exchange cards, historically, the first chance to truly get a licensed card that matters for the future rookie class. 

These cards are very valuable and a great way to stake an early claim on your favorite early draft pick.

In addition to the standard XRCs, which have the silver Prizm look, there are parallels: tie-dye /25, gold /10, and black 1/1s  add even more scarcity to the exciting rookie class. 

This year’s Select will bring a few more inserts, including hobby-exclusive Color Wheel, Firestorm, and Phenomenom

Investing in 2021 Select Football cards

With a pre-order price of $1,200, buying a box of Select is certainly something to put a lot of thought into. 

For one thing, Select is a bit safer of a rip because it includes 60 cards. Many of the recent releases that cost $1,000+ have only included 8 – 10 cards in total, so at least with Select, you have more chances of pulling nice cards and getting your money back.

But still, you’re paying $20/card with a new box of Select — it’s a big investment in something that might not pay off at all. Here’s our take on how to consider investing in select. 

Get in line for a 2021 Panini Select Hobby Box

Investing in Select Football box (sealed)

If you’re planning to invest in a 2021 Select Football hobby box with the intent of holding them, here are some numbers to consider.

  • Current resell of 2020 hobby: $1,450
  • Current resell of 2019 hobby: $1,100
  • Current resell of 2018 hobby: $2,000
  • Current resell of 2017 hobby: $6,100

A couple of takeaways here

For one, time seems to help. The 2018 class isn’t decisively better than the 2020 class, but the boxes are worth 30% more. That implies that Select, since it’s such a popular product, will age well no matter how strong the rookie class.

And, the other point: the rookie class matters. Yeah, this might sound contradictory, but having a combination of age +  a great rookie class (2017) can lead to explosive value down the line.

If you are buying a sealed box to sit on, Select isn’t a bad option – especially if you like the 2021 rookie class and believe in Trevor Lawrence and company.  But the stars will need to align for you to expect the same kind of returns as the 2017 boxes are currently seeing. 

And this hasn’t been verified by Panini, but there are definitely more boxes being printed in 2021 than there were in 2017 and 2018. This alone will help cap the potential if you are buying this product sealed with the hope to flip in 5 – 10 years.

Investing in rookies

Select rookie cards are one of the blue-chip investments of modern Panini rookies – perhaps second to only Prizm. If you’re going to invest in just one card of anybody, Select is a great way to go.

Your best bet of making a guaranteed profit on this product is finding a few silver or field-level rookies of players you believe in, buying them raw (after asking for more pictures), then getting them graded. 

If you can scoop up silvers of the rookies you like and grade, then you’ll be set for a long-term hold. Collectors go nuts for Select PSA 10s, especially if you can get cards in one of the two rarest tiers.

But caution: don’t buy the first Select cards that appear on eBay for this year. The price will inevitably drop as the supply meets the demand.

2021 Select Jumbo Rookie Swatch White Prizm
2021 Select Football Jumbo Rookie Swatch card of Trevor Lawrence

Bottom line: rip, hold or pass?

Select is always a popular brand, and this year shows no signs of it slowing down.  

Perhaps the recency of the NFL draft will actually prime the XRCs to be an even hotter chase since collectors can target their favorite players. Either way, Select is a heavyweight in the industry and won’t slow down anytime soon. 

What do you think of this product? What will it be worth in 5 years? Let us know on Twitter @card_lines

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Full 2021 Select Football checklist

The 2021 Panini Select Football checklist is available below in searchable form.

wdt_IDCARD SETPlayerTeamCard NumberNumber of cards
12015 Super Bowl SignaturesAnthony MunozCincinnati Bengals1
22022 XRC Black PrizmKenny PickettPittsburgh Steelers4011
32022 XRC Black PrizmDesmond RidderAtlanta Falcons4021
42022 XRC Black PrizmMalik WillisTennessee Titans4031
52022 XRC Black PrizmMatt CorralCarolina Panthers4041
62022 XRC Black PrizmBailey ZappeNew England Patriots4051
72022 XRC Black PrizmBreece HallNew York Jets4061
82022 XRC Black PrizmKenneth Walker IIISeattle Seahawks4071
92022 XRC Black PrizmJames CookBuffalo Bills4081
102022 XRC Black PrizmTyrion Davis-PriceSan Francisco 49ers4091
112022 XRC Black PrizmBrian Robinson Jr.Washington Commanders4101
122022 XRC Black PrizmDrake LondonAtlanta Falcons4111
132022 XRC Black PrizmGarrett WilsonNew York Jets4121
142022 XRC Black PrizmChris OlaveNew Orleans Saints4131
152022 XRC Black PrizmJameson WilliamsDetroit Lions4141
162022 XRC Black PrizmJahan DotsonWashington Commanders4151
172022 XRC Black PrizmTreylon BurksTennessee Titans4161
182022 XRC Black PrizmTrey McBrideArizona Cardinals4171
192022 XRC Black PrizmTravon WalkerJacksonville Jaguars4181
202022 XRC Black PrizmAidan HutchinsonDetroit Lions4191
212022 XRC Black PrizmAhmad "Sauce" GardnerNew York Jets4201
222022 XRC Gold PrizmKenny PickettPittsburgh Steelers40110
232022 XRC Gold PrizmDesmond RidderAtlanta Falcons40210
242022 XRC Gold PrizmMalik WillisTennessee Titans40310
252022 XRC Gold PrizmMatt CorralCarolina Panthers40410
262022 XRC Gold PrizmBailey ZappeNew England Patriots40510
272022 XRC Gold PrizmBreece HallNew York Jets40610
282022 XRC Gold PrizmKenneth Walker IIISeattle Seahawks40710
292022 XRC Gold PrizmJames CookBuffalo Bills40810
302022 XRC Gold PrizmTyrion Davis-PriceSan Francisco 49ers40910
312022 XRC Gold PrizmBrian Robinson Jr.Washington Commanders41010
322022 XRC Gold PrizmDrake LondonAtlanta Falcons41110
332022 XRC Gold PrizmGarrett WilsonNew York Jets41210
342022 XRC Gold PrizmChris OlaveNew Orleans Saints41310
352022 XRC Gold PrizmJameson WilliamsDetroit Lions41410
362022 XRC Gold PrizmJahan DotsonWashington Commanders41510
372022 XRC Gold PrizmTreylon BurksTennessee Titans41610
382022 XRC Gold PrizmTrey McBrideArizona Cardinals41710
392022 XRC Gold PrizmTravon WalkerJacksonville Jaguars41810
402022 XRC Gold PrizmAidan HutchinsonDetroit Lions41910
412022 XRC Gold PrizmAhmad "Sauce" GardnerNew York Jets42010
422022 XRC Mystery Autograph Black PrizmTravon WalkerJacksonville Jaguars4211
432022 XRC Mystery Autograph Black PrizmDrake LondonAtlanta Falcons4221
442022 XRC Mystery Autograph Black PrizmGarrett WilsonNew York Jets4231
452022 XRC Mystery Autograph Black PrizmKenny PickettPittsburgh Steelers4241
462022 XRC Mystery Autograph Black PrizmMalik WillisTennessee Titans4251
472022 XRC Mystery Autograph Gold PrizmTravon WalkerJacksonville Jaguars42110
482022 XRC Mystery Autograph Gold PrizmDrake LondonAtlanta Falcons42210
492022 XRC Mystery Autograph Gold PrizmGarrett WilsonNew York Jets42310
502022 XRC Mystery Autograph Gold PrizmKenny PickettPittsburgh Steelers42410
512022 XRC Mystery Autograph Gold PrizmMalik WillisTennessee Titans42510
522022 XRC Mystery Autograph PrizmTravon WalkerJacksonville Jaguars42199
532022 XRC Mystery Autograph PrizmDrake LondonAtlanta Falcons42299
542022 XRC Mystery Autograph PrizmGarrett WilsonNew York Jets42399
552022 XRC Mystery Autograph PrizmKenny PickettPittsburgh Steelers42499
562022 XRC Mystery Autograph PrizmMalik WillisTennessee Titans42599
572022 XRC Mystery Autograph Tie-Dye PrizmTravon WalkerJacksonville Jaguars42125
582022 XRC Mystery Autograph Tie-Dye PrizmDrake LondonAtlanta Falcons42225
592022 XRC Mystery Autograph Tie-Dye PrizmGarrett WilsonNew York Jets42325
602022 XRC Mystery Autograph Tie-Dye PrizmKenny PickettPittsburgh Steelers42425
612022 XRC Mystery Autograph Tie-Dye PrizmMalik WillisTennessee Titans42525
622022 XRC PrizmKenny PickettPittsburgh Steelers401
632022 XRC PrizmDesmond RidderAtlanta Falcons402
642022 XRC PrizmMalik WillisTennessee Titans403
652022 XRC PrizmMatt CorralCarolina Panthers404
662022 XRC PrizmBailey ZappeNew England Patriots405
672022 XRC PrizmBreece HallNew York Jets406
682022 XRC PrizmKenneth Walker IIISeattle Seahawks407
692022 XRC PrizmJames CookBuffalo Bills408
702022 XRC PrizmTyrion Davis-PriceSan Francisco 49ers409
712022 XRC PrizmBrian Robinson Jr.Washington Commanders410
722022 XRC PrizmDrake LondonAtlanta Falcons411
732022 XRC PrizmGarrett WilsonNew York Jets412
742022 XRC PrizmChris OlaveNew Orleans Saints413
752022 XRC PrizmJameson WilliamsDetroit Lions414
762022 XRC PrizmJahan DotsonWashington Commanders415
772022 XRC PrizmTreylon BurksTennessee Titans416
782022 XRC PrizmTrey McBrideArizona Cardinals417
792022 XRC PrizmTravon WalkerJacksonville Jaguars418
802022 XRC PrizmAidan HutchinsonDetroit Lions419
812022 XRC PrizmAhmad "Sauce" GardnerNew York Jets420
822022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmKenny PickettPittsburgh Steelers40125
832022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmDesmond RidderAtlanta Falcons40225
842022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmMalik WillisTennessee Titans40325
852022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmMatt CorralCarolina Panthers40425
862022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmBailey ZappeNew England Patriots40525
872022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmBreece HallNew York Jets40625
882022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmKenneth Walker IIISeattle Seahawks40725
892022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmJames CookBuffalo Bills40825
902022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmTyrion Davis-PriceSan Francisco 49ers40925
912022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmBrian Robinson Jr.Washington Commanders41025
922022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmDrake LondonAtlanta Falcons41125
932022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmGarrett WilsonNew York Jets41225
942022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmChris OlaveNew Orleans Saints41325
952022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmJameson WilliamsDetroit Lions41425
962022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmJahan DotsonWashington Commanders41525
972022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmTreylon BurksTennessee Titans41625
982022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmTrey McBrideArizona Cardinals41725
992022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmTravon WalkerJacksonville Jaguars41825
1002022 XRC Tie-Dye PrizmAidan HutchinsonDetroit Lions41925
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