A Preview Of The High-End 2022 Bowman Sterling Release

October 14, 2022

2022 Bowman Sterling is a high end product focused on the hottest rookies and prospects in the game.

With a high-end chrome design, small base set, and one autograph per pack, this product is heavy on the hits and is priced accordingly.

Bowman Sterling 2022 release format & release date

The hobby-only Bowman Sterling 2022 product is set to be released on October 19, 2022 (subject to change).

Hobby cases contain 12 hobby boxes. Hobby boxes contain 5 packs each. 

Packs contain 6 cards. One of those cards is an autograph, with autographs seeded one-per-pack.

Boxes are pre-selling in the $300-325 range. Cases are pre-selling for $3,600-4,000.

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2022 Bowman Sterling base set & design

The base set contains no veteran players, breaking its 100 card checklist evenly between rookies and prospects.

The design brings stylized backgrounds, premium chromium finish, and lots of flash. This rookie and prospect product comes to play!

2022 Bowman Sterling Rookie Base Design

2022 Bowman Sterling parallels

Serial numbered Refractor parallels are a big part of the 2022 Bowman Sterling offering, with 10 different variations. Print runs range from 199 down to 1/1.

The parallel lineup includes:

  • Refractors: #/199
  • Mini-Diamond Refractors: #/150
  • Speckle Refractors: #/99
  • Magenta Refractors: #/75
  • Gold Refractors: #/50
  • Blue Refractors: #/25
  • Black Atomic Refractors: #/10
  • Red Refractors: #/5
  • Printing Plates – 1/1
  • Superfractors – 1/1

Bowman Sterling 2022 inserts

Bowman Sterling set has only one insert set, which is new for 2022.

Sterling Tek

Inspired by the Topps Tek product produced by Topps in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, this product offers a slick design and is serial numbered to only 99 copies each.

Parallels include:

  • Gold (/50)
  • Blue (/25)
  • Rose Gold (/15)
  • Aqua (/10)
  • Red (/5)
  • Black (1/1)
2022 Bowman Sterling Sterling Tek

Bowman Sterling 2022 autographs

As with any one-auto-per-pack offering, autographs are the big draw to the Bowman Sterling product.

Prospect Autographs

Leverage the base set design and the largest autograph offering at 62. The deep checklist means there are some big names here, but also some “deep cuts” which may or may not thrill collectors.

Parallels include:

  • Refractors: #/150
  • Wave Refractors: #/125
  • Speckle Refractors: #/99
  • Orange Refractors: #/75
  • Gold Refractors: #/50
  • Blue Refractors: #/25
  • Rose Gold Refractors: #/15
  • Black Atomic Refractors: #/10
  • Red Refractors: #/5
  • Superfractors: 1/1
2022 Bowman Sterling Prospects Auto
Rose Gold Refractor Parallel

Rookie Autographs

Also leverage the base set design but offer a much tighter 11 card checklist. That checklist includes a lot of the big names you’d expect: Bobby Witt Jr., Julio Rodriguez, Oneil Cruz, Spencer Torkelson, Wander Franco, and more.

Parallels include:

  • Refractors: #/150
  • Wave Refractors: #/125
  • Speckle Refractors: #/99
  • Orange Refractors: #/75
  • Gold Refractors: #/50
  • Blue Refractors: #/25
  • Rose Gold Refractors: #/15
  • Black Atomic Refractors: #/10
  • Red Refractors: #/5
  • Superfractors: 1/1

2022 Bowman Sterling Signage Autographs

These serial numbered autographs draw on the idea of a theater marquee for their design. The set is one of the few places in the product you’ll find veteran players, although rookies and prospects still factor heavily into the checklist.

That checklist is made up of 40 cards, with some of the biggest stars in the game making appearances.

Parallels include:

  • Black Atomic Refractors
  • Rose Gold Refractors: #/5
  • Canary Diamond Refractors: #/3
  • Red Refractors: 1/1
  • Superfractors: 1/1
2022 Bowman Sterling Sterling Signage Autograph

Sterling Tek Autographs

14 cards from the Sterling Tek insert set also get the autograph treatment. The checklist again represents a mix of big name veterans, rookies, and prospects.

Parallel versions include:

  • Blue: #/25
  • Rose Gold: #/15
  • Aqua: #/10
  • Red: #/5
  • Black: 1/1

Dual Refractors Autographs

Limited to 25 copies each, these dual autographed cards feature some of the hottest rookie and prospect names in the hobby.

Parallels include:

  • Black Atomic Refractors: #/10
  • Rose Gold Refractors: #/5
  • Canary Diamond Refractors: #/3
  • Red Refractors: 1/1
  • Superfractors: 1/1

Triple Refractor Autographs

This 10 card set features three autographs from top prospects or rookies and are serial numbered to 25 copies each. These are sure to be a very popular hit as some of the player selections are inspired.

Look for these super scarce parallel offerings:

  • Black Atomic Refractors: #/10
  • Rose Gold Refractors: #/5
  • Canary Diamond Refractors: #/3
  • Red Refractors: 1/1
  • Superfractors: 1/1
2022 Bowman Sterling Triple Refractor Autographs

Bowman Sterling alue

Bowman Sterling is a high end product, with a price tag to match, and is heavy on the hits. But how does it hold its value?

The 2022 Bowman Sterling Hobby Boxes are pre-selling for $300-325.

Looking at prior years, 2021 Bowman Sterling boxes are selling in the same range. 2020? The same. Even 2019 boxes are selling for just above release price, in the $325-375 range.

So, while the product appears to hold its value over time, there doesn’t appear to a lot of upside in the product. Of course, one breakout rookie could change that, of course. If you think one of this year’s rookies is a game changer, it may be a solid buy.

While one-autograph-per pack can be exciting, sometimes the quality of the autograph checklist is important. Looking at recent 2021 Bowman Sterling Autograph sales, there are indeed some that are selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Those are the exception, not the rule, though. Many 2021 Bowman Sterling autographs have sold for less than $25, and a many for even less than $10 each.

Check out listings for Bowman Sterling autographs on eBay

If you’re paying $60+ for a pack of 6 cards, you’re not doing too well if the “hit” in the pack is worth $5. If you’re buying this product, you’re making a gamble on the big hit. Nothing wrong with that at all, but just be aware the risk/reward situation is pretty big with this product.

2021 Bowman Sterling Hobby Box

Final thoughts on 2022 Bowman Sterling

While the price of entry isn’t cheap, Bowman Sterling brings the hits with some interesting parallels and autograph offerings, including the dual and triple autographs.

This is a high risk, high reward product, which is a lot like prospects and rookies in general. Some top prospects turn out to be Ken Griffey Jr., while some turn out to be busts.

2022 Bowman Sterling Checklist


BSR-1 Gavin Sheets
BSR-2 Luis Gil
BSR-3 Steven Kwan
BSR-4 Cal Raleigh
BSR-5 Spencer Torkelson
BSR-6 Jarren Duran
BSR-7 Juan Yepez
BSR-8 Romy Gonzalez
BSR-9 Nick Lodolo
BSR-10 Jackson Kowar
BSR-11 Josh Lowe
BSR-12 Jose Siri
BSR-13 Connor Wong
BSR-14 Rodolfo Castro
BSR-15 Vidal Brujan
BSR-16 Ryan Vilade
BSR-17 Jeremy Pena
BSR-18 Reid Detmers
BSR-19 Ernie Clement
BSR-20 Lars Nootbaar
BSR-21 Oneil Cruz
BSR-22 Matt Manning
BSR-23 Edward Cabrera
BSR-24 Colton Welker
BSR-25 Heliot Ramos
BSR-26 Brandon Marsh
BSR-27 Matt Vierling
BSR-28 Aaron Ashby
BSR-29 Jake Meyers
BSR-30 MacKenzie Gore
BSR-31 Wander Franco
BSR-32 Julio Rodriguez
BSR-33 Roansy Contreras
BSR-34 Kutter Crawford
BSR-35 Bryan De La Cruz
BSR-36 CJ Abrams
BSR-37 Bobby Witt Jr.
BSR-38 Joe Ryan
BSR-39 Alejo Lopez
BSR-40 Stuart Fairchild
BSR-41 Shane Baz
BSR-42 Luis Frias
BSR-43 Hoy Park
BSR-44 Jake Burger
BSR-45 Greg Deichmann
BSR-46 Bryson Stott
BSR-47 Hunter Greene
BSR-48 Alfonso Rivas
BSR-49 Seth Beer
BSR-50 Spencer Strider


BSP-51 Sal Frelick
BSP-52 Roberto Campos
BSP-53 Jhonkensy Noel
BSP-54 Hedbert Perez
BSP-55 Yiddi Cappe
BSP-56 Aeverson Arteaga
BSP-57 James Wood
BSP-58 Colson Montgomery
BSP-59 Trey Sweeney
BSP-60 Jordan Lawlar
BSP-61 Anthony Volpe
BSP-62 Noelvi Marte
BSP-63 Ian Lewis
BSP-64 Nelson Velazquez
BSP-65 Jairo Pomares
BSP-66 Marcelo Mayer
BSP-67 Harry Ford
BSP-68 Yhoswar Garcia
BSP-69 Elly De LA Cruz
BSP-70 Dauri Lorenzo
BSP-71 Reginald Preciado
BSP-72 Colton Cowser
BSP-73 Blaze Jordan
BSP-74 Liover Peguero
BSP-75 Curtis Mead
BSP-76 Denzer Guzman
BSP-77 Pedro Pineda
BSP-78 Jay Allen
BSP-79 Jasson Dominguez
BSP-80 Victor Acosta
BSP-81 Marco Luciano
BSP-82 Cristian Hernandez
BSP-83 Hendry Mendez
BSP-84 Benny Montgomery
BSP-85 Warming Bernabel
BSP-86 Jonatan Clase
BSP-87 Luis Rodriguez
BSP-88 Euribiel Angeles
BSP-89 Misael Urbina
BSP-90 Roismar Quintana
BSP-91 Jose Ramos
BSP-92 Kahlil Watson
BSP-93 Izaac Pacheco
BSP-94 Cristian Santana
BSP-95 Francisco Alvarez
BSP-96 Henry Davis
BSP-97 Luisangel Acuña
BSP-98 Lonnie White Jr.
BSP-99 George Valera
BSP-100 Wilman Diaz

Sterling Tek Inserts

ST-AP Albert Pujols
ST-BH Bryce Harper
ST-BJ Blaze Jordan
ST-GV George Valera
ST-HD Henry Davis
ST-JD Jarren Duran
ST-JDZ Jasson Dominguez
ST-JL Jordan Lawlar
ST-JR Julio Rodriguez
ST-JS Juan Soto
ST-KW Kahlil Watson
ST-LR Luis Robert
ST-LRZ Luis Rodriguez
ST-MC Miguel Cabrera
ST-MM Marcelo Mayer
ST-MT Mike Trout
ST-NA Nolan Arenado
ST-OC Oneil Cruz
ST-PA Pete Alonso
ST-SO Shohei Ohtani
ST-ST Spencer Torkelson
ST-VG Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
ST-WF Wander Franco
ST-XB Xander Bogaerts
ST-YA Yordan Alvarez

Sterling Tek Autographs

STA-BH Bryce Harper
STA-BJ Blaze Jordan
STA-GV George Valera
STA-HD Henry Davis
STA-JL Jordan Lawlar
STA-KW Kahlil Watson
STA-LRZ Luis Rodriguez
STA-MC Miguel Cabrera
STA-MM Marcelo Mayer
STA-PA Pete Alonso
STA-SO Shohei Ohtani
STA-VG Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
STA-XB Xander Bogaerts
STA-YA Yordan Alvarez

Prospect Autographs 

PA-AA Aeverson Arteaga
PA-AB Alex Binelas
PA-AC Armando Cruz
PA-AM Alexander Mojica
PA-AV Arol Vera
PA-BA Bryan Acuña
PA-BJ Blaze Jordan
PA-BM Benny Montgomery
PA-CC Colton Cowser
PA-CCZ Carlos Colmenarez
PA-CH Cristian Hernandez
PA-CK Cooper Kinney
PA-CM Colson Montgomery
PA-CMD Curtis Mead
PA-CS Cristian Santana
PA-CW Carson Williams
PA-DG Denzer Guzman
PA-DH Dustin Harris
PA-DL Dauri Lorenzo
PA-EA Euribiel Angeles
PA-ED Elly De LA Cruz
PA-ET Ezequiel Tovar
PA-GV George Valera
PA-HD Henry Davis
PA-HF Harry Ford
PA-HM Hendry Mendez
PA-HP Hedbert Perez
PA-IP Izaac Pacheco
PA-JCE Jonatan Clase
PA-JL Jordan Lawlar
PA-JM Jordan McCants
PA-JP Jairo Pomares
PA-JRS Jose Ramos
PA-JVI Jordan Viars
PA-JW James Wood
PA-KMA Kyle Manzardo
PA-KW Kahlil Watson
PA-LA Luisangel Acuña
PA-LP Liover Peguero
PA-LR Luis Rodriguez
PA-LW Lonnie White Jr.
PA-MA Maximo Acosta
PA-MB Miguel Bleis
PA-MM Marcelo Mayer
PA-MP Milkar Perez
PA-MU Misael Urbina
PA-OC Oscar Colas
PA-PL Pedro Leon
PA-PP Pedro Pineda
PA-RC Roberto Campos
PA-RP Reginald Preciado
PA-RQ Roismar Quintana
PA-SA Starlin Aguilar
PA-SF Sal Frelick
PA-SP Shalin Polanco
PA-TB Tyler Black
PA-TS Trey Sweeney
PA-VA Victor Acosta
PA-WB Warming Bernabel
PA-WD Wilman Diaz
PA-YC Yiddi Cappe
PA-YG Yhoswar Garcia

Rookie Autographs

RA-AL Alejo Lopez
RA-BD Bryan De La Cruz
RA-BW Bobby Witt Jr.
RA-CA CJ Abrams
RA-CR Cal Raleigh
RA-JRO Julio Rodriguez
RA-LG Luis Gil
RA-OC Oneil Cruz
RA-RD Reid Detmers
RA-ST Spencer Torkelson
RA-WF Wander Franco

Sterling Signage Autographs

SSA-AC Armando Cruz
SSA-AP Albert Pujols
SSA-BA Bryan Acuña
SSA-BH Bryce Harper
SSA-BJ Blaze Jordan
SSA-BM Benny Montgomery
SSA-CC Carlos Colmenarez
SSA-CH Cristian Hernandez
SSA-CS Corey Seager
SSA-CSA Cristian Santana
SSA-CY Christian Yelich
SSA-EJ Eloy Jimenez
SSA-FF Freddie Freeman
SSA-GV George Valera
SSA-HD Henry Davis
SSA-HP Hedbert Perez
SSA-JA Jose Altuve
SSA-JDN Josh Donaldson
SSA-JI Jonathan India
SSA-JM J.D. Martinez
SSA-JS Juan Soto
SSA-JV Joey Votto
SSA-KH Ke’Bryan Hayes
SSA-KW Kahlil Watson
SSA-LP Liover Peguero
SSA-LRZ Luis Rodriguez
SSA-MA Maximo Acosta
SSA-MB Miguel Bleis
SSA-MC Miguel Cabrera
SSA-MM Manny Machado
SSA-MMR Marcelo Mayer
SSA-MT Mike Trout
SSA-OC Oscar Colas
SSA-PL Pedro Leon
SSA-PP Pedro Pineda
SSA-RA Ronald Acuña Jr.
SSA-SO Shohei Ohtani
SSA-SP Shalin Polanco
SSA-SPZ Salvador Perez
SSA-WD Wilman Diaz

Dual Refractors Autographs

DRA-AA Bryan Acuña / Luisangel Acuña
DRA-CC Yoelqui Cespedes / Oscar Colas
DRA-CF Carlos Colmenarez / Wander Franco
DRA-DP Henry Davis / Liover Peguero
DRA-DR Luis Rodriguez / Wilman Diaz
DRA-MJ Blaze Jordan / Marcelo Mayer
DRA-ML Jordan Lawlar / Marcelo Mayer
DRA-PH Reginald Preciado / Cristian Hernandez
DRA-RL Julio Rodriguez / Marco Luciano
DRA-RM Noelvi Marte / Julio Rodriguez

Triple Refractor Autographs

TRA-AAA Bryan Acuña / Luisangel Acuña / Ronald Acuña Jr.
TRA-BMJ Miguel Bleis / Blaze Jordan / Marcelo Mayer
TRA-DCH Wilman Diaz / Carlos Colmenarez / Cristian Hernandez
TRA-GDP Nick Gonzales / Henry Davis / Lonnie White Jr.
TRA-HWA Victor Acosta / Robert Hassell / James Wood
TRA-LAP Jairo Pomares / Marco Luciano / Aeverson Arteaga
TRA-PHA Reginald Preciado / Kevin Alcantara / Cristian Hernandez
TRA-VMT Benny Montgomery / Ezequiel Tovar / Zac Veen
TRA-WCS Jose Salas / Yiddi Cappe / Kahlil Watson
TRA-WML Jordan Lawlar / Kahlil Watson / Marcelo Mayer