An Introductory Guide To Panini Kaboom Soccer Insert Cards

September 28, 2022

Anyone would be delighted to find a Panini Kaboom insert card in one of the company’s soccer releases. These cards are the center of attraction for card collectors due to their aesthetically appealing style and notable scarcity.

This guide covers everything you need to know about the Panini Soccer Kaboom inserts. By the time we are done, you might already be ordering different card sets in hopes of going ‘Kaboom!’ because that’s how good they are. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive in.

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Overview of Kaboom soccer insert cards

The Kaboom cards by Panini are unique both in terms of their appearance and their value. Moreover, they are an ode to Panini’s ability to release new and exciting card sets for various leagues and tournaments in the world.

David Beckham Kaboom

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It won’t be wrong to say that these cards are scarce, and since they are already sought-after, you can imagine how valuable they will be.

So far, the Kaboom! inserts can be found in several Panini card sets, which include the following:

  • 2017-18 Panini Select – Kaboom!
  • 2019-20 Panini Prizm English Premier League – Kaboom!
  • 2020-21 Panini Prizm English Premier League – Kaboom!
  • 2021-22 Donruss Road to Qatar – Kaboom!

The Panini Select Kaboom set from 2017-18 features inserts of some of the best names in European soccer, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin De Bruyne, Gareth Bale, Lionel Messi, and several others. Likewise, the 2019-20 EPL edition features the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Christian Pulisic, Sergio Aguero, Virgil van Dijk, and 17 other promising names. 

The 2020-21 edition from the same collection also featured some big names and emerging young players who performed wonderfully. Some players include Timo Werner, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Marcus Rashford, and others.

Moreover, the 2021-22 Donruss set from this year features soccer players in their international kits, and it also features the most exciting addition: #20 David Beckham.

The best Panini Kaboom Soccer Cards

Let’s look at some of the best Kaboom soccer card inserts that you can find in the recent card sets by Panini.

1- Panini 2020-21 Donruss Soccer Erling Haaland Kaboom

This vibrant and exciting Erling Haaland Kaboom card insert can be found in the 2021-22 Panini Donruss soccer set. It features the Norwegian 21-year-old in his Norwegian national team kit, with a flashy background reminiscent of the Kaboom inserts. A mint condition pre-owned card can quickly go up to USD 6,000.

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erling haaland kaboom

2- 2021-22 Donruss Road to Qatar Kaboom Kylian Mbappe

This young Frenchman has also been making headlines, both on the field and in the soccer card world. Naturally, therefore, his Kaboom soccer card insert is found in the 2021-22 Donruss Road to Qatar set.

It features the World Cup winner in his France jersey, with an excellent background and the Kaboom logo at the back. This card is valued higher than $1,200, higher if it is in mint condition.

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kylian mbappe kaboom

3- 2021-22 Panini Donruss Soccer Frenkie De Jong Kaboom

The Welshman Frenkie De Jong has also become a massive name in global soccer, especially since he has signed for FC Barcelona. His Kaboom card insert features him in an action pose in his Netherlands jersey, with a multi-colored background that adds to the fun.

Although this card is quite sought after, you can expect to fetch it for less than $1,000.

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frenkie de jong kaboom

4- 2021-22 Panini Donruss Kaboom #10 Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr doesn’t need any introduction, as he continues to be one of the best players in the world right now. The card shows him in his national team attire, and there are two different variants of it. You can expect to pay up to $1,000 for a mint condition card.

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neymar jr kaboom

5- 2019 Panini Prizm Premier League Kaboom #K-5 Christian Pulisic

Christian Pulisic has had an upward career graph since his U-21 days, and he continues to be a first-team regular at Chelsea FC and a few appearances for the England side.

His Kaboom soccer insert shows him handling the ball with vigor, with an aqua blue and white-colored background with the words ‘Kaboom!’ printed vertically. This card also goes for around $800.

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christian Pulisic kaboom

6- 2021-22 Panini Donruss Soccer Zlatan Ibrahimović Kaboom

Another exciting feature from Kaboom soccer cards is the 2021-22 Panini Donruss Soccer Zlatan Ibrahimović insert, which shows the number 11 in his Sweden kit. You can expect to pay up to $2,000 to get your hands on a mint condition card.

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zlatan ibrahimovic kaboom

7- 2019 Panini Prizm Premier League Kaboom #14 Harry Kane

Next up is the Kaboom soccer insert for Harry Kane, one of the best Premier League strikers ever. The Englishman is celebrated after scoring a goal on this card, with a rather flashy background that gives you a retro feel. You can expect to pay up to $999 for this one.

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Harry Kane Kaboom

8- 2017 Panini Select Kaboom #1 Cristiano Ronaldo

Our list wouldn’t be complete with Cristiano Ronaldo, and the star’s Kaboom soccer insert is one of the best in the world, just like he is. Unfortunately, this card is also a rare find, which is why it goes for north of $2,500 for a mint condition card.

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Ronaldo kaboom card

9- 2021-22 Donruss Qatar Kaboom #9 Ansu Fati

Another name that deserves mention is Ansu Fati, who strives to fill up the void left by Lionel Messi at Barcelona. The 19-year-old has an illustrious career ahead of him. His Kaboom soccer card fetches up to $2,000 quickly.

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Ansu Fati Kaboom

10- 2019-20 Prizm Premier League Virgil Van Dijk

We end our list with one of the best defenders in the world right now. Virgin Van Dijk needs no introduction, and his mint condition Kaboom soccer card can be bought for around $900.

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virgil van dijk kaboom

The final word on Panini Soccer Kaboom inserts

This wraps up our guide on the Panini Kaboom soccer inserts, which soccer card collectors adore worldwide.

As new and new card sets come to light, these card inserts will continue to gain more traction and likely become even more valuable. With Kaboom cards becoming increasingly popular, the cards may prove to be great long-term holds for soccer fans and collectors alike.

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